Stretch mark prevention and my 33 weeks bump update

I hate to be the one to break the horrible news to you, but there is no scientifically proven, fool-proof way to prevent stretch marks on a pregnant body.

The main reason for this is the fact that stretch marks are lacerations deep down in the connective tissue of the skin caused by the necessary expansion, in an area no cream or oil is able to penetrate.

Stretch mark prevention
Stretch mark prevention

But don’t loose hope. There still are some things you can do to decrease the risk a little.

1. Look at your mother

The biggest factor is genetics. Just like you are likely to age like your parents did, chances are that your connective tissue is similar to your mothers. If she didn’t get them, you are less likely to develop them either.


2. Look at your body

It is common sense: If you are petite and very small in frame, expecting a big baby, your belly will have to stretch more than the one of a tall woman with a small baby. Same is true for being pregnant with multiples.

And it is not only the baby. Keeping the weight gain reasonable will help as well. Every pound you put on is more stretch on the skin!


3. The older you are, the better

Quite a surprise, hm? As we age, our skin gets saggy and less firm. And while we do not really appreciate this when it comes to our face and boobs, it really helps the skin stretch throughout pregnancy. The younger you are and the tighter your connective tissue is, the more likely it is that you will get stretch marks.


4. Keep hydrated and well-nourished

I have said it before, I will repeat: No oil or moisturizer will ever be able to fully prevent or heal stretch marks! But the better your skins condition, the better its ability to repair a little damage, and fully hydrated skin has more elasticity than dry one.

And of course, indulge in the skin foods: Omega 3, zinc, vitamins, everything that keeps the baby healthy will help your skin as well.


Stretch mark prevention - LUSH Dream Cream
Stretch mark prevention – LUSH Dream Cream

5. Creams and oils

So apart from drinking enough, which you should do anyways, go all in with the oils and creams. Jojoba and Almond Oil as well as Vitamin E are beneficial for the skin, so I tend to look for them when choosing my creams. Here is a link to what I used throughout my first pregnancy. This time I have loved the LUSH Dream Cream (see here) to alternate with the Bübchen Mama massage oil (see here). The cream contains oat milk and chamomile and really helped with the itchiness your skin develops when being stretched.


Stretch mark prevention - Mio The Body Brush
Stretch mark prevention – Mio The Body Brush

6. Massage

Or, to be exact: Increase the blood flow. The more blood flow, the better the skins supply with nutrients and oxygen. Well nourished skin is less prone to damage.

There are different ways to get the blood flowing: Contrast showers, massage and Dry Brushing. I have bought the Mio The Body Brush (on Cult Beauty here) a few months ago, mainly because I had been meaning to try it for ages and figured it would be a great time to start. So far I have been loving the effect and will update you on the long-term benefits in a few months.

Just a word of warning: A belly massage too intense can induce contractions, so if you are experiencing any discomfort, please stop.


Getting huge!
Getting huge!

33 weeks and how I am feeling

If anyone ever tells you the last weeks of pregnancy are fun, he is a liar. The belly has most likely reached a state where it is almost impossible to bend over (slip on shoes in the snow…), go longer than one hour without the need to pee or sleep more than five hours straight.

I feel the constant need to change my position throughout the day, because there is always some kind of lower or upper back pain, pain in the rib cage or in the symphysis that needs to be addressed, and no chair, couch or even bed is comfortable. Add in a minor case of „restless legs“, which I experienced throughout my last pregnancy as well and you will find me constantly on the move. But slowly, mind you, as just turning from one side to the other while lying in bed takes around 15 minutes and multiple cushion adjustments.

A heating pad has become my constant companion and walking up to our flat (three flights of stairs) leaves me breathless. Oh, and I am wearing compression stockings as well as sports or nursing bras (anything without wires). Sexy times!

But there is good as well:

Peanut has finally turned and settled head down, all ready to go, he is growing and very active and I am still getting some (very slow) exercise in. No problems with blood pressure, heart burn or diabetes have occurred and apart from being gigantic I am feeling pretty good. Most of my time is spend working on blog posts, so I have content prescheduled for the first weeks after delivery, and I really enjoy making You Tube videos while I still can. Nesting has kicked in as well and I keep organizing and rearranging things while fighting the urge to buy more stuff that I won’t need until the move come summer.

Yay for being on the home stretch!


