Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes – A wig for your lashes?

When I was younger, I really enjoyed acting. I enjoyed it so much, I was contemplating taking up classes and doing it for a living one day.

As you know, that never happened, but up until now I love to play with different looks, and the one thing besides makeup that makes the most dramatic change in my appearance is a wig.

Fiberwig mascara
Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara

So when I received the Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara as a gift with purchase from Cult Beauty, I was excited to give it a go.

A wig to turn my sorry lashes into a voluminous dream? Yes, please!


What Miaray claims:

Fiberwig is a hi-tech fusion of brush-on, false-lash filaments & a hypoallergenic, liquid-to-film lash coating that you apply like regular mascara. The glossy formula holds the volumising, lengthening fibres in place for lashes so voluptuous you’ll cause a breeze when you blinc. You can literally sleep in it & it won’t flake or smudge, but removal is easy, with a quick soak in warm water it just slides off without any rubbing. As long as still wet, you can build up & out as much as you want.



Since I got my tube, it has been reformulated and can be found in a different packaging, but with a similar brush on Cult Beauty here, retailing for 18 GBP (24 €, 7,2 ml).

Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lash Mascara, the brush
Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lash Mascara, the brush


The brush is a curved one, not too big, and you can see the fibers (or filaments) that are meant to add length and volume.

Being a little too wet directly after opening, it was perfect to use after three weeks had passed, and while I would have hoped for a little more strength in holding a curl, it gave me all the length and volume I craved.

See yourself!

Bare lashes, blonde at the tips and not very voluminous.
Bare lashes, blonde at the tips and not very voluminous.


Two coats of Miaray Fiberwig Mascara
Two coats of Miaray Fiberwig Mascara


I could have build it up way stronger than I did in the picture above, and with a little combing through the obvious fibers would disappear, leaving you with dark, voluminous and long lashes.

The removal process was quite easy, just as claimed, and actually warm water worked a tiny bit better than my trusted makeup removers.

The downside? There always seems to be one, doesn’t it? Throughout the day, tiny fibres would flake off. Not many, mind you, no panda eyes, but ever so often they would get into my eye and beneath my contacts. Any fellow contact lens wearers out there will know what a painful experience that can be.



Does it live up to its claims?


I am not sure about the „sleep in it“ part, as I religiously take off my makeup before bed time, and I didn’t quite manage to cause a breeze when blinking, but my lashes were impressive, voluminous and long, thanks to the filaments coating them.


Will I rebuy?


I adore the way my lashes look, but I just can´t use a mascara regularly that leaves me blind and in tears all of a sudden. If I happen to get laser done and ditch the contacts forever, I will reconsider.


Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone looking for dramatic lashes.

People wearing glasses or no vision aid at all.


Have you tried fiber mascaras before?

And what do you feel transforms your look the most?


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  • Wow, this sounds so interesting and the results are great! My lashes are naturally quite long and curved, so I always look for a mascara that will add heaps of volume. This sounds perfect and I’d love to give it a go!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    I love how it looks! Once I had a mascara that made me to be in tears too.


  • Yeah wearing contact lenses makes mascara hard to use.

    style post – Do what you want ~ Styleccentric Fashion‘ | BLOGLOVIN | Instagram

    xo, Alyssa

  • I have heard about fiber mascaras and im very curious about it.
    Glad you’ve shared it here.
    It really looks nice on your lashes.


  • wow the difference is so real!


  • I’ve never tried a fibre mascara – the fallout is what I would worry about because I think I would end up rubbing my eyes and end up with panda eyes! I love the difference it makes to your lashes but don’t know that I would buy it xx


    • I fear I will not repurchase as well, it is just too unpredictable.

  • Aw man, what a bummer! Because it definitely makes a big difference in the way you lashes look.

  • Wow das klingt ja furchtbar. Eine Wimper im Auge ist schon schlimm genug (für mich). Ich muss gestehen, dass ich nur für Blog Fotos Mascara trage, ansonsten habe ich es aufgegeben. Bei meinen Wimpern bringt es eh nichts 😉
    Ja um deine Frage zu beantworten. Ja wir 3 wohnen zusammen. Wir teilen den Süßkram gerecht untereinander auf haha 🙂


    • Warum bring es nichts? Sind sie von Natur aus schon so perfekt?

  • I’ve had the same experience with fiber mascara! I tried it once and loved it and bought a tube, but the fibers falling off through the day were too irritating for me – although I don’t wear contacts. It’s a shame as I loved how full and long it made my lashes look, but I kept it strictly to nights out and it didn’t get worn much.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I wear it on days home when I wear glasses, which is a waste, but at least I look lovely when seeing myself in the mirror…

  • Nicole

    Wooow this mascara looks great!! 🙂

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  • It looks nice but the flaking would annoy me. Gemma xx

  • I love that you always introduce me to products and brands I have never heard of before.

