Rituals Samurai Collection – The husband tests

Mr. Loca has no interest in anything beauty related. When I want to go to a beauty shop, he claims that there is a force field at the entrance holding him back, and if I start talking skincare, he gets this look immediately that shows me he entered a state of mind located somewhere between meditation and the „Nothing Box“.

Don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t slack on personal hygiene, uses deodorant, shaves, all that stuff, but if I approach him with cleanser, moisturizer or beware! a serum, he straight up refuses to even try.

Samurai series by Rituals
Samurai series by Rituals

It was a moment of weakness (he had just turned 40) and coincidence (he had left his shaving cream at home) that enabled me to actually make him buy AND use products of the Samurai range by Rituals.

To be precise, he tested the Samurai 24h hydrating face gel and the Samurai Mild & Caring shaving cream.


What Rituals claims:

24 h hydrating face gel: „Enriched with Japanese Daikon for powerful hydration. Helps to hydrate the skin for up to 24 hours, leaving a matt finish. Quick absorbing lightweight texture that is smooth and easy to apply. Perfect for normal and oily skin.“

Mild & Caring shaving cream: „Enriched with Basil and Ginseng for shaving and moisturising the skin. For a perfect shave, leaving a calm and moisturised skin. This rich cream provides extra protection and care of the skin during and after shaving. Ideal for skin that is irritated by shaving. Makes shaving strong beard growth easier.“



The moisturizer comes in a pump bottle that contains 50 ml of product and retails for 24,50 € (get it here). It is scented, smelling fresh and a bit like shower gel, and the scent lingers on the skin for quite a while. The consistency is lightweight, it absorbs quickly and  leaves no tackiness or residue on the skin.

On my husbands skin (normal to oily, dehydrated by hot showers, much time outdoors and shaving) it was enough to keep any tightness away throughout the day.

Rituals Samurai Moisturizer
Rituals Samurai 24h hydrating face gel


One pot of the Magic Shave 3-in 1 Shaving cream costs 19,50 € and contains 300ml (get it here). This product is barely scented, feels creamy on the skin, but not as „rich“ as I would have expected. More like a lotion than a thick cream in my opinion.

According to my husband it worked „okay“ with shaving, but didn’t do anything special. (Please note that he is absolutely obsessed with shaving, using a special blade, a selected brush and different kinds of soap for different occasions…)

Rituals Samurai Mild & Caring Shaving Cream
Rituals Samurai Mild & Caring Shaving Cream


Favorable ingredients (Moisturizer):

  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract: Skin conditioning
  • Oryza Sativa Hull Powder: Rice, softening, protecting
  • Raphanus Sativus Seed Extract: Radish, firming adstringent
  • Sodium Hyaluronate: Moisturizing
  • Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil: Sunflower, rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid

Unfavorable Ingredients (Moisturizer):

  • Alcohol
  • Silicones
  • Perfume
  • Preservatives
  • Color


Favorable Ingredients (Shaving Cream):

  • Allantoin: Skin conditioning
  • Bisabolol: Moisturizing
  • Glycerin: Moisturizing
  • Perilla Frutescens Seed Oil: Anti-inflammatory, rich in fatty acids
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract: Antioxidant, encourages healing

Unfavorable Ingredients (Shaving Cream):

  • PEG
  • Fragrance
  • Preservatives


Does it live up to its claims?

According to Mr. Loca: The moisturizer yes, the shaving cream no.


Will I rebuy?

I am not sure.

The shaving cream isn’t special enough to satisfy any man that takes pride in his beard and the shaving ritual.

The moisturizer, loved and actually almost used up by Mr. Loca, doesn’t convince me in terms of ingredients. Yes, there are some nice ones, but the upper third of the ingredient list is made of silicones and alcohol. The question is: Rebuy, because he actually uses it and it seems to work for him, or go get another one with nicer ingredients that ends up gathering dust on the bathroom shelf?

What would you do?


Who do I recommend it to?

