My bad, your luck? – Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream and Giveaway

Lately, my daughter discovered that the world isn’t magically going to change to fit her every needs and that her small frame and my watchful eye prevent her from doing whatever she wants.

No coffee for Little Bean, no climbing the windowsill and no playing with the kitchen knifes. Life can be pretty cruel sometimes.
And that leads to a lot of angry tears.

Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream (Trial Size)

And even though they really try my patience, I know that this is an important step in her mental development.
It will help her deal with lifes disappointments like the one I had recently.

Let me share the story of Sunday Riley „Start Over“ eye cream.

I have been searching high and low for an eye cream that satisfies the needs of my aging skin, feels effective and contains ingredients to please my skincare obsession.
And just when I thought I had found the one…

What Sunday Riley claims:
Formulated with key ingredients which repair, protect and nourish the delicate eye area while helping you appear more rested and alert. Immediately plumps fine lines and rapidly depuffs the periorbital area. Provides anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, and anti-pollution protection. Instantly cooling and lifting. Provides photostable antioxidants for day use while helping to renew, strengthen and regenerate the periorbital tissues overnight.

The full size contains 30 ml (1 fl oz) and retails for 85 $ here or 65 GBP here. While this is quite a hefty price tag, please keep in mind that a regular eye cream contains 10 – 15 ml, so you get at least double of what you would get with a regular eye cream.
I had a sample containing 10 ml and used it twice daily for almost three months, so the regular size should last you for around six months when used in the mornings and in the evening.

The cream in the full size is packed in an airtight container with a pump, keeping the active ingredients stable. The travel size however comes with one of the cooling metallic applicators I personally dislike, because they just seem to make a big mess instead of distributing the cream evenly.

Sunday Riley Start Over Eye Cream 

The cream feels more like a fluid, is white and sinks in very quickly, leaving the skin around my eyes feeling firm and moisturized.

Favorable ingredients:
– NV5 – Ageless Complex: A mixture of six plant extracts (Prickly Pear, Blue Agave, Lady´s Slipper Orchid, Opuntia Tuna Fruit, Cactus, Aloe) and yeast extract; promoting collagen production, moisturizing and containing antioxidants
– Urea: Hydrating
– Lecithin: Smoothing, hydrating
– Tocopherol: Vitamin E, antioxidant

Unfavorable Ingredients:
– Silicones
– Parabens
– PEGs
– DMDM Hydantoin: Formaldehyd, irritating

As I have stated numerous times before, I don’t have an issue with using parabens, silicones and PEGs, but I know some people try to avoid them, so I list them as unfavorable.

Does it live up to its claims?
It contains ingredients to repair, nourish and protect the skin, it leaves the skin feeling firm and supple. As far as reducing fine lines, depuffing and reducing dark circles goes: Anything hydrating will reduce the appearance of fine lines, my eyes are rarely puffy and I don’t believe that any product except concealer can reduce dark circles. They are mostly genetic.

Will I rebuy?
I love the effect, I really like the ingredients and I would happily pay the price, but…
It stings my eyes.
It didn’t right away, it did only in the evenings, but I just don’t want to spend the money on a product I can’t use consistently.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone who gets on with it. 
I don’t know what irritates my eyes, it may be the formaldehyde, but usually my eyes aren’t what I would call sensitive, so I suggest you get a trial size first.
And with this said:
My bad might be your luck!
I still have another travel size in my stash, and as I will not use it, I will give it away to one of my lovely followers.
Yes, it is only a sample size, but it will last you long enough to see if you actually get on with it.
So without further ado. Here is the giveaway!

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  • Oh stinging is something that I cannot deal with either! In fact apart from Pai's eye cream every other stings so bad that I wake with puffier eyes than anticipated!


  • It sounds like a good cream, I hope it wouldn't sting my eyes. I have been using Vichy Idealia for eyes and I really like it.

  • The Beauty Highlights

    Stinging part is really bad but otherwise this sounds like a great eye cream.

  • Maisha Sharma

    Review is helpful but bit scared of using trial pack..keep in touch sweets

  • i'm so sad to hear that it stings, i'll probably just pass on this one x

    Much Love | | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  • Pam Scalfi

    stinging? no thanks, I have sensitive eyes so this wouldn't work. Try Vichy eye cream, it works wonders on me 😀

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • Sounds alright. But I'm still not 100% convinced so I'm gonna skip the giveaway. Good to luck to all who are entering though!