    As you know my eyes are very sensitive and I have to use a waterproof mascara. I think that since you can take it off so easily, it would smudge on me, especially if the fibers would get into my eyes!

    But a wig for the lashes sounds like a great marketing slogan!

    Agata http://herandmakeup.com

    • I rarely wear waterproof, but I don’t really have any issues with smudging anyway. This one comes off in long pieces rather than drops (?), like a coat your lashes were wearing that is pulled off.

  • Oh it’s such a shame that this mascara began to flake throughout the day! There’s nothing worse than feeling something stuck in your eye! Other than that downside this product sounds really nice.
    I don’t think I’d trust sleeping with it on either!


    • Sometimes these marketing slogans are really strange. Who would want to sleep in their makeup?

  • Hollie

    Wow, ive never heard of this before. Ive tried other fiber mascaras my favorite is the benefit „They’re real“, one thing ive noticed with them, is after I apply it and then spritz my face with a makeup setting spray my top lashes will like stick to my bottom lashes! I hate it, but other then that I love the look they bring to your lashes

    • I never got along with „They´re real“, my lashes got so firm and crisp I was afraid they´d break!

  • It’s a bummer that this mascara had as many downsides as it does upsides. I think the constant flaking would drive me batty. I’m currently using a fiber mascara from a Korean brand called RiRe. It has a funky loop shaped brush but it leaves me with nicely lengthened and separated lashes with no flaking. If it built up more volume, it might be my favorite.

    • There seems to be a downside to every mascara i have tested so far. I guess I am overly picky.

  • It’s such a shame that it’s not as great as it could be as the effect is beautiful! xx

    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • I love the way it looks, I wish I could just repurchase and call it a day.

  • I am not really that into clumpy lashes, to be honest. I love length and volume, but not clump, really. I think I would pass on that one.
    But I love your review, as always! I think I’ve never seen a review that’s better than yours. Keep up the great work 😉

    Feel free to enter my giveaway ($40 voucher Born Pretty Store)

    • Which one is your favorite mascara?

      • I adore Maybelline mascaras (especially the Smoky eyes one) and at the moment I’m using L’Oreal Miss Manga, and I enjoy that one a lot!

        • I remember wanting to buy that one when it came out, but somehow I never did.

          • I was terrified once I opened it and tried it for the first time. I honestly hated it. But on a second try I realized what it can do, and how to use it and now it’s the only one I use 😀

          • I will keep that in mind if I hate it as well ad give it a second chance.

  • Theres nothing worse than mascara flaking throughout the day! Great review though!


  • Loved the drama! Never heard of this brand before..
    Dora ww.bangsbang.com

    • I got it as a Gift With Purchase, it was completely new to me as well.

  • Great result indeed, but the downside is a big one. You can be dramatic without looking like a drama queen (panda eyes for no reason :P). Major bummer.

    • It doesn’t exactly give you panda eyes, it is more like small pieces breaking off.

  • Mary Kate

    Hmm I’ll have to try this one day when I don’t have my contacts in!

    Mary Kate

  • I love the result of this mascara

  • Rakel
  • Claire Cavanagh

    I’ve tried another brand of fibres before and really like them, but it’s a shame they irritated you with contacts in!

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk xx

    • I hope there are mascaras where the fibres actually stay in place.

  • Very cool. Would love it if you could check out my new post on how to plan happiness in 2016!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • I haven’t used a fiber mascara or heard this brand before. It definitely adds volume and defines your lashes but flaking doesn’t sound good. I have really sensitive eyes, if I use it, I would probably end up red eyes. I adore the people with natural long lashes which don’t require any mascara, since I am not on of them I always look for a mascara that will give me dramatic lashes. I will skip the fiber lashes, and look for others.


    • Yes, I am continuously on the hunt for more drama, at least on my lashes, and so far I haven’t found anything that manages to tick all the boxes. That one came close, but the flaking is a deal-breaker.

  • Hmm never heard of the brand. To me most mascaras work the same because I have short and flat lashes ;'(


  • Nadia

    Ugh, flaking sure is a major disappointment. I wouldn’t repurchase as well, hon.
    I honestly don’t even want to change to any other mascara but my Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes – it is pure perfection. Have you ever tried it? I might do a review on it – it is just THAT good 🙂
    p.s. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your fab & genuine comment as for the collab with brands, sweets. Couldn’t agree more 🙂
    xox Nadia

    • I remember reading about it on your channel, but I haven’t tried it so far. It is on my Pinterest board of stuff to try, but there are still a few more mascaras waiting in my drawer unopened, so it might take a while until I actually buy it.

