The Travel Photo Tag – my trip down memory lane

When the originally planned content didn’t happen for today, I turned to Twitter to ask whether I should do an impromptu video or just reschedule already written content.

No one answered, so I had to decide myself.

A few weeks ago the lovely Melissa from Kiss & Makeup Beauty Blog shared „The Travel Photo Tag“ on YouTube and as I had been meaning to take part anyway, I settled for a chatty trip down memory lane.


Please feel free to share your top five pictures either in a blogpost or a video, I am in the mood for some travel stories!

Or tell me if you are planning on doing some traveling in 2016?



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  • Oh what a great idea!
    I might make mine soon as well.
    Thanks for sharing yours dear.

  • This is such a great idea! Love your pictures. I feel like I want to do this kind of post too 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  • This was beautiful! I had no idea you were married previously or that your now hubby proposed in Australia! You must come back and relive the memories 😉 hehe

    • One of the many reasons I want to go back to Australia one day. If it only wasn’t so far away!

  • I’ve really enjoyed this video! Travelling experiences are so important in life and it’s been lovely to get to know you a little better through your memories and finally put a face to Mr Loca.

    Inma x

    • I promised to not drag him into my blogging stuff when I got started, so I had to make a formal request before I uploaded the video. Luckily he agreed! He has no interest whatsoever in makeup and beauty, which is why he isn’t featured here more often.

  • Great video 🙂


  • Yaaaaaay! So glad you did the tag!

    • I told you I was itching to get out again as soon as I watched yours!

  • I’ve really enjoyed watching this video and I truly wish I will get the opportunity to travel as much as you do!

    • I think you can if you make an effort. I never spend much on clothes or living, we were living for rent up until now, so we could invest all our money in traveling. And except for the flight, saying in another country doesn’t have to be expensive, our Australia trip was on a budget, as well as Thailand and Chile. That is something that has changed now that we have children, you need a lot more money for long distance trips.

  • Awww if I was around on Twitter I would have answered you! This is a great idea for a tag though. I love hearing about people’s travels. It’s so exciting. Last year my family and I traveled back home to New Jersey. It wasn’t exactly exciting, but it was good to visit home. Kind of bummed that I didn’t get to make it to New York, but we were pretty tired. I doubt we’ll do much of anything this year. Maybe a trip up north to Chicago, but that’s still in the same state so I don’t think that really counts as traveling lol.

    • I bet you´d have some awesome pictures to share, judging by everything you upload to your blog on Sundays.
      This year will be without big trips for us either, with the second child due in March and the move come summer, we are pretty busy, I guess.

  • Looking forward to watching this! xx


  • What a lovely couple! You two look so happy together, I hope it will always stay that way! Also you look great in that traditional dress 🙂

    Ela BellaWorld

    • Ha, me too. It is way easier to look that happy on holiday without kids, but so far we are doing pretty good 😉

  • I’m hoping to do a bit of traveling this year. So far, I got to go to Boston for two adventures, which was amazing.

  • Loved your video! So fun to see your pictures from your travels! Such a great idea for a post!

    Doused In Pink

    • Thank you, Jill. Ever thought about doing something like this yourself?

      • I’ve never done a video but I think it would be fun to put together.

        • It could be done in a blog post as well. My favorite travel outfits?

          • That’s a great idea! I’ll have to think about that.

  • It’s always been my dream to go to Tibet and Nepal! If I ever do go, I’ll ask you for tips and recommendations!

    • And I will point you in the direction of someone that can really help you. Honestly, it was a great trip, but there is so much to see and do there I only experienced a fraction of it.

  • This is such a cute idea! I would love to visit all those places- I haven strayed too far from Canada (mostly the Caribbean and a bit of England!) I’m hoping to either visit Thailand or Ireland within the next year or so 🙂

    • Oh, the Caribbean, that sounds exciting as well! Thailand is really great. Do you scuba dive?

      • No! I’ve always wanted to!

