Chick Lit – MAC Casual Color Lip & Cheek Color in P.S. I like you

Do you know what „Chick Lit“ is?
I have to admit I didn’t, even though I probably should, as I was target audience back in the 90ies, when this genre made its appearance.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a rant about PR companies feeling the need to create a genre called „Lighthearted literature, addressing the issues of modern womanhood“, but mainly consisting of unpretentious stories of silly girls stumbling through their life looking for Mr. Right.
I mean, I don’t read this stuff, and I don’t think they address any of the issues I have while trying to be a modern woman.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you

What I really wanted to talk about is that one of these books almost made me pass on MACs Cream Blush in „P.S.: I like you“.
And that would have been a great miss.

Now that introduction may not be easy to follow, but let me explain:
In 2004 Cecilia Ahern released a book called: „P.S.: I love you“ and immediately reached Nr. 1-Bestseller status in many countries including Germany. I read it and majorly disliked it.
The story had a lot of potential, but for my taste was shallow, boring and much too easy to read.
Now you may have read and loved the book (someone must have bought all the copies), please feel free to disagree, but for me, this was the first encounter with what I learned to call Chick Lit and I have not been able to forget it.

So when MAC released „P.S.: I like you“, I was instantly reminded of the book and did not plan on buying it. That may sound like a silly reason not to buy a product, but I have bought stuff just for the sake of their packaging, so…

After seeing it swatched numerous times, I bought it anyway. And I am glad I did, flinching when reading the name aside.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you

The color is described as „carnation pink“ by MAC and looks like a warm, almost coral pink in the pan. When applied to my skin, it looks like a true, warm pink.

MAC Cream Blush in P.S.: I like you (one swipe)

It was released as a part of the Mia Moretti Collection, so it is no longer available (sorry!), but back then it retailed for 24,50 € online, containing 2.5 ml of product.

The Casual Colors (of which there are currently six available permanently) are meant to be used on the cheeks and on the lips.
Like most of these product, they work better on my cheeks than on my lips, but I love how versatile they are when it comes to traveling lightly (see here).

When applied to the cheeks, I get a fresh, healthy glow that lasts around six hours on me (quite good for a cream product). It blends easily and feels absolutely weightless.

On my lips it creates a soft pink, satiny finish and stays put for three hours (no eating or drinking). It is a little dying, so I need to make sure my lips are moisturized well before applying it.
I much prefer to use it on my cheeks only.

You have seen this blush both on lips and cheeks in this picture:

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

As I said, I am glad I picked it up, it is a welcome addition to my Blush Collection.

Do you own a Casual Color by MAC?
And do you enjoy reading Chick Lit?

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  • Eliza Armand

    This cream blush is so cold and amazing. I think, it fits better for the cold weather. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    Cheers, Eliza |

  • the color looks really bright but when applied it's so natural! wow 🙂 looks great!

  • I can totally understand not wanting to buy something because of the name. Who needs a constant reminder of something they don't like? I've never read the book, but hey it's a good thing you didn't pass. Because it's gorgeous! And it looks gorgeous on you! You look like Cinderella here. I hope that doesn't sound weird? lol 🙂

  • I used to like chic lit when I was a teenager, now- not so much lol.

    That color is beautiful, I will always have a soft spot for this kind of pink shades, esp in blushes although I prefer powder blushes much more than creams. But this shade looks very pretty and fresh on you and I agree with Lisa- you do look like a fairy tale princess.

  • Aww.. Linda, I thought this shade will look too bright on your skin when applied, but I was wrong!
    It just turns out to be like a natural one and suits your complexion well.
    Was really glad you bought it, see.. you have no regrets 🙂

    Jhem |

  • Cute shade! I have Young At Heart, gonna review it soon. I kinda like your shade even better though, oops!

  • It looks so bright in the pan but actually looks natural on you. What a gorgeous shade and it gives you a very lovely, natural flush.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • It sheers out quite a lot, when I first applied it I thought it would never work for me. My very first pink cream blush…
    I remember you saying you prefer cream blushes?

  • Cant wait to see the shade you got and if your experiences are similar.

  • I was a little scared when it arrived, but it sheered out so nicely. Do you wear cream blushes often?

  • I guess it is the pink and the headpiece giving that illusion. Don't all princesses have pink cheeks? What is your favorite Disney princess, by the way?

  • Cinderella? So I´ll keep waiting for the fairy to arrive while I clean the kitchen around here. I could do with a night out, although I wouldn't need a prince.

