My French Skincare Haul – and a fashion video!

Sometimes a tiny shift in plans can bring up unwanted comedy.

You see, when I planned my content for September, which was long before my summer holiday started mid-august, the last prerecorded video was an Empties one (here in case you missed it). And to go with the video, I wrote a whole post on how little I was buying, how sensible and mindful I was with my shopping, yada yada yada.


My French Skincare Haul


Originally I had planned to upload a holiday vlog next, but then I last minute decided to post my vlogs on Wednesdays (here and here if you missed them) and instead film a fashion haul.

To go with the fashion filmed I wanted to share my skincare and makeup shopping on the blog and it turns out it was quite a bit. Which is a little ironic, reading me bang on about how little I buy on Monday and then see the gigantic amount of skincare I shopped just a week later.

But such is life, so please smile, forgive me and keep on reading for my skincare haul summer 2017.

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April 2017 – Favorites and Recap

Blogging has given me quite a few surprises since I started. And I am not going to tune in to the great community chorus here, or talk about the many things it taught me. Or the late nights and weird face paintings.

No, I am going to share with you something that I never thought would ever happen.



I got an eMail. And it was written by a cat.

Not just any cat, but a fabulous and tech savvy cat that lives pretty close to me. And that happens to have an eye for design and the corresponding web shop (here)

Short story short, that cat designs and sells printed tees, something that is all the rage in fashion right now. Says Likoli (the cat), and who am I to disagree?

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New in for Spring – Fashion and beauty haul

One thing that is very important in a relationship is sharing a passion and goals. And keeping my marriage a happy one is among my top priorities.

My husband was thrilled when I announced that recently, but somehow his enthusiasm dwindled considerably when I made him sit down and watch lookbooks on You Tube.



All for the greater good, I might add. For the purpose of helping me film my latest haul, which, surprisingly, consists of fashion as well as beauty stuff.

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Fabletics by Kate Hudson – These days in between

I know the time „in-between“, the days after Christmas and before the New Year, are meant to be filled with party and glam.


Fabletics workout gear


But to be completely honest, my life couldn’t be less glam than it is at the moment. With me working and daycare closed, there is barely any time for going out and meeting friends, so I try to do my second favorite thing for the time between Christmas and New Years:

Staying in and getting cozy. And maybe get a light workout in to combat the crazy amount of cookies and chocolate I have been consuming.

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Updating my wardrobe with the help of FashionID

If you have followed „Linda, Libra, Loca“ for a while now, you may have noticed I rarely talk about fashion, let alone share what I have been wearing.
Now there are many reasons, but the main one is I usually grab a jeans and a top and run out.
I wouldn’t go as far as saying I have absolutely no sense of fashion, but… it isn’t my strongest feature.

My uniform. Not a lot of variety here…

18 month of either being pregnant or trying to get back in shape haven’t put me in the mood to update my wardrobe, but I figured that it was time to get back on track and get a little more fashionable.

So as a first step I cleared out my wardrobe and turned to Pinterest and magazines to get some inspiration.
Now this may again just be me, but I have a hard time to actually transfer the look I see on the runway into an actual outfit.

I´ll read about a trend, decide I want to incorporate it, head out to the stores and…
am absolutely clueless what to buy.

Let me give you an example:
„Heavy knits“.
There is no secret to buying a woolen cardigan.
But the struggle is to decide which one is right for my body shape.
You know, the stuff that takes „I was freezing and now look like I am going to an arctic expedition“ to the „Lets light a fire and look longingly into each others eyes while my cardi slips off my shoulder in a subtle yet sexy way“.

Bloggers Looks Inspiration (Image Source: Fashion ID)

Of course, these days the Internet offers help.
That may be buying from an Instagram picture or have online stylists send you ready made outfits to consider, links where to buy included.

Or, my latest obsession, the „FashionID“ Online-Shop.
Not only do they have quite a selection of brands (Armani till yaya, along with more affordable ones thrown in the mix), but they have some awesome features like „Shop the trend“ or telling you whether the clothes run true to size, large or small.

An example again:
I am sitting on my couch, cold drink in hand, browsing the „Inspiration“ site for summer outfits, be they „Streetstyle“, „Editors Picks“ or, my favorite, „Bloggers Look of the Day“.
Something grabs my attention (See original site here):

Orange Flavor, (Image Source: FashionID)

Instead of running out to the shops, looking for similar stuff and discovering back home that the colors don’t work together at all, I just click „Shop the look“ and everything is listed neatly, ready for me to buy.
All it takes now is choose the right size (made easy by recommendations based on my measurements) and hit „Buy“.