        • It is a great place to learn it as the water is so warm and there is so much marine life to discover there.

  • I’m planning on going everywhere, but I’m not sure with what money.
    Great video. Enjoy 2016!

    Jenn |

  • Fiora

    I love travelling and would love to do some in 2016 but I don’t have any plans really.I love your video.So nice!xx

  • What a lovely video, I came back from a family trip exactly almost a month ago, and I’m excited to know where 2016 will take me to! 🙂

    XO, Melissa’s Diary

    • Where did you go?

      • I’m from Colombia, so I haven’t been to most of the cities in here except the ones near the coast, but we went this time for the very first time to Medellín, it’s a gorgeous place also known as „The City Of Eternal Spring“, and everything is so beautiful, I felt in love with that place and now, I find myself missing that place so much! 🙂

        • A city of eternal spring sure sounds lovely! Did you do a trade post? I´d love to see the link and take a look at your pictures.

  • Sara Meireles

    Great photos sweetie , I love it


    new post

  • Yulia

    Linda, this is such a nice video! I loved every picture, especially the one of you in a sari:) I am planning to visit Russia this summer to see my grandparents and show my husband around. Hope you had a nice weekend!:)

    • That sounds like a great trip. Has your husband bee to Russia before?

  • I love how you share a little story along with each photo. I feel like I know you a bit better after watching this. You and your current husband make such a lovely couple! The cold winter weather has totally brought out my wanderlust and I want to plan a trip now. Not sure where yet but we’ve talked about going west.

    • Thank you, Rowena. It was definitely a quite personal video, which is why I was a little hesitant at first to upload. But I do enjoy getting to know the people behind the blog myself, so I figured I´d just go with it.

  • This sounds like a really fun tag to do! 🙂 It’s nice to have a trip down memory lane now and then 🙂

    And I definitely agree with you, with a baby on the way there’s no time for travel in the immediate future haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • That picture of you and your partner made my heart swell. You both look so wonderful together. <3 Thankyou for sharing with us.


    Awww this is lovely, thanks for sharing

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  • Such a beautiful couple 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Stephanie |

  • Ahh how lovely! I especially loved the last picture on the beach. You have had some great experiences Anne. Gemma x

  • This is such a sweet video. I love the last one with the half body of your husband and your daughter going towards the water. Congratulations on your pregnancy! 🙂

    • Thank you. Going to New Zealand was a great experience, and we bonded so much as a family.

  • I really enjoyed the video, Lola! It seems that you guys had a blast at the beach. Congrats on your pregnancy! xx

    Ale |

    • It was the second time I tried surfing and I was so exhausted!

  • Emily

    It’s always really nice to revisit memories, I find it helps you appreciate things a little more! So jealous of you going to New Zealand – it’s definitely high on our list!

  • Ich hab mich so gefreut dieses video zu sehen und es war so schön mehr von dir zu sehen/kennen zu lernen 🙂

  • I think there’s nothing like visiting memories and sharing the reasons behind why you love them, to just bring back emotions towards it that you no longer fully remembered (does this make sense?). I think sometimes it even helps figuring out new things, and appreciate it even more. Life goes by so fast that we at times lose ourselves and forget to really be in the moment. Saving it to later remember is something I intend to do myself.

    Lovely post, and you’re looking beautiful as per usual. Hope everything is okay with the baby <3

    Ella Pinto xx

    • As much as I believe in living my life forward, not dwelling too much on the past, I feel that it is very important to relive memories to better understand the situation you are now in. Digital photography is such a great way to create keepsakes that bring you back to cherished moments.

  • Liebe Linda, bin dir soeben auf Twitter gefolgt 🙂

    Das Video ist so eine tolle Möglichkeit dich etwas näher kennenzulernen und ganz toll, dass du das mit uns geteilt hast! xxx

  • Nice video

    Have a lovely day Adela Acanski

  • Thank you for sharing these beautiful personal moments, Anne! As much as I love the picture of you and your husband then boyfriend together, I think the best it the last picture of your daughter and husband. It’s such a tender moment and it makes me really smile.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • I almost forgot that I took it and rediscovered it when looking through the pictures for the tag. We bonded so much as a family on this trip, especially Little Bean and her father.

