Big love – My jumbo lip pencils

It is no secret that I love red lips.
I recently tried to do a roundup for a „Collection“ post on all the reds I owned, but (don’t judge!) there was just no way I could have fit them all on one picture.

So two things happened:
I put myself on a red lip-whatever spending ban.
No exceptions this time.
I will apply a strict „Two out, One in“-rule, even though it will hurt.

L to R: Astor „VaVaVoum“, Revlon „Striking“,  P2 „Burning Red“, Clinique „Mega Melon“

And I decided to split them up and do a separate post for each subcategory: Lipstick, Lipgloss and, today:

Jumbo Lip Pencils.

Swatches left to right: Astor „VaVaVoum“, Revlon „Striking“, P2 „Burning Red“, Clinique „Mega Melon“

1. Astor Soft Sensation Lip Color Butter in „VaVaVoum“
Aptly named, the color goes on creamy and opaque, drawing attention to your lips.
I love how easy it is to apply (can almost be done without a mirror) and how soft it makes my lips feel, but the creaminess comes with a lack of longevity and a tendency to transfer to your mug/glass/husbands cheek.

Astor „VaVaVoum“

In case you wondered why mine looks so strange, Little Bean approved the color by biting a big piece out of it. At first glance I thought she had bit her tongue and was bleeding.
When applied, the color is a warm, deep red with a tendency to make your teeth look yellow.

Astor „VaVaVoom“, Ostsee 2014

2. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in „Striking“
One of my splurge on Revlon cosmetics back when we visited New Zealand in January this year.
Because you still can´t get Revlon in Germany, you know? Shame!

Revlon „Striking“

Despite being marketed as a matte balm, I can see a subtle sheen when applied. More balm than matte on my lips!
Not drying, but not nourishing either and with a tendency to cling to dry patches, so make sure to moisturize your lips well before you wear it.
It stays put for several hours, doesn’t transfer too much and leaves a pretty stain when fading.
This one is a true red, maybe slightly on the warmer side (can you sense a theme here?) and smells of mint, although I don’t notice any plumping effect or tingling when applied.

Revlon „Striking“

3. P2  True explosion lipstick pencil in „Burning Red“
An impulse buy a few years ago, when we decided spontaneously that I would stay at Mr. Locas over night for the first time and I had no makeup with me. So I said I´d go out and get some candles and quickly grabbed a mascara, some powder and this lip crayon on my way.
Please tell me I am not the only one who would do this?

P2 „Burning Red“

Again a warm red, creamy and not at all drying, but seriously a pain to wear. It never settles, it transfers everywhere and if I drink or touch my face I´ll end up with nothing on my lips, but red streaks on my chin or cheeks.
So why do I still own it? Because I love the color and the subtle sheen it has. And because I love the memories it brings to mind.
So I go through the whole process of blotting, lip pencil and checking the mirror every five minutes just for the sake of wearing it.

P2 „Burning Red“ on my lips

4. Clinique Chubby Stick for lips in „Mega Melon“
This one is a little cheat.
It isn’t a red in the classic way, and it is way sheerer than the ones mentioned above, but I love it and wouldn’t have known where else to fit it, so here it is.

Clinique „Mega Melon“

I grab this one whenever I want a moisturizing, fuzz-free MLBB-color, usually for work. It is worn down to a little stump and I will be very, very sad when it is gone.
No transferring, but no longevity, so I have to reapply every two or three hours. That way my lips stay moisturized, so I don’t mind.
You have seen me wear it before here:

Wearing Clinique „Mega Melon“ on my lips

Do you own any lip crayons?
And is there one makeup product you just keep on buying?

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  • lovely shades ! I do love jumbo stick lippy 😉

  • I have a couple of Clinique Chubby Sticks and a jumbo lip pencil from Bobbi Brown, all in pink hues of course 😉

  • So pretty! I don't have any jumbo lip pencils because I don't wear them anyways, but I'd still really like a red colour to play around with!