  • I don’t really like the look of this, it seems a bit clumpy and spidery for me up close anyway. Fibers flaking would drive me bonkers, especially if they got in my eyes.

    • It looks way better in real life, but I don’t mind a little spidery lashes anyway. I left it that way for the pictures so you could see the fires better, it can be smoothed out more.

  • First time coming across this mascara and brand but it does seems a little clumpy for me. I do try to avoid fibre mascara solely because it tend to flake throughout the day and as you said, occasionally it gets into the eyes and it hurts!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • It can be smoothed out more, and doesn’t look that clumpy in „real life distance“, but I wanted to show the fires up close.

  • Sorry it didn’t work out for you, Linda! Impressive long lashes indeed, every gal’s dream. 🙂 I always take my makeup off before going to bed as well. Absolutely a must!


  • Aw, that’s really too bad about the flaking fibers. Contacts/glasses are always getting in the way of our eye makeup dreams, eh?


    • Haha, yes, they are. Even though contacts make everything easier, at least for me. I never managed to do my makeup properly without them.

  • I’m impressed with the „will cause a breeze when you blink“ claim! It’s too bad it flakes! I wear contact lenses most of the time and that would drive me crazy!

    Doused In Pink

    • I limit the use to glasses days, but these are few, to be honest. I much prefer my contacts.

  • Great job on taking pics of the before and after of your eyes! Well, I only apply my mascaras in one layer, I feel the second layer would result to clumpiness. I am not really a fan of mascaras that’s why I’ve only used the ones from Maybelline so far.

    I wear contacts, too, and it’s time consuming whenever I need to take them off and wet them again just because a fiber from gel liners gets into my eyes. Horror!!!

    • You are not a fan of mascara? Why? It is my cant-live-without product!

  • Patricia Blaj

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    Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/c/wingsforliberty

    • I didn’t know you did YouTube as well, I will of course check it out.

  • Ich kannte diese Marke noch gar nicht, werde diese Mascara eher nicht ausprobieren. Ich würde es auch nicht über Nacht lassen, sondern wie du immer abschminken! Danke für deine ehrliche Review Linda 😉 xxx


    • Hast Du solche Fibre Mascara generell schon mal probiert?

      • Nein bisher habe ich noch nichts von Fibre ausprobiert. Im Moment benutze ich eine Mascara von Benefit! 🙂 xxx

        • Welche denn? Ich hab die Roller Lash Mascara zu Weihnachten bekommen, aber bis jetzt noch nicht getestet. Die They´re Real fand ich nicht so toll damals.

  • I dislike fibre mascara’s because they work well on me, but by the end of the day, my eyes always burn! :(((

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • That is too bad. I will take a lot when it comes to beauty, but I will not deal with burning and watering eyes.

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    I love the sound of this (apart from the uncomfortable eyes) definitely a product for when I’m wearing my glasses instead of contacts!!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

    • I mainly wear my glasses in the evenings and rarely when I am out and about, so I don’t get that much use out of it that way.

  • Great post! I recently tried a mascara exactly like that and really loved it.


  • Sara Meireles

    Great post , I like that mascara . I’m needing one new 😛

    new post http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2016/01/2016-goals.html

  • Oh wow, this post really takes me back. When I was 20, there was this jar of lash fibers I was OBSESSED with. I would put on mascara (Dior Show at the time was my go to), then add the fibers, then add the mascara AGAIN. I thought it looked great, but every single time, I was practically blinding myself, and the fibers would get everywhere and by the end of the day, my under eye circles looked even darker because of the tiny black dashes! Again, I thought it was sooo worth it. #beautyispain

    A great bargain mascara with fibers is theMaybelline Falsies in Black Drama – I totally agree with you on that lashes will totally transform a look. Another mascara to consider is 100% Pure. They do not have the fibers, but they are all natural and do not irritate my eyes at all – even on lazy nights where I forget to take it off! I swear by their Marajuca mascara.

    PS – it’s never too late to get back into classes! 😉


    • Haha, no, I don’t see me taking up acting classes again, I have more than enough drama in my regular life at the moment, and my blog is enough creative outlet.

  • I like these type of products, they seem so cool! Thanks for sharing! x


  • Mascara.. I’m not really a fan either… Having them painted is a good solution though if you like long lashes…

    • I love mascara, just this particular one isn’t working for me.

    • I love mascara, just this particular one isn’t working for me.

  • Great review, pity this isn’t a must have but your lashes do look great with it on!

  • Ouch, fibers getting UNDER your contacts? I can only imagine the pain! I’ve actually never had anything slide under my contacts, but even when something falls ON them it’s very painful and I can’t stop the tears.

