Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser – Here, there, everywhere

Whenever I see something branching out from medical research into the world of food shopping and cosmetics, I can´t help but smile. So many things that are proven to be beneficial in one aspect of our health get called out as the new solution for all our problems, and are suddenly found everywhere.

The latest? Probiotics. There is a lot of evidence that the kind of bacteria that inhabits our guts has a big influence on our immune system, plays a role in autoimmune disease and does affect our skin when it comes to things like psoriasis or eczema.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser


Shortly after this research reached the mainstream media, probiotic drinks started popping up everywhere, claiming to deliver „healthy bacteria“ and help with everything from bloating to fatigue. If you take a closer look at 95% of these drinks, they are mostly sugar, some milk and, of course, some bacteria. Bacteria that may be healthy, but will most likely never reach your gut, because the acid in our stomach is designed to specifically kill all bacteria. You see, there is a reason why in case of medical need, you do a „stool transplant“. I will spare you the details on that.

If you are wondering why on earth I talk about gut bacteria today, the reason is this cleanser: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser . And you can tell by the name that it contains probiotics. Designed to go on your face. As I said, they are everywhere.

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Taking out the trash VII – July 2016 Empties

After filming this months empties video I realized that I seem to have separation anxiety when it comes to lip products. I mean, seriously, a six year old lipgloss?

That is gross!


My July Empties
My July Empties


But no longer, four makeup items had to go, and I did finish some skincare as well.

So without further ado, my July 2016 Empties, along with mini reviews and, of course, bloopers at the end!

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Babylonian confusion

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and even more if you are subscribed to my You Tube channel, you will know that I am no native speaker.

Most of the time that doesn’t lead to any difficulties. Not for me anyway, it is you that has to deal with my accent. But sometimes the difference between German and English gets really confusing. Take the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, for example. I wanted to write an introduction featuring the moon. Creative, I know.


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil


Problem is, in German the moon is male. It is „he“, as opposed to „she“ in English (and most other languages). So every sentence I wrote was confusing for me, I was switching gender way too often.

So I figured, I´d just get to the product. And say „it“. It is an oil, after all. No time for babylonian confusion here on my blog.

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Inspired by Dior Fall 2016

If you are not familiar with the „Inspired by…“ series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

And even though we have July and it should be the height of summer, we are here with a fall inspired look. Matte, porcelain skin, dark vampy lips and a resting b*tch face – right up my street.

Dior Fall 2016 - the makeup
Dior Fall 2016 – the makeup (Source)


This is the Dior Fall 2016 makeup.

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Natura Siberica Neck and Décolleté Lifting Cream – Fighting gravity

Have you heard about the gravity chairs you will train on if you want to become an astronaut? They spin you around and around, at increasing speed, until you experience up to 6 g, which is about 6 times more than you feel in a starting aeroplane. And which is close to the max a human body can cope with, at least for a short time.

I was always intrigued by that experience, but as I get motion sick very easy, becoming an astronaut never was an option.


Natura Siberica Neck and Décolleté Lifting Cream and Icy Lifting Mask
Natura Siberica Neck and Décolleté Lifting Cream and Icy Lifting Mask


So the closest I came to experiencing changes in gravity was after having a baby. Believe me, when your boobs grow by almost two cup sizes, you will feel the pull!

The perfect time to test the Natura Siberica Neck and Décolleté Lifting Cream (*) and Icy Lifting Mask (*), don’t you think?

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First Impressions: Pixi by petra makeup

After rewatching my „New In“-videos, I was confronted with the question when on earth I should feature all the products I had shown you on the blog. I mean, I still have products from a haul in September 2015 that haven’t been mentioned, and miraculously new stuff keeps appearing in my drawers.

So I turned to You Tube for inspiration: Should I do „Follow up“-videos? Just keep doing hauls, relying on the fact that no one would remember what I had shoved in their face anyway?


First Impressions: Pixi makeup
First Impressions: Pixi makeup


But then I came across another type of video: „First Impressions“. You basically just sit there, talk and apply makeup. What is not to love?

So here you go: My first impressions on some bits and bobs of Pixi by petra makeup!


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Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara – Holiday preparation

I only started to get into hiking (real hiking, mountains and tents included) when I was 30 already. Coincidently my love of makeup, You Tube and blogs really flared up at the same time, putting me in some serious inner conflict.

You see, if you are going for a hike with three nights in a tent, you will not want to add a makeup bag to the things you carry with you day in and day out. But if his hike is with the newly met love of your life and your lashes are blonde from about midway to the tips, mascara seems non-negotiable.


Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara
Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara


The solution? I booked an appointment for lash tint and lash lift two days before we flew out to Chile to do the W-circuit in Torres del Paine.

Now it will be some time before I do something similar again, but I still don’t want to be bothered with mascara before going to the beach every day on a holiday. And my last lash lift and tint happened somewhere in 2012, so when I got send the Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara (*PR-sample), claiming to tint your lashes within two weeks of daily use, I was more than willing to put it to the test.

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June 2016 Favorites

Another month, another favorites post. Ain´t that how it goes? I will tell you what was not my favorite this month in the post here:

The weather!


June 2016 Favorites


You see, it was raining pretty much all June, and with June 21th coming along, I knew the days were going to get shorter. Now I am all about those long, warm and light summer evenings spend outdoors with friends and a cold drink, and if that didn´t happen before the nights are getting longer again, I feel cheated.

But enough moaning about the weather, it is time for the things I enjoyed!

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bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum – Curiosity kills the cat

Now I don’t own a cat, nor do I believe that cats are really killed by their curiosity.

But it makes a far more fetching title then: Why I never stick to my trusted products even though I know I might be disappointed and it isn’t the best for my bank balance.

I told you it isn’t a great blog post title. Sorry if you thought there´d be actual cats involved today.


Bare Minerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum
bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum


What is involved though is a serum that claims to work with the „clock genes“ in our skin to help it repair during nighttime, for maximized results: The bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night Serum.

Which is exactly what my favorite serum, the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II (Review here), claims to do. I have stated there already that I don’t believe in cells regenerating by the clock, but I was curious nonetheless.

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Weight loss and body changes after pregnancy

There were many things I wanted to know when I got pregnant.

I wanted to know if I would be a good mom.

I wanted to know how my life was going to change.

I wanted to know what labor would feel like.

And, superficial woman that I am, I wanted to know how my body would change and how (and if) I would ever get back to my pre-baby body.

Bounce back, as it is called these days.


Weight loss and body changes after pregnancy - my 3 month postpartum update


Now, two pregnancies later, it is the question that always comes up when we are talking baby stuff. The one thing every woman who is planning on having babies wants to know.

So I sat down and talked you through weight loss and body changes after pregnancy.

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