Inspired by… Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015

If you are unfamiliar with the „Inspired by…“ series, click here for a more in-depth explanation. Short story even shorter, I try to recreate the look a model is wearing in a seasonal ad with the products I already own.

I had to look twice when I first stumbled upon Dior´s Collection pictures, as the vibrant colors on the models dress and the purple smokey eye didn’t scream „spring“ at first.

Dior Kingdom of Colors Collection Spring 2015

But combined with the radiant skin and the coral-peachy lip, I really liked it and decided to give it a go.

Finally a pose I felt comfortable in…

Am I the only one feeling an eighties vibe here?

After priming my lids with MAC Paint Pot in „Painterly“ I applied MAC´s powder eyeshadow in „Pink Puff“ in the inner corner and the inner half of my lid. MAC´s eyeshadow in „Semi-Precious“ went on the outer half and my crease, blended well using the matte highlight color of my Alverde Eyebrow Set in „Blonde“.
A thin black line with L´Oréal Super Liner in „Extra Black Gloss“ right to the inner corner of my eyes, tightlining with Lancome´s Le Crayon Khol in „Noir“ (which doesn’t stay put very long, I have to say) and Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara in „Black“ on upper and lower lashes finished my eye makeup.

A (little grainy) close-up of the eyes

For foundation I used Garnier´s Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-One BB Bream in „Light“ all over the face and applied the „Pale Yellow“ color from MAC´s Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“ to the center of my face for a highlighted effect.
On my cheeks went a very light dusting of MAC´s Powder Blush in „Instant Chic“, as the model seems to wear just a hint of peach.
The lip color is unlike any I own, a orange-tinted peach (?), so I had to improvise. The closest I could get was coloring my lips in with MACs Lip Pencil in „Mouth Off“, a coral shade, and put MAC´s Pro Longwear Lipglass in „Persistent Peach“ on top.

Products used on my eyes.

Products used on my eyes:
– MAC e/s in „Pink Puff“
– MAC e/s in „Semi-Precious“
– L´Oréal Super Liner in „Extra Black Gloss“
– Lancome Le Crayon Khol in „Noir“
– Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara (review on the blog)
– Alverde Eyebrow Set in „Blonde“

Products used on face and lips.

Products used on my face and lips:
– Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector All-in-one BB Cream in „Light“ (review here)
– MAC Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“ (review on the blog)
– MAC Powder Blush in „Instant Chic“
– MAC Lip Pencil in „Mouth Off“
– MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in „Persistent Peach“

I decided against chopping my hair off for picture purposes, but just combed it back with some water to achieve the sleek look seen in the picture.

All in all, I love the contrast between the soft makeup and the graphic hair and clothes the model wears. Combined with the strong pose, they take away the sweetness some of the pastel spring collections embrace up to a point where I am not sure I can take it anymore.

So how about you:
All pastels and sweetness, or do you prefer makeup with an edge?

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  • Wonderful job, you nailed it! The eyes in particular are spot on. And I love how you always find a way to copy the pose and the setting 🙂

  • So well done of you! The eye makeup really brings out your eye color which is very pretty. Awesome job. 🙂

  • You killed it!!! Now, me go check the past entries!

  • Great job, Linda! As you know, pastels and I aren't friends, so I'm glad not every brand went the pastel route this season!

  • Oh wow, I think you did a marvellous job with recreating the look, well done! I am loving all the Spring looks that have been making appearances in the blogsphere and yours is definitely one of the best I've seen.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I'm loving the inspired by-post 😀 it does feel a bit 80's but definitely in a good way! I love Persistent Peach on you!!

  • I can't wear much colour on my eyes, it doesn't suit me one bit. This looks gorgeous on you though. I'm not buying shadow until the Dior Eye Reviver Palette comes out. Have you seen it? It's perfect.

  • Thank you, Melissa.
    The only thing I never seem to get right is the side the model is facing. Everytime I forget that the camera acts like a mirror…

  • Thank you.
    Purples go very well with the green in my eyes, I really should wear them more often.
    Do you wear purple?
    I love your Blog Name, by the way. I drink about 1 liter of green tea a day (yes, obsessive, i know).

  • It is so much fun, like playing dress up as a child. And I love how the makeup transforms your look completely.
    Do you experiment or do you stay inside your comfort makeup?

  • Me too.
    The S/S trends are different this year, and I enjoy that. Pastels tend to wash me out.

  • Aw, thank you.
    What is your favorite trend this spring?

  • They are so much fun!
    Persistent Peach is very pretty, and the best thing: It is completely opaque. A big bonus if you have pigmented lips.
    Do you wear peach lip colors?

  • No, I haven't seen it yet. When is it coming out?
    To be honest, I never owned a Dior eye shadow in my whole life. Do you like the texture?