  • Loved it!!! I have big plans for new places to visit in the upcoming months, I just hope to be able to do everything! I’m definitely heading to a couple of cities in Europe, at least 🙂 xx

    Gyudy @ Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

    • Exciting. Where do you plan on going?

      • I want to come back to London and visit a few cities in Spain, to start with. But my list in endless, I think I’m going to plan it around plane fares! 😉 xx

  • I love travelling, we are only planning a few places due to two weddings coming up soon. Turkey, Nashville, and Bath are on our list at the moment. But, other than that just usual places I have to go for work, only for business sadly. Thanks for sharing your personal memories in a video. /Madison
    Style Files

    • So you travel a lot for work? That can be quite exhausting, I can imagine.

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    So nice photos!!! I love your look in the video!

  • Ich fand dieses Video wirklich klasse! Wusste gar nicht dass du auch auf „Umwegen“ zu deinem wahren Glück gekommen bist. Freut mich umso mehr für dich und deine kleine – immer größer werdende – Familie 🙂

    Schönen Abend,

    • Manchmal braucht es einfach Umwege. Dann weiss man um so besser, wenn man am Ziel angekommen ist.

  • I love the Impromptu video – you look absolutely gorgeous, Anne, and love the mocktail! The second photo is absolutely stunning in the traditional clothing. So fun to hear about everyone’s travels! You & your husband look absolutely perfect together, and the last photo is absolutely precious! We are still figuring out our travels, but probably a Mexico trip, and plenty of impromptu California staycations – trying not to outdo our recent holiday!

    Happy Monday & thanks for sharing your stories! xx SS

    • Oh, I have been to Mexico as well, it was great! And much safer than I had assumed, I was a little worried in the first place. I´d love to go there again, but it is quite a long journey when you travel from Europe.

    • Oh, I have been to Mexico as well, it was great! And much safer than I had assumed, I was a little worried in the first place. I´d love to go there again, but it is quite a long journey when you travel from Europe.

  • This makes me want to travel more! I’m hoping we can go somewhere this year (as my present for graduating), but we’ll see how the year goes!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

    • Where would you want to go?

      • New York is at the top of my list right now, but the Canadian dollar is so low right now it’s not a great idea to go to the States. And I think Paris is second on my list.

    • Where would you want to go?

  • Toyas Tales

    Cool post. I have not had a chance to travel in the last couple of years like I used to. I do need a vacation though. Hopefully I can plan something for this year.

    • Sometimes life get´s in the way. It is great to look back at travel memories then.

    • Sometimes life get´s in the way. It is great to look back at travel memories then.

  • Your travel adventures sound amazing, not just the typical walk here and there. I’d love to go climbing in snow and wear traditional cultured clothing! I hope I get a chance one day.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • thefashionsalt

    I love this video! It’s so nice to learn more about you and see such beautiful photos. I love the one of you and your husband and the one of your husb and daughter. This is such a beautiful post.

    • Thank you, Lili. I was a little afraid to upload, as it is quite personal, but I am glad I did.

  • This is a really nice video, it’s so nice to know more about you – I love travel and photos so this was very enjoyable for me! Loved it.

  • Traveling is very important to me, and I hope I will get to travel a lot more in the years to come.

  • So glad that you shared your poctures and stories attched to it…a happy memory lane 🙂

  • Nadia

    Loved the video, Anne! So nice to get a glimpse into your life and love for traveling 🙂
    I am a big travel nut and trying to visit as many new places as I can. I am lucky to have the like-minded hubby by my side. Being adventurous together is the best.
    xox N.

    • I am so happy I found someone to share that passion with. Not many people would leave on a road trip with you and your baby. He really is the best!