What you need to create the look (Image Source Fashion ID)

I personally wouldn’t get the clutch or the pumps and pair everything with black (maybe less fashionable, but way more practical when you have a toddler running around)

Of course they offer free shipping, free returns (much needed when it comes to Online Shopping, at least in my case) and 60 days return time.
But as these things seem pretty standard in high-class online shops, it is the other features that keep me coming back.

Have you tried „Fashion ID“ before?
And do you think I actually ended up buying the Orange Flavor Look?
Let me know in the comments below!

This post was kindly supported by Fashion ID.

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Shady in here? My sunglass wardrobe

I am not much of a fashion victim.
Of course, I read some magazines, I follow some fashion bloggers and I like to buy pretty things, but being on trend (and probably uncomfortable) never was high on my priority list.

I only own one purse, most of the time the only jewelry I wear is my wedding band and my shoes easily fit in one shoe cabinet.
But as always, there is an exception to the rule.

Everyday necessities

I am obsessed with sunglasses, and I change them frequently to fit my mood and match the occasion.
So without further ado, my collection!

Too bright, too loud, too late yesterday

1. One for the early mornings after long nights
Back in the days I wore this kind of shades when I had been out all night partying and had to go get some food way to early (around 10 am).
These days, they come in handy if I have been up all night (not partying) and still receive my usual waking call around 6 am. Or if I couldn’t been bothered to put on Concealer and don’t want people to think the Zombie Apocalypse has started.
Main feature: Big glasses.
Model: Rip Curl, rounded eye shape, dark frame with animal print.
Where I got mine: In a Rip Curl store in Byron Bay, Australia, Winter 2012

Just your everyday sporty girl-next-door

2. One for days spend with the husband
Like many men, Mr. Loca despises sunglasses like the one mentioned before.
And while I usually couldn’t care less about his opinion fashion wise, I got so many (read: more than one) compliments from him when I first wore these, I decided to compromise and wear them more often.
Main feature: Mr. Loca loves them.
Model: Slight resemblance of the Wayfarers, but by Esprit. Blue glasses, blue temple stem.
Where I got mine: At the optician in Wiesbaden (Germany), Summer 2013

Cannes is calling, can you hear it too?

3. One for when I am in need of a holiday
I don’t know about your favorite vacation, but whenever I am stressed out and holiday ready, I daydream myself to a french café where I sip a Chocolate Chaud while loosing myself in a novel full of tragic romance, wearing a dainty little dress and a gigantic hat.
To be honest, I haven’t done this in years, and probably imagination beats reality here, but if I wanted to, I´d be all set up with my hat and the matching shades.
Needless to say, Mr. Loca hates them.
Main feature: Butterfly shaped. Brown. Exquisite!
Model: Nameless, cheap, too big for my face.
Where I got mine: I guess it was Bijou Brigitte or Accessorize or a similar cheap store. Summer 2014.

Just your average fashion victim – but with crystal clear vision!

4. One classic with a twist
For the longest time I have been eyeing Aviators.
The original ones are way to pricey, I never managed to find a pair I really loved and I felt like it wasn’t meant to be.
But when Sunglasses Shop contacted me and offered to send me a pair, I immediately had my heart set on aviator sunglasses.
Now I don’t know about you, but I find shopping for sunglasses online quite challenging. My head is average to small in size, so many of the shades look way to big on me. To be able to tell if they will suit me, I just have to try them on.
Sunglasses Shop offers a special feature called „Size and further information“ where they tell you the glass size of the pair you have chosen, along with some recommendations what will work with an average or small face.
That and the fact they offered polarized sunglasses, which makes them really comfortable to wear outdoors, won me over and I now am the proud owner of my first pair of Aviators.
Main feature: Polarized glasses. Honestly great if you are sensitive to light or driving your car.
Model: This one exactly.
Where I got mine: Sunglasses Shop.

How about you:
Are you a one sunglass kind of girl?
Or do you own a little collection?

The sunglasses were send to me in exchange for a blogpost featuring links to their shop. All opinions are true and my own.


Christmas Time

When it comes to christmas, it has always been a family thing.
During the past 35 years, it rarely happened that I spend Christmas Eve anywhere else than at my parents house, and if I did, it was because I had to work.

The only exception was last year, which I spend at my in-laws for several reasons.
As much as I enjoyed it, they are a lovely people, it made me realize how much we rely on family traditions to really feel the christmas spirit.

Happy holidays everyone!

This year, I will be taking the Little Bean to my parents house for her first ever Christmas and I figured, I would take you along, show you my outfit and makeup and tell you what Christmas Eve is like where I live.

Most important question answered first: Yes, we do have a real tree.
It used to be huge, as the ceiling is very high, but lately we decided to go for a smaller tree, placed on a little table. You still get the look of a giant tree, but it is less likely that either the cats or my sisters dog (or maybe even the Little Bean) are going to knock it down.
The tree is put up just a few days before Christmas and decorated on Christmas Eve, usually by us „children“ (the youngest being 31).

