Whats in my travel makeup bag?

As regular readers of my blog may know, I am in New Zealand at the moment with Mr. Loca and the Little Bean, enjoying adventure and summer time.
To provide you with content, I had to write and schedule my posts in advance, and that made it difficult to come up with a „Favorite Face of…“ post.

My travel makeup bag

So instead I decided to show you what is in my travel makeup bag today and what skincare I took with me next month. After all, they have to be favorites if I carry them around the world with me!

My current travel makeup bag is a gift with purchase, actually a gift with baby stuff purchase („Bübchen“ is well known for its protective cream) and lacks compartments for organizing your stuff. But to be honest, I end up throwing everything in in a hurry anyway, so compartments would be wasted on me.

– MAC Concealer Palette in „Light“ (review coming soon): Contains a corrector and different concealer shades, adapting to my gradual tan throughout the stay.
– Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in „Nude“ (review here): Enough coverage, nice finish, packaging great to travel with.
– Maybelline Mattifyer Face Powder in Light Beige (review coming soon): I prefer a matte finish and powdering my face improves the longevity of my base.
– Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15: highlighting the center of my face

Clockwise, starting upper left corner: MAC Concealer Palette, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Artdeco Mascara, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Alverde Eyebrow Kit, Maybelline Matte Maker

– MAC Paint Pot „Painterly“: my go-to neutral eyeshadow base
– Artdeco Ultra Effect mascara (review on the blog): perfect size for traveling
– Customized eyeshadow quad containing (from upper left, going clockwise): Nanogold (Lustre), Club (Satin), Puff Pink (?), Cross-cultural (Matte)
– KIKO Long Lasting eyeshadow in 219: a rose-gold
– L´Oréal Super Liner in Extra Black Gloss (review coming someday): my go-to liquid liner
– MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Undercurrent and Petrol Blue
– Alverde eyebrow kit in „Blonde“: brow powder, wax, matte brow bone highlight – all in one solution (on the base picture – don’t ask why, I don’t have an answer)

Clockwise, starting upper left: Eyeshadow Quad, L´Oréal Liner, MAC Undercurent, MAC Petrol Blue, KIKO eyeshadow, MAC Paintpot

– Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in „Soft Cardinal“ (review here): blush, eyeshadow, lip tint – all in one again
– The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 02
– MAC powder blush in „Instant Chic“: a pinky coral that works with almost everything

Left to right: TBS Bronzer, Max Factor Cream Blush, MAC Powder Blush

– MAC Cremesheen Glass in „Star Quality“: a bright coral pink
– MAC Pro Longwear Lipglass in „Persistent Peach“: a light peach
– Studio 10 Longlast Velvet Liquid Lips in „02 Tearose“: my lips but better
– Astor Lip Pencil in „Va-Va-Voum“: you need a red lip wherever you go
– L´Oréal Glam Matte Intense Matte Gloss in „Skinny Tangerine“: because you also need an orange red (lip swatch here)
– Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 02: will go on the plane with me, as it is very moisturizing
– L´Oréal Paris Color Riche L´Extraordinaire in „Rose Finale“: great color, very moisturizing (lip swatch here)

Left to right as mentioned in the text

Limited options, some of you may think, but it is meant to be a road trip, so packing my entire collection would be a tad too much.
Too much for a vacation? Keep in mind we are on the road for seven weeks. A girl needs some options!
What product would you take with you on a road trip in a camper van?

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  • A nice and solid collection for travelling. I am surprised you didn't take more eyeshadows with you. When I travel, even for a few days I take at least two full palettes and a few single eyeshadows 🙂 Last year when I went to Poland I think I took 10 lip products (for being gone less than 10 days, lol), I wasn't sure what I would need. Oh and where is the highlighter you were supposed to take?

    • I packed the highlighter and a different powder, because the one pictured here was destroyed by my lovely daughter days before we left.
      But as everything was preblogged, there was no time to edit it in…

      I focused on lips because a neutral Eye and a variety of lips are quicker to apply, and I don't always have a bathroom with mirror to do my Makeup.
      And I don't own many palettes, as you know.
      What will you pack for Vegas?

    • I gotcha. Little troublemaker Little Bean is, huh?

      I am so used to my magnifying makeup mirror that once when me and my friends went for a few day vacation to a cabin, I brought it with me. Of course, it's too big to take it on the plane to Vegas! But I have a smaller version without a stand that's magnifying too and lights up and I always take it with me.

      I am not sure what I am going to take with me yet. Maybe my Naked on the Run palette and Naked 3. Oh and probably Naked 2 Basics since it's so small. See, already too much. I also think Vegas requires some glitter eyeliner! 🙂

    • She likes to play with Makeup… Mama's girl!

      And you are right, when in Vegas, you need glitter.
      Your mirrors sound great. I am always Looking for a good magnifying one, but the ones I tried weren't satisfying. Were yours very expensive?

    • Funnily enough my big mirror was only $15 and I got it from Costco which a big wholesale warehouse over here. My travel one was a gift from my husband but I think it was about $30. I know these magnifying mirrors can be expensive but I feel like they make such a difference. I feel like applying mascara for example is so much easier and more precise using it! And mine also flips and has a regular mirror on the other side!

  • Thanks for sharing! I always try to pack light when I travel so I really stick to the basics. The only product I take more than one of is eyeshadow.

    • It was a tie between going light and being gone for seven weeks. I would pack less for a two weeks vacation. At least this is what I tell myself…

  • Love posts like these! 🙂
    I sense you really like lip glosses! That concealer palette looks great too!

    • Fun fact is that I am not usually a Lipgloss girl, but decided to pack them so I would finally get some use out of them, as they are so pretty!

  • Hey Linda, I like your picks! Definitely very versatile and on-the-go-friendly! Hope you're enjoying the fabulous nature and weather there 🙂

    • We are! As I said in a comment in your blog, I habe to get better in reapplying my lip colors, so I took quite a few who needed touchups to start practicing.

  • Nice picks! I really want to try that fitme concealer! Hope you are having a good time!


    • I like it, but it is a little Sheer If you have bad undereye circles. Works great as a highlighter, though.

  • Great picks to travel with. Would definitely cover a lot of looks with these. Enjoy your trip. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

    • Thank you, we are having a great time.
      Would you go for eyeshadows or Lip products as focus?

  • loved your picks..your makeup bag is super pretty 🙂

    • Thank you. It was a great gwp. What Makeup bag do you use for traveling?

  • awesome that you're in new zealand! really want to try the laura mercier tinted moisturizer 🙂

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    • It is a dream come true! Have you been to New Zealand yourself?