Looking for a loophole with Banggood.com

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This post is not about New Years resolutions.

It is about common sense.

And how hard it is to stick to the things that are actually obvious when you are at home, bored out of your mind and have access to the internet.

And Banggood approaches you to write a post about there shop.

In which case you have to check it out.

It would have been rude not to!

Something for the home perhaps?
Something for the home perhaps?


You see, there is absolutely no point in shopping for clothes when you are 32 weeks pregnant. Not even for the time after delivery, because, quite frankly, you will not know when you are going to be able to wear them. It always takes longer to get back to your former dress size than you hope.

Trust me, I have been there.

And with more than enough baby clothes and toys already around from the first one and owning way too much makeup and skincare already (There, I said it. And it only hurt a little), I decided to be all grown up and actually save my money.

Now if you read blogs (and obviously you do, why on earth would you be here if you didn’t?), you know the constant temptation of new and glittery stuff.

Of outfits styled there that make you want to jump out of your stretchy pants immediately and wear a cute skirt. (Okay, not really.)

Of living rooms that make you want to move to Scandinavia immediately and get a reindeer fur to spread on the floor.

And of online shops that tempt you with cute items, low prices and free shipping. Like Banggood does.


A sensible purchase, don't you think?
A sensible purchase, don’t you think?

After all, I am going to do a lot of walking in the crisp air when my baby is born, so a pair of new boots would be sensible to own. And the New Women Keep Warm Plush Comfortable Slip-On Flat Heel Suede Mid-calf boots in red (only 20.14 $ here) would provide warm feet and add a little something to your outfit.


Or something a little more fancy?
Or something a little more fancy?

Or maybe some ankle boots? I don’t own any at the moment, and when my balance is returning I will be able to wear small heels again without falling all over. These New Women Suede Casual Martin Boots Slip-On Low Heel Ankle Short Boots (only 23,13$ here) would look awesome when paired with jeans.


You can´t go wrong with cats, can you?
You can´t go wrong with cats, can you?

And if anything fails, you can always wrap yourself in a scarf. You don’t outgrow scarf sizes, you know? If they are printed with kittens, like these Womens Animal Print Scarfs (only 3,99$ here), they are even more adorable!

You see, I am constantly tempted. So far I have been staying strong, so I can´t tell you any details about quality and shipping as of yet, but the customer reviews on the website are good and the variety of things is constantly coaxing me into a quick browse on the Banggood website.

Let´s see how long it will take until I have convinced myself that boots, scarfs and home decor don’t really fall under the shopping ban…


This post is a Sponsored post, which means I got paid to write about this website. The writing and style is my own, the pictures were taken from the website. I do these posts occasionally to earn money I can reinvest in the blog.

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  • Those cat print scarves are so cute!! I can’t believe how affordable everything is! xx


  • Arya Elsa Jose

    Never heard of this shop. I am in love with those ankle boots!


  • The red boots are gorgeous! Oh i miss shopping so much!


  • jodie.keith

    Those red boots are so nice!!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    • And they look very comfortable, which is a bonus.

      • jodie.keith

        Always great when they’re comfy too!!

        Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  • For long walks, flat shoes are the best so you made a great pick. Ankle boots would probably be my first pick, they look pretty. Also the cat print scarves are adorable, I love dogs more than cats but cat stuff looks cutest.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • How can you be a blogger and prefer dogs? Just kidding. We always had both when I was growing up, but if I had to choose I´d rather have a cat. Much less work.

  • It sounds like an affordable shop! Those red boots are darling and I love the scarves!

    Doused In Pink

  • Mary Kate

    Oh I love those low heeled booties! So adorable!

    Mary Kate

  • Those red boots are soooo cute! Looks brill, will have to check it out.

    Alexandra | http://www.alyspace.co.uk

  • I haven’t decided if I should be thanking you or cursing you for this post. lol Four dollar cat scarves and $20 shoes? How could anyone possibly resist?


  • I love it when someone can turn a post on a not so exciting topic in something this funny! I bow to you, LINDA! 😉


    • Thank you. i am always hesitant to accept these posts, as I feel like they have to be extra good not to be annoying.

  • Haha! One of the best, fun sponsored post that I’ve read in a long while, Anne! While I have not purchase anything from this site, I know it’s very popular with fashion bloggers so I think it’s safe to shop with them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • That is a great relief. They offer tons of stuff on their website, they even cater to very private female needs, if you understand what I mean.

  • Haha, I love that cat scarf! I love the way you made the post interesting to read. I’ve never heard of this website, so thank you for sharing 🙂


    • Thank you, Elyse. I figured any blogger would love cat prints on their clothes.