  • It sheers out quite lovely and looks very natural once applied. Do you wear cream blushes?

  • Well, it will get cold sooner than I´d like it too, so at least I already have the perfect blush to match the drop in temperature.

  • Yup, my favourite is Stila Convertibel Colour, I have the shade Petunia. NYX cream blushers are good too.

  • I need to check some more out, I am really enjoying this one so far.

  • Pam Scalfi

    Oh, I looooove the book. Too bad you didnt!

    I love versatile products like these 😀

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • I'm surprised how natural it looks on you. The swatch and the pan colour look really bright and pigmented! It does translate beautifully though 🙂 x

  • I don't think it is at all silly that you had some hesitation. The associations we have with brands or household names of any kind have a strong impact on us. It's why we develop brand loyalty and use the same peanut butter that was in our pantry as a kid or why we wont buy a certain product because of things we've heard.


  • I'm glad you ended up purchasing it too, it's so soft and feminine – you wear it well, Linda! I know what you mean by the way about the name thing, I've often found myself hesitating over something purely because of the name (eg. some of the cosmetics companies that favour sexual innuendos for their product names – cringe!)

    Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  • Oh this looks pretty on you! I am often turned off things for silly reasons. I haven't read the book but I'm not much into "chick lit" unless Jackie Collins counts, cause I can read and re-read her books all the days xx

  • That's a really gorgeous, everyday pink! Haha I used to be all about chick lit books, now I'm into young adult! I don't have anything from mac yet but I may start with a lipstick soon.

  • Jaa

    Chick Lit, not so much but I used to watch Chick Flicks a lot many years ago! Now I can't stand them anymore. LOL. I'm all about action and thriller now. Weird how you just grow out of love of something so easily like that.

    Good thing you didn't pass on this blush! It's a beaut! There are some products I have that I could careless about the name but hey, it's the product itself that counts, right?

  • It sounds like a beautiful blush! I have bought beauty products for their names (you know, my Fig/Chestnut obsession) so passing because you dislike the name seems totally rational to me :p

    I'm not much of a fan of Chick Lit: first of all, I don't appreciate being categorized as a "chick", thank you very much (although I've been called that a few months ago, and I'm in my mid-thirties…), and I like stories that have a strong backbone which many novels in this genre seem to lack. I have read a couple hilarious books when the trend just started, probably over 10 years ago, so gems must still exist but finding them in the mud is too hard for my lazy self.


  • I love wearing cream blush as it is easy to apply on.

    Love the natural look on you

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • Aww this is such a cute colour – very pretty indeed and looks lovely on you! 🙂

    Layla xx

  • Patricia Blaj

    What a beautiful color! The blush looks stunning on you!



  • I've never tried these by Mac, but it definitely looks gorgeous, the shade is beautiful!


  • I am so afraid of blushes. I think I apply too much and it looks unatural! Good product that you can use it like a lipstick too!!


  • I often like Mac products. Your selection looks like a beautiful color and looks pretty in the photos. I love how you tied in the name of the chic lit book with the blush. Maybe you like edgier novels. I like chic lit okay, but I prefer a story with bite. Have a good day. 🙂

    xo, Bry


  • This is such a lovely shade and looks beautiful on you. I haven't read much from this genre ….as a teenager I was more interested in classics and thrillers.

  • Denise

    Oh, gee, I never heard of Chick Lit (the expression), but like you I read PS I love you when it was released – I was living in Germany and I had to order the book, in order to get it in English. I read it in 3 days, just to get rid of it, no joke. You are so right – the story had loads of potential, but was then shallow and predictable. Passages like one of her suitors disappearing without notice and meeting her by chance saying "I loved the drama of my ex", and OK, enough said, I guess. But don't mention that where she was born (I will return next year), the author is a national hero. Well, I respect, like you, the ones who loved the story, of course. By the way, thanks for the tips for vegetables 🙂 I do cook, but sometimes I am lazy, then it's my fault, in fact 🙂 Anyway, this MAC blush is very beautiful – I loved the "healthy" color, I really do and I always find your pictures and looks so sweet! I tell you, correct me if I am wrong, you look so patient and peace-making! I like it!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Oh, ich finde den Blush super schön – Dich und Dein Makeup aber auch! Ich stehe ja generell auf sehr pinke blush, auch wenn ich im Endeffekt doch in der Regel wieder Lippenstift als Rouge verwende 🙂

  • No comment on the Chick Lit but that's a very pretty blush. I don't own enough cream blushes and have never actually tried any of the Casual Colours by MAC.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Is there such a thing as enough of any makeup? I have never come across an eyeshadow I really liked and then thought to myself: Ah, no, I already own enough eyeshadows. Even though I probably do…

  • Wenn dass denn auch besser hält ist es ja toll. Ausserdem brauchst Du dann nicht ganz so viel Platz in der Handtasche.

