First Impressions: Pixi by petra makeup

After rewatching my „New In“-videos, I was confronted with the question when on earth I should feature all the products I had shown you on the blog. I mean, I still have products from a haul in September 2015 that haven’t been mentioned, and miraculously new stuff keeps appearing in my drawers.

So I turned to You Tube for inspiration: Should I do „Follow up“-videos? Just keep doing hauls, relying on the fact that no one would remember what I had shoved in their face anyway?


First Impressions: Pixi makeup
First Impressions: Pixi makeup


But then I came across another type of video: „First Impressions“. You basically just sit there, talk and apply makeup. What is not to love?

So here you go: My first impressions on some bits and bobs of Pixi by petra makeup!



Please click „Watch on You Tube“ and switch to HD for the full viewing pleasure.


Product overview

H2O skintint No.2 Nude (*)


Water-based tinted face gel evens out skintone and gives complexion a flawless no-makeup look. Hydrating, long-lasting and water resistant. Contains antioxidant-rich green tea, moisturizing rose water, soothing english chamomile and relaxing lavender.

My thoughts:

Very sheer. It does even out my skintone, but does not conceal anything and is not buildable to a fuller coverage. The finish is very skin like and it feels light and hydrating on the skin, very comfortable to wear. It is hard to see how long-lasting it actually is, as it is barely noticeable on the skin, but I have it on my cotton pad when removing my makeup in the evening.


H2O skintint
H2O skintint


Color Correcting Powder Foundation No.2 Nude (*)


Full-cover, hydrating treatment powder. Keeps skin velvety matte and shine-free. Perfect for when you want a natural look, but need extra coverage. Youth-enhancing with peptides, multi-vitamin complex, aloe vera, super fruits and coffee extract to nourish and wake up your skin!

My thoughts:

Medium cover, velvet finish and not cakey. The staying power is around five hours on me before I can see it disappear, which is normal with powder foundations on my skin. When you go in with a dense brush, it kicks up a lot of dust.


Colour Correcting Powder Foundation No.2 Nude
Colour Correcting Powder Foundation No.2 Nude


Mesmerizing Mineral Palette „Plum Quartz“ (*)


Makeover your gaze with these pretty eye palettes. Mineral formula reflects light away from imperfections, while gemstone-inspired tones enhance your natural beauty. Six silky shades to use together or solo.

My thoughts:

Amazing pigmentation, great blendability and a lovely, very shiny finish. The only downside I can find is that you need to tap off the excess thoroughly if you want to prevent fallout. I can see myself reaching for this palette a lot in autumn and winter.


Mesmerizing Mineral Palette "Plum Quartz"
Mesmerizing Mineral Palette „Plum Quartz“. The shades are more plum than the picture makes you believe.


Mesmerizing Mineral Palette "Plum Quartz" - a closeup
Mesmerizing Mineral Palette „Plum Quartz“ – a closeup


Endless Silky Eye Pen „Deep Plum“ (*)


Waterproof. Gives the concentrated color of a liquid liner in a silky, easy to apply gel pencil. Stays looking flawless all day.

My thoughts:

Intensely pigmented. Great to smoke out, but once it has set, it has set. Stays put on my waterline for several hours without irritating my eyes. And it is soft. So soft that I find it almost impossible to draw a precise, thin line and that it needs sharpening after one use. But for a smoked out look? Perfect.


Endless Silky Eye Pen "Deep Plum"
Endless Silky Eye Pen „Deep Plum“


Mattelustre Lipstick „Rose Naturelle“ (*)


The ultimate in multi-tasking lip enhancement, this demi-matte lipstick conditions, plumps and protects lips while giving long lasting, intense colour. Added peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C & E help to create fuller, smoother looking lips.

