Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Babylonian confusion

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and even more if you are subscribed to my You Tube channel, you will know that I am no native speaker.

Most of the time that doesn’t lead to any difficulties. Not for me anyway, it is you that has to deal with my accent. But sometimes the difference between German and English gets really confusing. Take the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, for example. I wanted to write an introduction featuring the moon. Creative, I know.


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil


Problem is, in German the moon is male. It is „he“, as opposed to „she“ in English (and most other languages). So every sentence I wrote was confusing for me, I was switching gender way too often.

So I figured, I´d just get to the product. And say „it“. It is an oil, after all. No time for babylonian confusion here on my blog.



What Sunday Riley claims:

Let Luna´s advanced retinol complex be your secret weapon! Trans-retinol ester helps reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles, while focusing on damage caused by the sun, time, pollution, lifestyle and stress, helping to create the appearance of firmer, clearer, more translucent skin. Pore size is minimized for a visibly more youthful, healthier looking complexion. Essential oil complex high in azulene helps to lower the irritation associated with retinol, for calm, soothed skin.



Prize and size

One bottle contains 30 ml of product and retails for 105 $ here or 108 € here. It is a see-through glass bottle with a dropper, the blue color comes from the product itself. As you only need a few drops a time the 30 ml should last you almost one year.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - the dropper
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – the dropper


Texture and smell

Marketed as a oil-based retinol, it feels like your regular face oil when applied. It isn’t the most lightweight, but sinks in pretty quickly. The smell is okay-ish, it isn’t pleasant, but not overwhelming and doesn’t linger. It leaves a hint of blue on my face when I put it on, but that disappears and doesn’t stain the pillow case either.


Application and effects

Other than your regular face oil, you are supposed to apply Luna on your freshly cleansed skin and follow with your serum and moisturizer. That was awkward for me, as it is the opposite of what I usually do, but it worked.

After using it the night before, I would wake up to plump, hydrated and smooth skin in the morning. I have to admit though, I mainly bought it to combat hyper pigmentation, and I have included close-ups of my cheek area before and after six weeks of use.

After six weeks of usage
After six weeks of use

As you can see, the hyper pigmentation has faded a little, but isn´t gone completely.


Favorable ingredients:

  • Persea Gratissima Oil: Rich in antioxidant, fatty acids
  • Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil: Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidant and linoleic acid
  • Rubus Fruticosus Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin C and E, antioxidants, promoting collagen
  • Salvia Hispanica Oil: Rich in linoleic acid, moisturizing and optimizing sebum production
  • Dimethyl Isosorbide (And) Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate: Vitamin A, increases cell turnover, helps with fine lines and hyper pigmentation
  • Chamomila Recutita Flower Oil: Soothing
  • Tanacetum Annuum (Blue Tansy) Oil: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Anthemis Nobilis Oil (Chamomile): Soothing
  • Eriocephalus Punctualatus Oil (Chamomile): Soothing
  • Citrus Aurantium Amara (Neroli) Oil: Reducing scars and hyper pigmentation, increases collagen production
  • Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Blood Orange) Oil: Increases collagen production
  • Cananga Odorata Flower (Ylang Ylang) Oil: Balances sebum production, antiseptic
  • Vetivera Zizanoides (Vetiver) Oil: Anti-inflammatory
  • Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil: anti-inflammatory, rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract: Antiseptic

The Dimethyl Isosorbide and Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate used here are a special form of retinol, said to be gentler than the others. It is important to note that all research regarding Vitamin A and its benefits has been made with a different form, so it isn’t 100% sure that this form acts the same way.


Unfavorable Ingredients:

  • CI 61565 (Green 6): Color
  • CI 60725 (Violet 2: Color

It has been said online that the blue color comes from the blue tansy, and while that is partly true, these two products are responsible for the bright blue in the bottle.


Does it live up to its claims?


It is soothing on the skin, despite containing a retinol ester (which are known to cause dry skin and peeling), it is hydrating and contains the antioxidant rich ingredients baking up the anti-aging claims. Worth noting is that the Sephora website claims that this product contains lactic acid and licorice, but both is not true.


