From my samples stash – Moisturizers for dry and aging skin

If you are unfamiliar with the „From my samples stash“ series, click here for a more in-depth explanation.

But short story even shorter, I recently organized my samples drawer and use them for a first impression post.

My big, chaotic samples drawer.
My big, chaotic samples drawer.

This time: Moisturizers for dry and aging skin!

Now my skin is aging (obviously), but it is far from being dry. It is combination/acne-prone and sometimes dehydrated. So what on earth was I doing with these?

You see, I don’t believe in packaging claims, and just because something says dry on the bottle doesn’t make it suitable for dry skin only, as you will see below.

My picks, both high-end and drugstore
My picks, both high-end and drugstore

1. Nuxe Nuxuriance (Full size 50ml, 35€)

„Suited for normal to dry skin. Plumps and firms, boosts radiance“. The ingredient list is a lovely blend of oils and moisturizing elements, but does contain silicones.

It is scented, but the scent is barely noticeable, and it feels rich when applied. The first few minutes I could feel a little tackiness on my skin, but after 15 minutes that was completely gone.

I did notice it started to flake when I rubbed my skin, which in most cases is due to incompatibility with the serum used underneath.

Full size? No. A tad too rich for me, but great for drier skin.


Lavera MyAge firming night cream (Full size 30ml, 53€)

Lavera is a certified organic German skincare brand, loved by Lisa Eldridge (as claimed on their website). It promises intense hydration, which is reflected in the ingredient list containing mositurizing elements as well as shea butter, coenzyme Q10 and jojoba oil. A little disappointing is the alcohol listed as third ingredient.

With a barely noticeable scent the cream feels very rich when applied, but sinks in immediately and leaves the skin feeling plump and smooth. It sits well under makeup.

Full size? No. Again, I would recommend it for a really dry skin.


3. Marbert I ♥ Vitamins Rich Vitamincare (Full size 50ml, 17€)

Another German brand, very affordable this time, and again full of lovely oils and moisturizing ingredients, as well as vitamin E and C. It does contain silicones, fragrance and even a little alcohol though, but way down the ingredient list.

Again with barely any noticeable scent, this time very lightweight when applied, leaving the skin hydrated for hours. It sinks in immediately and sits well under makeup.

Full size? Yes please. Lovely during the colder months.


4. Vichy LiftActiv Supreme (Full size 50ml, 26€)

„Progressive anti-wrinkle and firmness correcting care“ – sounds great, no?

That cream smells a little like body lotion, but again, the scent isn’t overwhelming. It feels like a slightly richer body lotion, too, but sinks in quickly and sits well under makeup.

The ingredients sadly are just okay in my opinion, the oils and Shea Butter are set off by a lot of silicones and alcohol in the upper third of the list.

Full size? No. It didn’t wow me.

All in all, one potential rebuy out of four. Not too bad, I think.


Have you tried any of the mentioned creams before?

And do you buy strictly what is recommended for your skin type?

If you want to read more in-depth skincare reviews, please check the „Skincare reviews“ category for a full list of products I already reviewed:

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  • I believe my mum used to have and love Nuxe Nuxuriance and I sometimes borrowed it yet I used it as a night cream because it is quite rich indeed!

    • I guess that is a great way to do it, but I use oils at night, so there is no need for an additional night cream.

  • Aisha

    I really want to try Lavera’s products as they are organic. I’ve heard a lot of good things 🙂 x

    • I never realized they were that big until Liza Eldridge mentioned them in one of her videos, I figured they were just your regular German skincare brand. Time to have a closer look I guess.

  • I’ve been using up some samples too recently. I have a really difficult skin type (very oily, yet also very dehydrated, and even though I’m becoming an old fart and need to work on anti-aging I still have acne as well). So yeah, I’ll try pretty much anything.

    • I feel you. I always figured that the acne would be gone when the wrinkles started to appear, but that was so wrong…

  • It’s good you could give some of the samples a try! 🙂 I’m currently trying to use up all the samples I have in my makeup bag, haha! I have so many, and rarely use them.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Yes, I try to use everything, makeup, skincare, haircare. There is no point in storing them for a special day.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    I’ve been trying to use up a lot of my samples, too – my aim is to get through all of them by the end of this year! I’ve actually tried that Vichy cream before (had a sample, as well) but I found that it was quite irritating on my skin. 🙁 x


    • By the end of the year? I guess I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore, I have hoarded them way too long.
      Do you think it was the alcohol irritating your skin?

      • Kay (shoesandglitter)

        I do, yeah, I have this issue with most of the Vichy products. x My skin is very irritable so I have to be careful with what products I go for! x

  • Loved this post – simple and straight to the point! I’m far to impatient to keep my samples stored away xD

    Pop over to my blog 🙂


    • I always figured I´d save them for travel or the likes, but then I never took them with me and they just gathered dust, so now I am trying to use them all.

  • Never tried any of these but I had in my mind to try that Vichy LiftActiv Supreme so thankfully I’ve read your post here. I think I’ll ask for samples first.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I was a little disappointed with that one, I had hoped for better ingredients.

