pixi Glow Tonic – Crowd pleaser

One of the important things you learn when you get older is: You can´t please everyone. And, more important, you should stop trying.

I admit it is not the easiest lesson learned, and sometimes the question: But why don´t they like me? still pops up in my head, but I have learned to be realistic about my expectations.

So if we learn to apply that to our personal life, why do we expect different from our skin care? Why do we buy a hyped product and expect to love it as much as everyone else does?


pixi Glow Tonic
pixi Glow Tonic


I mean, we do know that we all have different skins, different concerns and different needs, how on earth could one product be perfect for each and every one on this planet?

You see, I recommended pixi Glow Tonic to two fellow YouTubers, and while one was completely blown away, the other was a little disappointed. She found the product to be nice, but not mind-blowing, which she had expected.

I get both of them, and I will go into detail why I should have anticipated that later, but first let´s take a closer look at pixi Glow Tonic.

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First Impressions: Pixi by petra makeup

After rewatching my „New In“-videos, I was confronted with the question when on earth I should feature all the products I had shown you on the blog. I mean, I still have products from a haul in September 2015 that haven’t been mentioned, and miraculously new stuff keeps appearing in my drawers.

So I turned to You Tube for inspiration: Should I do „Follow up“-videos? Just keep doing hauls, relying on the fact that no one would remember what I had shoved in their face anyway?


First Impressions: Pixi makeup
First Impressions: Pixi makeup


But then I came across another type of video: „First Impressions“. You basically just sit there, talk and apply makeup. What is not to love?

So here you go: My first impressions on some bits and bobs of Pixi by petra makeup!


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