This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  • The body brush looks amazing! Good luck with your little one 🙂

    Great post and blog. x

    Katie Loves ~ UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    Follow on Bloglovin’ ~ ‘Katie Loves’

    Instagram ~ @katielovess

  • Sounds uncomfortable at this stage but not too long to go now! How exciting! xx


    • Yes, the last part isn´t the best, I have to say. But holding your baby makes up for it.

  • Oh thank you for the tips you have shared Linda.
    You are right somewhat with the genetics and im hoping i dont get much during my time.
    When did you start having stretchmark?

    • I didn’t get any throughout my first pregnancy, I just have some on my butt from weight gain and loss during adolescence. When pregnant, the usually occur around week 30+, depending on when your belly grows the most.

  • I’ve always lolled at creams and potions marketed to prevent or even better ‚reverse‘ stretch marks. I’ve always been a believer that well moisturised skin is about the best you can do, and the rest is up to genetics. I ended up with some stretch marks after my first, the worst of them being breast stretch marks (lovely) those suckers tripled in size. No amount of creams or oils over the past 7years have made them disappear, rather they have just faded naturally over time but they are still there. Ready to rear their ugly heads again I’m sure. Your bump looks fab Anne, not long now x

    • I just have some on my butt, but hey are from weight gain and loss throughout adolescence, not from pregnancy, and they have pretty much faded. I guess laser or something like this would help in getting rid of them, but to be honest, they don’t bother me that much. They are silver and faded now, I hardly notice them anymore. It is not that I am going to work as a bikini model anytime soon…
      My breast were pretty unaffected, given that I gained 1,5 cup sizes, but they certainly lost the „perk“ after everything went back to normal. That is the best thing about being pregnant again, they look almost like before I had the first one!
      Are you counting down the weeks as well?

  • You have a really nice round bump, even if you’re feeling really uncomfortabel. I think that if I ever got pregnant I’d get HORRIBLE stretch marks… I’m very thin and toned and I don’t think my skin could handle all that stretching.

    • As much as I envy your slender and toned frame, I guess you really would be prone to having them. Or, like a friend of mine, you´d look like you wouldn’t be pregnant at all just up until the end, because your abs would keep everything in and slim.

  • Great post, I managed to go through twin pregnant and only got one stretch mark where my belly button piercing was. I used palmers cocoa butter cream and that along with genetics worked for me. Now a few years on I have developed stretch marks by gaining 2 dress sizes completely un pregnancy related! Strange how your body works hey. Maybe because when I gained weight I wasn’t using the extra creams I used throughout the pregnancy! Have a great day Anne, Gemma x

    • I have stretch marks from weight gain as well, on my butt mostly, so I figured I´d get them on my belly too. But so far i didn’t. Not complaining!
      Interesting that you mention the piercing. i hadn’t thought about that, but now that you mention it: When there are scars already, you are probably more likely to develop stretch marks around there.

  • Thanks a lot, my dear 😀

    Amazing reviews as usual 😀 I’m so happy for your baby +.+

    NEW GET THE LOOK POST | La Cool & Chic

    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  • Surbhi Suri

    wish I knew of this earlier. Now i have so many stretch marks. Its been 10 years. But good for u . hope u are absolutely stretch free,love
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

    • I think it really comes down to genetics. And if it was 10 years ago, you have been way younger than I am now, which certainly plays a role.

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Glad you’re doing so well, hun! I imagine it must be really painful at times, but you really are on the home stretch now! <3 And as for stretch marks… Ohhhh what HAVEN'T I tried. I have pretty bad stretch marks on my thighs/bum from when I lost a ton of weight… I tried everything, gels, creams, massages, but nothing has helped. I've learned to accept them and see them as my 'marks of honour', haha, reminding me of how much heavier I used to be and the journey I took to lose all that weight. Hope you're having a lovely week so far, stay strong! <3


    • I guess laser can help, but I haven’t been inclined to try it on my butt, which has a lot of stretch marks from weight gain and loss in adolescence as well. They faded with time and I hardly even notice them anymore.
      I didn’t know you lost so much weight, what did work for you?