  • I also have this cream on travel size and I agree it stings if it gets too near my waterline. I don't think I'd repurchase it either. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Such a bummer that it stings, that sucks! Cause like you said, it does sound awesome!

    x- Naomi in Wonderland

  • Denise

    That is really a great review and sharing about how hard it is to be a child – I still remember the frustrations, too! Don't do this, don't do that 🙂 It's such a pity about the eye cream, because you said you are satisfied with the firmness and result. But stinging is not very good, for sure. So good luck to the ones who win the giveaway, that is a nice one!

  • What a pity it stung your eyes! Especially, with that price tag! But, as you say, your bad luck might be good luck for one of us! Entered and fingers crossed 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee | Win a Travalo Perfume Atomiser

  • What a shame that it stung your eyes otherwise it would have been perfect for you. My favourite is still Strivectin eye cream which is also pricey but comes in 30mL. I entered because I pretty much follow you on most if not all platform and would love to try this!

    ps: Completely understand about the little one testing our patience, I'm going through the same with Little Tyke now. There are days I want to have a beer or 10 by 11am. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I liked your honest review. I will not like my eyecream to contain paraben and other bad stuff.

  • Veronika Pruskova

    I have just started to follow your blog recently. But I really like your reviews! I enjoy going thorough your older posts as well and looking for stuff that I own or wanted to get. Thanks for sharing all of this.
    V. NYC travel and lifestyle blog

  • Thank you, that was a nice thing to say. Good luck in the giveaway.
    P.S.: I love your blogname. Do you get pancakes im bed regularly?

  • I don't really think parabens are bad. The data isnt good on them being harmful.
    But If you want to stay clear, this probably isnt the right product for you

  • I think it would work better to have them the beer and enjoy their long nap. But then again that probably isnt the best way to raise them…

  • Why is it so hard to find a blow me away brillant eyecream? They seem to be pretty rare!

  • I would love to let her have her way, to remove every obstacle there is, but that just isnt the way it works.
    Did you enter or do you stay clear of any of the ingredients?

  • Oh, that sounds bad! Usually my eyes arent sensitive at all, but yours seem to be very delicate.

  • Denise

    I think I entered! 🙂

  • Oh dear. It's always a bummer when a product is effective but doesn't agree with your personal chemistry! Sunday Riley is an amazing skincare brand, but they're far out of my price range.

  • Carly

    An eye cream that stings eyes?….definitely not a selling point. I always love how honest you are in your reviews
    Dresses & Denim

  • Thanks for this review, I'd been wanting to try this for a while but maybe not if it stings! However, I will enter and possibly see for myself. I'd been on the look out for a brilliant anti ageing eye cream for ages, but I'd had no much luck finding one that was hydrating enough. I've got 3 on the go right now that are pretty impressive, Estée Lauder ANR Eye cream which I love at night obvs, and two I'm alternating during the day- One by Skinstitut which is purely hydrating, not really anti ageing and an Ole Henrikken one which the name escapes me right now.

  • I had a generous sample of the EL ANR a few months back and felt it was okay, but somehow not all I wanted.
    Good luck in the giveaway.

  • It cant sting everybodys eyes, I have heard people rave on and on about it without mentioning that once.
    Probably just me…

  • So maybe you are lucky and get to try your first product from the line. I love the other SR products I own and think they are well worth the price. At least for my skin.

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    Looks great and design is unusual!

  • Hi Bella, this was a very honest review, I like all the other ones, I am used the Kiehl's one for now, I always ty new things but I keep coming back to this ones, and If is working for why change, right. Have a lovely weekend dear.

    Glamoury Armory Blog

  • My eye area is quite sensitive, if I use the wrong cream, I will develop bad dry patches that won't go away until I switch to something my skin agrees with. I still haven't figured out what ingredient triggers the reaction, though. :-/
    I think I'll pass on this one.

  • It is very hydrating, so I don't thin it would cause dry patches, but I can completely understand you wanting to be careful.

  • What is the Kiehl´s one called? I am still searching for the perfect one.

  • It is only the travel size, the full size looks different.

  • Yes, I just didn't want to believe it and kept trying again, but there was no mistaking: In the evenings it stung my eyes.

  • I never read anything about it in the other reviews, so I was very confused. My eyes aren't that sensitive when it comes to products used.

  • Which one do you use at the moment?

  • Ha, second recommendation of Vichy, it seems to be a great product.

  • Not everyone has this problem, lots of people love it, but it just doesn't agree with me.

  • Haha, I didn't mean to scare people. Lot of other bloggers love it.

  • It is: Great ingredients and it feels great on my skin, I just cant get used to the stinging.

