Resultime 5 expertise eye cream – The lure of Paris

To some people, something foreign will always be superior to the things they can get right next door. And some people go as far as claiming something is foreign even if it isn’t, to make it sound even fancier.


Resultime 5 expertise eye cream
Resultime 5 expertise eye cream


Case in point a woman I saw before general anesthesia many years ago. We were talking about her medication when she told me about something she was taking for her diabetes. I had honestly never heard of the product before, and she claimed that her physician had it imported all the way from France, so I had her write down the name. When I saw it written, it dawned on me what was happening: She refused to take „regular“ pills, so her doctor gave her a pretty standard medication, but pronounced it French. Believing it was more exotic than what her friends were getting, she gladly took it.

Now Resultime is a French brand, no false claims here. But the fact  is a major selling point as well. After all, the French can do no wrong! So lets see if the Resultime 5 expertise eye cream convinced me.

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Cellucur cosmeceuticals – Moth to the flame

We all have a certain key stimulus. A word, or maybe a scent, that stimulates all our senses, makes us awake, alert and feeling alive.

Now I have to disappoint anyone that was expecting a juicy story. My key stimulus, at least in blogging terms, is the word cosmeceuticals. Come on, tell me you understand! A fusion between cosmetics (yay!) and pharmaceuticals, which has the ring of scientifically backed skincare claims and measurable results! What is not to love?


Cellucur cosmeceuticals
Cellucur cosmeceuticals


So when I read the news that Reviderm launched a new line featuring AHAs and BHAs and called cosmeceuticals, I was immediately drawn in and reached out to the company, who kindly agreed to send over some things for testing.

So if you, like me, are drawn like a moth to the flame by science based skincare, read on to see how I liked them.

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Face masks – All you need to know

When I asked in my recent videos which topic you would want to hear more about, sheet masks were highly requested.

But as sheet masks on their own are not that big of a topic, I decided to film a video about face masks in general, with a special emphasis on sheet masks.

Oh, and with bloopers.


Face masks - All you need to know


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Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser – Here, there, everywhere

Whenever I see something branching out from medical research into the world of food shopping and cosmetics, I can´t help but smile. So many things that are proven to be beneficial in one aspect of our health get called out as the new solution for all our problems, and are suddenly found everywhere.

The latest? Probiotics. There is a lot of evidence that the kind of bacteria that inhabits our guts has a big influence on our immune system, plays a role in autoimmune disease and does affect our skin when it comes to things like psoriasis or eczema.


Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser
Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser


Shortly after this research reached the mainstream media, probiotic drinks started popping up everywhere, claiming to deliver „healthy bacteria“ and help with everything from bloating to fatigue. If you take a closer look at 95% of these drinks, they are mostly sugar, some milk and, of course, some bacteria. Bacteria that may be healthy, but will most likely never reach your gut, because the acid in our stomach is designed to specifically kill all bacteria. You see, there is a reason why in case of medical need, you do a „stool transplant“. I will spare you the details on that.

If you are wondering why on earth I talk about gut bacteria today, the reason is this cleanser: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser . And you can tell by the name that it contains probiotics. Designed to go on your face. As I said, they are everywhere.

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Babylonian confusion

If you are a regular reader of my blog, and even more if you are subscribed to my You Tube channel, you will know that I am no native speaker.

Most of the time that doesn’t lead to any difficulties. Not for me anyway, it is you that has to deal with my accent. But sometimes the difference between German and English gets really confusing. Take the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, for example. I wanted to write an introduction featuring the moon. Creative, I know.


Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil


Problem is, in German the moon is male. It is „he“, as opposed to „she“ in English (and most other languages). So every sentence I wrote was confusing for me, I was switching gender way too often.

So I figured, I´d just get to the product. And say „it“. It is an oil, after all. No time for babylonian confusion here on my blog.

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Taking out the trash VI – June 2016 Empties

Empties and watermelon – is there anything else you need for a chilled summer evening? I don’t think so.

This months version features a lot of Antipodes products, which brings back memories of our road trip to New Zealand. And of course turns up the ancient question:

Why does everything always have to run out at the same time?

Taking out the trash VI - June 2016 Empties

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Garancia Pscht Magique – Do you remember foam parties?

Once again I am going to embarrass myself by sharing memories of long gone times, times when a few of you weren’t even born yet, but I was already out there, wearing blue glitter eyeshadow and way too dark a foundation, ready for a fun Saturday night out!

It was the age of foam parties, and even though I just attended one in my „wild young days“, they were all the rage.

You basically entered a big room that got covered in foam, there was a lot of music, very little clothing and everything turned wet and slippery. Sounds strange? I agree, but it was actually fun in a very strange way.


Garancia Pscht Magique, the LE packaging
Garancia Pscht Magique, the LE packaging


Now the product I am going to talk about today has absolutely nothing in common with trashy mid-nineties foam parties. Except that it is a foam and that it feels kind of strange, but in a funny way.

It is the Garancia Pscht Magique New Skin and is a cleanser, marketed as micro peeling treatment.

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Sunscreen – All you need to know

There are things out there that have changed a lot ever since I was a kid.

You see, when I was 18, my first ever mobile was about as long as my forearm.

If I wanted to check my eMails I had to manually connect a modem that would then dial with amazing, beeping sounds.

And the average sunscreen sold was coconut scented and had SPF 4.


Sunscreen - All you need to know-2


Yes, things have changed a lot, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a good coconut scent. But SPF 4? We have come a long way since then!

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Corine de Farme Radiant and anti-tiredness eye care – Planning and dedication

We all know, a good blogpost requires planning and dedication. So when I got my hands on the Corine de Farme Radiant and anti-tiredness eye cream, claiming to fight tiredness and signs of fatigue, I thought long and hard about how to really put it to the test, grabbed my husband and after 39 weeks of careful preparation finally had all the bits and pieces I needed to see how it would work:

A newborn, a toddler and for several weeks no more than three hours of sleep straight!


Corine de Farme Radiant and anti-tiredness eye care
Corine de Farme Radiant and anti-tiredness eye care


Now you may reason that having a baby is a little over the top to test eye cream claims, but I believe in doing things thoroughly. And he actually is really cute, so we are going to keep him.

But on to the important stuff: How did the Corine de Farme Radiant and anti-tiredness eye cream perform?

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Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream

When I was a child, I dreamed of having a twin. That was of course inspired by films and books and included daydreams of funny pranks as well as the romantic illusion that having someone that looked like you was similar to having a soulmate.

Growing up I embraced my uniqueness and learned by observation that just because someone looked similar that didn´t necessarily mean your thoughts were similar as well.


Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream (travel size)
Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream (travel size)


So it is safe to say that ever since I entered adolescence, I prefer things to be easily distinguishable. And that applies to my sisters and me as well as to my creams and lotions.

Because when I received a sample size of the Alpha-H Essential Hydration Cream, I almost chucked it in the bin (the friends and family bin, obviously), because I figured I had tested it before. Packaging, smell and name were way too close to the Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturizer (Review here) for me to immediately realize it was a whole different product.

But luckily I discovered my mistake and used my face once again for testing purposes.

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