  • Yes, finish it fast so you are over with it. Can you believe there was a time in my life I finished every book I ever started, no matter how much i disliked it? I felt guilty for leaving books unfinished… Well, that has changed, my time is to precious these days.

    And about being patient and peace-making: I bet my husband would disagree, he´d say I´ll argue just for the sake of the argument, but in general I am a very calm person. I need this in my job, if I´d get hectic or freak out in stressful situations things would get much worse, and as I have other people following my lead I have to make sure they stay calm, too.
    A co-worker told me just last Friday: "You always keep going and smile the obstacles away." Although that isn't always true, I liked hearing that.

    Are you a calm person or the complete opposite?

  • Classics as in Shakespeare?

  • I can imagine you liking your stories with a bite after everything I have read from you so far!
    And I love MAC, it makes more than two thirds of my collection.

  • Peach shades look awesome with bronze tones, or maybe coral?

  • There are a few options that are so sheer you literally cant overdo it. Great way to start if you want to experiment.

  • I am so glad I managed to get it.

  • Thank you. i bet it would look great with your hair, too.

  • Denise

    Oh yes, you are right – after I finished PS in 3 days, I felt "3 days wasted", hahahaha 🙂 I remember being so disappointed! Anyway, nice to know what your co-worker said, so, contrarily to your husband, I think I was right by your looks transmitting calmness! I am very calm, so so calm and patient, it takes me years to set limits 🙂 Right now a "friend" annoyed and insulted me for so many years, and only now I started thinking "I think I should disconnect this person, she harms me". But that, after 5 years of insults! Hope you have a very nice week!

  • Thank you Layla.

  • I am very happy it turned out so natural looking, I was afraid it would be much more vibrant when I saw it in the pan.

  • Carly

    That blush is a lovely color!
    Dresses & Denim

  • Wow, 5 years. You are much more patient than me, I don't deal with people that make me unhappy for a long time. Although I do believe in second and third chances, I cut the cord quickly.

  • Most of the times I like the products with funny names opposed to the ones with numbers only. How about you? Names or numbers?

  • Well, taste is different, and rightly so. But we agree on loving versatile products, see? We still do have a lot in common. Except you having a lot more sense of fashion than I ever will.

  • Yes, i was a little worried when I saw it in person, but it looks very nice.

  • It is scary how easy we are manipulated by smell or an or even a color that reminds us of happy days.

  • Glad to hear I am not alone in my weird aversion or obsession with product names.
    I hope you have a great way, too.

  • i just googled her and despite her looks i don't think she writes Chick Lit. Which one would you recommend to a complete stranger to her work?

  • Do you have your mind set on a certain one?

  • Whenever i am really exhausted I watch Chick Flicks, but that rarely happens. Action isn't my kind of movie either, I recently converted to TV series like Breaking Bad and PLL. And Game of Thrones, obviously.

  • There are some great ones for sure, but just like you I am instantly put off by being categorized as "chick". Why do people do this? And, more important, why do so many women embrace it?
    Each to their own, but that is completely alien behavior to me.

  • Easy, quick and natural, perfect for summer.

  • Kelly M

    How big is your blush collection? I'm thinking I need to add a few things to my repertoire as well!

    I'm blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

  • This is a beautiful blush! Want! I did read PS I Love You and in fairness to the author, she was only 21 when she wrote it which explains why it is so bloody awful!! Haha! Oh well. I'm sure she has improved but I didn't stick around to find out. I prefer the American author Lionel Shriver – now THAT'S a woman who can write! Love, love, love x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • I Am Metalheart

    oh such a pretty blush. I'm always a bit afraid tho of those bright high pigmented colors. I'm scared I mess it up with applying too much hihi. Looks great on you tho! xoxo Carina

  • Danielle Griffin

    I have one blush by Mac, its a coral color and I love it! This one is so pretty too!! Looks great on you!!