Would I repurchase?


It is a lovely product, but the retinol effect was weaker than I hoped for, and while the hydrating and soothing effects were amazing, it was´t was I was looking for at the moment. Perfect product, but not for me.


Who do I recommend it to?

If your skin is sensitive, dehydrated or easily irritated, I am sure that this product will be perfect for you.

If you want to give Retinol based products a go, but are afraid of the side effects, this is a great product to start with. No dryness or peeling.

And yes, in my opinion the ingredient list justifies the price tag.


Have you tried any Retinol products you can recommend?

And what confuses you in foreign languages?

If you want to read more about skincare, please check out the „Skincare Reviews“ category in the side bar.
This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are honest and my own.


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  • I’ve never tried any retinol products but am considering them, especially for pigmentation, so I hope some people recommend some.
    As far as confusion… there are too many things! In Spain the word car (coche) is male, yet in the UK many people refer to their cars as female and even give them names. And then the word condone, which is the opposite of condenar in Spanish… Whenever I hear it I have to say the sentence in my head again to understand it!

    Inma x

    • I have a few more lined up, so I hope I will have a strong recommendation for you soon.

      • Excellent! Looking forward to it, especially regarding pigmentation

  • I definitely recognize myself in your ‚who do I recommend it to‘ part yet, I have to say that I find the result on the hyper pigmentations too subtle to make me want to try it!

    • It was after six weeks, I guess the results will get better over time. But I understand, I was a little underwhelmed as well.

  • Liebe Linda, ich habe bisher keine Retinolprodukte probiert, zumindest nicht das ich wüsste. Sollte ich mal auf der Suche nach einem sein, wird es dank deiner ehrlichen Meinung wahrscheinlich nicht dieses sein. 😉 Ganz liebe Grüße!

    • Für den richtigen Hauttyp ist es sicher ein tolles Produkt, aber da meine Haut nicht empfindlich ist, ist es eben eher nicht das perfekte für mich.

  • This product seems so good. I should be less lazy about night beauty routine, an oil could be the right choice.
    Thank you always for sharing your reviews!
    xx Elisa

    • It is a retinol one if you want to introduce an oil, I´d suggest you look somewhere else.

  • Seriously all these gender things is so confusing, I always mix it and hopefully I will get hold of it soon. I need to start practising German again! How long does it claim to help with the hyper pigmentation? To be honest, after paying that much, I would expect it to get everything better after a week or two, I am an inpatient person 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

    • If hyper pigmentation is gone, it is gone. It will return if you slack on the SPF front or when new spots scar, but it won’t come back if you stop using a product.
      And I understand being impatient, but any changes you will see in your skin after two weeks are more likely due to hormonal changes and different eating than due to your skincare product. A month is the least for lasting changes to start to show.

  • Toyas Tales

    I have only tried one retinol product in the past and I had mixed results. I did not suffer peeling even though I was warned it could happen. I suffer from hyper pigmentation too so this could be a gentle alternative to try. I am put off by the fact that Sephora would list ingredients that were not actually in the product.

    • I was seriously taken aback as well. I read the ingredients there and had to dig out my paper packaging to double check. I think they had it confused with Good Genes, that they sell in a set coming with that Luna oil.

  • Coco Cami

    Great post, thanks for sharing this product review 🙂

    Camille xo

  • Nadia

    I can relate to the gender mix-up so much 🙂 However, in English it’s so much easier because inanimate objects are „it“. In Ukrainian (and Russian) moon is a „he“ as well haha. Sometimes my Ukrainian takes over (often right away I Skype mum & dad) and I would produce a pearl of a statement like: „We need to get the car washes, she is dirty“ 😀 haha
    Anyway, the product! I love the look of the result though I understand your impression regarding the ’strength‘ of Retinol. Never having tried anything containing Retinol I am intrigued to explore the unknown.
    xox Nadia

    • I have a few more retinol products lined up, so I will be able to share my experience with other stuff soon.

