Favorite Face of … April

If you are not familiar with the „Favorite Face of …“ series, click here for a little introduction. Short story even shorter, it is the makeup that I wore most during that month, featuring the favorite (as in most used) makeup products.

Favorite Face of Work

April meant back to work for me, so the makeup I wore most of my days was my kind of „work-appropriate“.
What makeup you wear to work is of course totally up to you, but as I work in a quite button-down position, keeping things neutral is a must.

To save some time and because my skin is acting pretty good at the moment, my base this month was quite minimalistic:

MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“, Essence Cream to Powder Blush in Floral Glam, Isadora Compact Powder in Soft Mist

Base Products:
MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“ (Review here):
There isn’t a single day that I don’t conceal my dark shadows and some of the scarring I have.
Isadora Compact Powder in Soft Mist (Review coming this month):
Light coverage to even out my skintone slightly, mattifying, but not too long-lasting. I usually repowder every three or four hours.
Essence Matte Cream to Powder Blush in Floral Glam (LE):
Not matte on my skin, but with a satiny finish. A true red and a great pick me up after to little sleep. Lasts around four hours on me.

My eye makeup is more on the neutral side as mentioned above, but always paired with a liner.

Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow Palette in „Impressionist“, Artdeco Ultra effect Mascara, L´Oréal Superliner, Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips in „Mega Melon“

Eyes and Lips:
Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow Palette in „Impressionist“ (Review coming up):
I use the shade marked as primer all over the lid to brighten up my eye area and use the shade meant to go all over the lid for subtle definition in the crease.
Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara in „Black“ (Review here):
I am basically just trying to use it up.
– L´Oréal Super Liner in“Black“ (Review here):
My go-to black liner.
– Clinique Chubby Stick for Lips in „Mega Melon“:
One of the first Chubbys to be released. I love it for its MLBB-shade and it´s moisturizing property. Air-condition wreaks havoc on my lips!

Of course I wouldn’t be a true makeup junkie if I would be content with keeping it this way day in and day out.
As a treat after work is done I always carry a bright lip in my purse to lift my spirit.

After-work face wearing Revlons „Cherries in the Snow“

How about you:
Do you have a „work-appropriate“ makeup look?
Or do you skip makeup all along?

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  • I love the look. It's very polished and the bright lip really stands out!
    My work appropriate look is mainly a bit of concealer, tinted moisturizer, tightlined lash line and a mlbb lipstick. That's my minimalist look. 😉

  • Very pretty and work appropriate. I LOVE the fact that you put on a red lipstick after work 🙂

    Since I work from home, I don't wear makeup "to work". I could still put it on but since most of the days I start work in the middle of the night and I already don't sleep enough, there is no way I'd get up earlier to put on makeup.

  • Dominica

    Hiya babe, very nice and simple love it

    thanks for sharing this with us.

    Massive INTERNATIONAL giveaway on my blog!


    Have a lovely week!

    Stay in touch.


    Dominica S.

  • Thank you.

  • I can relate to that. If I´d stay at home for work, I´d probably wouldn't wear makeup, too.
    What will you be wearing to the baby shower this Sunday? Is there a "shower appropriate makeup"?

  • I need that bright lip as pick me up. It is completely for well being only, because all I will do with my bright lips is pick up Little Bean and maybe do some groceries, but it gives me great pleasure, so I´ll keep on doing it!
    Without my liner I feel naked. If I had your pretty dark eyes I´d probably skip this step, too.

  • This shower is a little unconventional because it's not just for girls but for couples and it's at a bar.

    But I want to do blue makeup (that's why i wanted the blue necklace!), maybe with a touch of gold and sea-green. I need to practice first, I guess. Lol

  • Are baby showers for girls only? They aren't a thing here in Germany, so I have never been to one.

  • It's not a thing in Poland either so when I moved here, I had no idea what to expect. I think it's my only 2nd or 3rd baby shower anyways. But typically it is just for girls- it's a party with food and normally you play some baby/pregnancy related games and get little prizes or favors and the mommy gets gifts for the baby.

