From my Makeup Emergency Kit – IsaDora Velver Touch Compact Powder

After spending one year in immediate reach of my vanity, carrying makeup in my handbag kind of lost its purpose.
But after two days back at work, being out and about all day, the emptiness in my handbag became a problem. I needed something to touch up with!

About time to put together my Makeup Emergency Kit…
First on my list: A powder.
Small, sturdy, mattifying, preferable with a hint of color and a mirror.
Of course, I owned nothing that ticked all the boxes, so I had to go get something new.

IsaDora Velvet Touch Compact Powder (Sample size)

Meet IsaDora Velvet Touch Compact Powder in Soft Mist.

IsaDora is a brand I have known for ages, but never really paid much attention to. You can get it at „Douglas“ and I somehow figured it was their own brand, given I had never heard people talk about it and the prices were quite low.
But I was wrong.
IsaDora is a Swedish brand, trying to combine quality ingredients and low prices and is widely available. Everything is perfume-free and not tested on animals.
Sounds great, hm?
About time I featured something here on my blog

What IsaDora claims:
Powder Compact for a matte, velvet and fresh complexion. Semi-transparent, ideal for touching up makeup, blurs out fine lines and wrinkles, suited for all skin types.

IsaDora Velvet Touch Powder Compact in „Soft Mist“

The black packaging looks sleek, it closes firmly and has a mirror inside the lid.
As most of these powders do, it comes with a little powder puff. I always throw them out and use my Kabuki, so I can’t give you further information about that one.
I got a sample size containing 5 g (18 oz) of product, but usually the Compact contains 10g (36 oz) and retails for around 17,99 € here.

You can get a translucent version as well as seven different shades, but as the powder provides very little coverage, exact matching isn’t necessary.

See for yourself:
1. No Foundation, Eyes and Lips done:

Bare face, just Eyes and Lips done.

2. IsaDora Velvet Touch Compact Powder in „Soft Mist“ all over my face.

Just IsaDora Velvet Touch Compact Powder, no Concealer.

Favorable ingredients:
– Vitamin C
– Antioxidants

Unfavorable Ingredients:
– Silicones
– Parabens

It contains Talc and Silica, so bare that in mind if any of these break you out.

As far as SPF goes, I am not sure.
The „Douglas“ website claims that the product provides SPF 20, but the Isadora homepage mentions SPF 20 only for the „Ultra Cover Compact Powder“. As far as the ingredient list goes, the powder contains a little Titanium Dioxide, but I would stick with the manufacturers and claim: No SPF.

Does it live up to its claims?
It definitely is on the lighter side of semi-transparent, and you are not able to cover up skin issues with it, but it gives a matte finish, works well over foundation and is neither drying nor moisturizing. As far as the „Blur-Effect“ goes… Judge yourself by comparing the pictures above.
I think I look a little better rested when using this one on its own, but I am afraid nothing can make me look like I am 16 again. (Not that I would want that, to be honest.)

Will I rebuy?
I really like the product, it is perfect for carrying in my handbag and even with daily use I have barely If curiosity doesn’t take over and I decide to try something new, that is.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for a mattifying powder.
Yes, there are cheaper alternatives out there, and some of them will work just as good. But I like that it is not tested on animals, fragrance free and doesn’t contain any nasties (I have no problem with Parabens), so I think it is well worth the money.
Have you ever tried anything from IsaDora before?
Are there brands that just seem to get neglected whenever you visit stores?
And what is a must-have in your Makeup Emergency Kit?

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  • the effect is great… it has good coverage and finish is not looking made-up 🙂

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    Looks good on you, you're so pretty.

  • The Beauty Highlights

    It has nice coverage and looks natural.

  • I think I've read some reviews on this brand before but have yet to try anything from it. Looks like a good powder and I love the mattifying effect which would come handy during Summer but I can't help but think Rimmel Stay Matte is similar to this.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Yes, I really like it, and it works well over makeup, too.

  • Aw, thank you. The pictures were taken when I had just come back from holiday, hence the well-rested look.

  • Ticks all the boxes, doesn't it?

  • That may be, but: No Rimmel in Germany.
    So far I have heard everyone and their grandma raving about the Stay Matte Powder and I would really, really love to try it, but I have to fly to London to buy it…

  • Oh gosh, I can't remember but it's not pricey and it last a long time. The only downside is the plastic packaging and the cover cracks easily. I feel your pain about not having certain drugstore makeup brands, it was the same with Malaysia (there's no CoverGirl, Rimmel, e.l.f). And the brands we have (Revlon, Maybelline, L'Oreal) have limited range. Back in the days, my husband has a list of what product to purchase whenever he flew back to Canada for business. He wasn't too happy with it. LOL!

  • I can imagine that. Mr. Loca claims there is a magical barrier appearing whenever he tries to enter a shop to buy makeup, so he just isn't able to go get me some…
    Is the selection in Canada better?

  • Definitely much better but it's no where close to the variety that's available in the US and UK. I'm not complaining though, makeup in Canada is also much cheaper than Malaysia even after currency conversion. Is makeup expensive in Germany?

  • No.
    At least not compared to New Zealand or Australia, I was shocked when I compared prices back in our holiday. A drugstore lipstick was as expensive as a Chanel one would have been back here in Germany.
    Of course I bought some anyway.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Auch diesen Puder kannte ich nicht 🙂 Aber das Resultat ist außerordentlich überzeugend! Abgesehen davon, dass Du einfach nur wunderschön aussiehst.
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  • I don't think I've ever heard of this brand. Is it a European one?
    It looks great though!

    Kristi |

  • I have also never heard of the brand, but the look is very natural. I find that it depends on the whole formulation of the product whatever talc causes problems or not


  • Anne, I loved your 'before' picture equally 🙂 I wish I had skin as gorgeous as that, what are your secrets 🙂

  • Agata

    I used to like Isadora a lot when I lived in Poland. I love their eyeshadow quads, their mascaras. I think I have tried a powder before too! This compact looks nice and I like how it mattifies your skin. Although your skin does look amazing without anything on!

  • Maireem Maneje

    I love how it looks on you 🙂

  • You look absolutely lovely! You have such glowing skin in the before picture, I'm rather jealous 🙂

  • Glamoury armory

    wow!! you look beautiful with it or with out this great product, I love that looks so natural,smearing like makeup no makeup look. love it.

    Glamoury Armory Blog

  • I'm more for loose powders. I need a LOT of mattifying and it's just easier to get that from a loose powder. I also prefer my powders translucent. That said, sounds like this is a winner for you. so yay!

  • This sounds like a good product but I usually prefer medium to full coverage. Great post! 😀

  • Cosmetic_Confections

    it looks great! it's nice there is some coverage with this powder

  • It looks really good, it makes your face look fresh and velvety.
    My go-to mattifying powder is MAC Blot. It's probably the only makeup product I've repurchased multiple times!

  • I will have to check out more of them, soon. Their online shop did have very tempting products, so I will check some of their eyeshadows and mascaras next.
    Can you get it in the US?

  • Thank you, Maireem.

  • That´s the way life goes: If you have glowing skin, you want it to be matte and vice versa.

  • It was right after the holidays, so I was well nourished and rested…

  • You are right, this sounds like it is not for you. I like loose powders, but I have had one too many handbag explosions to carry one around with me…

  • I get the coverage from my foundation/ BB cream, so I can get away with it. Do you use powder foundation?

  • Yes, I like that, too.

  • Although I love MAC, I haven't tried this particular one. Is it translucent?

  • My secrets? An unhealthy obsession with skincare, my mothers great genes and taking my pictures on weekends or during the holidays.
    But thank you.
    I on the other hand wish I had your hair…

  • You are right. Many people claim Talc breaks them out, so I´d thought I´d mention it, but usually it is more than one ingredient that causes the trouble.

  • It is from Europe, but you can get it pretty much anywhere.

  • Danke, liebe Rena. Deine Kommentare versüßen einem wirklich den Abend.
    Und schön, dass ich Dir etwas Neues bieten kann, um mich so für die vielen Inspirationen zu bedanken, die ich von Deinem Blog mitnehme.

  • It's supposed to be translucent but I find that it adds a bit of color for me. It actually comes in a few different shades and I need at least the medium, because the lighter shades look a bit ashy on me.

  • Okay, thanks for the heads up. What color are you in MAC?

  • I don't use their foundations but I would say NC 20-25?

  • So we are pretty close. Thank you.

  • you look so awake and beautiful .. i love that kind of powder they´re live savers x

  • I can definitely tell there's a slight blurring effect! Looks lovely and soft on the face.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • DO I SEE PAN??! You are my hero!

    I've heard of IsaDora but never really looked into it. If I think back, most reviews I've read are positive so I definitely should! I always carry blotting sheets and a mattifying powder as well (for the moment it's a Guerlain Les Voilettes compact). I also carry the lipstick I want to wear (on top of the couple that are always in my bag for emergencies), but other than that I don't touch up much at all!

  • You look so gorgeous and naturally beautiful!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • I'm staying away from (mattifying) powders but this looks really good for you! I love the soft result. I have only tried a sheer lipstick from IsaDora so far.. but I should realllly try more 😀 not that I don't have enough makeup *angelic face*

  • You can see the difference the powder makes in your pictures – it definitely evens and blurs! Great powder and I can see why it make the emergency makeup cut 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

  • One for the care package then.

  • Do you have emergency makeup, too?

  • There is no such thing as "enough makeup"! Every formulation is different, every color brandnew…

  • Aw, thank you. But I would be very sad if I couldn't use my makeup anymore.

  • Thank you.

  • I wish. No pan here… But i hit pan on the Maybelline Powder I talked about before. Well, my daughter hit pan, as she smashed it and then worked it into the fresh bedding.
    But that counts, right?

    Apart from powder and lipstick I rarely touch up, too. Dont want to spend another 30 minutes in the dressing room at work before I leave.

  • Feels great, too.
    Which powder have you been loving recently?

  • They really are. I can imagine living in a hot climate it is even more important.

  • To be honest I like a glowing skin! Seems like a good product but in my opinion I like the 1st picture of you more!!

    (Glowing skin is a Korean trend!)

    Dora NEW POST on

  • idu

    If it promises a matte finish I'm all for it. Looks great on you. I've never tried any of their but I like that it's not tested on animals. Great share Linda.

  • Glad you found something that interest you.

  • You always prefer what you don't have I guess. I never understood the need for highlighters, no matter what the trend is.

  • silicones are not bad for you nor do they clog pores, so you have no worries about that. Only parabens are bad, besides that I love the after picture looks good.

  • I personally don't worry about silicones in my makeup, but I know some people do.
    As far as the parabens go, I disagree. Parabens are a preservative and there has been shown no harm to humans during the last 50 years of use, so I personally don't avoid them. I just know that again some people try to avoid them, so I list them here.
    But thanks for sharing your opinion.