  • I’ve heard great things about Sunday Riley although a famous facialist recently warned me that retinol is not as great as we have been led to believe

    • I love quite a few products by Sunday Riley, it is a great brand. And I think Retinol is not the magic bullet it seems to be promoted as, but I think that for the right concerns, it does work great.

  • I swear it made my wrinkles deeper, so I quit using it. I swear by the other SR one that is popular–the white container. I can;t think–no coffee yet!

  • This product has been on my beauty wish list but the mixed reviews and price tag have kept me from purchasing. Good to know you felt it was worthy of the price. We have many homonyms in the Chinese language that confuse me from time to time.

    • I guess if you have sensitive or dry skin it is a great product for you. If you want very strong results, it probably isn’t.

  • I’ve read a few similar reviews like yours, Anne, it’s good but not as good as some made it out to be which is the main reason why I have not purchased it until now. I am used to using Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Booster which works seriously well on my skin so I think I’ll be sticking to that.

    I’ve recently changed my skincare steps well, after you mention about using retinol straight to the skin and I also bought a new Vitamin C serum and a cold pressed organic Rosehip oil so I decided to google and read up about the best ways to incorporate both. I use the Vit C serum only on day time right after serum and my facial oils as the last step to lock everything in and I saw major changes in my skin within 3 days. I think all this while using facial oils straight after toner prevented the other skincare from penetrating into my skin to work their magic. So thank you for pointing that out, seriously I don’t think my skin has been better.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I am glad it worked for you!
      Paulas Choice is on my list of things to try as well, but I have some other retinol products lined up first.

  • It sounds like a great starter retinol product to use, even if it didn’t have all the results you wanted!

    I think you do so well being able to blog in another language too. I know I struggle with blogging in English sometimes, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • I think it is amazing to start with, but I want something stronger, I guess.

      Blogging in another language is sometimes challenging, but my „blogging language“ has always been English, mostly because I don’t really follow any German bloggers or You Tubers. I guess I would have a hard time with a few specific terms if I would be talking German.

  • Laura

    I have heard so many great things about this little gem. I have yet to try it myself, but I’m so tempted x


    • I wanted to try it myself, and I am glad I did, even though it was not my perfect product.

  • It sounds nice but not good enough for me to spend that much money on it.

    I haven’t really used anything with retinol so I can’t recommend anything but I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my hyperpigmentaion ever since I started regularly using products containing AHAs and the ‚three little wonders‘ from Ole Henriksen together with his Truth Facial Oil. I even have a before and after photos in one of my blog post and the difference in my skin tone is massive. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • The truth facial oil contains a special kind of Vitamin A that works the same way, but is less intense. It is the end product that retinol is transformed into when applied to our skin, so it is very similar.
      My AHAs have really improved the hyper pigmentation before, but the remaining bits are very stubborn.

      • Oh yes, I know what you mean by the remaining bits, I have some too.
        Yes, I was aware the truth oil contains kind of Vit A/retinol but I’ve not used any products with higher % of retinol.
        Although I have the La Roche-Posay Redermic R which contains 0.3% retinol but haven’t managed to try it as there’s always something else to test first. Have you used it?

        • No. Except for the Truth oil and the Estée Lauder ANRII I haven’t tried anything with any kind of retinol, mainly because I was either pregnant or breastfeeding or trying to get pregnant again throughout the last years, lol.

  • I can see the appeal of this oil – the blue color looks pretty cool and it has a relaxing effect at night. That said if I have $100 to spend on a retinol product, I would go for something a little more powerful and specialized. I’ve never had any side effects from retinol personally.


    • I had never tried a stronger version, but I definitely will. What would you recommend?

  • I can see the appeal of this oil – the blue color looks pretty cool and it has a relaxing effect at night. That said if I have $100 to spend on a retinol product, I would go for something a little more powerful and specialized. I’ve never had any side effects from retinol personally.


  • Such a lovely post and review! I love how in-depth you went! <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  • Aisha

    Hi 🙂 It’s been a while! In these days I’m so busy that I don’t have time to read other blogs 🙁 this product seems really good even if you wouldn’t buy it again! The result are visible ! xx

  • I took some German back in high school but it was difficult and I was better at French lol. Interesting though that the moon is male in German! I thought it was female in all languages 😮 the product looks interesting and like it made a nice change to your skin, but I’d be afraid of the drying aspect for my already dry skin.

