Taking out the Trash – Empties

I have debated for ages whether or not I wanted to include an „Empties“ post on my blog.

On other blogs and especially on You Tube I enjoy them, but talking about them myself struck me as being quite boring.

Now that I adopted a three times weekly upload schedule, I figured it was justified to throw in a post a little less meaningful (I know I write about makeup. This is meaningful to me!) as the other ones and decided to give it a go.

My empties bag. I like a bag with attitude!

So there you go:
My trash, short reviews included.

The face stuff

1. Face Stuff:
La Roche Posay Serozinc:
A firm favorite, used in the morning after my acid toner. Review here
Rebuy? Already have.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
The old version, without the + and thus without effect against dark spots. After having tried the old and the new formula, I think I prefer the old one. I will do a comparison soon.
Rebuy? No longer available. But I still have a backup.

Lush Enchanted Eye Cream
A lightweight eye cream that sits great under Makeup. I have used it for years, but I am not sure if it is still hydrating enough for my aging eye area.
Rebuy? Maybe.

Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Ageing Eye Balm
Lightweight, sits well under Makeup. This is slightly more nourishing than the Lush one, but I didn’t feel it did something special.
Rebuy? I don’t think so.

Estée Lauder Advanced Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II
A very lovely, though a little silicone-heavy serum. Review here
Rebuy? Yes, the 100 ml bottle at Duty-Free.
Edit: As the lovely Sunny from Mostly Sunny pointed out, the updated version is actually silicone-free. The one thing that still may be of concern to some is the use of different PEGs.

Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Pads
Far from the original Clearasil „Burn your face off“ products of my youth, I love them for acid toning. Review here
Rebuy? Yes.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm
This was my first balm cleanser ever, and I loved it. But during pregnancy I just couldn’t stand the smell, so I turned to the Clinique Take the Day off and only recently finished this one. I will do a review on it as soon as repurchased, because the pot looks so disgusting right now I can’t take pictures.
Rebuy? Yes. After I finished the other cleansers lined up…

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm
Hands down the best lip balm i have ever tried. My savior during air-condition and harsh winter winds. I use it pretty much all year round.
Rebuy? Yes. Never want to be without it.

The body stuff

2. Body Stuff
Lush Handy Gurugu Hand Cream
This is a rich, heavy duty hand cream with a herbaceous smell. I use it at night time, because it takes some time to sink in, but it is a blessing for my dry and chapped hands.
Rebuy? Yes.

L´Occitane en Provence Dry Skin Foot Cream
A foot cream rich in Shea butter. Pleasant in texture and smell, but not rich enough for my feet.
Rebuy? No.

The hair stuff

3. Hair Stuff
Organic Hair Fertilizer
I am desperate to have long, healthy locks, but somehow my hair doesn’t seem to grow at all. At least in my mind, so I went ahead and bought this product. With pregnancy, the hairloss and a much needed chop, I can’t tell if this really has made a difference, but it contains some lovely ingredients.
Rebuy? Maybe.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Travel Size in Original (not pictured)
I wash my hair only twice a week, and depending on my workouts I sometimes need a little refreshing of the roots, which is why I like to keep some dry shampoo at hand. This one has been in my hand-/ diaper- or gym bag due to its convenient size.
Rebuy? Yes. Accidentally bought the Cherry scented one last time. Don’t do that!

The makeup stuff

4. Makeup
Bobby Brown Corrector in „Light Bisque“
My go-to Corrector for quite some time now. Great at neutralizing the blue in my dark circles.
I will review it once I get a new one.
But a quick question: Am I the only one who keeps breaking them? Every one I owned lost its lid about halfway through using it…
Rebuy? Yes, once I finished the one I am using right now.

MAC Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35
Basically MACs version of a BB Cream/ Tinted Moisturizer. Light in coverage, dewy in finish, with a lot of added skincare benefits. Review here
Rebuy? No. I want a little more coverage.

L´Oréal Super Liner in „Black Laquer“
I love, love, love L´Oréals Super Liner in Extra Black Gloss (Review here) and accidentally grabbed the Black Laquer version. This one peeled off my eyelids within hours, despite looking really lovely at first.
Rebuy? No. I´ll stick with the other one.

So that´s it for this time.
I get to take the trash out and you get to leave me a comment below:
Did you like this post with the added links and mini-reviews?
What have you finished recently you are going to rebuy?

