Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Is marriage hard work?

Recently a blogger I have been following for a long time now (say Hi to Melissa here) did a Q&A. She went through all the questions at lightning speed, only briefly touching the one I am going to build my blogpost around: “How do you keep a long term relationship happy?”

A little background information here: Melissa married her first love and they are still crazy about each other. And as someone that believes that a happy relationship requires constant effort, her answer was quite a surprise for me. She said (rephrased): “I don´t believe you should have to work hard to keep a relationship happy. It should simply be that way.”


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara


Now I am curious to hear what you think about that topic: Is a long lasting and happy relationship hard work or is it a sign that you are in the wrong relationship? I am pretty sure that at least for me work is required, but maybe I am just hard to get along with?

And yes, I can totally see Mr. Loca using that sentence against me in our next argument. Good thing he doesn´t read my blog!

But even if I believe in working for my relationship, there is one thing that I want to be just perfect, no effort required: My mascara. And sadly Benefit Roller Lash mascara was a little bit of a letdown in that department.

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Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara – Holiday preparation

I only started to get into hiking (real hiking, mountains and tents included) when I was 30 already. Coincidently my love of makeup, You Tube and blogs really flared up at the same time, putting me in some serious inner conflict.

You see, if you are going for a hike with three nights in a tent, you will not want to add a makeup bag to the things you carry with you day in and day out. But if his hike is with the newly met love of your life and your lashes are blonde from about midway to the tips, mascara seems non-negotiable.


Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara
Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara


The solution? I booked an appointment for lash tint and lash lift two days before we flew out to Chile to do the W-circuit in Torres del Paine.

Now it will be some time before I do something similar again, but I still don’t want to be bothered with mascara before going to the beach every day on a holiday. And my last lash lift and tint happened somewhere in 2012, so when I got send the Manhattan Supreme Lash Volume Colourist Mascara (*PR-sample), claiming to tint your lashes within two weeks of daily use, I was more than willing to put it to the test.

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Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara – My Easter miracle

A little disclaimer first: I don’t want to belittle anyones religious belief and I am well aware that the miracle regarding Easter is very important for any Christian and has nothing to do with petty makeup discoveries.

But when I decided to put on some face paint for a dinner outing with my recently grown family and rummaged through my top drawer in search of a mascara, I discovered an unopened tube of Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara (in black, despite the name), and I have honestly no idea how it got there.


Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara
Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara


Now you may argue that this only shows my lack of sleep and my abundance of beauty products, but despite both being absolutely true, I usually am pretty organized and know quite well what I purchased and when.

So the discovery of a mascara unknown of was a miracle to me.

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Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara – Language of the fan

Random fact about my life: I love Fantasy and historic stuff. Not only books, but fashion and lifestyle as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am perfectly happy to live in 2016 and wouldn’t want to give up female rights and health care for staying in a cold castle and most likely die by the age of 40, but there were some fascinating things around back then.

Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara
Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara


Did you know that there was a „language of the fan“? A series of ways you could hold, flap, open or close your fan and thus transport a message to another person without having to say a word? Like invite someone to a secret meeting outdoors, telling him he has greatly annoyed you or that it is time to shut up?

Fascinating, and complicated to master!

Even without a fan I can sense you asking: Why on earth is she telling us that?

Well, these days we let our eyes do the talking (or the smartphone, but let´s ignore that for romantic reasons), and Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara promises a „wide-angle fan effect“ for your lashes. The perfect opportunity to start practicing wordless communication, don’t you think?

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Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes – A wig for your lashes?

When I was younger, I really enjoyed acting. I enjoyed it so much, I was contemplating taking up classes and doing it for a living one day.

As you know, that never happened, but up until now I love to play with different looks, and the one thing besides makeup that makes the most dramatic change in my appearance is a wig.

Fiberwig mascara
Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara

So when I received the Miaray Fiberwig Paint On False Lashes Mascara as a gift with purchase from Cult Beauty, I was excited to give it a go.

A wig to turn my sorry lashes into a voluminous dream? Yes, please!

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Making an impact – Clinique High Impact Mascara

Okay, I admit, this introduction will not get noticed as one of the most surprising or creative ones, but  sometimes we all need to go the easy road.

Clinique High Impact Mascara in "Black"
Clinique High Impact Mascara in „Black“

The highest impact in my life lately has been becoming a mother.
There are several occasions in our life, like moving out, getting your first real job with real working hours or probably getting married, that profoundly change the way you live.
Deep down, in your very core, maybe not noticeable at first, the person you have been changes. Same happens when you have a baby.

Now I didn’t expect a mascara to have a similar effect, obviously.
But if you are called Clinique High Impact Mascara, you should at least be memorable in terms of lashes. Read more


Little Häwelmann and Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

Have your parents read you the story of „Little Häwelmann“?
Maybe they haven’t, it is a german book, written by Theodor Storm for his eldest son. It was an old book when I was little, so it may count as antique now that I read it to my daughter.