  • Very pretty! You look very fresh-faced and polished.

  • Love that you bring a brighter lip color with you, like a true makeup lover!


  • Thank you.

  • Well, I reckon I do love makeup quite a bit…
    What do you wear to work?

  • I am comfortable in nude colors and probably would look that way more often than not if I had the choice. But if I don't have the choice and know I have to stick with the neutrals I instantly gravitate towards brighter shades…

  • When I was working, I would wear minimal makeup only because it meant I could sleep a little longer. On days where I had a bit more time I would go for a bright lip or smokey eye.


  • Love the work look, with the first lip option. So natural and fresh. 🙂 x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • This is beautiful! I especially love you bright lips look after work!

    ★ meilijourney.blogspot.com ★

  • Your make up is beautiful, love the lipstick color!


  • Back when I was working, I usually wear BB cream, concealer, mascara, eye liner, brow pencil, blusher and lipstick. That was all I used and I always skip eyeshadow all together. I do wear bright lipstick though, I think it makes up for the lack of makeup on my face.

    I like both looks with different lipsticks, your face looks really radiant and glowing!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I can't wear anything that is too "in your face" in my position, so I save the bright lips for the end of my workday. Putting them on gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
    Do you plan on going back to work or do you plan on staying home for a while? If this isn't to intrusive of me to ask.

  • Thank you. Nothing beats bright lips as a pick me up.

  • Thank you.
    What would you imagine wearing to work?

  • I like it, too, but as I am forced to wear it, my inner rebel cries out for bright lips.
    What would you wear?

  • Oh yes, every minute is precious. But I need my war paint to feel ready to stand my ground at work.

  • Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I´ll organize one for myself when I get pregnant again, to incorporate the tradition here.

  • Anything I want! I'm a makeup artist 🙂

  • It is fun but it has to be thrown either but friends or your mom or sisters, that's a tradition and it's usually just for your first pregnancy (but since you have never had one, you should do it anyways).When I still lived in Poland but already knew something about baby showers I threw one for my best friend and it was fun! I can help with some games. It's definitely fun!

  • I wear pretty much the same look you have here. 🙂 I'll either go for Mac Groundwork paint pot w/ eyeliner and mascara or a light shimmery wash of colour like Maybelline Bad to the Bronze or Mac Vintage Selection.

  • I would love to go back to work but it's just not possible for now. Baby sitters are very expensive here so we've decided that I would only go back to work when he starts school. So for now my job title is homemaker. LOL!

  • Tell me about it, we pay a fortune for day care! But I am lucky to have the opportunity to go back to work anyways.
    Homemaker/Blogger is your title. You do awesome work over at Reflections of Sanity!

  • These color tattoos are such a time saver in the mornings.

  • So I´ll have to tell my sister what to do then. Of course, I have to get pregnant again first lol.

  • Well, that gives you endless opportunities. Lucky you! Do you work in store or do you freelance?

  • Thank you so much, Linda and you honestly just made my day! Have a lovely weekend with your family! xx

  • Ahh Cherries in the Snow <3 Seriously, I wouldn't know what to do if I had to wear very toned-down makeup. I guess I can, but most of the time I want to at least see a bit coral on my lips LOL Is that too much to ask? 😉

  • Maireem Maneje

    So lovely 🙂 Love the looks of "Cherries in the Snow" on you 🙂


  • That's a pretty, natural look!


  • Thank you. Do you prefer natural or colorful makeup?

  • It is completely out of my comfort zone, but I love it.
    Which shade to you turn to as a pick-me-up?

  • Absolutely not.
    I am just tired of all the comments on my makeup I get whenever I venture away from this natural and toned down look. Sometimes I wear a bold lip as a statement, but mostly I take the easy road and keep things neutral.

  • Do you work in a more male-dominant environment? Or maybe a more academic one (if you don't mind me asking because I am properly curious now)?