I will leave the final verdict to Mr. Loca:

Shaving Cream: „I guess if you just want a nice clean shave and usually stick to some foam, it is okay.“

Moisturizer: „It feels good and works quickly, I really like it. Can´t put it on before I go hunting though, the game would smell it.“


Have you tried Rituals skincare before?

Is your significant other into skincare or shaving?


If you want to read more about skincare, please check out the „Skincare Reviews“ category in the side bar.


This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  • normalerweise liebe ich irutals sachen genau für ihre qualität und vor allem wegen ihrem geruch 🙂 Aber ich glaube für männer ist es halt auch nicht so überzeugend, wenn der geruch ja dezenter ist und die qualität nur mittel enttäuscht es natürlich für rituals und für den preis sehr…
    überzeugt hat mich die handcreme die sie sonst verkaufen, und da hat sogar mein freund gesagt, dass sie einfach mega gut auf meinen händen riecht und die hände sich sehr weich anfühlen 🙂

    • Der Geruch ist immer wahnsinnig gut. Um ehrlich zu sein, habe ich mir die Inhaltsstoffe bisher noch nie genauer angeschaut, weil ich nie wirklich Gesichtspflege da gekauft habe. Mehr so Duschzeug, und da bin ich recht anspruchslos.

  • I feel like almost all men aren’t fond of skincare products, they usually use two or three products and that’s all. Sounds like shaving cream isn’t worth the try and moisturizer looks like a good one. I’d say re-buy if you want him using some kind of moisturizer or not if it isn’t very important. No need to buy better one in terms of ingredients if he isn’t going to use it 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • I don´t think I will repurchase. It isn’t important to me if he uses skincare or not, that is entirely up to him. I guess when the skin gets too dry, he will take matters into his own hands.

  • My man regularly tries things for me. At the moment we’re sharing an eye cream and he’s also tested hair products and men’s grooming products for me. He’s also tried several Rituals products – both specific for men products and ‚my‘ products – and even though he’ll never gush about them the way I do he definitely sees the point in using good skin and body care and has an opinion on what he likes and doesn’t like. No invisible force field here! 😉

    • You are lucky then. I have seen his opinion on the blog several times, but all Mr. Loca would willingly share is an elaborate essay about ropes and the differences when climbing or something like that…

  • My partner doesn’t use any skincare whatsoever. He always keeps a short beard, so he doesn’t even use shaving products. He’s got very sensitve skin, prone to redness and dry patches, so I got him a moisturizer I thought would help him, but he never ever uses it. Sometimes, when he’s really super dry and dehydrated, I’ll apply it to his face as you’d do with a child…..

  • You are lucky that he gave you any kind of opinion, lol. I don’t think Mike would try out any products for me (although I don’t think I have ever asked). He doesn’t use any skincare products, he does like body moisturizers though and hand creams (his job dries out his hands really bad).

    Agata http://herandmakeup.com

    • It took some nagging to get a statement, but I guess he finally figured he´d better just say something and be done with it.

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    My partner hates skincare too, he can’t stand any of it lol. Funny how most of us go through the same!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • Strange. I sometimes wonder how skincare lovers end up with skincare ignorants in the first place. Doesn’t seem to be a common topic for the first few dates, I guess.

  • Hey cool, ich glaub du hast mir gerade die Valentinstagsidee geliefert 🙂 Ich hatte meinem Mann zu Weihnachten ua. das Dusch Gel Mousse von Rituals Samurai gekauft. Gesichtspflege würde jetzt perfekt dazu passen. Danke und GLG Ivi


  • My husband uses skincare ONLY when I beg him for help to test and promise I will cook his favourite food for the whole week. Other than that he refuses to use skincare at all except lip balms. He’s using Nivea shaving foam and aftershave and that’s pretty much it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Yes, Nivea has been strong here too, but when Mr. Loca got into shaving more, he opted for bars of shaving soap, special brushes from specific hair and a real blade. He is as fuzzy about it as I am when it comes to face brushes.