  • Looks great and sound like it works, was surprised at the colour. Gemma x

  • I understand the struggle! I am Greek so I am always wondering if what I am writing is correct or sound right only in Greek..!
    I rarely use skin products but my skin tends to be dry! I will look into it!

    • There are so many things in one language that can´t really be translated, it is hard sometimes.

  • Sounds and looks so luxurious, but perhaps a bit pricey if it didn’t match the expectations completely! Loved reading this though, your reviews are always so educational! Xx

    • Thank you. I think it is a very nice product, if you have the skin type to go with it.

  • I’ve been waiting on this review. I’ve heard so many people rave about it, but I’ve always wondered if it would be suitable for my super sensitive skin. I might just have to give it a try. Thank you, Anne!

  • I love the product, I prefer it in the fall/winter/early spring. I only use it on my driest days in the summer. It works very well for me alone and even better with Good Genes.

  • I love the product, I prefer it in the fall/winter/early spring. I only use it on my driest days in the summer. It works very well for me alone and even better with Good Genes.

    • I guess your skin type is perfect for it then. It is a lovely product, just not perfect for me.

  • Im glad to hear it lives up to its claims… it looks a little bit pricey though…



    Novelstyle Blog

    • It is, but I think investing in your skincare is totally worth it.

  • I’m in two minds about this oil. I can already say that I love Good Genes but will wait until I finish my 15ml bottle before deciding on whether I could justify a full sized bottle of this oil. Absolutely brilliant review, as always xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

    • Good Genes is one of my favorites, as you know, but that one? It is very nice, but nothing I feel I need to repurchase.

    • Good Genes is one of my favorites, as you know, but that one? It is very nice, but nothing I feel I need to repurchase.

  • I’m in two minds about this oil. I can already say that I love Good Genes but will wait until I finish my 15ml bottle before deciding on whether I could justify a full sized bottle of this oil. Absolutely brilliant review, as always xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  • I have a sensitive skin, so this products sounds quite nice to me. I wish that the effects were quicker through 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • There is no quick fix in skincare. Never. You skin changes within 4-6 weeks, every other difference you see is down to your hormonal changes and lifestyle, not the products you are using. Don’t be fooled if someone reports results after a few weeks, you really need the 4-6 weeks for a fair review.

  • I think they advertised the set they were promoting once, which included Good Genes. At least that would have matched the „additional“ ingredients listed.
    And yes, in every mythology the moon is female, so I do tend to think of it as a her as well, even though it is a him in German. So confusing!

  • You know I have tried a sample and I absolutely loved it…The price tag though….Can you think of a different product with similar ingredients that does a good job too and is not as expensive??


    • Not yet, but I am on it. There are a few lined up waiting to be tested. Or, more precisely, packed away in boxes waiting to be unpacked again soon…

  • I have some pigmentation due to acne scars and I’m looking for something containing retinol to combat the issue. I would have tried this oil if only it was a bit cheaper.

    • I will keep you updated if I find something more budget friendly.

    • I will keep you updated if I find something more budget friendly.

  • Denise Sabs

    Back from blog maintenance, finally! And glad to read your review about LUna oil and languages 🙂 Well, in fact the oil is it, yes, and moon as well, but that said, ship is also it and it is referred as „she“, so I grant, you are right! Learning German was difficult – in some languages, for example, apple is „she“ and in German, Der. Sae as „sun“, „she“ in German and male in other languages! I loved the post, I really did! Retinol is good, but unfortunately not for me… although I like azulene and it soothes the retinol effect. I would like to disobey some orders and try this product!

    • Especially the sound and the moon are different in gender in German than in most other languages. And in the mythology, where the moon is always a woman and related to womens magic.

    • Especially the sound and the moon are different in gender in German than in most other languages. And in the mythology, where the moon is always a woman and related to womens magic.

