Christmas Time

When it comes to christmas, it has always been a family thing.
During the past 35 years, it rarely happened that I spend Christmas Eve anywhere else than at my parents house, and if I did, it was because I had to work.

The only exception was last year, which I spend at my in-laws for several reasons.
As much as I enjoyed it, they are a lovely people, it made me realize how much we rely on family traditions to really feel the christmas spirit.

Happy holidays everyone!

This year, I will be taking the Little Bean to my parents house for her first ever Christmas and I figured, I would take you along, show you my outfit and makeup and tell you what Christmas Eve is like where I live.

Most important question answered first: Yes, we do have a real tree.
It used to be huge, as the ceiling is very high, but lately we decided to go for a smaller tree, placed on a little table. You still get the look of a giant tree, but it is less likely that either the cats or my sisters dog (or maybe even the Little Bean) are going to knock it down.
The tree is put up just a few days before Christmas and decorated on Christmas Eve, usually by us „children“ (the youngest being 31).

When we were younger, we were allowed to watch tv while my parents did the preparations. It was a big deal, as watching tv wasn’t something we would do regularly.
Our favorite movies were „Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel“, a Czech fable, and „Little Lord Fauntleroy“.
And even though we have had our own tv for quite some time now, watching one of those movies with my sisters still is a thing on Christmas Eve.

During the day, everything is pretty laid back, but we dress up for the evening, even though it is just family and food. The trick is to find something chic, but comfortable. I usually wear a dress, loosely fit, to allow me a second (or even third) helping.
Here is what I will wear this year:

Akward posing…

The dress is H+M, bought two years ago, and is the closest thing to a christmas jumper I own. The empire waistline hides the food baby quite nicely, and worn with tights and a long sleeve it is warm enough for indoors and perfect for crawling around the floor with the Little Bean.
To be completely honest, I will change out of the overknee heels into my slippers at first chance.

For makeup, golden eyeshadow, black liner, mascara and a red lip are my go to look, and today will be no exception.

Close up of the eye makeup

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude (read full review here)
Maybelline Mattemaker Mattifying Powder
MAC Concealer Palette in Light
Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks in Beige as highlighter
MAC „Harmony“ blush for contour

MAC „Painterly“ Paintpot
MAC „Manila Paper“ es all over the lid (LE, but still available in a quad)
MAC „Crosscultural“ es in the crease (LE)
L´Oréal Super Liner in Extra Black Gloss

Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stain in 02 Always Red (read full review here)

Manila Paper is the one in the upper right corner of the quad, Crosscultural is the one on the palette

Unlike other countries, the presents in Germany are given at Christmas Eve instead of December 25th, so when it gets dark (at around 6 pm), my parents will light the candles (yes, we have real candles, but only on Christmas Eve) and we will gather around the tree.
Everyones presents are in separate places, and we will take turns, getting one thing from our „pile“, opening it up, and then the person who got it will tell what it is for and why she decided to gift it.

This will take some time, and after everything is unwrapped, it is time for the food.
On Christmas Eve, it is chicken salad in different variations, potatoe salad with sausages and seafood salad, bread, cheese and lychees for dessert.
The traditional roast goose is served on one of the following days, when we meet aunties, uncles and cousins, or, in my case the in-laws.

The rest of Christmas Eve will be spent talking, snacking on cookies and enjoying some family time. When we were smaller, my parents would get a board game as a family present, but since we all moved out, that stopped.
And even though I might be the only person in the whole wide world feeling that way: I am glad, because I majorly dislike board games!

With this looking forward to, I will leave you to your own preparations and hope you enjoyed that little peek into my life.
What are your favorite family traditions? I would love to hear!

Happy holidays!

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  • Pretty make-up! And I love the Christmas-themed outfit 🙂

    • Thank you so much. Outfit posts are really not my thing…
      I hope you enjoy your holidays at home.
      What will you be wearing Christmas Eve?

  • What a cute post! I love hearing about other people's traditions so thank you for inviting me 🙂

    First, your makeup- beautiful! That gold eyeshadow is gorgeous. Why are all the best things always a LE?? I love your dress too!

    It's interesting to see that although Germany and Poland are so close, the traditions are so much different. Especially as far as food. In Poland everyone opens gifts on Christmas Eve too. And I am kinda glad my husband's family has Polish heritage too because we have a big dinner and open gifts tonight as well. We always change into matching PJs that my mother-in-law gets for everyone every year and then one by one, starting with the youngest child, we open one gift at a time and have to show everyone what it is. I am predicting getting a lot of makeup tonight and I can already imagine all my family rolling eyes at me, thinking how much more makeup can I have??!! Oh, and we open gifts after dinner!

    Christmas is really nostalgic for me and a little sad because it's the time when I miss my family in Poland the most…And this year especially since it's my second niece's first Christmas…But I am going to call them in a moment before they begin their supper.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and to your Little Bean! And I hope I didn't bore you to death! Hugs!

    • Oh, Agata, of course you didn't bore me, I love hearing about your traditions!
      What is traditional Christmas food in Poland? My cousins wife (she is from Poland) told me they used to have carp and mushrooms. In Germany, it is roast goose, although carp is also very common.

      Do you use Skype or face time to talk to your family? It always helps me when I am away, as I can see their faces that way.

    • Traditionally there should be 12 different dishes for Christmas Eve supper to symbolize the 12 disciples.At my house we would have mushroom soup, borsch, pierogi with sauer kruat and mushrooms, sauer kruat with peas, poppy seed cake, carp or some other fish for people like me who hate carp.

      I do Skype with my family but sometimes it's easier not to, to avoid that much crying. It's always super emotional and my mom cries easily and I do too! But at least I can connect with them in this way, which is wonderful!

    • 12 different dishes? That is a lot of food!
      And I do love Sauerkraut, as we call it.

      Skype and the www have given us so many opportunities to connect and stay connected. I remember back in the days when there was no possibility to send eMails or videochat. Just imagine how hard it would be without all those things.
      As much as I love to travel (and you know I do), I just couldn't stand to be away from my family for such a long time. You are a very brave and strong person!

    • Ohh, you're making me tear up. I am really emotional around Christmas, I was even crying writing cards to each member of my family!

      12 dishes- yes, that's a lot of food but I used to eat just a tiny bit of everything. And traditionally all the dishes should have no meat.

    • No meat on Christmas Eve? Now that is different to Germany. I sometimes get the feeling it is all about the meat here.

  • Love it!!

  • Love the outfit and makeup. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! 🙂

  • I love this post. So nice to hear about how you celebrate Christmas. Gorgeous eye make up.

    • Thank you Tam. I love a classic look for the holidays. What have you been wearing?