  • Gorgeous colors, I love the first photo of you wearing that color the most. Looks great on you!

    xx -n
    Naomi in Wonderland

  • Mega Melon is so pretty! Love the Astor one too, that's such a lovely photo! 🙂

  • Ania Zarzycka
  • phoebe davies

    The colour of the revlon one is definitely my favourite x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

  • I need to find that VaVaVoum!!! I agree red lipsticks look so good on you, wonder woman!

  • I love jumbo lip pencils, but not in red! I feel like they can slip and slide too much so I usually keep my red matte. I'm tempted with that Revlon one though!


  • I love the Astor one on you, and that picture of you is stunning! A few years ago these Revlon chubby sticks were my obsession! But I don't have any matte ones.

    And I love the story behind Burning Red, I'd refuse to get rid of it as well. I have never been in a similar situation before but I would either not stay over if I had no makeup with me or really rush to a store to buy some, lol!

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    That looks perfect on you lips. I think everything will look good on your pretty face. Really!

  • me too! I love red lips!

    I wish all the shades ! They are wonderful!
    Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Vavavoom is stunning on you, Linda! And don't make me count my lip crayons, it's terrible. I just threw out a whole lot and I think I still have almost 20? *cringe!* And the one thing that I can't stop buying? Red lipsticks, like seriously, I want to hog them all.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • The Clinique Chubby Sticks are supposed to be one of the best lip crayons out there and I have to say that this shade looks great on you! It can be quite hard to find a relatively long-lasting lip product that is also moisturizing at the same time.

    If I had to name one product that I keep on buying over and over again, it would have to be the L'Oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision – I just haven't found any eyeliner that works better for me yet ☺

  • They're such pretty colors! I usually wear matte finish lipsticks only but these look great


  • Can I just say that ALL of them look great on you! Especially the red one:) love love love it xxç

  • Haha I don't think there is just ONE makeup product I keep on buying. I think I keep on buying everything (oops)!

    I love all of these on you. I am not very big on jump pencils, but I really like my Clinique Curviest Caramel!

  • Maireem Maneje

    Pretty lip products 🙂 Must try one of these out.

  • Highlighters are my weakness. I was just raving about the No. 7 crayon one to a friend, and then another friend recommended a Becca one and now I've got mad cravings.

    Personal favourite, of lip crayons, has to be the Maybelline Colour Dramas.

  • Your makeup is divine!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

  • I can't believe they don't sell Revlon in Germany, it's a brand I always thought would be in the majority of places.
    The P2 colour is gorgeous, it reminds me of 01 Kate by Rimmel London (my favourite red lipstick). I don't blame you for keeping it for nostalgic reasons.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  • jumbo lippies are my all time fave. esp the revlon one!

  • Kate

    Love the P2 one – gorgeous shade. Shame it's a pain to wear but I can understand why you've hung on to it! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • It sounds as though you love red lips as much as I love soft pinks haha! I've only got a couple of lip crayons, but I really love them! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  • Red lips are my absolute weakness, although I don't wear them everyday. Pinks aren't my color. at least the ones I tried so far. Any recommendations from a fellow blonde?

  • I am so nostalgic when it comes to makeup… Do you have anything related to a special occasion?

  • It is a great product on a budget prize.

  • Yes, they are sold almost everywhere but here. Such a shame. Just like Rimmel UK. But we do have Catrice and MaxFactor.

  • Thank you.

  • I have almost no highlighters, as my skin gets shiny all on its own…

  • Thanks Maireem.

  • I probably should have said: The one makeup product I keep buying most of, because looking into my drawers, there is almost nothing I don't have several options from.

  • Thanks Cat.

  • Matte lipsticks are way to drying for my skin come winter. How do you deal with that?

  • I love L´Oréal Liners, they are great.

  • Thank you.

  • When in doubt, I pick up a red lipstick to satisfy my makeup cravings. I maybe need to get that analyzed, like if there is a childhood memory I want to relive or something like that. It seriously is an obsession.

  • Aw, thank you.

  • So you have a collection too?

  • Thank you, at least one who understands me! Someone has to be very, very close to me to get to see me without makeup.

  • Yes, they tend to move and transfer more obvious than other colors, but these days there are great options out there.

  • Thanks Laarni. But red is a color I love on you, too.