  • My boyfriend has a whole straight razor collection, he is nuts about his shaving products. Ironically though, he doesn’t shave because of his sensitive skin. So we have about 10 razors on display in our washroom!
    This sounds like a decent brand, but I doubt he’d go for it either. (He’s happy with coconut oil as a moisturizer.)
    Thanks for the review! 🙂


  • Love the packaging! My partner doesn’t use skincare at the moment or even wet shave as he has a beard/stubble lol! He used to actually be quite good and use cleanser and face cream but it sent his skin off so went back to plain water which seems to work best and of course deodorant aftershave etc haha. Great post. Gemma x

    • Well, if things got worse after using the products I cant blame him for sticking with water.

  • Sounds like the moisturizer is a winner! Just the fact that he’s happy to use it is a big thing! 😉 xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • It’s always so difficult for me to convince my husband to use skincare products. He has really nice skin as it is, but his least favorite part of the night, is the moment when I ask him to put moisturizer on his face haha 😉

    Thirteen Thoughts

    • My husband has nice skin too, which seems a little unfair. But it is the hormones that make them age better.

  • The moisturizer is always a good gift idea for my male friends or family members, I have found none of the use any and they really should.

    Jenn | jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

    • No, none of them uses one. But do they use it when they get one? Or do they just leave it sitting there?

  • Morgan Miller

    Beautiful photographs! I think skincare is important for everyone 🙂
    -Morgan x

  • My husbands loves his Rituals products, however he leaves the shaving cream alone. I use it to get rid of it, but it isn’t anything special.

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • My husband is not into any type of skincare. I always buy him moisturizers but he rarely uses them. Thanks for sharing your review!

    Doused In Pink

  • I think men would be into it just based on the name. My husband has relaxed slightly about that he will use or request me to get him. He’s gotten himself a shaving set from The Art of Shaving totally unprompted by me. He loves his Gentlemen’s Tonic body wash and he specifically asked me to get their Hand Cream for him. He even asks me to remind him to use it. He went so far as to set an alarm to use it before bedtime! As for the face and hair, he prefers an anti-dandruff shampoo with conditioner in it, and he regularly asks me to buy him a good sunscreen which he then forgets to wear. He’s asked me to rebuy an exfoliating pad for him that I did a review on called the Magic Pads which are 2% glycolic and don’t require rinsing. He also routinely asks me to put lotion on his feet and back. He will occasionally put moisturizer on but he will scrunch up his face so hard while applying and close his eyes that he’ll get it on his lashes and then get it in his eye. Then he throws a fit because I made him get something in his eye ( yeah, he’s a 5 year old on the inside). When I met him he just washing his face with dial body wash. Now he will use face wash or the nicer body wash. He also demands fancy french handsoap in his bathroom because it’s „nice for guests“ which we never have.

    • I guess the name is a major selling point!
      Mr. Loca would never ask for specific skincare products, the only thing he is very careful about is the choice of shaving products.

  • It’s nice that your husband got to try these products. My husband didn’t use to be into skincare but then he went through a period where stress really wreaked havoc on his skin and I got him into a routine that really helped and he still sticks to it. He knows how to layer his products and even uses a Clarisonic 🙂

  • Hmmm, the packaging seems like the only good thing about these products…I see alot of ‚bad‘ ingredients…

    Pop over to my blog!



  • You’ve done well getting him to give them a go, haha! In winter hubby will let his skin get really dry before he will listen to my advice and use some moisturiser, hehe. Guys just have a different view on beauty products!

    Maybe since your hubby liked the moisturiser so much he’ll be open to trying another one? You never know!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I hoped so too, but no. I had my chance now throughout winter, in the summer time he will not see the need, as his skin doesn’t get dry and itchy then.

  • Such a great post. My husband is totally fine is a bar of soap to wash his face. He would even probably use body wash to wash his face if it was up to him. I think this would make a great Valentine’s Day gift,although I wish it didn’t have certain ingredients in it.

