Taking out the trash XI – March 2017 Empties

Three months ago, I decided it was time for a fresh start. My empties started piling up, and the cute (and quite big) box I was storing them in was bound to overflow. As I am still trying to shop my stash a lot and finish what is already in there, I was heading straight to trash mountain.

A sight neither pretty nor inspiring.


March 2017 Empties – quite a lot, don’t you think?


Now fear not, I am not going to go all Marie Kondo on you. I will never ever be a minimalist, but sometimes you just have to let go.

So in January 2017 I dumped all my stuff into the trash and started again, quickly accumulating what is now my March 2017 Empties.

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Taking out the trash X – December Empties

My first ever You Tube video (linked here if you really want to see) was a „Taking out the trash“ video. And it was almost one year ago that I set it live. So to make up for my (obviously missed) You Tube anniversary, here is my December Empties video.


December Empties


Honestly, I am rubbish at remembering anniversaries. I missed my blogging one for the second time this August and I don’t think I will ever remember to do a special post or something similar like I see on all the other blogs.

Oh well, I am going to celebrate everyday that I manage to keep up with it, I guess, and just go with the flow.

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Taking out the trash IX – Empties

As I mention at the end of the video, that was supposed to be my September Empties.

Yeah, I know.


Taking out the trash IX - Empties
Taking out the trash IX – Empties


In my defense, I do have a ton of video ideas and barely any time to film and edit them, so I guess I will leave the „monthly“ empties schedule and sneak them in as a Sunday bonus video whenever I find the time.

What better way to spend a Sunday then talking about trash, am I right?


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Taking out the trash VIII – August 2016 Empties

I know, I know. It is September. Actually the first week of September is already over, but I had to reschedule due to vlogging. And how could you trash a „Taking out the trash“-post?



Taking out the trash VIII - August 2016 Empties


So here you go, my August 2016 Empties, which include a lot of skincare and also a lot of me ranting about skincare claims and marketing.

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Taking out the trash VII – July 2016 Empties

After filming this months empties video I realized that I seem to have separation anxiety when it comes to lip products. I mean, seriously, a six year old lipgloss?

That is gross!


My July Empties
My July Empties


But no longer, four makeup items had to go, and I did finish some skincare as well.

So without further ado, my July 2016 Empties, along with mini reviews and, of course, bloopers at the end!

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Taking out the trash VI – June 2016 Empties

Empties and watermelon – is there anything else you need for a chilled summer evening? I don’t think so.

This months version features a lot of Antipodes products, which brings back memories of our road trip to New Zealand. And of course turns up the ancient question:

Why does everything always have to run out at the same time?

Taking out the trash VI - June 2016 Empties

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Taking out the trash V – May Empties

Another month, another empties video. This time it is a little bit of everything: Makeup and skincare as well as hair and body care. Oh, and a perfume!


Taking out the trash V - May Empties
Taking out the trash V – May Empties


Not that I am going through all these products in one month, mind you, but I am making an effort to finish my stuff before using new one. And as I felt like I needed to stop rambling for ten minutes plus about my trash, I made different piles to film different videos in the time coming.



Yes, I sat there organizing my trash. And planning to use this trash in the upcoming months. This is either art or very disturbing. I will leave it to you to judge.

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Taking out the trash IV – April 2016 Empties

Again I have been collecting my empty skincare containers and the few bits of makeup that are actually not going to be used anymore and threw all in for a video.

Taking out the trash
Taking out the trash


Go get yourself a cup of tea, as it is a long one, but you will be rewarded with mini-reviews and a whole lot of dirty packaging.


Now if that doesn’t tempt you…

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Taking out the trash III

Time to throw away my empties once again this year. And because I don’t believe in waiting for New Years Eve to start something new, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to film my first ever YouTube video!


So if you want to see me „ahm“ and „äh“, struggle for words and get sad about Body Butter, click play or watch it here on YouTube.

A list of everything mentioned plus links to the reviews are below. Read more


Taking out the trash – Part 2

Taking out the trash is my version of the „Empties“ posts and videos that are really popular on YouTube and blogs.

Recently I have tried to finish my stuff before I actually go out and buy something new, and even though I may have slipped sometimes, I am actually doing pretty good.
Time to reward myself with a shopping spree, don’t you think? Ah, just kidding, I still have so much more to use up…

Collecting my empties in style

What to expect?
Well, apart from gross looking packaging you will get a mini-review and the final verdict whether or not I am going to repurchase.

Enjoy a mixture of skin care, body care, hair care and even one finished makeup item (yay!)

Skincare empties

1. Skin Care
Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (Travel Size):
Miracle in a bottle with an awful scent. I love it and reviewed it in more depth here.
Rebuy? Yes, but I have another travel size in my stash that I will use up first.