  • So Pretty.

  • It was from last years winter vacation at the "Ostsee". Sunny, but freezing, which is why I hold on to my Hot Chocolate like there is no tomorrow.

  • Thanks Naomi. It is a travel picture, so I guess the spirit speaks to you.

  • Why wouldn't you wear them? Don't you wear lip products?

  • Of course.

  • Me too. If you couldn't have told already…

  • No way, I would imagine pinks would look lovely on you! Well, I never opt for bold pinks and instead always soft ones – my favourite so far is actually one I was recently sent by Mii Cosmetics (Moisturising Lip Lover) in 'Whisper'.. although there are loads around! I'm so keen to try a couple by MAC, everyone seems to love their pinks 🙂

    Gabrielle x

  • These are all so different but they all look stunning on you 🙂 Red lips really do suit you. I need to adopt the two out, one in rule before I drown in all my makeup! xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  • Carly

    I love a red lip too, but I tend to use lipstick instead of lip crayons. Those colors are gorgeous!
    Dresses & Denim

  • I don't like a bold lip colour on me. I prefer to keep it more subtle with only a tiny bit of lip tint c: besides, I never have the ocassion!

  • Erin MacNeil

    Well I'm glad the little one approves of that pencil! It's very nice of them to be so enthusiastic in their likes 🙂
    I love Revlon's pencils, I have a bright pink one. The mint scent was such a nice surprise, especially compared with other lip products!

  • Great picks! Lip pencils are by far my favorite makeup product.

  • Jumbo lip pencils are my favourite too! I always go for those when I need something quick and easy.

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • I loved "burning red" the most on you! Rocking it!

    Dora New post on

  • There are so many occasions for wearing a red lip: Doing groceries, sitting at home watching a movie or, in my case, sitting at the playground watching little kids hit each other with a shovel.
    But I know this is up to personal preference.

  • I love my MAC lipsticks, but soft pinks usually don't show on my rather pigmented lips and the brighter ones make me look like a wanna-be Barbie. But I was told there is a pink for everyone, so i will keep on searching.

  • If only I would be so strict with the rest of my stash. I fear I have enough makeup to last me until the end of days. How do you keep track of your stuff?

  • Don't even get me started on my lipsticks… Which one is your favorite?

  • Oh, I don't mind the vanilla sweet smell MAC lip products have, but sometimes mint is a nice exception. What is your bright pink one called?

  • Which brand do you prefer?

  • And so easy to throw in your handbag, great to apply without a mirror, just lovely.

  • Great color, but such a pain in the b*** to wear.

  • Denise

    I loved the Astor color, bitten or not 🙂 I think you look lovely, the color suits you very much!

  • Kate

    Nothing makeup wise, but I was wearing Jo Malone Red Roses perfume when I met my husband so that will always be special to me! X

  • Ah, I can't stop myself from buying lipsticks..and blushers! All of these look so good on you. I need to muster courage and wear reds more often. And little ones and makeup..sigh. My son actually used my beloved Maybelline Hypersharp liner as a 'coloring pen'. 🙁 That was my last backup, I'm now struggling with a Sephora liner. 🙁

  • Astor looks GORGEOUS on you, ANNE ..omg how did Inot know that your name was ANNE so far!! lol…your blog's name is very confusing to dummies like me ..naughty Anne. I LOOOOOVVVEEE jumbo pencils too. one of the best sets I got was the one from Sephora when they had a sale sometime last year. 12 jumbo pencils ..and not a SINGLE dud!!! Yay for jumbo pencils:) Hopefully Little Bean didnt suffer from any after effects..besides the colour on her tongue:)

  • Glamoury armory

    wow! love them all my favorite is the 1 and 3, great colors they look perfect on you!

    Glamoury Armory Blog

  • Ooh I love the Clinique crayon on you! I'm a fan of the cheap and cheerful Wet n Wild lip crayons and Boots No7. All no fuss and easy to wear x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • I love the last one so so much!! Gorgeous 😀

    Ivana x
    Block of Beauty

  • Interesting, the Revlong ColorBurst Matte Balms that I own (I have 3 shades I think) are all a lot more matte than Striking. It's actually my least favorite in your collection, I think the other reds have a lot more impact!