My thoughts:

While it is not the most long-lasting lipstick on me (three hours without a full meal before it started to fade), it is comfortable to wear. I did not notice a plumping effect on my lips and it was not transfer proof, but the finish was lovely and I really liked the shade and opacity of the lipstick,


Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick Rose Naturelle
Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick Rose Naturelle


Have you tried anything from Pixi makeup yourself?

And what do you think of this new version of my „New In“?


If you want to read more about makeup, please check out the „Makeup Reviews“ category in the side bar.
All the above pictured products were sent to me by the company for consideration (*) and this post may contain affiliate links. I received no further compensation and all opinions are honest and my own.

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  • I have under eye corrector from Pixi which I really like and the eye pencil which, like you said, is great for waterline or to smudge it but way too soft for any precise line. I loved the first impressions video. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I liked the format as well, I think I will stick to it. The downside of these creamy pencils is that you sharpen them into nothing within weeks!

  • I absolutely love their eye palettes and mattelustre lipsticks yet I didn’t know this shade, I would say that, at least on my lips, the formula is a little bit more long-lasting, it doesn’t survive meals but it doesn’t fade away throughout the hours! The H2O skintint sounds right up my street, especially for the summer months!

    • I think I will get a lot of use out of it in the summer. Once my hormones are back to normal and the breakout have cleared up, that is.

  • I haven’t tried much from the Pixi line but they are an amazing brand, loved the video!

    Anika |

  • I didn’t know this brand so I found this review really interesting.
    xx Elisa

  • I didn’t know this brand so I found this review really interesting.
    xx Elisa

  • Kate

    Loved this eye makeup on you! Gorgeous colours. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Never heard of this brand. Such a great review. Thanks for sharing.

  • I haven’t tried their makeup but now I must! I just got two new things from them, the Glow Tonic pads and the Overnight Glow Serum. I have the Mud Cleanser on the way too but it seems to be backordered so it’s not getting here until August!

    I loved the look of the eye stuff and the complexion stuff! I think it all looks great on you.

    • I really want to try the Glow Tonic pads as well, but as I am still on a skincare no-buy I will wait for your review first.

  • I want to try something from Pixi (the name is kinda cute, btw 🙂 ) but I’m waiting to see if any stores near me will start selling them.

    I also get concerned about posting too many haul posts. I’m trying to review and swatch more products instead of just showing off what I bought. I do more jewelry haul posts now because people need to see real photos of jewelry they may want to buy rather than piles of makeup.

    • I haven’t still figured out what I am going to do with my skincare hauls though. They always had amazing response, but I cant really do a first impressions on them, that would defeat the whole point!

  • Love your amazing video, thank you for sharing, you look gorgeous!!!


  • I have never heard of this brand before so it was an interesting read. The mineral palette sounds interesting.

  • I love how your makeup turned out, these colours really suit you! Most of the eye pencils I tried smudges so easily, maybe it is time I try some trusty products like this!

    Ela BellaWorld

  • I love how your makeup turned out, these colours really suit you! Most of the eye pencils I tried smudges so easily, maybe it is time I try some trusty products like this!

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I really like the L´Oréal Silkissime eyeliner, it stays put on me all day.

  • You look very pretty! Thanks for an honest review! =)

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • I like first impressions, they’re a good indication of how a product performs without being as long as full reviews, and you can stuff several products in one post!
    Anyways, I’ve tried a few products by Pixi, and my favorites are the pencil liners and a little concealer/color correcting creams quad. Their Glow Tonic has a very good reputation but personally I found it drying!


    • I do have the Glow Tonic and really like it. It was actually the one acid tone that I dod not find drying at all. Have you tried other chemical exfoliants.

      • Yes! I use AHA and/or BHA daily, I’ve tried some by NeoStrata, Dermadoctor, Paula’s Choice, etc… but this is the only one I found drying.

  • From the way you describe the H2O skintint, it sounds like a product I would really like since I’m all about skin but better type bases. It’s sheer but looks good on you!