    I’m actually not a big fan of fiber mascaras, I prefer lots of length and curl but moderate volume.


    • I´g go for volume over than length if I needed to choose, but in the end I will always crave both.

    • I´g go for volume over than length if I needed to choose, but in the end I will always crave both.

  • Kate

    Ah what a shame the product got into your eyes, because the result is so impressive! Still, it’s not worth that kind of pain! X

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Nataliya Ogle

    I can’t stand flaky mascara, so I wouldn’t be able to do it. 🙁 I love voluminous lashes, but I think I’ll stick to falsies to add a bit of oomph for now.

    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

  • MaysaAndSunshine.blogspot.com

    I have been using this type of mascara (Dehavu Fiberwig – Japanese brand) on and off for 10 years so I guess I like it. The ease of removal with warm water really is important and convenient to me. I never experience tge flaking issue though (luckily since I wear contacts too). The one thing I may not like about it us that I feel like I have to curl my lashes again after but it does give you the extra volumn/lenght.

    • If I could find a mascara that gives that result without the flaking, I´d be all over it.

    • If I could find a mascara that gives that result without the flaking, I´d be all over it.

  • ‚You’ll cause a breeze when you blinc‘ was just too hilarious, that’s too bad the mascara didn’t live up to that claim!!!
    I’m trying to think if I’ve ever used fiber mascara and I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I don’t wear contacts but I have sensitive eyes and even the tiniest eyeshadow particle makes them water. Fibers are probably not my thing.

    • Sometimes the claims are just there to make you laugh, I guess. Which I totally appreciate.

    • Sometimes the claims are just there to make you laugh, I guess. Which I totally appreciate.

  • I actually find myself having a few issues with some mascaras, as some of them make my eyes burn. Which is why I don’t really trust every brand. I wear glasses when I’m the computer (although I do forget at times), so I think that’s why my eyes are a bit sensitive. But once again, I love the way you review your items. It makes knowing wether or not I want to buy much easier. I’ve been thinking about buying the Rimmel mascaras to try out, have you tried any? What do you think?

    Ella Pinto xx

    • No, I haven’t tried any Rimmel mascara as far as I can remember. I am sure I have in the past, but not during the time I really tried stuff the way I do it now. All I can say that I never repurchased one so far. The only mascara I repurchased a few times was the Lancome Hypnose one, but even that was a few years back.

  • Adalias C

    I haven’t ever tried mascaras like this but I do hear a lot of good things about their results, its a shame it didnt work for you xx


  • Tal

    Fibre lashes dont work for me either!

    La-Roche Posay Effaclar K+ review

  • Yulia

    To be honest, I never tried fiber mascaras before. My eyes are a bit sensitive, so I am not excited about little fibres flaking off during the day part, lol. Anyway, thank you for such a nice, detailed review and have a great day ahead! 🙂


  • thefashionsalt

    Wow that really made your lashes look amazing. Too bad it flakes off. I’m lucky to have pretty good lashes though I do use a regular mascara on a daily basis. I think foundation and blush transform my look the most, but mainly because I hardly wear either. I do love when my face is completely done up, but can’t stand the feeling of burning and itching in my skin.

    • Mine are really blonde at the tips, that way I need the color mascara gives me to look decent.

  • Surbhi Suri

    wow, it surely does work wonders. Love the description – wig for eyelashes
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  • Shelise Saddul

    I have seen a lot of before & after posts with fibre mascaras, I’ve never actually tried one myself, I use rimmel scandalous mascara and think its amazing, always makes my lashes volumised and long with a few coats x

    Shelise | SHELISES WORLD

    • I haven’t tried the Rimmel one, but length and volume sound great.
      The most popular ire mascara seems to be the Yonique one, the pictures seem to be too good to be real, but it is quite expensive as well.

  • Lorraine ER

    Milani just came out with a product that is just the fibers in a tube sans mascara.
    You apply one coat of mascara, brush on the fibers and add another coat of mascara.
    I haven’t tried it yet so idk if flaking is an issue but so far milani is a consistently good drug store brand.
    I just found your blog so I’m not sure if you’re in the u.s or if milani is sold outside America in stores but you can probably get it online.

    • That sounds interesting, but I am living in Germany, so I don’t have access to Milani. Only through Amazon, but the prices are ridiculous compared to the original ones.
      But thanks for the heads up!

  • If the fibres broke off, it would bother my eyes so badly. I couldn’t wear it :/

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • This definitely gives you a „wig“ for your eyelashes, but I’d have to agree – lashes in my eyes to make them water is not a good look…

    Pop over to my blog!


  • This definitely gives you a „wig“ for your eyelashes, but I’d have to agree – lashes in my eyes to make them water is not a good look…

    Pop over to my blog!