  • It *is* a bit expensive, but I can see how it would be better suited for those looking to try retinol products out for the first time but are worried about irritation and adverse reactions.

    • I think it is perfect for those people. Perfect minus the price, of course.

  • C Leiper

    I think you were referring to the Tower of Babel not Babylon the city lol ;-). I was a bit confused there! I too wasn’t that impressed by Luna, much as I wanted to love it. I have sensitive dry to combination skin and although it didn’t make my skin react, it wasn’t moisturising enough and didn’t make enough of a difference to warrant splashing out on it. Luckily it was only a 15ml deluxe sample that I used.

    • I was referring to the Tower of Babel, but it is called babylonian confusion. At least my dictionary and my godmother told me so. Another language confusion?
      I really wanted to love it as well, mainly because I love Sunday Riley as a brand, but the effect that it delivers is just not the one I am looking for. Have you tried Good Genes that is sold in a set with it?

      • C Leiper

        Babelian confusion/confusion of tongues? Ah well, whichever lol! I haven’t tried Good Genes as it’s high in lactic acid and apparently sensitive skins don’t get on with it. I would like to try the other oils though like Flora and Artemis, just to see how I get on with them. I do love a good facial oil, one I am loving at the moment is the one from Bareminerals.

        • Whichever. As I said, I am not a native speaker.
          Where did you hear that lactic acid isn’t good for sensitive skins? I have learned quite the opposite, though not through personal experience, my skin isn´t sensitive. I gifted it to my mother though, who has very sensitive skin, and she got on great with it.
          Artemis is waiting in my stay to be used, just like you I love a good facial oil. The bareMinerals one I haven´t tried, I only a serum that was okay-ish. I am loving the Ole Henriksen Truth oil right now.

          • C Leiper

            Caroline Hirons advises against it for very sensitive skin:, also others have mentioned that their sensitive skin didn’t get on with it.
            I’ll have to try the Ole Henriksen oil, thanks for the recommendation 😊.

          • Ah yes, I see what you mean. CH comments on the strength, it really is much AHA for very sensitive skins. But if you want to use an AHA with sensitive skin, lactic acid is way gentler than glycolic (she refers to that further down the review you linked me). I guess with very sensitive skin you should probably go with a lower concentration. Do you use any chemical exfoliants at all?

          • C Leiper

            I do, I use Pixi Glow Tonic and love its gentle action, it suits my reactive skin very well. I also have got on well with a deluxe sample of Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliating toner, and I love Murad’s AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. Obviously I don’t use them all on the same day!

          • Now that would be a lot. Out of the ones you mentioned I have only tried the Pixi Glow Tonic, which is really very gentle. The Clarins Doux Exfoliant is similar, but way more pricey. But I swear by my Alph-H Liquid Gold for my glycolic fix, which is pretty strong.

  • I still haven’t reviewed Luna on my blog because honestly, I can’t make up my mind whether it works or not. That glow and instant difference when you wake up in the morning, it’s happened a couple of times. Sometimes it’s helped acne heal but not always. But I suppose in the end it means I may not really *need* it.

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

    • I think it has some brightening and plumping effects, and I do notice my skin looks nicer when wearing it, but that is not what I bought it for. I have other products that work the same way.

  • I really want to try this and the Good Genes after I am done with my Drunk Elephant duo! What are you thoughts on Good Genes if you had tried it? Thanks for the post 🙂

    • I did and it is among my all-time skincare favorites. There is a review on my blog, I can link you up if you are interested.

  • …and if I remember well, „sun“ is female in German. In Romance languages it’s the opposite for both words! I’ve always been fascinated with foreign languages… I’ve wanted to learn English since I can remember, and used to ask my bilingual, half-English friend to speak to me in English when I was about 6.
    As you may remember, I’ve been using and liking Skinceuticals Retinol 0.3. I haven’t experienced any side effects and would like to switch to Retinol 0.5 or even 1, but those are not available here. So I’m considering the Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol Booster.