It is the story of a little boy that doesn’t want to go to sleep, and when his mother, rocking his crib before, finally falls asleep herself cries out „More, more“ so loudly that the Moon hears him and let´s him travel across the sky on her beam of light several times. But still the child isn’t satisfied, shouting „More, more“, traveling through the woods and all across the world until the night reaches the end.

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara in „Blackest Black“

Sometimes I feel I am related to Little Häwelmann, and many of you out there are too. Because whenever I find a mascara I like, I still feel the need for „More, more“, crying out so loudly that companies hear me and come out with a new one, promising to finally satisfy me.
The last one I tried was Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara in „Blackest Black“.

What Revlon claims:
Lashes look magnified and multiplied with an innovative formula that reflects every lash, creating the look of bigger, bolder volume. Rounded lash-finding brush coats even the tiniest lashes for maximum impact.

One tube contains 10 ml of product. As Revlon isn’t available in Germany, I can only access it via Amazon, with prizes varying between 10 and 15 € (see here).
There is only one color, called blackest black and Revlon recently came out with a waterproof version.

Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara – The wand

The brush itself is pretty big with many short and flexible rubber bristles. Not my favorite kind of wand, but none that I fear I will hurt my eye with.
When I first started using it, the formula was a little wet, but after two weeks it was perfect: Wet enough to go on easily, but dry enough to stay put and don’t smudge.
I had no problem with Panda eyes, but I have to say that I usually don’t get them very easily. Removal  was a little tricky if I only used my Bioderma Eau Micellaire, but no problem with my TBS Camomille Waterproof Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (Review here).

Now how did it perform on my lashes? Let me show you some pictures:
1. No mascara, lashes curled

Bare face, bare lashes

2. One coat of Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara

One coat of Revlon 3D Photoready Mascara

3. Several coats in an attempt to build it up

Several coats lead to spidery lashes 

Does it live up to its claims?
It sure adds length and volume, it holds a curl and the short bristles work very well in coating even the very small lashes on the inner corner of my eye. But is this „maximum impact“? Maybe it is, but maybe there is more.

Will I rebuy?
Revlon isn’t easily available here, but a lot of you have given me compliments on my lashes during the last weeks, so I guess it is a great, trusty staple to have in my stash to come back to. But it will not stop me shouting at the Moon for „More, more“.

Who do I recommend it to?

If you are looking for a mascara to add some drama to your everyday looks, if you don’t mind a little spidery lashes when attempting to build it up and if you want a mascara that doesn’t break the bank, give this one a go.
But if you are anything like me, no mascara out there will keep Little Häwelmann taking over from time to time.

Have you tried this mascara?
And do you know „Little Häwelmann“?

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Length and Volume at once – Sounds too good to be true? Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara

Almost every woman I know is on the hunt for the perfect mascara. And even though „perfect“ is slightly different for every one of us, volume and length without making the lashes stick together will come close for the majority.

After patiently using up my L´Oréal False Lash Effect Butterfly mascara (review here), the next one I wanted to try was Artdeco´s Ultra Effect mascara.
I used Artdeco mascaras some time a go and really liked them, so when I discovered a 10 ml trial size, it went straight into my basket.

Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara in black

But is it as good as it sounds?

What Artdeco claims:
Gives maximum volume and length without making your lashes stick together.

Facts first:
To this point, it is only available as 10 ml trial size, retailing for 5,95 € here, and this was the only place I could find it online.
The mascara has been around since 2011, always as trial size, with different colored packaging, and it comes in one color: black.

The wand is of normal size, with short bristles, and the formula isn’t too wet. I notice a faint chemical smell, but as you apply it to you lashes, it won’t bother you throughout the day.

If you are prone to mascara flaking, you might have issues with this one. Mascara seldom smudges on me, and this didn’t either, but it did on a friend who tried it.
There was no problem with taking it off in the evening, even if I used just my Bioderma Eau Micellaire.

Now lets have a look at my lashes:
1. No mascara, lashes curled.
Blond at the tips, straight and fine, my lashes are almost invisible without mascara.

No mascara, lashes curled

2. Two coats of Artdeco´s Ultra Effect Mascara.
My lashes look longer, they are separated, but I am missing the volume. In fact, I miss it a lot when looking at this picture.

Two coats of Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara

Does it live up to its claims?
Half of them.
It lengthens my lashes a lot, they are separated, but there is absolutely no volume added. If I add more coats, my lashes start to stick together.
On me, the mascara lasts all day, no flaking, and holds the curl well.

Will I rebuy?
I need more volume, so I will keep on searching for „the one“. But I will happily use it until it dries out.

Who would I recommend it to?
If you are looking for a lengthening mascara that holds the curl, that might be „the one“ for you.
If it is volume you are looking for, or if you have watery eyes or tear up easily, keep searching somewhere else.
If you are unsure, give it a go. You can’t really go wrong with a trial size, can you?

What is your favorite mascara at the moment?
Are you looking for volume or length or EVERYTHING?
Let me know in the comments.