      • Kay (shoesandglitter)

        Haha, I’d be too afraid to use laser! And yeah, I lost about 25 kg (55 pounds) in half a year at one point, I think? I put some of it back but I don’t mind where I am now, with my body. I didn’t use any fancy diets or anything, I didn’t even do any calorie-counting! I just limited my food intake by about 80%, lol, it was horrendous, painful and hard at first but after a few weeks, it got easier, and then after two months it became completely effortless. Sorry I don’t have any specifics tips really, it’s all about the psychology to me when it comes to losing weight. Was considering sharing a post like that on my blog at one point. x x

        • I´d be really interested in reading that. Not that I am looking for any diet tips, I know pretty well how to loose my weight and how to eat healthy/excercise. It is just the mindset I struggle with from time to time.

  • Toyas Tales

    The last stages of pregnancy can be trying. I had my son in my early twenties and got a small amount of stretch marks on my tummy no matter what I did. It was because of genetics. As the years passed they have dimmed a bit so they do not stand out as much as they used to.

    • You cant really prevent them. I have some on my butt from pregnancy unrelated weight gain, but with the years the faded and don’t bother me anymore. It isn’t as if I work as a bikini model or similar.

  • These are some useful tips, I love how well organized this post is!

    Your belly is big but still so cute! I can only imagine how hard it must be to walk around with a tony human inside. But.. you’re almost there!


    • Almost. The hardest thing is not bumping into the walls all the time, I just cant get used to my new dimension!

  • As I’ve never had a child, I’m glad that you explained all of this! I guess for some reason the way Bio-oil and other products are marketed it makes you think that you can avoid stretchmarks all-together; thanks for dispelling that rumour! Clearly, I should wait until my 30’s to have children that way my skin is less prone to stretching hehe!
    You’re entering the final days! My friend just had a baby and said the last few weeks somehow feel like months! But you’re almost there and it will be worth it 🙂

    • I don’t like Bi-Oil at all, because one of the main ingredients is mineral oil which I tend to avoid, but in general these products promise to keep us stretch mark free because they know we will buy like crazy. It is a common fear that you end up with marks you could have prevented, but to be honest, in the end no amount of lotion will save you.
      The best thing they do is ease the itchiness. That can really drive you mad!

  • It’s getting bigger and bigger! You have no idea how excited I am for you 🙂 x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Thank you, Leta. I am getting eager to meet him in person as well, but that was stronger with the first one. I so wanted to hold her! And while I still want to hold him as well, I know that it will be an exhausting time once he is finally here, so I enjoy the „calm before the storm“.

  • I never would have considered the idea that age helps with preventing stretch marks. Of course it makes sense, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me! I imagine staying well hydrated for the sake of stretch marks gets irritating after awhile. I feel like a person would be tempted to just stay on the toilet all day 😉


    • With the increasing pressure on you bladder this is exactly what is going to happen.

  • Great post!! I’ll keep this in mind for the future!

  • It’s good to hear you and Peanut are well and healthy!
    You’ve reminded me to start body brushing again! I used to do it last winter and it felt so damn good, but then I stopped in the summer because I didn’t want to exfoliate my tan away… and then I sort of forgot about it!

    • I figured, if I am religiously exfoliating my face I should probably show some love to my body as well. I really enjoy it so far. Which brush do you use?

      • I use Elemis body brush, but I’m sure there are cheaper options that work just as well!

        • Probably. I just grabbed the MIO one because it was advertised when I thought about starting. #victimofmerchandise

  • Fifty Shades Of Pink

    Streches are a pain in every woman life. Even those without children!
    Loved your tips 🙂

    Instagram: @sarafqueiros

    • Yes, the ones I have are all from adolescence, and none from my first pregnancy.

  • Some great advice here for future reference and even better when you mention the older the better also!

    My mum mentioned using oils on her stomach when she was pregnant with me, Royal Jelly to be precise. She doesn’t have any stretch marks on her tummy which is great.

    Really great advice and wishing you the best of heath for you and bump 🙂

    Laura xxx

  • Happy to hear that little peanut is doing good! Just try to relax as much as possible, you might miss these days once he comes.
    I agree that there’s no cream or lotion that could actually prevent stretch marks, it is mostly about the genetics. My mum got her stretch marks when she got pregnant to me (second child), so there’s a big possibility that I might get them too. Also considering I am a really tiny girl (1,52), a big baby growing would make things really hard.
    I haven’t dried brush for so long, it definitely improves the skin condition so I should start that again before spring comes.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I didn’t know you were so petite! That is awesome.