  • Tailored and true

    Oh my gosh those colors are so gorgeous on you! The red lip suits you so perfectly! The first one is my favorite 🙂

  • Die sehen alle sehr schön aus. Ich hoffe Little Bean hat es geschmeckt 😉 Ist auch mein Favorit. Die Farbe steht dir besonders gut. Den werde ich mir mal im Laden anschauen. Ich habe ein paar lip pencils und ich glaube von p2 hatte ich auch mal welche. Die waren so grauenvoll das ich sie entsorgt habe. Wundert mich nicht das der Burning Red auch nichts taugt, obwohl die Farbe wriklich schön ist. Wünsch dir eine wunderschönen Dienstag!


  • valeriesdays

    I love red lips too ! I don't use lip crayons but "traditional" lipsticks… my favorite are MAC, KISS KISS from GUERLAIN and ROUGE IN LOVE from LANCOME… But I'd like to try a crayon 😉 New experiences are welcome !! xox

  • Thats sweet.

  • Thank you. Luckily, the bite didn't affect the way it applied. Have you tried anything from Astor before?

  • Oh, too bad. Isn't it available anymore?
    My daughter loves playing with my stuff, which is flattering on one hand, but very expensive on the other, because she keeps loving my stuff to pieces. Literally.

  • I didn't even realize my blog name could be deceiving until people started calling me Linda! But I don't mind, there could be far worse names to be called!
    And thanks for your concern, she would have kept munching happily if I didn't interfere, no adverse side effects. I now know you can literally eat these lip pencils. And LUSH massage bars, for that matter.
    Kids keep teaching you so much!

  • Pam Scalfi

    Revlon looks perfect on you, love these, I'm such a massive fan of red lipsticks 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • I try to regularly sort out and reorganise so I know what I have 😊 xx

  • Yes, well, probably should do this, too.

  • Erin MacNeil

    Ah, I've never so much as held a MAC product, vanilla sounds like it would be lovely! My Revlon stick is called Unapologetic!

  • I just realised that I don't own any jumbo lip pencil XD btw red lips look so pretty on you <3
    Nati xx

  • Ha! what's your blog name inspired by? Are you a libra that's pretty and crazy 🙂

  • Dressed With Soul

    Deine Sammlung ist echt beeindruckend und Du gefällst mir sowohl mit roten als auch mit rosa Lippen.Es gab eine Zeit, da habe ich diese "Lippenbuntstifte" gerne verwendet, jetzt aber normalerweise nur Lippenstift mit Lipliner 🙂
    xx Rena

  • Love all these colors! Jumbo lip pencils are so much easier for me to apply than regular lipsticks. I think the last one is my favorite.

    Angelina Is

  • I did a post on it when I launched the blog: Linda is for the pretty things and makeup, Libra is for traveling the world and being free (yes, it is spelled wrong, but it sounded great) and Loca is for the life with a baby and now toddler. But yes, I am a libra that is pretty and crazy, you have got this absolutely right 😉

  • Yes, it is all about the simplicity. Do you usually go for more natural shades in your lip products?

  • Ja, Lipliner sind bei mir auch zunehmend im Kommen. Früher hab ich sie für überflüssig gehalten, aber inzwischen setzen sich viele Lippenstifte in den Lippenfältchen ab. Die Freuden des Alterns.

  • No jumbo lip pencils? Oh my god how did this happen?

  • What is your favorite one to wear?

  • I own quite some traditional red lipsticks which I love, but I do encourage you to go and try a crayon! It is all about new experiences.

  • Ja, ich habe seitdem auch keine weiteren P2-Produkte mehr ausprobiert. Schade eigentlich…

  • Thank you.

  • I haven't had the chance to try either of them as we don't get them here in Germany.

  • Thank you Ivana. Do you wear red lips a lot?

  • Oh, any recommendations? I own a Sephora one that I love, but other than that I haven't tried to many.

  • It is an easy to wear red, so it gets a lot of love. The others are much more vibrant, but they don't stay put as much.