When we were younger, we were allowed to watch tv while my parents did the preparations. It was a big deal, as watching tv wasn’t something we would do regularly.
Our favorite movies were „Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel“, a Czech fable, and „Little Lord Fauntleroy“.
And even though we have had our own tv for quite some time now, watching one of those movies with my sisters still is a thing on Christmas Eve.

During the day, everything is pretty laid back, but we dress up for the evening, even though it is just family and food. The trick is to find something chic, but comfortable. I usually wear a dress, loosely fit, to allow me a second (or even third) helping.
Here is what I will wear this year:

Akward posing…

The dress is H+M, bought two years ago, and is the closest thing to a christmas jumper I own. The empire waistline hides the food baby quite nicely, and worn with tights and a long sleeve it is warm enough for indoors and perfect for crawling around the floor with the Little Bean.
To be completely honest, I will change out of the overknee heels into my slippers at first chance.

For makeup, golden eyeshadow, black liner, mascara and a red lip are my go to look, and today will be no exception.

Close up of the eye makeup

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Nude (read full review here)
Maybelline Mattemaker Mattifying Powder
MAC Concealer Palette in Light
Bobby Brown Shimmer Bricks in Beige as highlighter
MAC „Harmony“ blush for contour

MAC „Painterly“ Paintpot
MAC „Manila Paper“ es all over the lid (LE, but still available in a quad)
MAC „Crosscultural“ es in the crease (LE)
L´Oréal Super Liner in Extra Black Gloss

Sephora Matte Cream Lip Stain in 02 Always Red (read full review here)

Manila Paper is the one in the upper right corner of the quad, Crosscultural is the one on the palette

Unlike other countries, the presents in Germany are given at Christmas Eve instead of December 25th, so when it gets dark (at around 6 pm), my parents will light the candles (yes, we have real candles, but only on Christmas Eve) and we will gather around the tree.
Everyones presents are in separate places, and we will take turns, getting one thing from our „pile“, opening it up, and then the person who got it will tell what it is for and why she decided to gift it.

This will take some time, and after everything is unwrapped, it is time for the food.
On Christmas Eve, it is chicken salad in different variations, potatoe salad with sausages and seafood salad, bread, cheese and lychees for dessert.
The traditional roast goose is served on one of the following days, when we meet aunties, uncles and cousins, or, in my case the in-laws.

The rest of Christmas Eve will be spent talking, snacking on cookies and enjoying some family time. When we were smaller, my parents would get a board game as a family present, but since we all moved out, that stopped.
And even though I might be the only person in the whole wide world feeling that way: I am glad, because I majorly dislike board games!

With this looking forward to, I will leave you to your own preparations and hope you enjoyed that little peek into my life.
What are your favorite family traditions? I would love to hear!

Happy holidays!


It is the time for giving

December is the time for giving, not only to friends and family, but also to charity.
There are numerous good causes out there, and I am sure everyone has something that is very dear to his heart.
I wanted to take he opportunity to share with you the two that our family is going to support this year:

In the UK there is one day in december called „Christmas Jumper Day“, where millions of people go out wearing their hand-knitted Christmas Jumpers to show their support for a (pre-defined) good cause.
This year, the organization „Save the Children“, teaming up with the magazine „Brigitte“, decided to take this event to Germany.
As Christmas Jumpers aren´t a thing here, they decided to go for a scarf, called „Ein Schal fürs Leben“ („A scarf for life“).
It was designed by Lala Berlin, well- known for elegant, feminine clothes with a twist, and the wool and instructions are available in store and online.
The good cause this is aimed at are the Syrian refugees, especially the children. „Save the children“ works in the famine shelters, trying to establish some kind of stability and giving the children the opportunity to learn, play and talk about the things they had to experience.
Read more here (article in german)

The wool and the finished product (Source:

My mother, who is an excellent knitters, bought right away and I am hoping to receive one of the finished pieces as christmas gift!
Today is the awareness day, so share the love and support by tweeting #schalfuersleben and if you haven’t found a charity to donate to yet, consider „Save the children“ .
Below a picture of my mother, featuring said scarf.
She asked me to add that this picture was just taken for blog purpose, as she would never ride her bike without wearing a helmet!

My mother, wearing the finished scarf. Photo credit: my father.

If you are more into beauty products than fashion pieces, the next one might spark your interest.
One of the founders is a family friend who decided after visiting Mali to support an organization making formal education possible for girls by selling organic karité-butter produced there.
The Body Butter is 100% organic, produced by Annemarie Börlind – Natural Beauty and called „Malibelle“.
So if you are still looking for a stocking filler, just click here.

Malibelle Karité-Körperbutter (Source:

I hope you haven an awesome day.