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  • I am waiting to repurchase the 100/75 ml of the Estee Lauder serum too! Although I feel this gnawing urge to try something else in the name of serum.. you know something more "natural" less silliconey?


  • Nice! The Lush eye cream and Nuxe lip balm are ones I'd love to give a try. I'm finding it hard to pull the trigger on a $20 lip balm, though!

  • I have wanted to try the MAC BB cream but you have sort of put me off now. Need to hunt for a different cream to try

  • Jaa

    I hope my 100 ml bottle of the EL ANR is going to last me for a while! 😀 I tried the MAC Prep + Prime BB once and I loved it for its light coverage. Good for a casual day for me. 🙂 I didn't repurchase it, though, since obviously I have so many other things to go through. LOL

  • Cool! It's the first time I've heard about hair fertilizer.


  • I've never heard of Hair Fertilizer before but it sounds so interesting! Hmm….I'll look into it! Thanks <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  • The amount of cleansers I want to try is ridiculous… might take me 5 years to get through them. The Emma Hardie one is definitely on the list! 🙂

  • Hey, I see a lot of stuff I like here! I wasn't aware the ANR serum has silicone tho! I know the eye serum and eye cream do, but I can't seem to find cone on the ingredient list of the serum, or maybe I just overlooked! I always have Effaclar Duo around. It nips even the nastiest acne in the bud, but I've never tried to use it on dark spots! Once I'm done with this tube I'll have to get the plus version tho. No more backup here!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Also ich muss mal wieder gestehen, dass ich keines der Produkte hier kenne, mit Ausnahme des Trockenshampoos, das ich jedoch liebe 🙂 Solche Post würden bei mir sehr mager ausfallen, denn irgendwie halten meine Kosmetikprodukte in der Regel ewige Zeiten – bis auf das Trockenshampoo! Liebe Grüße von Rena

  • As I might be slightly addicted to lip balms, I've always kept the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm at the back of my mind because I keep hearing people talking about it. It really does seem to be worth the money, though! ☺


  • It is. I use it every single day and haven't stopped since I discovered it two years ago. One pot lasts you ages, so it is definitely worth the price. As it is very rich I only use it first thing in the morning and right before bed, but use something different during daytime.
    What is your favorite lip balm?

  • Oh, meine halten sich auch ewig. Das hier ist die Ausbeute von 6 Monaten. Manchmal werden kurz hintereinander viele Sachen leer, manchmal ewig nichts. Mir sind die Leute unheimlich, die sowas jeden Monat posten können!
    Vor allem bei Makeup dauert ewig, bis irgendetwas tatsächlich leer ist.

  • You are right, the updated version is silicone free, I will correct that immediately. It was the PEG I had in mind when writing this posts and didn't double check.
    Which version of the Effaclar Duo do you use, the European or the American one? They differ greatly in concentration. I find the European version to be a lot less effective and suitable all over my face whereas the American version really is a targeted spot treatment.

  • Yes, I have two still waiting in my cabinet while I am itching to get backups of the ones I am currently using… Too bad I have limited storage space, otherwise I´d just keep on buying enough cleansers to last through the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

  • I can't tell whether it works or not, it may be just wishful thinking, but the INCIs read great and it had a pleasant smell.

  • I heard about it in a YT-video a while back and was sold instantly. Trying to grow my hair is something I have been doing for ages, so anything that promises help in that department has me hooked.
    Do you have secret tips on hair growth you care to share?

  • You need the Serozinc!
    Is it available in Belgium or in Switzerland?

  • Apparently it is in Belgium, so next time I'll have to look for it. Or ask mommy to look for it for me 😉

  • Oh phew, I'm glad I didn't remember that wrong!

    I use the European version. I know it's gentler because the US version has a chemical or two that is not allowed by EU regulations. It works really well for me tho!

  • They have come out with a lot of new shades since I bought mine, and it has a lot of skincare goodness, but I wasn't convinced by the coverage, so I won't be repurchasing anytime soon.
    On other news, I tried to get color matched on the Miracle Air de Teint Fundation you talked about but was told the wouldn't do samples and I could either buy it or leave it, so obviously I left it. Will have to try again in another store…

  • It is a decent cream, if you want to know more I wrote an in-depth review on it a while back. If you don't mind the lighter coverage it has a whole lot of great skincare ingredients added.
    What kind of coverage do you usually go for?