    • My husband did use body wash to wash his face and a body moisturizer all over. At least i made him stop doing that…

  • This was such a fun read since its not everyday that you get to find a review from a husband’s perspective -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

    • Oh, check Melissas blog, her husband is great at testing skincare for her! But thank you, Maireem. I don’t think they will become a regular thing here though…

  • Thanks a lot, my dear!!!

    wooow, I din’t know this brand, but these products seems to be amazing 😀

    NEW REVIEW POST | Catrice Liquid Camouflage

    InstagramFacebook Oficial
    Miguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    I love Rituals, I have a body scrub and a foaming body wash and they are amazing!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x

  • Very interesting post, dear! My boyfriend could find it so useful 🙂
    xx Elisa

  • Sara Meireles

    It seems a great product for men , thanks for sharing it

    NP: http://sarameirelesthesnowwhite.blogspot.pt/2016/01/the-right-lingerie_29.html

  • It’s so cool seeing his opinion about these products! A very interesting post! Thanks for sharing! x


  • With those reviews, I probably wouldn’t repurchase these products myself, but I’m glad your partner got some use out of the moisturizer. It was also fun to read about his shaving rituals a bit.


    • It was only a glimpse. It is science! Shaving never seemed so complicated to me until I watched him do al his preparations. Did you know there are tons of videos on that topic on You Tube?

  • It’s so hard to get my fiance to care about his skin. Now that he is in his early 30s it’s important to develop a good skincare regime that he can continue. I usually give me any products that haven’t agreed with me (since his skin in not as sensitive as mine), but I’ll have to mention this brand to him, thanks for sharing!


    • The unfair thing is: Men do age better, even without taking care of their skin. It is thicker and more oily, so they do show wrinkles at a later stage. But I agree, developing a skincare regime would be great.

  • This is such a great brand and your review is very thorough. Great feature!

  • Erica White

    Great post and suggestions!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Liebe Anne, das kommt mir doch direkt bekannt vor, wenn auch in eine bisschen andere Richtung 🙂 Da kann ich mir vorstellen, wie Du Dich gefreut hast, dass Du ihn diesmal doch rumgekriegt hast! Ich kenne die Marke gar nicht und mein Mann ganz sicher auch nicht 🙂 Schönes Wochenende für Euch!

    • Dann ist Dein Mann also auch nicht besonders modeverrückt? Nimmt er denn wenigstens Deine Ratschläge an?

      • Dressed With Soul

        Ich würde sagen, liebe Anne, Deine Vermutung trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf 🙂 Aber wenn ich denn Tipps für meinen Mann habe, ist der durchaus offen. Wünsch Dir eine schöne Woche!

  • Great post! Sounds good

    Have a lovely weekend Adela Acanski

  • thefashionsalt

    So nice of Mr. Loca to review these, even if it was by accident, haha. My husband has one shaving cream brand and one shaver that he uses and he won’t ever change that. But he might like the moisturizer. He does try different ones, though he needs one with spf for golf. Right now he’s using Jack Black w/ spf 20 which he likes.

    • If he likes it, I don’t think I´d recommend straying. If he uses moisturizer AND spf without complaining I wouldn’t want to risk that.

  • My hubby only uses moisturizer when he feels like his skin is dry. What a fun range for men!


  • Ha, ha! Naja, auf der anderen Seite hat es auch was Gutes. Mein altes Männlein hat mir, als wir beschlossen haben getrennte Wege zu gehen, mein sowieso schon spärlich bestücktes Beauty Schränkcken geplündert. Musste noch mal zurück um meine Kiehl’s Night Mask zu holen 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • In der Richting bin ich tatsächlich ganz ungefährdet, da hast Du recht. Hat auch was für sich.

  • Packaging is really nice but I’m not liking unpleasant chemicals in ingredient list..

