The Travel Photo Tag – my trip down memory lane

When the originally planned content didn’t happen for today, I turned to Twitter to ask whether I should do an impromptu video or just reschedule already written content.

No one answered, so I had to decide myself.

A few weeks ago the lovely Melissa from Kiss & Makeup Beauty Blog shared „The Travel Photo Tag“ on YouTube and as I had been meaning to take part anyway, I settled for a chatty trip down memory lane.


Please feel free to share your top five pictures either in a blogpost or a video, I am in the mood for some travel stories!

Or tell me if you are planning on doing some traveling in 2016?




The Love/Hate Tag – Tagged by Carol in a page

I don’t usually do to many tags, but every now and again someone as lovely as Carol from Carol in a Page comes along and tempts me to write a little more about myself.
And let´s be honest, who doesn’t like talking about themselves? Vain creatures that we are…

This particular tag asks you to list ten things you love versus ten things you hate, after thanking the person that nominated you of course (Thank you, Carol!).
So without further ado, let´s move on to my lists…

Ten things I love:

1. Afternoon naps with Mr. Loca
I never used to be much of a day-sleeper, I usually don’t wake up refreshed, but confused and moody. But fitting in a nap with my husband once Little Bean is asleep feels like a little vacation and is even more precious because it is so rare these days.

2. Watermelon
If I could, I´d live off watermelon all year round. No other food needed. Seriously.

3. Seasons changing
Even though I have complained many times that I am not ready for summer to end, deep down in my heart I love to see the seasons changing. If only fall was less rain and more crunchy leaves around here…

4. Coming from a big family
I have three sisters and three cousins which I see several times throughout the year, as well as a few more that I see a little less, and I love the diversity that gives our meetings.
And of course my wonderful, loving parents as well as my own children, perfect addition to the family and source of joy and sleepless nights.

5. Returning home from work after the cleaning lady was there
I really dislike doing household chores (see below), but I dislike a messy place even more. So I decided very soon that investing in a cleaning lady was a smart thing, and the joy it gives me to return home after a long day of work and everything is magically clean and sparkling is beyond measure.

6. Travel
If you are a long time reader of my blog, that comes to no surprise. I need to be traveling to stay sane. The world is so big and there are so many beautiful places I have yet to discover, how could I stay at home all the time?

7. Food
I know, it is kind of redundant to point 2, but I really, really enjoy food and eating. Especially if someone else cooks. And cleans the kitchen. See point 5…

8. Ticking off things from my to-do list
Sounds just as sad as it is, but I get that sense of accomplishment when I can tick something of my list. I enjoy it so much, I sometimes write things I already did on my list, just to get to tick them off. These days I use an iPhone app, so I don’t waste so much paper…

9. Being independent
This is most likely the least romantic thing you will hear me say (and I will make up for it, see point 10), but I just need to know that I can always take care of myself and leave whoever I am spending my life with if I need to. I need my money, my phone and my old-age provision, and it is one of the reasons why staying at home with only my husband earning money isn’t an option. I would feel trapped…

10. My husband
He is the love of my life, my travel companion, father to our beautiful daughter and soon to our second child. He never fails to make me laugh. He is the perfect opposite to my over-planning, over-thinking self and of course drives me nuts with his spontaneous change of plans. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ten things I hate:

I have thought long and hard about this section, and then decided to leave it bare. There are a lot of things I dislike (household chores), but hate is such a strong word I really don’t want to use it for trivial stuff.
I am very lucky to say that there is nothing I hat about my life, not even the weight I am gaining (again!) or the fact I need to get up at 5 am everyday and am constantly tired.
Rereading this it sounds very soppy, and I know that the intention of the tag was not hate in it´s strongest, purest form, but bare with me and blame it on my hormones:
There is nothing I really hate.

Of course you should tag ten more people after you finished, but I will not do that and instead leave you to answer in the comments:
Anything in my list that you can relate to?

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The Beauty Scenario Tag – Agata made me do it once again

If you take a look at my posts, there are some people I mention quite often, because I genuinely love their blogs.
But one person holds place number one without doubt, and that is the wonderful Agata from Her and Makeup. Not only is her blog well worth a read, but she keeps on tagging me in fun little beauty tags.

Va-Va-Voom by Astor

So here we go again: The Beauty Scenario Tag!

You have to get rid of all your foundations and only keep one high-end and one drugstore, which do you keep?
This is a tough one.
My high-end pick would be without a second thought Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (Review here), but I honestly have never tried a drugstore foundation I was excited about.
I´ll keep on testing, but from the ones I tried so far, none would be missed if I didn’t have her.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil-Free in „Nude“

You go for an interview and the lady interviewing you has lipstick on her teeth. Do you approach the subject or ignore it completely?
In my job, most people doing the interviews are men, so I rarely have to deal with this issue. But I guess I would tell her. It is just the two of us in the room, after all.
If there were more people around, I´d ignore the subject, not to draw more attention to this fact.
Thinking about it, I once told my boss (one of the rare female bosses) she had spinach stuck in her teeth.

You are not feeling yourself and you need a pick-me-up lipstick, which do you go for?
A red one, of course.
And out of my humble collection of reds (*cough*) it would most likely be „Va-Va-Voom“ by Astor. It is creamy, it is bright and it is a pencil, which I love because they are easy to apply.

Astor Va-Va-Voom on my lips

You go back in time for a day to your teenage years, how would you do your hair or makeup differently?
I´d throw out all the foundation I used to buy at least one shade to dark and with heavy coverage. I wanted to look bronzed, and to save money I never did my neck…
But I guess I´d change my skincare regime before everything else if I´d have the chance to go back.