  • For makeup I am really loving the bright, bold lips and for fashion I am so far loving the 70s trend making a huge comeback, hello flare jeans! LOL!

  • Yay for flare jeans!

  • hey lovely colors on u
    I like colors on my make-up …all pastels doesnt suit me or i dont prefer that too Linda 🙂

  • valeriesdays

    Beautiful result on you ! 😉

  • Gorgeous once again, I don't know how you do it but you are the best at recreating these looks. The eye and lip combo looks great on you.

    I like pastels and I love pastel colored clothes but I feel like pastels in makeup are too subtle for me.

  • Hm, not really! Not sure they'd look good on me.. perhaps a bit too pale for me.

  • Maybe. I found a peach lip to look gorgeous on some deeper skinned girls, but I am sure that depends on your tone and over all complexion.

  • Not really the collection for me but that promo image is so stellar! Love that you recreated it, I thought you might when I first saw it. 🙂
    I really like your lip combo!
    Btw, are you back from your trip? Can we expect any travel posts? 🙂

  • The only place I can wear castles without pairing them with something strong like a thick black liner is my nails.

  • Thank you. Are you into pastels for spring?

  • Thank you so much, Agata!
    I tried to wear pastels for so many years, because everyone (me included) thought it was a no-brainer: A fair blonde girl and a baby blue sweater just have to match, but it never worked out. So I finally started to skip pastels in my clothes and later in my makeup, and now that the Little Bean is here, I will have to ban pastels from my decor as well.
    Which collection is your favorite for spring? Are you getting into spring mode yet?

  • Yes, I am back fr almost one week, and yes, there will be travel posts coming. But that may take some time, because I have to go through my pictures and edit them first, and before I do that, there are heaps of laundry still waiting to be done, and three family events to attend.

    If you like a picture next time, drop me a tweet and I will see if I can use it for this series. There are so many gorgeous collections out there, I am sure I am missing the best.

  • It looks great on you 🙂 I do like burgundy shadows so that's the closest thing I get to purple. Thanks so much, Linda. Ha, while I drink a lot of green tea I don't think I could compete with you!

  • After coming back to Michigan, I was glad to see it warmed up a bit and the snow is mostly gone! I only wish I could go outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

    Honestly, none of the spring collections really caught my eye enough to buy anything, I am already looking forward to summer collections 🙂

  • Yes, I have to check them out to find some inspiration for the next posts. If you have a favorite ad, please tweet me so I can try and recreate.
    How long do you have to wear the cast?

  • Yes, I go a little overboard, I think…

  • Ok, if anything catches my eye, I will let you know! Maybe we could do a collaboration and recreate the same look? That would be fun!

    The ER said I have to wear the cast for 4-6 weeks…It's pain the a** because it keeps sliding off my leg and it's driving me crazy. You might remember I had the same injury 4 years ago so i wanted to follow up with my orthopedic doctor but he doesn't have appointments available till late April. So now I need to find a new doctor who takes my insurance. Ugh, it's so annoying!

  • that good looking !!! you think if we continue down gfc, if you would let me know, kisses

  • Thank you, Carolina.

  • A collaboration is a great idea!

    Is it difficult to find a doctor taking your insurance? We have just two different kinds in Germany, and (almost) every doctor takes both, so this is never an issue.

  • You did the makeup spot on! I love how the purpley toned shadows make your eyes pop, wow Linda!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Dressed With Soul

    Oh, Du hast wirklich wunderbare Augen und ich finde Dein von Dior inspirierte Make-Up wunderbar gelungen! Ich selber bin was Make-Up anbelangt beileibe kein so Profi wie Du und ganz sicher auch nicht so geschickt 🙂 Deswegen fällt es mir auch ein wenig schwer auf Deine Frage zu antworten, da ich immer für eine Weile ein sehr ähnliches Make-Up trage und dieses nur von Zeit zu Zeit update 🙂 Schönes Wochenende!

    xx Rena

  • Ein Profi bin ich sicher nicht, da solltest Du mal bei oder auf Kiss & Makeup Blog vorbeischauen, das sind Könner!
    Im Alltag trage ich auch meistens den gleichen Look, vor allem, wenn es morgens mal wieder schnell gehen muss.
    Dir auch ein schönes und hoffentlich sonniges Wochenende.

  • Thank you, Erin. I really love purples these days.
    What is your favorite color?

  • Wow, you do make-up really well!


  • Thank you, Sarah. I believe practice makes perfect, so i keep on doing it every day.
    Do you wear colors on your eyes or do you prefer neutrals?

  • I love the look, you pull it off really well.
    Rubi | The Den |

  • phoebe davies

    I love pastel makeup! Yours looks great x