  • Thank you.

  • Love this! The Clinique balm sticks are super. Matte pencils are also so easy and last for ages. Red is such a classic shade and beautiful on you Linda.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • I definitely do tend to pick "my lips but better" shades. I'm a little self conscious about my teeth so I haven't been able to really rock anything near red haha.

  • I loved the Revlon pencil in striking! I might have to buy it! 😀

  • Oh I haven't tried the Sephora ones. Are they any good? I have a few NYX. Some are good and others apply patchy and settle in the lines. It's hit or miss there. I have a few Kat Von D and they are all amazing! Very comfortable, but a little pricy. Worth it in my opion though.

  • I love lip crayons! They are so easy to use and last for much longer in my opinion than lipsticks! x

  • I really like the one I have, it is not drying and stays put very well, but I have read that there is a big difference in quality throughout the line. I reviewed it late last year, if you fancy a read:

  • I don't like my teeth either, they are a little crooked and not as white as I would want them to be, but despite this and despite the fact that I have quite thin lips I decided to wear my reds, because I love them. One of the perks of being older: I don't care as much as I used to about what people think.

  • Well, I rarely finish a lipstick these days, so I am not sure about that, but crayons are just so much fun!
    What is your favorite?

  • It is a great color, and quite easy to wear. For a red lip, that is. Do you wear red a lot?

  • Thanks Erin. Which mattes would you recommend?

  • Love the ones by NARS. By and far my favourites – the reds are amazing. 🙂

  • Vavavoom is very vavavoom on you! I'm pretty into pencils, too. I don't know what it is? I like standard lipsticks, too, though, because they make me feel like a fancy, sophisticated woman.

  • Yes, they totally have a different feel to them. Lipsticks feel all grown up, and lip crayons feel like carefree and fun. Glad we get to choose how we want to feel that day.
    What are your favorite crayons?

  • I love the NARS velvet matte pencils and the BITE beauty crayons (especially the color 'Truffle'!)

  • They are fun to use! I actually don't have that many.. but I certainly want to get one by Clinique. I think I have one by Astor. Also reddish 🙂

  • Love the photo of you wearing VaVaVoom. Very pretty! 🙂 I also love the look of Mega Melon. Looks like a great everyday colour. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • The Revlon color burst lip crayons definitely had my attention back in the day. Honey was my favorite! Nice post!


  • Back in the day? You make me feel like I am so behind on trends… What have you moved on to?

  • It is, which is why it is almost gone! I heard rumors it would be discontinued, so I need to get to a Clarins counter soon and check this out.

  • What other brands do you have?

  • NARS is a brand everyone recommends to me.

  • Maybe a few years back was when I first bought them (when I first dabbing into makeup) and I ran trough one of the honey lip crayons. I still have Honey and a peachy one in my collection and I grab them for a quick lip option. I think now though I'm more into liquid lipsticks. Just because they last a lot longer, and I don't really touch up after eating and stuff like that! And omg NO you are not behind. We all find things at different times. I think its the beauty of the makeup world. Thanks for the reply Linda!


  • I have only a few liquid lipsticks that I like. What is your favorite brand?

  • Jaa

    Oh oh I have Clinique Mega Melon but for some reason it doesn't look half decent on me. LOL May I suggest NARS Cruella for your next red lip pencil, Anne? You won't regret it!!!

  • You are not the first one to suggest NARS, I will have to look into them soon. Just finish two others first. Should be easy, right?

  • Right now, The Kat Von D ones. They seriously don't budge haha

  • I have heard great stuff about Kat von D, but it isn't available here.

  • Obsessed with jumbo lip pencils myself. They are so nifty! Love these colors, they look great on you!

  • Thank you. I love red lips!

  • I hope you get you're hands on them soon! Her brand is stellar!

  • Whenever I get to the US, i will make sure to check them out.

  • whats your favorite lip crayon? I have only one from bourjois and its nice) want to try the crayons from clinique
    al the shades of Red look great on you 😉

  • Regarding Texture it is the Clinique on, but regarding texture and color it is the Astor one.