Resolutions and relaxing

New Years Resolutions.

I admit I am guilty of taking some up every year, with more or less intention of actually sticking to them.

Eating healthy, exercising, the regular stuff. But as I know that my year will be unpredictable and dictated by someone else I don’t even know yet, I decided to be very minimal this year:

I want to take more time to relax.


Relaxing - a bubble bath
Relaxing – a bubble bath

Eating healthy, exercising, all that is stuff I can stick to very easily. But relaxing? Being the Type A-personality I am, taking time off is actually pretty hard for me.

So I figured I´d work out some „relaxing rituals“ I could follow. Sticking to a plan makes switching off easier for me.

Yes, I know I am weird.

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The Baltic Sea in winter – just breathe and relax!

Most people think of summer when they think about booking a seaside holiday. The beach, cocktails, swimming in the sea while soaking up the sun sounds like a match made in heaven.

And it is, I don’t disagree. But there is another perfect time to book a little seaside getaway, and that time is… November.

The Baltic Sea in Winter
The Baltic Sea in Winter

Of course, swimming isn’t up there on the list of November activities, but there are a lot of advantages when you travel throughout the colder months. Read more