      • I look tiny next to my 1.85-1.90 m tall fiance *short girl problem*

        • My husband would love that. We are exactly the same height, so whenever I wear the tiniest bit of heel I am taller.

          • I wish I was a little bit taller. When I look at the family photos, you can see a big height difference. Short Turkish people, and tall Germans. It looks funny.

          • Yes, tall Germans. I am the smallest in my family and I am 1,72 m already.

          • His father it even taller, close to 2 m. Luckily he’s not that tall. I had to get 10 or 15 cm high heel for the wedding, I hope I won’t fall when I try to walk in that wedding dress.

          • Make sure to get some flats for the party. I ended up dancing without shoes and ruined my stockings.

  • I had no idea that you were pregnant!! Congratulations!:) This is a great post! I don’t have plans on being pregnant soon but I am going to keep these in mind for when I am pregnant! Such great tips! My cousin is pregnant now so I am going to send her the link!:) She has been stressing about stretchmarks! And she’s only 10 weeks along! I also really want to try dry brushing! I have heard that it has so many wonderful effects for your skin! My winter skin especially could use this!:)

    Shannon Sage

    • Dry brushing is something you should at least try, pregnant or not. It really helps exfoliating your skin and improving blood flow, something everyone needs during winter time.
      Congrats to your cousin, and please tell her not to stress out too much. I was so worried about getting them in my first pregnancy, but none occurred. I am more relaxed this time around, as I have seen howell my body did recover after the first pregnancy.

  • I’m probably going to get them, if I do get prego. My husband is going to be away for almost two years putting us at me trying to get prego at 39. I’m not pleased. My mom got them and my growth spurt ones were terrible.

    • I have a lot of them from adolescence on my butt, cant say why I worried so much about getting them on my belly.
      Where is he going to? Military?

  • Dressed With Soul

    Liebe Anne, auch wenn Du Dich jetzt in der nicht mehr komfortablen Zeit Deiner Schwangerschaft befindest, bin ich sehr froh, zu lesen, dass es Euch beiden gut geht. Und das mit den Dehnungsstreifen ist natürlich genauso wie Du es hier schreibst und ich finde Deine Zusammenstellung wahr und hilfreich. Lasst es Euch beide weiterhin gut gehen!

  • awww! you’re almost there! stretch marks seem like a small sacrifice for creating life. (: ❀ xo

    • They are, but still we worry so much about this kind of things. At least I do.

  • It must be exciting to be in home stretch of your pregnancy and you sound like you’re totally prepared for the delivery. I’m also organizing and rearranging things lately but is in preparation for Chinese New Year where one cleans to welcome in the new year.

    • My to-do list is still way too long, but as I have done it once before I am way more relaxed than I was with the first one.

  • This is a super helpful post and good luck to you! Such exciting time for you 🙂

    xoxo Emily

  • These are some great tips! I haven’t been pregnant before, but one of my friends currently is and she recommends hydrating as well. I never thought genetics would play a big factor, but that sounds like it makes sense!

    • I guess the play a way more important role as then all the expensive creams and oils everyone wants us to buy!

  • This post is so helpful for a lot of women. Thanks for sharing =)

    – Cielo

    Mermaid in Heels

  • I got stretch marks when I was a teenager on my hips just from the body shape change associated with puberty, so I guess what you’re saying about age makes a lot of sense!
    Good luck for the last weeks, you’re almost there 🙂

    • I have quite a few on my butt and hips from puberty as well, but none on my belly from the first pregnancy. Yay for being old!

  • I guess stretch marks is just apart of pregnancy. I too had stretch marks and have noticed them almost fade completely by using grapefruit essential oil.

    • I have some on my butt from weight gain and loss through adolescence and they faded by themselves without me using anything in particular on them. I guess this is the way it goes.

  • thefashionsalt

    Stretch marks seem like nothing compared to all the things that you mentioned that could happen (blood pressure, ect.) Thank goodness you are doing so well and I am so excited for you. Your belly photo looks beautiful!

    • Haha, yes, it is the least dangerous and still the one woman stress out about the most.

  • This post deserves to be shared everywhere, one of the best if not the best that I’ve read on this matter. Thank you for taking time to write this, Anne. I was very lucky because I have no stretch marks with both pregnancies but it makes sense to me now because I don’t think my mum has any, I’ve taken supplements and moisturize my skin since a very young age.