  • I like the sound of the Nuxe cream, I like rich creams for winter xx


    • You might really enjoy it then, the ingredient list is very good and the price is okay.

  • I tried a sample of the Marbert moisturizer in the past, but didn’t like it enough to buy the full size.

    • I guess tastes are different. Was it too rich or was it just not convincing in general?

      • I didn’t dislike it, but yeah I guess it just wasn’t convincing in general.

  • Hanna

    Thank you for those reviews! –Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Chic Urban Outfit

  • Oh, the Marbert sounds like a nice one! Especially for the summertime 🙂

    Haha, I pay so little attention whether or not the product is recommended for my skin type. To be fair, I don’t entirely know what my skin type is, I can make a guess, but it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.


    • These claims are often completely wrong, I´d rather go by ingredient list, to be honest.
      Margaret would be too rich for me throughout summer, I can get away without a moisturizer when it is warm outside, but right now it is great on my skin.

  • Kiki Rampone

    This is such a cool idea for a series, I’m always collecting samples! Love it, great post! 🙂

    xo Kiki

    • I was hoarding them too, so I figured it was about time I put them to some use.

  • I haven’t tried any of these so can’t comment but in general I do ignore the ‚for blahblah skin type‘. Maybe that’s more because as someone who has never had excessively oily nor excessively dry skin I’m not at the extreme end of any spectrum. My skin I guess is what you would call normal/combo, but has been swinging to the dry side lately.
    If I am looking for something to do a particular job I will pay attention I guess, but if I read a review or had a sample of something I was interested in, I’m going to try it regardless of what the blurb says on the front.

    • I always prefer to go by ingredient list. Many people recommend oils only for dry skins, so if I would stick to recommendations I would never have tried all the lovely oils out there. My skin is combo on the oily side, acne prone, so I learned to read ingredient lists rather than claims a long time ago.

  • I can relate to you as I have oily combination skin too! I have not tried any of those products. I do not use products strictly only for my skin type but I do find that it helps rather than using a moisturizer for dry skin. One winter my skin was so dry it was peeling and no other moisturizer helped except for very dry skin – only thing that helped!! but otherwise I narrow down my products through skin type. 🙂

    • The recommendations are great to get a feeling for products, and products for very dry skin are usually too rich for me, but I prefer to read the ingredient list rather than the claims. That way I can figure out more easily what will work for me and what won’t.
      Do you experiment a lot with your skincare?

  • Definitely very helpful to know which of these products are worth tryinhg. I don’t have dry skin but I’m totally in for anti-ageing. I’ll look for samples!

    She is Mary

  • The Marbert one sounds lovely. I wonder if you can get it in the UK. Gemma xx

    • Yes, you can get it via amazon (which I don’t necessarily recommend) and via .

      • Thanks Anne, yes I agree I don’t know if I would trust buying it from anywhere but a proper beauty store. You just never know do you. Gemma xx

        • Some of the sellers on there seem to be pretty shady, and the prices are sometimes more than double than they are elsewhere.

  • I love how honest you’ve been about these samples. I don’t usually seek out samples, however now I’m wondering why when it’s the perfect way of testing products before purchasing! Sigh…

    Have a lovely week!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • I don’t seek them out actively, I just keep those out of magazines or included in my (numerous) online orders. That is enough to have them pile up!

  • Love this idea of raiding your samples! I’m guilty of just shoving all of mine in a drawer and forgetting about them xx

    • I was totally guilty of that too, but after the drawer was completely full I decided I had to do something about it. No need in saving these for a special occasion!

  • Wooohhh i love samples as well.
    When i’m visiting some beauty drugstore, i always make sure to ask about it.
    Marbert sounds interesting!

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  • ich muss unbedingt die creme von marbert ausprobieren 🙂 da meine haut auch nicht sehr trocken oder trocken ist fallen sicherlich die anderen weg. Aber so proben sind doch immer super um einen eindruck der produkte zu bekommen 🙂

    • Ja, und es ist auch schön preisgünstig. Laver ist sicher auch toll, hat aber auch einen stolzen Preis!

  • I love a good sample stash. Brilliant products! x
    a life of a charlotte

    • Do you use yours immediately or do you save them for a special occasion?

  • Denise Sabs

    Hi, dear LLL! Restarting my reading today, fully recovered! Thank you so much for supporting me during my „lack of vitamin“ phase, I am now OK (or so I hope), and now I can read posts again in a good way! I didn’t know about Marbert, but now I want to! And Nuxe is always nice, I mean, always when it is good for our skin. That one I don’t know, but you said it’s too rich, and for sure wouldn’t be good to me, either. Hope you have a very nice day, I am missing your makeup photos!

    • Hi Denise and welcome back! So happy to hear you are doing better!
      I do love the Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm, so I am excited to get to know that brand a little better. Have a nice day, too.

  • omg !! so many of them…I will def. try out the ones you suggested 🙂

  • I haven’t tried any of these and I haven’t heard any of these German brands before. Marbet’s vitamincare sounds like something I would like to try out. It looks like you still have a lot to go through 🙂

    • I do, I will probably be busy for another year. I still have so much „regular“ stuff, too, so I think I am pretty much sorted for the time to come.

