Favorite Face of… January 2016

If you are not familiar with the „Favorite Face of …“ series, click here for a little introduction. Short story even shorter, it is the makeup that I wore most during that month, featuring the favorite (as in most used) makeup products.


Just like last month I decided to not only list all the products I reached for, but film a quick tutorial to show you the look my half-asleep self managed to create with them.

Now it might have been the sudden drop in temperature and the snow we had or the fact that I had been wearing them pretty much three months straight, but I was so over brown-purple smokey eyes I opted for a complete change of my makeup bag.

A lot of sparkle, flushed cheeks and a different base were what I ended up with. I hope you like it!

Products used on my face
Products used on my face

Products used on my face

  • Maybelline „Eraser“ in 01 Light (Review here)
  • Catrice All Matte plus shine control makeup in „010 Light Beige“ (Shop here)
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in „Fair“ (Shop here)
  • Maybelline „Mattemaker“ mattifying powder in „15 Light Beige“ (Review here)
  • MAC powder blush in „Harmony“ (Matte) (Buy here)
  • MAC Casual lip & cheek color in „P.S. I like you“ (LE) (Review here)


Products used on my eyes and lips
Products used on my eyes and lips

Products used on eyes and lips

  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in „Black Bean“ (Shop here)
  • MAC Paint Pot in „Morning Frost“ (LE)
  • MAC powder eyeshadow in „Tissue Weight“ (Frost, LE)
  • L´Oréal Paris Super Liner Silkissime in „Seductive Black“ (Shop here)
  • Lancôme Grandiôse mascara in 01 (Shop here)
  • MAC lipstick in „Sinister“ (LE, Frost)

Now tell me: How did your makeup taste change after the Holidays  were over?

Still going for the deep colors of autumn or have you moved swiftly to the pastels of the upcoming spring collections?


If you want to read more about makeup, please check out the „Makeup Reviews“ category in the side bar.
This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    This look is perfect!!!


  • I love your blush on.
    Looks simple and light.


  • Off to watch the video!

    • And to point out my typos/mistakes. Thank you again!

      • lol 🙂 I sometimes miss things like this myself as well so I thought I’d bring it your attention. In a totally non-nitpicking way!

        • I am really very grateful, I would never have noticed myself.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Loving this look, darling! It’s so classic and effortless – your smokey eye is absolutely flawless! <3 Personally, my makeup taste doesn't really change throughout the year… I stick to darker colours all year round. I tried wearing more pastels and brighter pinks, but it's just not really 'me', if that makes sense! <3


    • I don’t have a set taste, so I get quite a lot of variation when I try, but the whole pastel things isn’t something I gravitate to very much as well.

  • Ah, I love this look! It looks like something I would wear for my every-day, especially the eyes. I might copy it 😉 I am definitely still in the dark and bronze-y looks. We got 30cm of snow the other night, there is no room for spring yet, haha 😉


    • If you do copy, please send me a picture, I´d love to see it!

  • I wonder why I haven’t tried that eye pencil before. I complain about eye pencils smudging easily. If it sets that quickly, I should really give it a try. Smoky eye makeup is one of my favourite, I like the wat you did yours. I still go for dark colours on the lips, but I use less sparkles on the eyes. That’s the only thing changed about my makeup.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • And it is an absolute bargain, can´t recommend it enough. And I usually dislike pencil eyeliners, so me loving this so much is quite a big deal.

  • Oooo, I seriously love your eye makeup here, Anne! And holy wow, that mascara is amazing on your lashes, so voluminous!

    ps: I’m going to miss you and your blog for almost a month, we’re flying out today evening, wish me luck with the little one. Hugs!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Wishing you and your family a safe flight, Shireen! I hope the flight is relaxing and you have a great time off. Cant wait to have you back though.

  • Love this look! I hope that I can find that foundation somewhere around here- I’ve never heard of the brand but it sounds nice. As Shireen said, you’re eyelashes look amazing with the mascara!


    • It is a german drugstore brand that isn’t available in all countries, but if you get the chance to try it, I highly recommend it.

  • This is a really lovely everyday, natural look! I love the title as well! Your eye makeup is so simple and so pretty! I really want to try that mascara! The packaging alone was convincing enough!:)

    Shannon Sage

    • It takes a little getting used to the brush, but once you have done that, it really works great.