    • Shireen commented below that she uses that one and had great experience with it. I have it on my list as well. Slowly venturing into the Retinol territory…

  • I haven’t used any retinol products because I’m concerned about side affects! This would be a good one to try out. Even though it’s pricy, it sounds like it would last a long time.

    Doused In Pink

    • I guess it should. So far I am not even a third through the bottle and have been using it for three months at least five times a week.

  • Elena Dal Maso

    I’ve got sensitive skin, so I’d like to try this oil out. So a lovey review :)))


    • I hope you will get on with it. Have you tried a retinol before?

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    I would love to try this but I don’t want to pay lots of money and then be unimpressed. I think that Sephora might do a minis kit so I might have to look into that!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

    • They do. There is a combination with Good Genes that I can highly recommend.

  • What a great, in depth, review. I love that you included photos. Thank you!!! It was very useful.

  • Kate

    This sounds interesting. I haven’t tried anything with retinol, so as you suggest this might be a good one to start with. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Despite the price. It is pretty expensive just to try something, but Sephora does offer a sample set that might be interesting.

  • Beauty Journal

    the product sounds good but too pricey 🙂 Very nicely reviewed !

    • I like to invest in my skincare, but I agree that it isn’t for someone on a budget.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Wobei ich Dein Englisch absolut hervorragend finde, aber diese Herausforderungen wenn man seine deutschen Gedanken ins Englische überträgt kenne ich ebenfalls 🙂 Danke für den Test, das könnte doch glatt ein Produkt für mich sein.

  • I like it because I can actually see changes in the before and after pictures. But it really costs too much so I understand why you wouldn’t want to buy it again.


  • I think because I have been using AHAs for such a long time, the difference is more subtle than it would be on someone who hasn’t used anything similar before. But yes, I want to see more effect as well.

  • I think because I have been using AHAs for such a long time, the difference is more subtle than it would be on someone who hasn’t used anything similar before. But yes, I want to see more effect as well.

  • It sounds like a wonderful oil – but gosh it’s expensive, isn’t it? When I have more disposable income I’ll give it a try 😉

    • Yes, that is a major downside. I do believe in investing in skincare, but there is a budget for everything and I can imagine that this oil is a little too pricey for many people.

  • The Sunday Mode

    I tend to always be on the lookout for products that fade my old acne scars but it doesn’t sound like this would be worth the money for me, especially becomes it comes with a pretty hefty price tag!

    • Yes, it should be everything you want it to be with this price. What are you using at the moment for your scars?

      • The Sunday Mode

        Currently I’m using an Elemis brightening lotion and an Antipodes brightening serum and the two when paired with my Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel seem to slowly be fading the scars. I feel like with scars though it’s one of those things where you’re always on the lookout for something new to try in the hopes that it will fade the scars faster!

        • Oh, wich Antipodes serum? I have tried the Hosanna, Divine and Joyous so far, and they were all very nice.

  • To be honest, I didn’t know the Moon was a she in English, I was pretty sure it was ‚it‘, as every other non-living thing 😀 I don’t really think about these things… Especially when I write in English… I don’t translate it like that.. I just write 😀 That’s probably why an occasional mistake happens… It’s a ‚he‘ in Croatian, too, though… but our genders are way easier than German ones 😀

    I’ve never used a retinol face product, but I’m definitely skipping this one, especially since you didn’t really enjoy it.. xx


    • The moon is she because she represents the old goddess that was worshipped for a long time there. The „old Religion“ it is called and it has become popular again in the 60ies and 70ies. The goddess is the moon and the god is the sun.

      • Well, you live and you learn 😀 Very interesting, though 🙂 x

  • schade, dass es kein „wundermittel“ ist 😀 ich meine man sieht zwar wie die haut besser wird, aber nach sechs wochen will man bei dem preis doch irgendwie mehr sehen 😀 und erwartet mehr 🙂 vielen lieben dank für’s gedanken aufschreiben 🙂

    • Ich fürchte, Wundermittel gibt es nicht, da werde ich mich dran gewöhnen müssen.

  • It sounds like such a nice product, yet I would have expected better results are others are raving.
    Shame they put in colour in it. WHY!?
    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog