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Todays post wasn’t written by me, but instead written by a member of Angara jewelry. 
I received compensation for publishing it on my blog.
Of course I checked out the shop and found plenty of jewelry I would have loved, especially some pretty ruby ones, but the styles are high quality and accordingly pricey, so I´ll stick to dreaming for now.
The company kindly agreed to offer a special discount code for any of you in need of some new jewelry.

About Emerald Jewelry from Angara for a Jewelry Makeover
Diamonds are every girl’s first choice.
They are, in fact, essential for a jewelry collection. However, for any woman,
it is difficult to restrict to diamond jewelry. I am not an exception. I like
diamonds and I have some brilliant options in my collection. That is not enough
for me. I want diamond alternatives that are equally stunning and everlasting.
Probably this is the case with most women.
I have tried pearls, which makes a
sophisticated choice. Pearl necklace or a pendant with studs – what’s more?
They don’t work with every outfit and not suitable for all events as well.
So here is my new finding that makes a
perfect diamond alternate for every look you desire – Emerald Jewelry. Whether
you are blessed with a porcelain skin like Fan Bing Bing or have a
bronze-goddess face like Beyonce  or you
fall in a third category with a light skin and warm undertone like me, emerald
is a fabulous choice.

This lovely grass green
gemstone has a mystical charm to instantly glam up any look. Moreover, it is
one of the prominent red carpet choices in recent award season. I loved those
extravagant and antique emerald earrings of Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer
Hudson from Oscars, and thought that emeralds look best in antique style.
However, to my surprise emeralds are insanely gorgeous in a modern setting as
well. You can check those ultra-chic beauties of Taylor Swift and million
dollar sparkles of Beyonce from 2015 Grammys.After seeing those
immaculate celebrity stunners, I am convinced that emeralds are best to balance
the radiance of diamonds. Symbolizing spring, emerald jewelry is perfect to
enjoy a youthful look anytime, every time.

As I am convinced with
the star power of emerald jewelry, I have decided to try it. I have picked
these emerald
and diamond leverback earrings from
as first green addition to
my collection. The earrings have a modern appeal with an everlasting style. The
simple, clean and refreshing look of emeralds is beautifully complemented by
the brilliance of diamonds – a composition that is perfect to make any
ensemble.Moreover, the leverback
is long enough to dangle, making them versatile and unique. My earrings are
handcrafted in 14k white gold and weigh 0.77 carats. However, you can choose
yellow gold with different weight to suit your face and personal taste.

Why Earrings?

If you are trying emerald
jewelry for the first time, earrings are a safe choice. Most earring styles
such as studs and drops go with all face types, they easily blend with every
fashion and could cost you much lesser than a ring or a bracelet. Even if you
have already tried emerald jewelry, having a couple of earrings in different
designs is not at all bad.

What’s Angara?

It is a three generation
old jewelry company that deals in fine diamond and gemstone jewelry. Their
entire jewelry is handcrafted in the US and the gemstones come directly from
sources. Thus, they help customers save a lot by cutting the middlemen profit.
I have to know about this online store from a friend and planning to try it for
a long. I must say their emerald collection is beautiful and practical.
Classic, antique, retro, modern, you name a design and they have it. I also
liked these emerald and diamond halo earrings.

More Options to Try

You can expand your
limits and try other emerald styles like these:

emerald and diamond halo ring

emotional yet stunning emerald knot pendant

classic tennis bracelet exuding spring glamour

It is hard to wait for my new bling. I have
already planned when and where to flaunt it first time.
What is your favorite emerald option? Have
you tried the gorgeous May birthstone jewelry ever before?
Shop now to enjoy an additional
15% Off on your purchase. Apply coupon code ‘GIFTS’ at checkout
and receive the best jewelry deal ever. One super-exciting advantage of
shopping from Angara is that the store offers you a free jewelry gift
with your buy and other benefits of free shipping and 30-day returns

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