  • I’ve been completely obsessed with boots lately. And coats, but mostly boots. For someone who is pregnant (you, not me. not yet atleast) I completely get your reluctance to buy any new clothes. No one knows how they’ll look after having a baby, even if you’ve already had kids before. Each pregnancy is different right? Atleast that’s what I think. So I understand why you would invest in boots. Feet don’t grow (they swell but they don’t grow in size).

    And honestly, you have such a way with words. The way you turned this into a very interesting and fun read leaves me baffled. You keep getting better and better and leave me even more awed. I really love your blog, so thank you.

    I know your name is Anne (it was my moms name too btw), but did you know Linda means Beautiful in portuguese?

    Ella Pinto xx

    • Every pregnancy is different, totally agreed. But my feet grew in my first pregnancy and stayed about half a size bigger than before, I had to get rid of some of my boots that had been a little tight before already.
      Thank you for your kind words, Ella, you have me blushing in front of my computer. I am glad you enjoyed what you were reading.

      And yes, I know what Linda means, it is one of the reasons I picked it for my blog name. It should mean: Pretty, free and crazy, but the spelling is a little off for the sake of sounding better. I wanted it to reflect my love for beauty, for travel and for family life.

      Is your blog name really your full name or is there another meaning as well?

      • Really? I had no idea feet would grow in pregnancy! I honestly hope mine don’t as my feet are weirdly big for a short girl like me. I’m the same size as my male cousin. ahahah.

        I always enjoy what you write, you write some of the best reviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading it’s why when I need to know about some product, I come to you.

        Your name goes with you you know. It’s another one of the reasons why I love you so much. And well, it’s short for my real life name. I don’t like my name, I never have. But it’s what my mom chose for me so I would never change it. And I’ve always liked Ella and seen me as so, which is why I always present myself as Ella! And Pinto is my second name, and was my granda’s last name and he was like a father to me, so I use it whenever I can.

        • The great thing about the blog is you can be whoever you want to be, and chose the name you feel represents you the best. If you feel like you are Ella, go for it. I think that name goes very well with you.
          I was never too impressed with my „real name“, Anne, as it just seemed a little boring to me. But as you said, my parents chose it and I respect that and grew fond of it throughout the years.

  • Yeah I can see why you are so tempted there, yeah cheap, free shipping, cute stuff, I am too.

    Instagram | ~ Styleccentric Fashion‘ | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  • I love the scarf! I would be tempted too if I were you!

    Sneha xx | Miss Joy Blog

  • Belle M

    „living rooms that make you want to move to Scandinavia immediately“ haha so funny but oh so true!

    I’ve never heard of this site, checking them out right now. I love the boots. Will report back with shipping and delivery if I end up ordering. xx


    • That would be great! I am still staying strong over here.
      Want to know a fun fact? My brother-in-law lives in Norway, and his house really looks like that.

  • I’ve been thinking about the same. What would I do when I get pregnant? How can I resist on new trends on clothes?!
    Thanks for this post. It’s very interesting and totally makes sense!

    • Well, if you are really into it, there are ways to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe even when pregnant. I guess I am just more about makeup and skincare than fashion in general.
      Plus there is a lot of great maternity fashion these days, it has come a long way from just being tent like powder colored ruffled blouses…

  • Never heard of this website before today, thanks for sharing.

  • I love buying shoes, you know they’re always going to fit no matter what! The scarves look really nice too, thanks for sharing x


    • The two things you can never have enough of: scarves and shoes. At least in my opinion.

  • I like those scarves!

  • Fiora

    Great post!Never heard of that shop!Sounds amazing.And I have been in love with the ankle booties recently!Love the scarves too:)


  • Aw, the kitty scarves! I would be all over those if I weren’t saving money (and if I hadn’t given myself a scarf ban). The booties are adorable as well.


  • You can never go wrong with boots and scarves! I love the lengths of the scarves you’ve linked, it’s a pet hate of mine with scarves that are too short or not voluminous enough to wrap.

    • Yes, I cant work with these short ones too. What are you supposed to do with them?

  • haha I’m always buying scarves! They look good no matter how pregnant you are! 🙂 And I agree with you on there being no point buying clothes in the third trimester. It’s really much too difficult to know what everything will look/be like post-baby. And it takes all the fun out of the first post-baby shopping trip, haha!

    You picked some nice things from the store to feature 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • thefashionsalt

    I always thought it would be fun to buy clothes when (if) I get pregnant, but never took into consideration the 32 week and post-baby wardrobe. Though at that point I probably wouldn’t even be thinking about clothes. I love your sensible picks and the cat scarfs.

    • It is fun up until week 28 with the first one, when the bumps is all cute, but right now I am just enormous and swollen and there are no clothes that could hide that.

  • Those cat scarfs are so adorable! I love it!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • I really like the look of those ankle boots *goes to have a peek at the site…*

    Pop over to my blog!


  • I really like the look of those ankle boots *goes to have a peek at the site…*

    Pop over to my blog!