  • That depends on what you are looking for in the serum? I am currently testing two from the Antipodes range and love them both, but one is a little to heavy for my combination skin. Are you looking for hydration or cell-repair (aka anti-aging)?

  • I rely on my mother to get the good stuff from France, too.

  • Isa

    Da hast du aber einiges leer bekommen 🙂 Grüße nach MZ :p

  • HushHush

    You used up some great products. Very nice selection 🙂 I love so many of these.


  • Which ones in particular do you use?
    Have you tried the Clearasil Pads? I read in your latest article you are experimenting with AHAs, and these are a fuzz-free version of incorporating them into your routine.

  • Sounds very promising indeed!
    My favourite kind of lip balms are probably the Nivea lip butters (especially the vanilla & macadamia flavour) but I also quite like the eos lip balms despite their slightly strange shape ^.^

  • Jodie Vernon

    The Nuxe lip balm is just the holy grail lip balm for me now!

    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  • I like "Empties" kind of posts so sure, include them more often! I don't go through my products nearly enough…especially makeup!

    I think Dee from How Does Dee Do It mentioned she broke her BB concealer too! I have never used anything from Bobbi Brown! Can you believe that? I have also never tried the Nuxe lip balm…and I need to cause absolutely everyone is raving about it!


  • That's good to hear it'll go a long way. My favorite that I have right now is the Tony Moly lip balm (in the little tub shaped like a pair of lips), that one's been working out well for me. That, and the Egyptian Magic balm, which I've run out of.

  • Actually hydration, and thats why the EL ANR works really well for me. But I have never gotten along with Antipodes so I am not sure if I'd want to invest in it 😐 I am waiting to finish off the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, after that a purchase (something new hopefully!) would be imminent!

  • I like the empties posts! It's good to encourage people to finish their old products before they buy a new one. And, to reflect on each product to see if it is suitable or not!

    ★ meilijourney.blogspot.com ★

  • I really like the Antipodes Hosanna one for hydrating, but if you don't get on with Antipodes, this of course won't be a good one to try.
    Apart from that I have recently tried The Body Shop Nutriganics serum, which is quite hydrating, too, and available on a budget.
    Maybe Melissa has some thorough recommendations? She has been looking for hydration this last winter.
    What have you set your mind on? Or do you still have no clue?

  • I haven't heard of Egyptian Magic one. Where do you buy it?

  • Isn't the shape the main selling point for the EOS ones? And I agree, the Nivea lip butters smell delicious.

  • See the Kiehl's conc. has been great for hydration.. but its an oil and I want a lightweight serum sort of thing for summer. I think I might try the Clarins Hydraquench serum because I love the cream from the range so much and have been itching to pick it up since end of summer last year! Will keep you posted!
    P.S: There is a Tata Harper serum also calling out to me, not sure how long I am going to be able to hold off 😛

  • My mother uses the Clarins one and really enjoys it, but I haven't played with it too much.
    Speaking of Tata Harper: I have a sample of the Nutrient Replenishing Complex lying around here, thanks for reminding me to use it.

  • Make up is so hard to finish! We talked about that on Twitter a few days back, remember? The days when we actually used to finish a lipstick because we just owned one?
    This is why I don't mind reapplying my lip products throughout the day: It gives me hope I will actually finish one!

  • I use it all year round, such a great product!
    Do your lips get very dry during winter time?

  • I also need to use my products more often before I buy new ones! X Laura http://www.mixtfashion.com

  • Tailored and true

    I loved this empties post! Super informative! Also, you should never feel like you have to justify that your posts are meaningful! Of course they are – your blog is wonderful!


  • Wow du hast aber viele Produkte aufgebraucht. Ich mag ja Empties Posts. Ich muss gestehen, dass ich noch nicht davon ausprobiert habe. Allerdings wollte ich schon immer den Nuxe Lip Balm ausprobieren. Werde aber bis zum Winter warten, denn von Honig bekomme ich schlimmer Heuschnupfen 😀 ich finde es gut das bei euch nicht gelästert wird, aber wir kommen von unseren schlechten Angewohnheiten nur schlecht weg. Wünsch dir einen wunderschönen Wochenanfang!