    And you look great and I can’t believe how close it is for you to meet Peanut! Is your daughter excited to meet her brother?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • She is, she is talking to the belly and keeps saying „Baby grows, baby will come“. We got her a „baby“ of her own for Christmas and practice feeding and diaper changing.
      She likes to hit it on the head and then comfort it with shhh-sounds.

  • Oh gosh, this is such an amazing post. I haven’t experience something like this before but this is so helpful for a lot of women.


  • Thanks a lot 😀
    I’m very glad to read this <3

    NEW OUTFIT POST | Look Like an Aviator

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    Miguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me 😀

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    Sorry to hear that you’re feeling uncomfortable but not too long to go now! Great picks too!!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

    • I have been there before, it will all be worth it in the end.

  • These products look great and it’s nice to hear your perspective on pregnancy and the different aspects of it (ie. stretch marks, how you’re feeling on a certain week, etc.)

  • Pam Scalfi

    your belly looks so great! Mum has all sorts of stretch marks, so I will get them too which isnt great but its part of life eh?!
    But glad to know all is well with you, looking fwd to meeting the little one 😀
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    • There are way worse things than stretch marks, and they are a small price to pay for having a family. Strange that we do stress out about them so much anyway.

  • Your tips are so helpful. Really, Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    Instagram | Styleccentric Fashion |Current Post – Magnificent Falls | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  • You look fantastic!! I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brother, she hardly showed! Most people didn’t know she was pregnant up until the final month. I’m hoping I get similar luck.

    I can imagine it being a tough road toward the end, but very well worth it! :p

    Style Tomes || Style Tomes on Instagram

    • I started showing very early with the second one, but I never was small or incredibly toned.
      And yes, it will be worth it in the end.

  • Beauty Obsessed

    You look stunning! Great post on Stretch marks, I will pass it onto my friend who is also pregnant! x Ania

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    I got my stretch marks when I was 12, they were very bright and know I still have them after 7 years, but they became almost transparent after I started to use coffee scrub and some oils. So it helps a lot.

    • I have some on my butt from around that age as well and they faded without any help. That is just the way it goes, but they will never disappear completely if you are not committing to laser or something similar.

  • Sara Meireles

    These products are perfect . I ‚ll recommend my sister, who is pregnant
    new post

  • I just came across with your blog and congratulations! I’m so happy for you, not about the stretch marks though :/ Having a baby comes with pros and cons for sure. Thanks for making this process much easier for pregnant people! 🙂


    Nazlıgül | on my own way

    • Yes, there are cons as well, but it is so worth it in the end.

  • I have recently bought a very similar brush from a different brand and it is taking me a little while to get used to dry brushing but as I have persevered I am feeling my skin is more comfortable.
    You have such a neat bump! Great news that Peanut is getting ready for his arrival!

    Inma x

    • It sure felt strange at first, and much more uncomfortable than I would have thought, but you get used to it quickly. Which brand did you get? I honestly grabbed this one because I was ordering from Cult Beauty anyway and it was advertised there…

      • I got one from Hydrea London, a brand I knew from my Buyer days. I ordered it from Amazon for around £9. They’re probably both made in the same factory because they look identical!

  • Thanks for sharing this with us! It’s very importatnt to prevent stretch marks so I’ll remember this product for when I need to use it. Your baby bump looks so cute and it’s good to see how you take some of these things with humour like the compression stockings 😉

    • I guess humor is the only way to survive a pregnancy and living with kids.

  • I bet this post will help a lot of people. Thanks for keeping us updated on how you and your little peanut are doing. <3

  • very interesting

    have an happy day
    fashion blogger

  • Belle M

    I like number 3, it gives me another reason to wait a while before having kids and as for number 6, whenever I do get pregnant I’m pretty much going to use this as an excuse to get my husband to give me a massage every day =D
    „sexy times“ ahaha well this won’t ease your discomfort or anything but you have one of those adorable looking pregnancies, some women have oddly shaped tummies when they’re pregnant, yours looks all cute =D

    • A massage every day? I should have thought about that earlier!
      And thank you, it pretty much sticks out straight and is very tight, just like a balloon tucked under my shirt.

  • Oh what? I had no idea you were pregnant! Ahhh I’m so happy for you, that’s so exciting. I’d never really thought about the correlation between age and stretch marks but that’s a good point you make.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    • Ha, surprise! It is the second pregnancy, so I knew pretty much what to expect.