  • Ohn dear, thanks a lot for all sugestions 😀

    As I said, I really want to try this brand 😀

    NEW GET THE LOOK POST | Weekend Essentials

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  • Sounds lovely. I wish mine can get into this skincare routine. Mine always slack off when it comes to skincare. He does shave, wash his face with just water and deodorant too. He just don’t bother with the fancy stuff. I will bookmark this to show if he wants this. It sounds lovely. Thank you for sharing <3

    A x

  • Well I don’t have a man I could recommend this to, but I find it amazing how your husband is able to test these things as I know some men are completely awful at it. I think guys are much easier to deal with when it comes to the simple things (correct me if I’m wrong though I don’t have half as much experience as people do in these subjects).

    I own alot of rituals products and one of my favourite deodorants is from rituals. Can’t pass by a store iwthout going in to smell everything!

    Ella Pinto xx

    • Oh, it only took about three days of constant nagging to get him to make a statement, I don’t think there will many more post like this anytime soon…

  • Well I don’t have a man I could recommend this to, but I find it amazing how your husband is able to test these things as I know some men are completely awful at it. I think guys are much easier to deal with when it comes to the simple things (correct me if I’m wrong though I don’t have half as much experience as people do in these subjects).

    I own alot of rituals products and one of my favourite deodorants is from rituals. Can’t pass by a store iwthout going in to smell everything!

    Ella Pinto xx

  • Getting your other half to review something is a great idea! I think my dad would quite like this, he’s really into traditional shaving sets. Thanks for sharing!


    • It was quite a struggle to get him to do that. Would your father be more cooperative?

      • Nope! Haha, but when I eventually get round to finding a boyfriend I might ask him to review the odd thing for me, who knows maybe he will (he probably won’t).

        • I know a blogger who’s husband regularly tests products for her, she is very lucky. But I guess these men are hard to find.

  • I loooooove Rituals products! They have the greatest smell. My bf doesn’t want any skincare products but I always catch him using mine… He doesn’t shave his beard, but uses a trimmer. So the sexy stubble remains 😉 The Samurai moisturizer is also a nice Valentine’s present!

    Love, Layla Rosita

    • The smell is very, very pleasant. I love visiting their stores.

  • wonderful products, sounds very good
    have an happy day
    fashion blogger

  • My fiance is using a shaver so I’ve never seen him using shaving cream (once at the hairdresser). I think shaving with a cream and a blade would give a softer finish then using a shaver. He hardly uses skincare products, only when his skin gets dry. I bought him an anti aging moisturising cream like 2 years ago, he still hasn’t finished it. So it can give you an idea how much he cares about all these things.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Yes, I get the idea. Sounds like my man.

      And yes, the blade and the cream really give a very close shave, his skin is very soft. Lasts for a few hours, his beard grows very fast. Come evening he is all stubbly again, which I quite like.

  • Haha I wouldn’t expect guys to be into beauty in general. But it’s good to take care of one’s skin!

    xoxo, Christina


  • I haven’t heard of this brand before; my brother uses some random brand and a mix of drugstores haha! The packaging of these are really attractive!

  • Antonio Garcia

    Wonderful products

  • I love Rituals but have only tried their shower line. Good to know the moisturiser is nice. Will consider it next time I’m buying skincare for my hubby. 🙂

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • My husband uses a facial moisturizer with SPF every day… except when he forgets, which happens often. His skin gets dry in the winter, and after using a moisturizer for a while, he realized that it felt more comfortable. He wants SPF in his moisturizer because he reads/hears about the importance of sunscreen a lot so it’s a must for him.
    I tried to get him an eye cream a while ago, because he was complaining about crow’s feet getting worse, but he was forgetting it most days so it wasn’t worth it. So far, we’ve tried a few moisturizers but his favorite is the Clinique Men SPF 21 Moisturizer!

    • I think a moisturizer with SPF on a daily basis (well, almost) is quite impressive!

  • Haha love the ‚game will smell it‘ comment! What does Mr Loca like to hunt? My dad has a farm and we go hunting there a few times a year. But in our case it’s more a case of ‚culling‘ because the otherwise his farm gets overrun and the pigs/kangaroos eat all the crops that are to either sell or feed the cattle.