  • idu

    Wow that mascara went from zero to 100 in just one sweep, I love it and look forward to reading your review. I love your brown lippy as well. Great look, my friend. I trust your keeping well as you near the end of your pregnancy.

    • Thank you, Idu, I am doing fine. The mascara is really one that I love, after I got used to the brush.

  • This is a really lovely look and your eyes look very nice. It’s cool to change things up a bit when you’ve been wearing the same kind of look for awhile.

    • I try and rotate my makeup regularly, otherwise I get bored and my collection goes unused. Need to show everything some love, no?

  • Emily

    Collection lasting perfection is just going to be one of those products that is around forever right? I’ve heard lots of good things about the Lancome mascara too!

    Musings & More

    • I hope it is, I enjoy it a lot. And I even had someone offer me to provide me with backup once I run out, as you can´t get it in Germany.

  • Oh ja das ist wieder mal ein sehr gelungener look und super schönes makeup 🙂 Das catrice makeup muss ich mir auch mal ansehen 🙂 bisher habe ich nur immer and foundation und co dort den camouflage concealer geholt, den ich über alles liebe 😀

    • Den habe ich jetzt noch nicht ausprobiert, ich nehme ihn mal auf meine Liste.

  • Amazing post. Would love it if you could check out my new Winter Luxury Favourites!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • This is a lovely look Anne! I’m still very much into the deeper Autumnal, Winter-y shades, have been loving deep berry lips 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • And they look amazing on you! It has been getting warmer and warmer around here, and the first early flowers are already showing, so I feel like I slowly gravitate towards spring makeup.

  • Great video! This is such a pretty makeup and looks beautiful on you. I love the eye look. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • I really like the coverage and finish on that foundation!

    • I had hoped it would be a little more matte, especially for filming, but it wears lovely and feels lightweight on the skin.


    Love NYX products

    Filipa xxx
    PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  • I have been wanting to try out harmony blush from MAC for years!

    • I have been using and loving it for years now, but now that I do videos, I am not sure if it shows up enough on camera.

  • SamanthaSeries

    Very pretty makeup look. I’m looking forward to your review of the Lancome mascara 🙂

    Samantha Series

    • Thank you. It is the best mascara I have tried in a long time.

  • Great tutorial, It looks really pretty. I also really love your earrings Anne, are they a recent purchase? Have a great week. Gemma x

    • No, they are several years old. I just rearranged my jewelry a few days before I filmed the video and rediscovered them.

      • I love it when that happens! They are so lovely. Gemma x

        • Nesting mode is in full swing here, I am rediscovering a lot of things!

  • Pam Scalfi

    ive always wanted to try more catrice products, this foundation looks pretty good for every day wear when I want just a medium coverage 😀
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    • I go for light to medium coverage as well on a daily basis, I just wished that it was a little more on the matte side. But Catrice have some great stuff that is very affordable, I cant recommend them enough.

  • Beautiful! And I love those earrings! Lately my face has been bare. It’s definitely something you don’t want to see haha. 🙂

    • I don’t wear makeup like this every day, but I guess a video of me just smiling and waving to the camera without applying at least something wouldn’t be very enjoyable…

  • Another great tutorial. I love the size of the brush you are applying powder with!

    • It is a Kabuki by Sanssouci, I got it ages ago (and never tried anything else from the brand), but it works great for powder. More coverage than a fluffy brush, but not as much as a powder puff (and easier to clean).

  • I really like how you did your eyes, Linda. I have the same concealer.
    Do you mind asking where are you from?
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

    • I am German and currently living near Frankfurt. Does my accent give it away?

      • Not at all! That’s why I asked! Couldn’t figure out! 🙂

        • My godmother is from London, so I grew up listening to hear talking English. And as I grew up even more, I listened to You Tube, so I guess my accent is a wild mixture of things…

  • Gotta love the Zoeva brushes – I’ve been thinking about buying myself the complete set, or maybe Real Techniques. Which one would you recommend ? I’m always a bit torn which is why I have yet to purchase any of the two.

    Anyway – in terms of the makeup. Wow! This is exactly why I look up to you so much. You turned a real simple look (the eyes not so simple for a beginner like me, but I can see myself attempting and maybe doing it too) into a real beautiful look.

    I was always told to put the concealer under the foundation. I don’t know why so it’s something I’ve stuck with until today, but I can totally see why you’d put it above the foundation too. I really am enamoured with the eye makeup and shades and everything, and the whole tutorial is on point. Really loving it!