    AW baby belly I love it! Will have to check out some of these products

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  • Great tips here! I really enjoyed this post so much and happy for you that is so exciting and lovely 🙂

  • oh wie schön das foto ist 🙂 Die tipps hören sich gut an (auch wenn ich sie selbst erstmal nicht benötigen werde :D)

  • You are so close now!
    I didn’t get stretch marks with my kids. Actually, the ones I did have beforehand, improved during pregnancy!

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • They did? The ones I had before stayed pretty much unchanged, but they were really old and faded anyway, so I guess there wasn’t much to improve.

  • Aisha

    This post is really useful 🙂 also interesting as I didn’t know some of the things you said. I wish you all the best ! xx

  • Stretch marks aren’t a thing of pregnancy only, but they do occur there quite often.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy dear…that is a cute baby bump 🙂 these tips are useful as stretch marks can be due to any reaaon like audden weight loss or weght gain etc..

    • You are absolutely right. There are so many reasons for stretch marks.

  • This is such an adorable post – I know you know this but I love pregnant women and babies and anything just baby related. They’re always so cute and your bump makes me want to pat it to say hi to peanut. I’m sending you and your family so much love right now, and I know you’re going to be so happy (and relieved) when it actually happens. I can’t wait to know more on it.

    I actually have stretch marks due to when I was going through my teenage years I always went with the losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight path so it’s left me a few marks, but these are amazing tips and things I try to do everyday. I just don’t look at my body that much. I know I’m good with what I have, but I guess going through these whole process of falling in love with working out and loving myself, I’m still not at a phase where I can look at my body and completely love it. I’ll always have my self destructive thoughts so I tend to bypass that phase.

    Great and lovely post as per usual <3
    Ella Pinto xx

  • This is such an adorable post – I know you know this but I love pregnant women and babies and anything just baby related. They’re always so cute and your bump makes me want to pat it to say hi to peanut. I’m sending you and your family so much love right now, and I know you’re going to be so happy (and relieved) when it actually happens. I can’t wait to know more on it.

    I actually have stretch marks due to when I was going through my teenage years I always went with the losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight path so it’s left me a few marks, but these are amazing tips and things I try to do everyday. I just don’t look at my body that much. I know I’m good with what I have, but I guess going through these whole process of falling in love with working out and loving myself, I’m still not at a phase where I can look at my body and completely love it. I’ll always have my self destructive thoughts so I tend to bypass that phase.

    Great and lovely post as per usual <3
    Ella Pinto xx

    • I have stretch marks from weight loss and gain too, mainly on my butt. They don’t bother me as much.

      And yes, I will be very, very happy when Peanut arrives. We all will be, as long as he is safe and sound, which is way more important than stretch marks. If they decide to occur in the remaining six weeks.

  • Siffat Haider

    It’s great that you’re addressing a topic that’s so important to pregnant (and even non pregnant) women! I developed stretch marks while growing up, but with proper care, they’ve faded 🙂

    • I have one from days ago to, and yes, they faded as well. They will just never disappear completely.

  • Nadia

    What a lovely bump, hon! I thoroughly enjoyed this post even though I am not pregnant (yet) but it will sure come in handy when it happens. I have stretch marks from simply growing too fast haha. And I am ok with that. I have learned to live with them. They did fade a little but not gone completely. It doesn’t bother me one bit. As for the belly, sides or bum stretch marks during the pregnancy, I love your tips on preventing them and helping the fading if they appear. I actually have never considered age to be such a positive thing in the stretch marks department 🙂 We are planning our first in our early 30s, I still have a bit of time to prep myself and use these fab tips but then again, not worried one bit if I get them a little or a lot. The main thing is the experience and the baby <3
    xox N.

    • Absolutely. I have stretch marks from weight gain and loss back in the days as well, and I don’t mind them at all, so I am not sure why I was so concerned about my belly getting some. But sometimes woman are strange like this.
      I had my daughter aged 34, and I have to say I am glad I was that „old“ already. Children change your life big time, and it sure helped that I had seen and done a lot before I had her. I always loved to travel and to be out and about, but it wasn’t that bad that it wasn’t possible to the same extent after I had her, because I had had my fair share already. If I had been in my mid-twenties, it would have been a lot harder, I imagine.