  • I have never heard of the book. I have not ventured into mac yet. I own a mac under eye concealer. In fact, I am not an expert in makeup but love reading blogs like yours to become more familiar with products. This shade of pink is very beautiful on you. 🙂

  • Roxie Ferguson

    This is a beautiful colour! I've never read P.S.: I Love You, I think I was reading The Time Travelers Wife at the time everyone was raving about it.

    Roxie ♥

  • The Lucky Santangelo series. Start with Chances and there's about 8 books in the series. Trashy but very entertaining xx

  • What a great color, I love the warm pink that is very different from the coral in the pot. Thanks for sharing this I'm a big fan of Mac lip colors! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  • Maybe something from the cream sheen finish??

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    With hair like on this photo you look like a princess.

  • Yes there are some lovely ones in this finish.

  • Okay. I´ll add them to my list.

  • It isn't my typical color, so I am glad I picked it up. Neutrals and peaches are my safe option and the ones I reach for the most.

  • If you are really interested, I did a post about all my blushes a while ago (swatches included). Here is the link:
    What colors of blush do you prefer?

  • I have read brilliant books by authors that were 21 or younger, so i won't take that as an excuse. I guess part of the hype was because she was a politicians daughter.
    But I do not want to shame her, she is making a living from writing, which is more than I can say for myself, so it is just my very own opinion of disliking it. And yes, she maybe has improved, but just like you I haven't bothered to find out.
    I have read "We have to talk about Kevin", which is the obvious and slightly boring choice when reading a book from Lionel Shriver, but nonetheless a brilliant book.

  • It isn't as highly pigmented as it seems, but sheers out pretty much on it´s own. Usually cream blushes are much easier to work with and less scary.
    Just out of curiosity, what is your main language? I know you write in English, but living in Switzerland there are a few other options.

  • Thank you. What is the name of your MAC blush?

  • See, this is why I read blogs like yours. I am a lost cause when it comes to fashion, but I love getting inspiration and learning new things.

  • How did you like "The time travelers wife"?

  • They really do some great lipsticks. Which one is your favorite?

  • I Am Metalheart

    My mother tongue is German. I'm from Lucerne which is a city in central Switzerland 🙂 Have you been there?

  • Ja, natürlich war ich schon in Luzern. Am häufigsten von den größten Städten habe ich allerdings Bern besucht. Die Schweiz ist wunderschön, aber unglaublich teuer!

  • Such a lovely shade! Too bad I can't wear most cream products thanks to my oily skin 🙁

  • Oh, thank you. The headpiece is by H+M.

  • I have stayed away from them for years, too, but they do work now that my skin is getting more "mature".

  • I haven't read "P.S.: I love you", but that color is beautiful!

  • What a pretty natural pink! I have seen a PS I Love You movie but haven't read the book, interesting how associations in our mind come up like that!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Beautiful!

    I have to agree on product naming, though I mostly get fed up with the brands that try to be edgy and cool with names. Also, that film you mentioned was set where I'm from – I can still hear the awful accents when I think about it.

  • Well that's true – being 21 is no excuse! But I have found my writings from when I was 21 and it's equally hackneyed and cliched as Ahern's efforts 🙂

  • I've never used this, but I got to admit I've been very tempted. Love the shade!!


  • Don't bother reading it. Try getting the color instead!

  • Did you enjoy the movie?

  • American actors trying to speak with an irish accent? I can imagine that being horrible.

  • It is very versatile and should work on a lot of skintones.

  • It can be applied very sheer, but if you are ghostly pale, it probably needs a very light hand.

  • It was both sad and sweet so yes 🙂 I like Gerard Butler as lead too.

  • Lovely! Good thing you bought it anyways! I actually don't own anything Mac related :O All my make-up is of Jane Iredale. It's one of the only brands that doesn't make me break out ^^

    x Aurélie

  • Where have I been that I've not heard of this collection before? I love the blush and the concept of cheek and lips in one, although in practical terms it never seems to work that well for lips. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Gerard Butler sure is a sight to see.

  • Ha, good thing I didn't keep anything from that age.

  • Oh, too bad. What is it you are reacting to?

  • It almost assed me by, too, somehow the PR wasnt as big on this collection.

  • Geena

    I love mac! And you really look stunning! What a gorgeous woman! 🙂

    Lots of Love!!
    Geena |

  • crystalina

    Love this color!Im a Dollymix/Something Special/Orgasm lover myself,but I may have to try this..looks beautiful on you,btw!

  • Aw, thank you. That was so nice of you to say.

  • Out of the mentioned I only own Orgasm, which I really like, but it is a tad to glittery to be a holy grail product for me.