  • I like natural better, but do enjoy a bright lipstick occasionally 🙂

  • Tailored and true

    You are so beautiful! And I just love these product suggestions. This is such a lovely work-ready makeup routine!


  • You look so chic and professional! I usually keep my work makeup super neutral, but with the addition of a bold lip.

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • The Beauty Highlights

    Nice natural look. Love it.

  • Monica

    Really nice natural look for every day!:)
    Happy weekend!

  • mariel

    you look gorgeous and I love how your make up has that natural look and the barely there look to it 🙂 <3


  • Maireem Maneje

    I don't really have a staple lipstick shade yet :p I just immediately go for some Vaseline Rosy lip balm 😛

  • Beauty Follower

    Both lip colours are lovely!


  • I don't mind you asking. I am senior physician on a surgical Intensive Care Unit, so I guess both is true: It is academic and male-dominant. There are a lot of women in our hospital, but almost none in my position. My boss is female, too, but that´s about it, and especially when dealing with other specialties I get the "Well ain´t she cute"-looks if they don't know me well enough to know that I am more brains than beauty…

  • All about the comfort, hm?

  • Which brand is your favorite then?

  • Thank you so much for your kind words.
    The best thing about this routine is that it is quite fast, too. The less time you have to spend on your makeup, the longer you can stay in bed!
    Do you have a go-to workforce?

  • Ahhh I see that now! Oh man your job sounds tough!

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot. Do you wear a neutral face if you have to look professional?

  • I am glad you enjoyed it. So you are a neutral girl on a daily basis?

  • The Essence Matte Cream to Powder Blush is stunning. Such a fantastic color. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • Maireem Maneje

    haha yes pretty much 🙂

  • Thank you. I like to look polished but not overly done for work. How do you wear your makeup when you have to look professional?

  • My skin was really well-being when I took these pictures. It doesn't always look nice, but when it does, I try to use as little product as I can.
    Do you wear foundation everyday?

  • Yes, Mega Melon has been my staple for quite some time now, it is a great everyday color.
    Do you wear more bold or more natural lips?

  • I like it, it brings me great joy and a lot of exhaustion 😉

  • Beautiful looks! I try to stay very neutral for work, so both of these looks work perfectly fine actually!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  • I switch depending on my mood, too.

  • I like to look put together, but not overdone, so this works well for me. The one thing I rarely am without though is my liner.

  • Yes, I like it a lot. Sadly it was Limited Edition.

  • Jaa

    There was a time when I didn't ever need to use a concealer…. it was a long long time ago, though. Now I have so much sh^t to cover all over my face! Haha There's never a day go by without a concealer unless I'm staying home. Contemplating on getting that MAC palette! 🙂

    Your skin looks super amazing, though! I can't imagine that you'd need a concealer!

  • Well, this is after using Concealer, you would see the difference if I would have included a before and after picture, but thanks anyway.
    The MAC palette is good, but I wouldn't repurchase it again. As you can see, I get a lot of use out of some shades and barely use the other ones, so I will end up with business half finished…
    Looking back, I have been using Concealer since I have turned 15, but only grasped the importance of color matching until I was in my twenties…

  • You look gorgeous! and natural too – love this look.



    My Closet Life Blog

  • Where have I been? I just stumbled upon your blog. You are gorgeous and I love these picks! I've been eyeing the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium Deep myself as I can never seem to find a perfect concealer + corrector match.

  • Thank you. I alternate between loving a natural look and being all out with my makeup. What kind of look do you wear most of the time?

  • Why, thank your your kind words and welcome!
    I got the MAC Pro palette out of the same reason, but to be honest, I ended up only using three out of the six shades, so i should probably just have gotten these shades without buying the palette. It is great for traveling, though.

  • I was the same when I was younger. After a horrible cake-face-period when I was around 15, I shunned it completely until I was in my 30ies.

  • What a pretty make up ♡