    P.s.: Die Jungs von VD finde ich auch nicht schlecht 😉

  • I have read a lot of good review on the Nuxe lip balm but have yet to try it myself, need to keep in mind about it the next time I need a new lip balm. I've also seen that La Roche-Posay Serozinc but thank you for your review on it, I'll give it a skip because I have very dry skin.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I love L'Occitane hand and foot creams. These kind of posts are so informative. I learn new products every time 🙂

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید


  • I love reading Empties posts – I think you should keep them up 🙂 I am awful at doing them (mainly because I never get around to finishing much and throw it away and forget to keep a hold of it when I do finish it!) I love LRP products, especially Effaclar Duo+. I never tried the old version so cant comment on how they compare but interesting that you think it's not as good xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  • I love Batiste dry shampoo!


  • Egyptian Magic is sort of more of an all-purpose facial balm, so it's sold in bigger pots than a lip balm but it works really well on my lips, too. I'm able to buy two-packs at Costco, and Walgreens has it on their website. There might be heath food stores that sell it, though I haven't seen it at Whole Foods.

  • It is great!
    Which scent do you prefer?

  • They changed up the ingredients, so the focus of the new LRP Duo Effaclar + is a little different. I guess it depends on your skins needs which one you prefer. I will do a detailed post in the future.
    It is very hard to force yourself to really use up products, especially makeup wise. There is just so much stuff to try!

  • I really like their hand cream, but was a little disappointed by their foot cream and body cream. Have you tried the one for the body, too?

  • I think as someone with very dry skin, it probably isn't the best for you.
    If you get the NUXE, keep in mind that it is a lot thicker than your average lip balm, so it isn't something to carry in your handbag. I keep it on my nightstand.

  • Ich hab den Post als Motivation genommen, die Sachen auch wirklich aufzurauchen. Sonst stehen hier immer fast leere Sachen rum, weil ich dann doch schon was neues probieren wollte… So diszipliniert mich der Blog.
    Grundsätzlich lästern wir schon. Nur eben nicht über die Männer der jeweils anderen. Und apropos Männer: Ich fand die Auswahl, die im Ursprungs-Männerhasser-Post drin war, sehr gelungen. Leider waren da die Kommentare schon geschlossen.

  • Thank you so much for your words. It can be hard to believe sometimes when you sit in front of your laptop and decide to grace the WWW with a description of your trash…

  • I was on a spending ban for about 12 months, that really helped with finishing stuff. But it is hard, because there is always so much new things to try!
    Do you rather finish skincare or makeup?

  • Ah, okay. We have neither of these stores here in Germany, but I will see if some place else sells it.

  • Tailored and true

    Haha yes, but it's useful trash… 🙂

  • been looking for la roche posay stuff everywhere didn't know it's no longer available 🙁


  • It still is available, but it got reformulated.
    Do you use a lot of LRP?

  • In my opinion, the caring effect of the eos balms is also quite remarkable!

  • I could do "empties" posts if only I ever finished a product… That almost never happens, except for moisturizers!

  • Yes, it doesn't feel right to buy new stuff if I already have something familiar. There are also some products I finished and repurchased many times. But, it is hard for me to finish up makeup products tho.

  • I'm a fan of Lush products! Love the hand cream!


  • Mira Shpak

    Lovely post, dear! So interesting.

    Share with you my new post – http://starlingdays.blogspot.com/2015/05/njknit.html

  • I always want to do an 'empties' post but my inner clean-freak means I end up chucking out the containers! Love Effaclar Duo – I'm on my fourth tube of that stuff! I also love the Bourjois CC cream and am on my fifth or sixth tube of that. And my Body Shop primer – third tube of that! I could go on, but I'd be here all day 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Bobbi Brown also is my go-to corrector and concealer… and foundation lol. I actually haven't used my YSL touche eclat in a long time now.. well, I think I need to rebuy it lol. That's why I haven't ^^ Still doing a-ok with my current corrector and concealer!

  • Haha, yeah! I always throw away whatever I finished immediately too xD guess no empties post for me either! 😀

  • valeriesdays

    Very complete, sincere and interesting post ! I know NUXE and the lip balm : it's great (the brand is good and not too expensive !). For the dry foot I use the basic nivea cream every night and it's perfect !! xox http://valeriesdays.blogspot.fr/

  • We've got similar tastes! Love the Nuxe balm, I apply it under every lip colour.