  • It’s my first time hearing about this makeup and I love it already, the colors are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful day, xx

    My Vogue Style |

  • Plum Quartz looks so nice!!! And I actually think I might like the Skintint. Sheer is what I’m after.

    • I like the tint for summer and the eyeshadow palette for fall. And the lipstick is a perfect everyday shade for me.

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    I’ve tried quite a few products from the range, I love the lipsticks but I didn’t like the face wipes much
    Have a lovely weekend 🙂
    Rosanna x

  • This is such a gorgeous, natural lip shade and from what I can tell, the palette does look idea for autumn/winter!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • I love my reds, but a lipstick like this is so easy to just grab and throw on, it goes with every eye makeup.

  • I’ve tried a few things from Pixi and really liked what I tried x

  • Oh, it does not show up on your pale skin? The pigmentation must be nonexistent then. Some people in the comments said that the eyeshadows could be hit or miss as well, so maybe I was just lucky.

    And no, I haven’t really heard about Pacifica eyeshadows.

  • I loved that you filmed this! First impressions are some of my favorites right now. I need to check out these eyeshadows!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • I have heard they are a little hit and miss in terms of quality depending on the quad.

  • Ivana Džidić

    I haven’t tried anything from Pixi before, but these products look promising. I did really like your ‚first impressions‘ video.

  • idu

    I haven’t tried anything from Pixi. I actually liked this first impression video. The skin tint did even out your tone beautifully. Isn’t it something how we gals keep adding on. You have great products though. Great look. Lovely palette.

  • Oh I love the look of all of it! I really loved the video and love the finished look of your makeup. The eyeshadows especially look so pretty. Gemma x

  • die produkte sehen alle sehr süß aus 🙂 pixi steht noch ganz oben auf meiner „muss ich ausprobieren“ liste 😀

    • Bekommt man aber noch nicht so lange hier in Deutschland, oder?

  • Nequéren Reis

    Cores lindas nas paletas amei as dicas dos produtos, bom final de semana.

  • The packagings are just so lovely! And love that the palette is highly pigmented, though annoying if you mess up! Xx

  • I don’t know how I haven’t picked up a pixi product yet?! I keep hearing good reviews especially about the glow toner.


    Tamara –

  • I’ve already commented on your video but I’ll vote for more of this sort of videos in the future, Anne; you trying makeup products while creating a look as first impressions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I’ve already commented on your video but I’ll vote for more of this sort of videos in the future, Anne; you trying makeup products while creating a look as first impressions. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • They are fun to film as well. I just have to watch my language…

  • Pisa

    Die Produkte sehen super aus! Ich kannte die Make up Marke noch nicht! Muss ich mal abchecken. Ich probiere gerne mal neues aus!
    Liebst, Pisa

    • So lange gibt es die in Deutschland noch gar nicht, glaube ich. Bislang hab ich die Marke immer aus UK bezogen.

  • alice

    That’s so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

  • Basia

    Great products! Kiss:))


  • just finished watching the video! the eyeshadow palette looks really nice, the layout reminds me of a chocolate bar haha! the plum liner is gorgeous.
    btw, your accent is lovely, i could listen to you talk for ages x

    Life as Aditi

  • I’ve loved watching this video!! It’s a great way to discover a product with you 🙂 I’ll definitely enjoy watching more of this kind of video!
    I have never tried this brand but I’ve read about it before. I think the palette is definitely something I coud get , for base products I usually stick to what I know it works, because I have pretty serious hyperpigmentation, which means light BBcreams, tinted moisturizers and things of the sort do nothing for me.

    • Do you use any skincare specifically aimed at the hyper pigmentation?

      • I’ve tried many things, and by now I don’t see much improvement. Lancôme dreamtone: bullshit; Caudalie brightening three steps: does nothing; I’m trying now Laroche posay pigmentclar, 4 weeks so far NADA. Next up in my list is Estée Lauder enlighten, which I bought myself and I’ve just received a three step set from Korres which are supposed to brighten and uniform the skin tone. I also won another three step set from Caudalie in a giveaway recently… I’ve added oil with vitamin C to my skin routine a couple of months ago, it seemed to work at first, but nope. I keep using it just because. I haven’t looked any further for now, because I don’t want to keep cumulating stuff. My skin is in pretty good condition lately, touches on wood, but the hyper pigmentation is exactly where it was.

