Get ready with me – Red smokey eyes

I used to go out a lot. Like, almost every Saturday, and then sleep in every Sunday. But even if I could not sleep in on Sunday, because I had an early appointment (like brunch at 11 am, basically in the middle of the night!) I would be tired, but function as a human being.


GRWM Red Smokey eyes
GRWM Red Smokey eyes


These days, things are different. Weekday or weekend, my kids are up at 6 am, demanding attention, toys and, most of all, food. And I, granny that I am, usually stay at home in lounge wear, watch Netflix (and chill, I am married after all) and turn off the lights at 10 pm.

But on the rare occasion I do go out, stay up late and get the chance to sleep in I feel my age more than anytime else. Because even if staying up and partying is no problem, recovering is. One night out and I am wasted for weeks!


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