  • Oh my gosh, so many wonderful products! Really wanting to try the Lush handcream! Looks great. Sounds silly but I've found a deodorant by Dove I absolutely adore. It's tiny so easy to put in your purse as well

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  • Makeup really takes the longest, but on the other hand, there isn't one lipstick that I apply as regular as my lip balm, so I guess it is meant to be that way.

  • I haven't tried them, but I´ll take your word for that.

  • Best things are purse friendly things, this is why I love my powder compacts.

  • It is a miracle product, but I sometimes feel it makes my lipstick slide off and settle into my lip lines more if it hasn't sunk in completely. Or maybe this is just me denying my age and blaming it on the balm…

  • I have to admit, I haven't used Nivea basic cream in ages, I guess it just isn't fancy enough to catch my attention. But now that you have mentioned it, I´ll go get a tub and try it.

  • I really have to try the concealer and foundation. Thinking how much I enjoy the corrector, it just doesn't feel right that I haven't tried the other stuff.

  • This is why I collect my empties in a pretty looking bag located on a bathroom shelf: I don't realize I have trash waiting until I get it down and start writing!

  • Glad you liked it.
    Do you repurchase products regularly?

  • It is a great one. what are other favorites you have from Lush? I am always looking for more recommendations.

  • I made it a point during the last year to actually replace only the products I had used up. I have still so many things to try, already purchased and now gathering dust!

  • Zahra Suleman

    Really lovely products! Definitely going to try the Lush and Mac products!


  • Maireem Maneje

    Like the Lush hand cream 🙂


  • I have to keep it up high, or else my daughter is going to get her hands on them and we all can imagine what she´d do with them and where I would find them months later….

  • Awesome reviews! I totally understand what you mean about empties, I love reading others' but to me it's not as exciting to share. Not sure why 🙂

    Thanks for all the good reviews! I'm curious to try some more from LUSH now and the ANRII (as you mentioned the original is the one with silicone which I would avoid at all costs).

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Haha I can well imagine!

  • Jenessa Sheffield

    Awesome reviews!!! So many wonderful products that I want to try!



  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    All of these products look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • Really great in depth reviews of each product! I had that cherry Batiste one too… blech!

    Jenny // http://www.mishmoshmakeup.com

  • I have the same hair issue. Everything was great while I was pregnant, the prenatal vitamins gave me inches within months! 6 months post partum I lost so much hair 🙁 It grows really slowly now and I'm scared to even give it a trim.

  • I do like this style of post , I think you should do them more often 🙂

    nice review! I think I may give a go at the Lush hand cream soon.

  • Love this post!

  • Did you trie any LUSH hand cream before?

  • No inches within months for me, but I lost quite a lot, too. I actually did a blog post about it a few months back…
    Not going for a trim was something I did, too, but I have the feeling they just have to cut more if I don't go regularly…
    How old is your little one? And boy or girl? If you don't mind me asking.

  • I usually like Cherry, but that scent was horrible. Which scent do you usually use?

  • You are welcome. Have you tried any of these?

  • I am obsessed with MAC. And Lush.
    Are you, too?

  • It really gets the job done. Do you have dry hands?

  • Maybe it is because we don't see the review opportunity, but only the trash? This posts gets a lot of positive feedback, so go and do your empties, too. I for one would love reading them!

  • What is first on your list?

  • And I'm seeing now that not trimming results in a lot of breakage too, should do something about it soon.
    I don't mind at all 🙂 A boy, he's 3 and has me wrapped around his little finger! Not sure if you've mentioned this elsewhere on your blog, what about yours if you don't mind me asking 🙂 ?

  • Great post and straight to the point! laughed at the clearasil review – they used to have really harsh ingredients!

    P.s have you seen my Inks box? See details here: https://everydayconcepts.wordpress.com/shop/


  • I have a daughter, 15 months, and quite a bundle of joy, although she isn't great at sleeping… This is why I go through Concealers like there is no tomorrow!

  • I've been collecting them! So very soon! Thanks Linda 😀

  • They really did. And I believed they would help clear my face, so it used them through the burning and the tears. I wonder how I have still got skin left on my face…

  • Thanks, Cat.

  • idu

    Great post. That bag sure has attitude, omg LOVE IT. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  • Haha, it was a gift from my mother and is from France. I figures if I´d keep my trash, I´d do it in style!

  • only when in their store ! But i seen one the other day (its like bar ) in the massif new Oxfor Street store and it wasn't too expensive actually so i might get it soon.

  • Keep me posted if you do.