October 2016 – Favorites and Recap

October done and dusted, and things are getting cold here. Outside, that is. And inside, when our heating was broken. But it is fixed again. One thing I did not include in the October recap, but rest assured, it was on of my favorite things happening.

The fixing, not the breaking.


October 2016 - Favorites and Recap
October 2016 – Favorites and Recap


I seem to have lost track here. Back to the video: My October Favorites and some other stuff. As it goes.

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Favorite products 2015 Part I – Skincare, hair care, body care

It is the final days of 2015, a time spend on reflecting and looking back, so I figured I´d share my musings with you and show you my favorite products of 2015.

To help you decide what you want to watch, I divided it into two videos: One featuring skin-, hair and body care and one talking all things makeup. That way I was able to keep them short(er) as well, which is always a bonus.

Favorite skincare products 2015
Favorite skincare products 2015

Today we are covering skin- hair and body care, makeup will be up on the 3rd of January.

So without further ado, here is the first video. I hope you enjoy!

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Taking out the trash III

Time to throw away my empties once again this year. And because I don’t believe in waiting for New Years Eve to start something new, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to film my first ever YouTube video!


So if you want to see me „ahm“ and „äh“, struggle for words and get sad about Body Butter, click play or watch it here on YouTube.

A list of everything mentioned plus links to the reviews are below. Read more