    • Mostly deer and wild boars. He started hunting after our daughter was born, and I love the fact that we have meat I can eat without any ethical concerns, antibiotics-free and fresh. Plus he usually cooks it, which is an added bonus.

      • Wild pig/boar is delicious. Yummy.

        • It is. Some people don’t like to eat game because it tastes stronger than other meat, but I prefer it over chicken any day.

  • It’s a struggle to get my boyfriend into beauty products, but nowadays he’s a lot better than he used to be, after realizing that a thorough, skincare routine has really made a difference to his skin! I love Ritual’s body products for myself and had spied their men’s range, but my guy needs richer creams for his dry face, so these products don’t sound like they’d cut the mustard!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    • No, you are right. f he has really dry skin, these ones wouldn’t be great for him.
      The body products are something I do enjoy myself as well, the smells are so diverse and fresh.

  • I love that you got Mr. Loca to try these out! This would be such a fun series! My partner is the same way and wants nothing to do with any of it… but he is lucky, he uses $1.99 drugstore stuff and has the most clear, refined skin. Loved his hunting comment! Sounds like it might be worth checking out and just randomly leaving in his bathroom cupboard & I’ll see how he likes. I’ll give the moisturizer a go, but pass on the shaving cream. Thanks, Mr. Loca!!!

    • Men do have such great skin without the effort so often, it is just unfair. Bloody hormones!

  • This is so interesting and fun to read! If my moisturizer has alcohol in it I would not like it.

    Styleccentric Fashion | Current post >> Pink Church | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  • I hate shaving if I could grow a real beard I wouldn’t shave in all my life, but what I do is using my same cleanser (Neutrogena Extra gentle cleanser) as a shaving cream; however I’m one of those males that really try to take care of his skin so I even cleanse my face the way Caroline Hirons says.

    About the use of balms for cleansing should I bit the bullet with The Body Shop one? I can’t find many in Mexico (Clinique doesn’t bring its balm) and this one is easily available.

    • You should. I did a review on it a while back and the ingredients as well as the application are great. The only reason it didn’t become one of my favorites is that I like the Clinique one a little bit better, without actually being able to point out why. But The Body Shop is much more budget-friendly, and if it is available, give it a go. Or see if you like the TBS oil better, it feels very nice and should work great for shaving as well.
      To be honest, I don’t use shaving cream either. Now I don’t shave my face (obviously), but I feel like shower gel does the job for me quite good, so a thicker cleanser should work great.

      Oh and I didn’t know you started a blog! That is great news, you should have let me know.

      • I’ve already read your review like a month ago, but I was hesitant because it wasn’t a big favorites of yours. I’m using the TBS oil but like with another to cleansing oils it sucks up moisture of my skin as I feel it tight after using them.

        I stopped using shaving gel when I notice I was getting pimples by using it.

        Thank you for the comments Anne I’m still trying to give it a proper shape, you’re my hero for blogging, working and having children.

        • Ah, okay, if your skin is on the drier side, it might be better to stick to balms. And I am at home at the moment, maternity leave, so I have some time at my hands. I still don’t know how I will be able to keep things up here when our baby boy is born in a few weeks…
          But a blog needs to grow and I am sure your´s will get t a point where you are satisfied soon.
          You didn’t add it to bloglovin yet, did you?

  • Nadia

    It’s like reading about my husband. He does look after himself very well (and looks smokin‘ hot haha) but when it comes to getting some male beauty products – it’s a big no no haha.
    He does need a good moisturizer because: a) winter, b) mister LOVES the outdoors: hiking, cycling, running, etc., c) shaving. But then again, would he buy one? No. I got him a lovely cream which stands abandoned on the shelf. I might just come up with an idea there he must test it out for my blog’s post – maybe that will work 😉
    xox N.

    • Give it a go, I hope it helps. Our husbands sound pretty similar: Loving the outdoors and looking hot 😉