Shady in here? My sunglass wardrobe

I am not much of a fashion victim.
Of course, I read some magazines, I follow some fashion bloggers and I like to buy pretty things, but being on trend (and probably uncomfortable) never was high on my priority list.

I only own one purse, most of the time the only jewelry I wear is my wedding band and my shoes easily fit in one shoe cabinet.
But as always, there is an exception to the rule.

Everyday necessities

I am obsessed with sunglasses, and I change them frequently to fit my mood and match the occasion.
So without further ado, my collection!

Too bright, too loud, too late yesterday

1. One for the early mornings after long nights
Back in the days I wore this kind of shades when I had been out all night partying and had to go get some food way to early (around 10 am).
These days, they come in handy if I have been up all night (not partying) and still receive my usual waking call around 6 am. Or if I couldn’t been bothered to put on Concealer and don’t want people to think the Zombie Apocalypse has started.
Main feature: Big glasses.
Model: Rip Curl, rounded eye shape, dark frame with animal print.
Where I got mine: In a Rip Curl store in Byron Bay, Australia, Winter 2012

Just your everyday sporty girl-next-door

2. One for days spend with the husband
Like many men, Mr. Loca despises sunglasses like the one mentioned before.
And while I usually couldn’t care less about his opinion fashion wise, I got so many (read: more than one) compliments from him when I first wore these, I decided to compromise and wear them more often.
Main feature: Mr. Loca loves them.
Model: Slight resemblance of the Wayfarers, but by Esprit. Blue glasses, blue temple stem.
Where I got mine: At the optician in Wiesbaden (Germany), Summer 2013

Cannes is calling, can you hear it too?

3. One for when I am in need of a holiday
I don’t know about your favorite vacation, but whenever I am stressed out and holiday ready, I daydream myself to a french café where I sip a Chocolate Chaud while loosing myself in a novel full of tragic romance, wearing a dainty little dress and a gigantic hat.
To be honest, I haven’t done this in years, and probably imagination beats reality here, but if I wanted to, I´d be all set up with my hat and the matching shades.
Needless to say, Mr. Loca hates them.
Main feature: Butterfly shaped. Brown. Exquisite!
Model: Nameless, cheap, too big for my face.
Where I got mine: I guess it was Bijou Brigitte or Accessorize or a similar cheap store. Summer 2014.

Just your average fashion victim – but with crystal clear vision!

4. One classic with a twist
For the longest time I have been eyeing Aviators.
The original ones are way to pricey, I never managed to find a pair I really loved and I felt like it wasn’t meant to be.
But when Sunglasses Shop contacted me and offered to send me a pair, I immediately had my heart set on aviator sunglasses.
Now I don’t know about you, but I find shopping for sunglasses online quite challenging. My head is average to small in size, so many of the shades look way to big on me. To be able to tell if they will suit me, I just have to try them on.
Sunglasses Shop offers a special feature called „Size and further information“ where they tell you the glass size of the pair you have chosen, along with some recommendations what will work with an average or small face.
That and the fact they offered polarized sunglasses, which makes them really comfortable to wear outdoors, won me over and I now am the proud owner of my first pair of Aviators.
Main feature: Polarized glasses. Honestly great if you are sensitive to light or driving your car.
Model: This one exactly.
Where I got mine: Sunglasses Shop.

How about you:
Are you a one sunglass kind of girl?
Or do you own a little collection?

The sunglasses were send to me in exchange for a blogpost featuring links to their shop. All opinions are true and my own.