New in for Spring – Fashion and beauty haul

One thing that is very important in a relationship is sharing a passion and goals. And keeping my marriage a happy one is among my top priorities.

My husband was thrilled when I announced that recently, but somehow his enthusiasm dwindled considerably when I made him sit down and watch lookbooks on You Tube.



All for the greater good, I might add. For the purpose of helping me film my latest haul, which, surprisingly, consists of fashion as well as beauty stuff.

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Autumn haul and try-on and I need your help


To all of you checking in for the Monday skincare review… I am sorry. I decided to venture out of my comfort zone, leave the ground that I feel safe on and try something new today.

Something adventurous.

Something I have absolutely no clue about.

A fashion video!


Autumn haul and try-on
Autumn haul and try-on


Well, at least something like a fashion video. Please don’t expect outfit inspiration and trends. Au contraire, dear readers, I am here to ask your help.


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LLL Vlogs – The Vineyard

As promised, here is Pt. 2 of our France holidays. Of course there was still a lot of food and beach involved, but I didn’t want to bore you and stuck to what was new: The vineyard.

Oh, and a bit of Sephora hauling. As you do when you are in France!


Don´t forget to watch on You Tube and in HD, and thank you for following along our summer holiday.

Now it is back to hot tea and knit sweaters, I guess. Fall, I am ready for you!


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New In March 2016 – I have been shopping

I know, I know.

I have told you many times that my collection is overflowing, that I really need to cut back on buying new stuff and that I own more skincare than any sane person probably should.

A sneak peak of the products...
A sneak peak of the products…


But in my defense: I really needed to restock on some things, and I DO have another Empties video just around the corner, so…

Oh well, I just did a little haul-ing. Please click below if you want to see what I got.


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New in – What I got in France

Many of you may know, I recently went for a (much needed) holiday in France.
Not so many know that my parents have a holiday home there, so I visit quite regularly and tend to use the opportunity to stock up on beauty and makeup stuff I don’t get as easily back here in Germany.

La vie en France

This time around was no exception, so I thought I´d use the opportunity and share some old favorites as well as some new discoveries with you. Read more

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