        • Look for niacin amide, chemical exfoliants and Retinol in your products, these should work best. And of course SPF every day all year round.

  • This is the first time I’m hearing of this brand. Great review! | Bloglovin‘ | Instagram

  • I’ve never tried Pixie products. The skintint would be perfect for summer and that lip shade is so pretty!

    Doused In Pink

  • Some products are good some are bad! I really like pixi skincare line

  • Products sound quite lovely. I haven’t tried anything from Pixi but I really want to give their toner a go 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • Jennifer

    I love the Endless Silky Eye pencils, they’re so soft and longwearing – Bronze beam and Oysterglow are my favourite shades. That lipstick shade looks beautiful on, I’ll definitely have to go and check that out


    • The only downside is that you have to sharpen them so frequently.

  • Charlotte Luisa

    I love your honesty and how you mention the claims and compare them to your own thoughts 🙂 Haven’t had a chance to try the Pixi products yet but the eyeshadow palette sounds great!
    Love from Boston,
    Charlotte Luisa |

  • AngeliePangilinan

    Great post! I’ve never really tried anything from Pixi before but I’ve heard lots of great things about them! 🙂

    Angelie // Avon Illuminating Face Pearls Review

    • I only tried skincare before, and not much, but I really want to try more now.

  • I really liked the products you tried in this video, they looked like the sort of things I would gravitate towards 🙂 More first impressions in the future, please!

  • I really liked the products you tried in this video, they looked like the sort of things I would gravitate towards 🙂 More first impressions in the future, please!

    • They are fun to film, you just have to be careful with your language…

  • I haven’t tried any of the Pixi makeup, but I do like their glow mist for setting. The eyeshadows look lovely though!

    • I received a Makeup Setting Spray as well, and while I love the scent, it is pretty high in alcohol.

  • Bernadette

    Wonderful post. There are so many things i want to try from this brand.

    • Tell me about it. my wish list just keeps growing. What is on top of yours?

  • I have never tried Pixi makeup before, but it sounds fantastic! My first thoughts when I saw the deep plum pen test was „wow, so pigmented!“. It is slightly on the pricey range, but I guess you pay what you get for.

    Lots of love,

    • There are amazing drugstore products, but sometimes you really get that extra little oomph.

  • I have never heard of Pixi makeup before! I really want to try it after reading this!

    Darriyan xx

    • I never heard about them before as well, but they are lovely!

  • So pigmented indeed!! I love the palette!

  • Tiffany Tales

    Love the look of this range, I’m still yet to try anything but their tonic.

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I love the lipstick shade, great for everyday!

    Parie x

  • Belle M

    Lol I love hauls, feel free to shove all the new products in our faces to your hearts desire.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this line. My favorite product is the lipstick, just because the color looks so pretty on you. Sad that it didn’t live up to all it’s claims though but ah well.

    • It is constantly in my purse, I reach for it whenever I need to tone down my look or want an easy lip option. It is great after all.

  • i really like pixi, so it was fun to hear your thoughts on the brand!

  • I haven’t tried anything from Pixi. I’ve heard some great things, but they just never really appealed to me. That palette looks great though! And I love the look you created with it! Very pretty!

  • The palette looks stunning… I’ve heard a lot about this line, but I’ve never tried anything from them… x


  • I can’t seem to get into Pixi. I feel the like packaging looks like it should belong in a poundland than what they charge for it.
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Selina Olivia

    I haven’t tried products from Pixi yet, but they look very good.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Selina Olivia

    I haven’t tried products from Pixi yet, but they look very good.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day,