You ask your hairdresser for a shoulder length Pixie Lott hair cut but they hear wrong and give you a pixie cut, what do yo do?
A) Smile, say thank you, call your mum and cry hysterically
B) Cry in the chair and things get awkward
C) Complain to the manager and demand a refund

Out of the above, C) is most likely.
I make sure to take pictures of the style I want with me if I go to see a new hairdresser, to avoid any misunderstanding.
If I had to come up with my own reaction to the above mentioned scenario, I´d probably have a good laugh and see it as an opportunity. All my life I have wanted long, luscious locks, and as long as I can remember I have tried to grow my hair, never really liking the state it was in.
Maybe this would be the universe telling me to go with a short do and embrace myself?

Your friend surprises you with a 4 day city break and you have one or to pack, which „Do it all“ Palette do you pack in your makeup bag?
Another tough one.
I don’t own a „Do it all“ palette. Or any multi-purpose palette to begin with. I´d just throw some tried and trusted products in a bag and pick four depotted eyeshadows in my customizable MAC palette.
It would probably look a little like this one. I doubt I´d take less…

My eyeshadow essentials

Your house has been robbed, don’t worry, everyone is safe, but your beauty stash has been raided. What´s the product you really hope is safe?
My palette containing my depotted MAC eyeshadows (see details here). About 2/3 of them were limited edition and I would miss them dearly.
Apart from that I carry so much makeup in my handbag I´d still own a powder, a blush and about five lip products even if the house burned down.

I really love all of these shadows, but the depotted ones would be missed the most

Your friend borrowed makeup and returns it in awful condition. Do you:
A) Pretend you haven’t noticed
B) Ask them to re-purchase it
C) Secretly do it back to their makeup?

Well, it is just makeup, but I would be offended none the less. I´d probably ask what happened, assuming there was a terrible accident like a toddler trying to eat the lipstick.
These things happen, I know that first hand!
But in the end, I´d expect they´d replace it, and I guess my friends would offer that anyways.

Now that´s it.
I tag Cat from Cat heart budget and Marie from All or nothing.
How would you react? Tell me in the comments below.


The Beauty Tag – Late Night Edition

I am sitting here in front of my desk, suitcase half packed, the Little Bean finally asleep and lots of stuff to do until I board the plane in a little more than 24 hours.

Why you may ask?
Because Agata from Her and Makeup tagged me in her Beauty Tag, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Beauty Tag

So there we go: 10 Questions about makeup and beauty.

1. The best beauty product discovery of 2014?
To be honest, I didn’t buy a lot of new stuff in 2014. I made a point in shopping my stash and finally finish some products I had, which led to less purchases.
The one thing I really bought this year and was majorly impressed with are the Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops (review here).

Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops

2. What Spring 2015 makeup collection appeals to you the most and why?
Lancome French Innocence.
I love, love, love the color combination! It will be the next Collection featured in my Inspired by… series, so you can see what I mean.

Lancome French Innocence Spring 2015

3. What one makeup tip would you give to your mom?
My mom is who taught me how to wear makeup, so thinking about giving her tips now feels a little weird. She is really good at doing her makeup in her personal style, so I either recommend products I discovered or completely stick to skincare advice.

4. The most disappointing beauty purchase of 2014?
A Limited Edition Red Lipgloss by Catrice. I got it in a whim, because it was a collaboration with LaLa Berlin, a fashion label I really like, but I just can’t stop it from settling into my lip lines. I have tried lip pencils, blotting, everything. It just moves everywhere.

5. Do you prefer to shop in store or online? What are your favorite places to shop for makeup?
I love to shop online for skincare (Cult Beauty being my favorite), but for makeup it is very important  in my opinion to actually see and feel the product. Usually I read reviews, swatches and all this online and then got out to buy the product in store. Douglas for high-end cosmetic and DM for drugstore makeup.

6. What kind of posts would you like to see more of on my blog?
I have to agree with many of the comments you received before: Makeup looks and tutorials are your strength. But as they are time-consuming and sometimes require picture taking by someone else, how about more personal/chatty posts? Your skin issues and what you are trying to get it right again. How moving to America felt. Holiday traditions form Poland. Zumba and why you love it so much. Lifestyle posts is what they are called, I guess.

7. Who is your favorite You Tube blogger and why?
I will have to cheat a little and name two, because as much as I love them on their own, the two of them together are my absolute favorite: ViviannaDoesMakeup and LilyPebbles. They are relatable, down to earth, witty and live in London. What else could you ask for?

8. If you could wear only one eyeshadow for the rest of the year, what shade would you pick?
MAC Satin Taupe. A subtle brown to taupe smokey eye that works with a bright lip as well as a more natural look.

9. What do you think of the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year – Marsala? Are you going to incorporate this shade into your makeup?
Yes. Being 35, I remember when similar colors were in fashion back in the days, and I will feel like my old 16 year old self again when applying it to my lips and cheeks.

10. What one makeup product should everyone have in their makeup bag?
Concealer. Whether you are a teen and suffer from spots or a mother lacking sleep, if you want to hide the discoloration too much sun has given you throughout the years, Concealer is your friend regardless your age.

MAC Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“

I tag Mimi from Mimi Flys and Cat from CatheartBudget (I know you are always looking for a tag, Cat!) as well as Marie from Allornothing, Hollie from Holliegarner44 and Jinah from HeartandSeoul.

To all my lovely readers: Feel free to answer the questions in the comment section, even if I didn’t tag you.
If you don’t feel like answering all the questions, do me the favor and answer question number 6 at least.