How many aspects of your personality are there? – Glasses by GlassesShop

Like many other women out there I couldn’t narrow myself down to one part of my personality.

Am I an introvert? 
Am I outgoing? 
Am I organized? 
Am I spontaneous?
The answer is yes. I am all of the above and many things more, but not necessarily everything at the same time.
One thing I love about makeup is the power to transform my features and to show how I feel on the inside that specific day on my face.
And because I love to play with different aspects of my personality, it has always bothered me that I just had one pair of glasses, limiting me to one specific look.

Glasses from GlassesShop (exact model here)

Now I wear contacts pretty much every day from dusk till dawn, so I just couldn’t justify going out purchasing a cool set of prescription statement glasses just for party reason. There are lipsticks to buy after all, and glasses usually are quite expensive.

But when Elaine from GlassesShop contacted me for a collaboration it took me mere seconds to choose a pair of statement glasses to add to my collection.

GlassesShop focusses on cheap sunglasses or glasses, offering a great variety of shapes to choose from.
You can upload a picture of yourself to virtually try on different glasses, which is great fun but not extremely helpful.

To be honest, I was a little unsure regarding the quality of cheap glasses ordered online, so I took my glasses to the optician after they arrived (it took around two weeks shipping) to have them measured.
Wearing glasses that are the wrong prescription can lead to headache or worsening of your eyes, so you should always make sure to be on the safe side here.

The glasses I was sent fit my prescription perfectly and sat very comfortably on my face. If I had one complaint it would be that the case they came in was a little snug, so I got another one out of fear I would break them one day when closing it too tightly.
Other than that I am completely satisfied with the prescription eyeglasses I received and will probably have a closer look at the collection soon.

My new glasses in their original case

If you are anything like I am  there is still one question left unanswered, and I can almost here you mumbling: Stop rambling, move on and show us the glasses! On your face!
As always I am happy to obey.
Meet two of my personalities…

The first picture shows you the sweet girl next door, gently applying a little lipgloss to freshen up:

Taken 2011 by Sven Schäfer

And the second picture features a grown up women, telling you that she will not take bulls*t from you any longer:

Glasses by GlassesShop

Glasses can really change your appearance, so if you think it is time to invest in more of them, check out GlassesShop for cheap alternatives to regular prescription eyeglasses.

Do you change your look with different glasses?
And which do you think suit me better?

The glasses were sent to me for consideration and I agreed to write a blogpost featuring links to the shop. The text as well as my opinions are my own.

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