  • Is the Vichy one very rich and hydration or is it more like a daytime eye cream?

  • Janneke

    I love when eye creams have metal tips as the coolness is so soothing.


  • Hi Anne,
    I never used an eyecream before:( Thank you for this giveaway!

  • I like the concept, but I have only found one that really worked.

  • Then it is about time you start! Good luck, Cat!

  • Thank You! x

  • This is a great giveaway, Linda, I won't be taking part purely because I have incredibly sensitive eyes and am on the hunt for one that absolutely won't cause them to close up forever more haha. This gel really does sound good though, it's such a pity it didn't work well for you personally! Thanks for the honest review 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  • Veronika Pruskova

    Thanks haha:) I wish to get them in bed more often 🙂

  • Loved the intro!!

    So bad it stings your eyes!!!


  • Kate

    I've entered! A shame it stings your eyes. Mine can be sensitive to certain irritants but you just never know what's going to be a problem and what isn't until you give it a try. My current eyecream is No 7 Protect and Perfect. It's a good range, but I've been using it for so long that I feel the need to branch out and try something new! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Ahhh so sorry to hear that it stings! I can't believe companies still make eye creams that sting. It's one of the FIRST things you have to get down when you are developing a new eye cream formula! I've heard good things about Sunday Riley in general, but suffice to say I will be staying away from this one!

  • I think my favorite eye cream would have to be L'Oreal Triple Power Serum. I don't really need much at the moment, so I can't justify spending $80+ on a small tube of cream haha. Too bad it didn't work out for you though, the description sounds really amazing!

    Angelina Is

  • It's too bad that it burns your eyes. It really does sound like a great eye cream otherwise.

  • Jaa

    I have recently come across an eye cream from a luxurious brand that stings! My goodness, I mean, it's an eye cream and the first thing you should probably test is whether it stings the eyes or not. LOL. Luckily mine was a foil sample. Pheew!

    When I see an applicator like this, I usually just dab it on the back of my hand and apply with my finger. I have more control this way and am also keeping the applicator clean. 😀

  • It is hydrating but it's not very rich and it absorbs quickly. It's supposed to illuminate your under eye area so when I am really tired (for example today after 3 hrs of sleep,lol) I will put it under my makeup. I am not sure if it makes a huge difference but I think so 🙂

  • Pricewise it surely is a high-end product. Everything else from Sunday Riley that I tried worked wonderful.

  • Any recommendations so far for people with similar sensitive eyes? Mine usually don't react to anything, so I was very disappointed.

  • Do you have sensitive eyes?

  • I figured it would be a great opportunity for other People

  • this product sounds interesting. thanks for this review!


  • Everything else I tried was very good, so I had high hopes for this one too.
    But I seem to be condemned to never find an eyecream I am satisfied with…

  • Back in the days I used cheaper eyecreams too and I still would If I only found one that seems to be rich enough for my needs. The Body Shop has one I really like for the mornings, but I want something more for the evenings…

  • It is and I could almost see it working on my undereye area, which makes the disappointment even bigger.

  • That is what I do too. They just make an awful mess otherwise. Only exception I found so far is the roll-on ball from The Body Shop Drops of Youth eyecream. That one is a pleasure to use.

  • crystalina

    As I just turned 31(2 days ago,lol) I'm resolving to really buckle down and start taking care of my skin-this sounds like a great product!Maybe it's just cause I'm somewhat of a newbie,mostly using Dove Sensitive White,Origins Out of Trouble,and Olay Moisturizer,but I would really like to try this…thanks for the review,great as always, and also for the chance to win this!xx

  • crystalina

    My fave eye cream would be Olay…its been around forever, my mom and grandma SWEAR by it, and its good for sensitive skin too… : )

  • What a pity. Have you tried the Lush one, I think it is called "Angel eyes"? it was very soothing as far as I remember, and they tend to stay away from harsh chemicals. But then again, they often have essential oils that may be irritating.

  • 3 hours of sleep? You are leading a wild party life I assume 😉

  • I had one just this morning, but not in bed. Once you have children, you have to give them a good example and stop eating in your bed…

  • Gah! That has got to be the most uncomfortable feeling 🙁 I've pressed brakes on expensive skincare for now. I'm trying to work my way through stuff I already own, and hope to splurge only during the Sephora sale. I'm totally with you on the dark circles bit – concealer is my best friend. And I've also learnt over the last month that less is more – I don't mind if the darkness shows through, especially if it is just a regular work/errands day. 🙂