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover:
Basically the affordable dupe to the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover. I reviewed it in depth here.
Rebuy? Already have.

AlphaH Liquid Gold:
A chemical exfoliant with glycolic acid. One of the staples in my skincare routine. In-depth review here.
Rebuy? Already have. Never without a backup!

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo:
The „original“ formula, before they came out with the + version. I promised a comparison post and will do one soon. To be honest, I like this one better for dealing with impurities and breakouts when they appear.
Rebuy? Yes.

Clarins Gentle Exfoliant Brightening Toner:
Again a chemical exfoliant (or acid toner), this time with a different blend of acids. Gentle enough to use it in the mornings. I previously reviewed it here.
Rebuy? Yes. I haven’t had it for a few weeks now, used it again when I was at my parents place and realized I had missed it.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser:
My go-to morning cleanse, helps mattify my skin throughout the day and isn’t too drying. Lovely. In-depth review here.
Rebuy? Yes. This was my fourth bottle and I am currently on my last backup. Time for a Cult Beauty order soon.

Neutrogena Hydroboost eye roll-on:
I needed an eye cream back in New Zealand, so I picked this one up. It has a tightening feeling, is a little sticky due to the hyaluronic acid included but sinks in well and is good to wear under makeup. I dislike the roll-on, but then again I never like them.
Rebuy? Maybe. It is a decent product, but it doesn’t wow me.

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Eye Cream:
Another random eye cream I picked up when I needed a new one. Easy to wear, not too pricey, nice ingredients.
Rebuy? Maybe. As I said above, it is a decent product, but it doesn’t blow my mind.

Clinique take the day off cleansing balm:
I adore balm cleansers, and I really, really like this one. It was reviewed here.
Rebuy? Yes, at some point. Right now, there are a few other balm cleansers/ cleansing oils I have to finish first.

Nuxe Rêve de miel lip balm:
My holy grail when it comes to nourishing my lips. Quite thick in consistency, so I tend to use it at night, but it helps keeping my lips chap-free like no other.
Rebuy? I am never without a backup.

Body Care Empties

2. Body Care
The Body Shop Body Butter in Shea:
I am very good at moisturizing my body, even throughout summer, because despite having normal to combination skin on my face, my body is like Sahara desert. TBS Body Butters are rich enough to keep dry, flaky skin at bay, but do sink in quick enough to get dressed and are gorgeously scented. Shea Butter is my everyday choice, because the warm, subtle scent goes perfect with any perfume I might be wearing.
Rebuy? Yes. Always have backups in my cabinet.

Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Sweet Indulgence Body Butter:
This one was purchased in New Zealand as part of the „Try the local stuff“ I do whenever I travel. Honey scented, nourishing, but takes a tad longer to sink in completely. In-depth review here.
Rebuy? No. I like it, but I´d have to order online, so I will stick to my other stuff.

Alverde Body Butter Macadamia Nut:
This is a DM-exclusive body butter said to be a dupe for TBS Body Butters. It is (a lot) cheaper and all organic, but takes longer to sink in and lacks the variety of scents.
Rebuy? Yes. Although I still use my TBS Body Butters, I pick up one of these frequently.

L´Occitane Ultra Rich Body Lotion 15% Shea Butter:
I got this one in a travel set of L´Occitane products. And I have to say, I am disappointed. The hand creams are great, I always have on in my handbag, but this stuff? It just wasn’t moisturizing enough, despite being marketed as „Ultra Rich“. But the smell is nice.
Rebuy? No. I much prefer my Body Butters.

Haircare and Makeup Empties

Hair Care and Makeup:
Bioderma Solution Micellaire Peaux Sensibles:
Okay, this one is clearly in the wrong category. It is not used on my hair, but as a first cleanse in the evening. Don’t ask me how it ended up on this picture. But I love it.
Rebuy? Yes. Always have a backup.

LUSH Marilyn Hair Treatment:
A hair mask that contains oils to nourish and chamomile and lemon juice to lighten my hair. It leaves everything soft and less dull, so I like it a lot.
Rebuy? Already have. You have seen the new pot in my review here.

L´Oréal Ever Rich Hair Mask:
This one is a cheat. It isn’t empty. I just don’t like it. The smell is sickly sweet, the ingredients are just okay and I feel like it does nothing for my hair. I will not use it up.
Rebuy? Definitely not.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in „Light“:
As I mentioned in the review here, it oxidizes on me and thus is only a good match in summer. With summer being here again, I was able to finish it. Still like the coverage and the way it feels, but I cant get over the leaking and oxidizing.
Rebuy? No.

Wow, that was a long one. Are you still awake?
Have you tried and liked/disliked any of the mentioned products?
And are you as bad as I am in finishing makeup?

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