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    I’ve heard about the last cream;)

  • Ivona Iwarra Josipovic

    I will need to try out some of those as my skin needs extra care when the winter comes. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Ivona from

    • Yes, my skin has been acting up like crazy now that the weather has changed.

  • Christie Belle

    Great post! I’ve had Vichy samples before, not my favourite either x

    • I always figured they´d do great stuff, but somehow I always get the wrong samples, I guess.

  • Roberta Romeo

    I have oily/acne prone skin so definitely these products are not good for me, but thank you for your review dear!^-^

    • If you are not looking for hydration, these are definitely not for you. What do you use mostly?

  • Danielle

    I have not used any of these products. I would like to try the Marbet Vitamincare. Thanks for the reviews!


  • Lovely samples! I’m a big fan of Nuxe products! Thanks for sharing this info with us!


  • looks interesting, thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • Great information! I think it is very important that the moisturizers sit well under the makeup. I have also aging skin from dryness and I am willing to try a lot. Not sure if the German brands you mentioned are available in Canada but Nuxe and Vichy are for sure. Thank you for your always very detailed reviews. Michele xx

    • Laver seems to be an international player judging by their website, but I think Marbert would be a little harder to find.

  • Ive never tried any of these. great reviews


  • I’m with you on not always believing packaging claims since everyone’s skin reacts differently to products. You’ve just reminded me that I need to work though my sample stash.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I still have so much stuff to go through, I will be busy with samples for another year to come I guess.

  • Thanks for the review. Saves me a few bucks 🙂

    xoxo, Christina

  • Oh my goodness! This is brilliant! I need to start getting samples before I try out the products. Thank you for this great review!


    • It is the perfect way to try stuff without investing too much.

  • The Lavera night cream sounds brilliant as my skin is very dry so I really need something very moisturising. I don’t think I would mind about the alcohol being the 3rd ingredient if the shea butter and the other ingredients made up for it 🙂

    Velvet Blush | Beauty Giveaway

    • Everyones preferences are different. I am not against alcohol in general, I just want to be 100% satisfied with the products should I keep using it despite containing much alcohol.

  • I really like Nuxe. I didn’t have too much luck with Lavera foundations but I like their mascara. I’d love to try their skincare.

    • To be honest, I never tried anything Lavera before, which is strange, given they are a German brand.

      • I’m a Weleda and Dr. Haushka gal personally 🙂 Though I love just about French and Italian brand out there just as much as those.

  • Diana Horsfall

    I need everything of it cuz have problems with dry skin!

  • Lauren Blair .

    Really great tutorial because I’m trying to preserve my skin and fight the sun damage and stuff that I’ve already done, ugh! XOXO

    • Ah, yes, the sins of our youth. What are you using at the moment?

  • Lovely post! Would have to bookmark this for next year winter!


    • I guess with summer waiting at your doorstep you wouldn’t need a really rich cream now.

  • I really need to do something like this with my tons of samples. I got a little excited at the thought of doing like a Sample Saturday or Sunday until I found out it was already a thing. And so now my samples just sit there lol.

    Too bad about the Vichy. I heard so many great things about them. I added a few of their products to my ever-growing wishlist. I probably should have looked over the ingredient list a little more.

    • I usually don’t care if something already exists, as long as I don’t copy the whole concept. Inspiration is key! I think the only series I do that is fairly unique is the „Inspired by..“ series, everything else has been written or talked about before.

      Maybe other Vichy products are better? I haven’t tried anything else, but in my mind it always was a lovely brand…

  • thanks for the share! i am often reluctant to try on samples because they run out so fast and i don’t know whether i should get more of them or not, hahaha.

    • I only use them for a first impression, you can´t really judge the effect by using a sample. But it really helps me narrow down my endless wish list!

  • these sound great, thanks for sharing 😀

    ♥ Ellen


  • thefashionsalt

    I haven’t tried any of these creams before though the second one sounds really nice. I have very dry and aging skin, and buy strictly what was recommended by my dermatologist since it’s the only cream that is moisturizing enough and doesn’t make me break out.

    • Yes, I remember your skin being very sensitive and complicated. If mine was that way, I would stick to tried and tested product as well. Luckily my skin is very forgiving, so I can go all out and slap everything on.

      • thefashionsalt

        I’m jealous – I love trying new products, but I have to make sure I have no where important to go for a few days 🙂

  • I have not tried anything from the lists you’ve mentioned but I heard good things about Vichy. Yea, I do buy products that are strictly for my skin type…

    Hana | Bold-Expression

    • I found that I benefit more from reading the ingredient list than from packaging claims.

    • I found that I benefit more from reading the ingredient list than from packaging claims.

  • The Nuxe cream sounds lovely! I’ve heard that German skincare is really good, it’s a pity there’s no way to get them here!

    • To be honest, German skincare wasn’t that high up on my radar until now. Of course, Weleda and Dr.Hauschka, yes, but the other stuff? I neglected it. Most of the brands I mentioned are available international though, Lavera and Marbert are sold in the States.