    Ella Pinto xx

    • I cant give you advice on the brush question. i bought the Zoeva ones when I really started getting into makeup, which was around 2008? and I have to say while I don’t love every brush that came with the set, they are still doing great in terms of quality. The only brush I really felt the need to pick up from another brand was an eyeliner brush.
      As far as Real Techniques goes, I just got my hands on the first set of brushes, the „Core Collection“ and haven’t done anything but unpack them yet, so I really can´t compare, not even give a first impression.

      As far as Concealer placement goes: I put my correcting shades beneath my foundation, but I prefer to do the real „concealing“ afterwards, because I feel I need a lot less that way. Plus, when I apply my foundation on top, the buffing process moves the concealer and I sometimes feel the need to reapply. But I guess you just have to see what works best for you. There are no rules in makeup, which is one of the reasons why I love it!

  • There are few things more satisfying than finishing a whole tube of lipstick. Congrats! lol

    As for your makeup, I absolutely love it. That shadow and eyeliner really make your eyes pop, and that lip color is gorgeous!


    • Haha, it is the first one in forever. Back when I was at school and only owned one lipstick, I would regularly finish it, but these days? It is unheard of!

  • Such a nice look! Love that lipstick shade on you! Thanks for sharing! x


  • Mein Make-up Geschmack hat sich seit den Feiertagen gar nicht gedreht. Ich greife aber seit einem Jahr viel mehr zu dezenteren Farben als früher, darum gefällt mir auch dein Make-up! xxx


    • Ich habe ja wenig Varianz in meinen Klamotten, da muss ich doch zumindest das Makeup öfter mal wechseln.

  • Anoushka

    Such a pretty look – I’ve been really into blushed cheeks too maybe its the weather!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

    • They are a big trend this season and they are here to stay for spring/summer, which I really enjoy.

  • I really need to try that Catrice foundation:)

    Makeup Monster

    • They do great stuff at a drugstore price, really a great brand.

  • I use the same concealer and absolutely love it!
    Great video

    Hope you have a Fab week! Kisses,


  • You have such an elegant, classic look, Anne! You look wonderful & I love your video series. That sinister lipstick is gorgeous (& I love the packaging!!), as well as the paint pot. The colours really enhance the blue eyes. It’s interesting, until this post, I never realized that I’ve been transitioning more from berry tones to light pinks & pastels – I guess I subconsciously am transitioning from the seasons 😉 Have a wonderful week!! xx

    • If only I´d know if I transition because of the weather changing or because of the constant advertorials banging on about spring…

  • Ill need to try some of these products!


  • My makeup tastes hasn’t changed much lately, I’m normally too tired and lazy on weekdays so weekends are more when I take the lipsticks out haha! So I usually mix it up every week, for the last few weeks I’ve been wearing berry shades or deeper pinks, although I might try a red soon 🙂

    Velvet Blush

    • It is still winter, so I don’t feel the need to transition to pastels quite yet. Spring will come soon enough, and pastels aren’t my favorite colors to wear anyway.

  • Kiki Rampone

    Doing a face with all the favorites of the month is such a fun and creative way to showcase them! Love it 🙂
    xo Kiki

    • Thank you. I have been doing it for more than a year now and really enjoy it.

  • I think it looks great, like an every day face. Very pretty.

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • very nice makeup products
    have an happy day
    fashion blogger

  • You look radiant! The Lancôme Grandiôse mascara has been on my to try list, after I use up all my current mascaras!

    • I know that problem. I still have six mascaras waiting for me in my drawer, and three on rotation…

  • I love the lipstick 🙂 -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  • thefashionsalt

    I love the eyes in this look. The „tissue weight“ really adds a nice brightness to them. The lipstick looks gorgeous on you too. I wish I could wear a nice brown red like that.

    • I have a lot of similar neutrals, but somehow Tissue Weight gets the most love.
      Brown based lipsticks are so hard to pull off, it really needs a lot of time until you find one that works for you.

  • Nadia

    Lovely look, hon! Your makeup always looks on point. I definitely feel I am going to start to move towards pastels and lovely „light“ shades in a few weeks. It’s still officially winter outside so I am still into „season-appropriate“ makeup 🙂
    xox N.

    • It is starting to feel like spring here slowly, with the first flowers peaking out and temperatures above 0°C, but with a lot of rain as well.

  • Thank you.

  • Love the video! The eye look is gorgeous 🙂 xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty