When Daddy becomes a pack donkey – Deuter Kid Comfort III

Traveling with a child gives you a whole new perspective.

You don’t look for a Michelin Star in a restaurant, but for an available high chair.
You spend way more time sitting in the sand box than at the bar of some fancy club.
You get overly excited about ducks on the camping ground, funny noises included („Look darling, over there, quack quack quack quack“)

And you get a whole new perspective on distance.
What used to be an easy days hike seems to stretch out forever when you have to think about taking the stroller, or let alone have the toddler walk along.
Don’t get me started on how long it takes us to cross the street to go to the playground now she insists on waddling herself…

Two of the most important persons in my life. And some sheep.

And while it was pretty easy to swear off clubbing for a while, not going on a hike was never an option.
I have talked about the baby sling here, but with the Little Bean reaching 10,5 kg and being eager to move herself, we needed another solution.

After hours spend at our local outdoor store, trying a multitude of different brands, we finally settled for the Deuter Kid Comfort III.
It is the only one I tried, so I can’t compare to other brands, but the overall concept seemed to be the same.

Deuter Kid Comfort III

What it is:
A trekking rucksack base with a high chair attached. That chair is padded, adjustable in size, and suited to all children able to sit by themselves (aka older than six months) and weighing less than 22 kg (aka you better walk yourself anyway).

Deuter Kid Comfort III is available in stores and online, retailing for around 269,95 €.
The rucksack itself weighs 3,5 kg.
It only comes in one color (black-granite), and has a little polar bear in one of the pockets, which is absolutely not necessary for using that rucksack, but adorable.

Hallo there, Mr. Polar Bear!

In the back of the child´s seat is a foldable roof, offering protection from rain and sun. When not used, it stores nicely, without adding bulk. (You can see it in action in the first picture, used against the sun.)

Below the child’s seat is a pocket, big enough to store drinks, food and diapers, as well as some pieces of clothing. On the sides are pockets for purse, keys, water bottles and smaller toys, and there are zip pockets on the straps.
You can add a camel bag in a special pocket, just like you could with a regular trekking rucksack.
If you plan on going on more than a day trip, you will need an extra rucksack for yourself, and preferably someone to carry it for you.

The portable high chair.

How does it perform?
If you are familiar with carrying a trekking rucksack, imagine you wear one that you packed entirely wrong. All the weight sits at the top, and in this case the weight has a mind of its own and keeps turning and shifting.
Apart from that, I love it. The child´s weight rests on your hips, the straps are comfortable and easily adjustable, and carrying it gives you a nice extra workout for your glutes and back.
Although it is easier if you have some help, you are able to don it or remove it all by yourself.

And the Little Bean loves it.
She will sit up there, smiling and waving at people we meet, chatting away in her language that I not yet understand, and every now and again she will grab the straps and start hopping up and down to encourage the one carrying (usually her father) to start running.

Will I rebuy?
I hope I won’t have to, as this is meant to last us through all her childhood and the ones of the following children, too, but I wouldn’t want to be without it anymore.

Who do I recommend it to?

If you love hiking, and have little children, this is a great investment. 
If you are not into hiking, obviously, save your money.
We love the already attached roof and Little Bean loves the polar bear, but hearing from other parents we met during our New Zealand trip, who used different brands, there isn’t much difference, be it in price or in quality.
So how about you:
Do you love hiking as much as I do?
And if so, what did you use to get your kids involved?

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  • Naomi

    The first photo is so, so beautiful! I'm trying to get a little bit more into hiking, I think it all depends on what the views are! And I don't have kids (yet) but what you're using seems like such a good thing! xo // Naomi in Wonderland

  • Say Cheesy Cake

    Hi Linda, this is such a helpful post to those parents with babies and who are into hiking. I do not have babies yet but I like that you are giving helpful tips. Love the photos and the special appearance of the 2 sheep.

    Jo | Say Cheesy Cake
    Cheesy Cake on Bloglovin

  • Ugh, I SO could not see myself lugging this around, lol 🙂 Let alone with a kid in it, being all shifty and hyperactive! It's a great solution for active parents though.

  • Never experienced going hiking so I can't tell if I'd enjoy it. lol. but I can totally relate when you said that traveling with a child is serious business! and that carrier is the bomb! =O

  • As someone that doesn't have children the way you wrote this post is such a beautiful, honest insight into how it is… I love that you said "You don't look for a Michelin Star in a restaurant, but for an available high chair." 🙂

  • Bahaha "yhe weight has a mind of its own and keeps turning and shifting." that cracked me up. True tho!! I can imagine how that must be. It's so great that you haven't given up on hiking and don't mind the extra bumps in the way now!! Go fit mom 🙂

  • When we decided on having kids, we promised ourselves to find way to keep up the things important to us. Like hiking.
    True, everything has changed, but you´ll find a way that suits both you and your child if you keep looking.

  • Not that I was eating out in Michelin Star restaurants on a regular basis before the baby…
    What are the things you would never want to give up?

  • Yes, I guess you have some stories to tell on that business!
    What do you think has changed most for you?

  • I could totally see you lugging that around if the alternative would be to stay indoors all day long.
    For me it is a life savior. If I couldn't have gone for hikes in NZ, I would have been seriously questioning my life decisions. It was hard enough to pass on the "Great Walks", but you just can't drag her trough the mountains for several days yet.

  • Thank you, Jo.
    I hope I don't get in trouble, because I forgot to ask the sheeps permission…
    What would be the hardest thing to give up for you?

  • It was taken on such a great day, I miss it loads already!
    Hiking is great fun, and very relaxing. I feel so much better when I get to spend time outdoors.
    What do you do to get into hiking? Special trip planned or just around the neighborhood?

  • Ha, I feel you. Gosh, I'm not sure… I wouldn't say never, but along the same lines as the fancy restaurants; I do like a nice hotel when I'm traveling but I can imagine you'll have other kinds of accommodation priorities when you have a child with you!

  • Say Cheesy Cake

    That's difficult, it would be hard to give up sleeping in and do things whenever I want I guess.

  • Well, the only way around that is "working shifts" with your husband. Like he sleeps in on Saturdays and I on Sundays. In theory.

  • Oh well, we stayed at the Marina bay Sands for our latest trip and it worked quite well. The staff was so over the moon with Little Bean, being all blonde and smiley, they played with her all through breakfast. Was the first time in months we ate peacefully.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Also das sieht mir wirklich nach einem genialen Teil aus! Und ich finde es faszinierend, wie sich diese Tragen weiter entwickelt haben, seitdem unsere Kinder klein waren 🙂 Wir lieben Wandern nämlich ebenfalls sehr und solange die Kinder noch getragen werden konnten, haben sie es auch gemocht. Aber irgendwann als die Kinder größer wurden fing dann von ihnen die Jammerei an, dass sie Wandern soooo soooo soooo langweilig finden würden 🙂 Jetzt sind die zwei ja erwachsen und frei zu entscheiden, ob sie nun Wandern oder nicht 😉 Ich wünsche Dir eine tolle neue Woche! Alles Liebe von Rena


  • This post did make me giggle – your life certainly does change when you have kids! 🙂 It is really great that you have managed to keep doing something that you both enjoy, even with a toddler – hiking is such a great family activity 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

  • Interesting read. Would love it if you could check out my latest March favourites post!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • I do like hiking but not very long ones. I usually do day trip kind of hikes in my state but not the big ones like Himalaya.
    It's lovely that both of you are carrying on with things that make you'll happy and including your baby in it. 🙂

  • Very true!

  • Lustig, wie sich das ändert. Als ich klein war, habe ich Wandern mit meinen Eltern gehasst! und dann, mit Mitte 20, wollte ich es irgendwie wieder ausprobieren und bin seither begeistert dabei, inklusive Hochtouren und Eisklettern.
    Wandern Deine Kids denn inzwischen mit Freunden oder haben sie das noch nicht für sich entdeckt?
    Dir auch eine schöne Woche.

  • I would go nuts if all I could do would be slow walks to the duck pond…
    Do you like hiking?

  • Thank you.

  • Himalaya is a very special kind of hike, and one that I am not sure I would ever attempt. But I like to go up high and drove my obstetrician crazy because I insisted on going Ice and rock climbing at 2315 meters above sea level when pregnant…

  • Thank you.

  • Ja ich liebe wandern, aber leider habe ich noch keine Kinder. Schön das es so einen tollen Rucksack gibt, der der Kleinen auch gut gefällt.

    Haha ich habe auch nur von den Frauen gesprochen 😀 Männer und Mode ist ja so eine Sache.


  • You wouldn´t believe how many times we were asked if we would rent the carrier (us included), when it came to going uphill…
    Great conversation starter for sure.

  • Modisch ist der Rucksack allerdings nicht. Ist beim Wandern aber auch zweitrangig.
    Ich bin auch sehr glücklich darüber das man nicht auf alles verzichten muss.

  • We do in the summer…not so much full on hiking though – we tend to do long walks around the countryside xx

  • Anshul Bhargava

    Whoaaaa!! Such a perfect product!!! I wish I was a baby again 🙁 But love how your beautifully reviewed this 🙂


  • I am completely able to relate to this, Linda. We don't do that much hiking yet due to winter but am planning to once the weather change in Spring and Summer. These days staying up late means until 10.30pm and we're completely knackered by 8.00pm. Clubbing? Hell no, no more! We can barely get ourselves upstairs to the bedroom once the day is over. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Alison Hutchinson

    That is so great that you have found a way to keep hiking with a toddler! I hope to be able to do the same thing when I have babies 🙂

    xoxo Alison

  • I guess that counts.
    Hope you had a great start of the week.

  • Well, there are downsides to being a baby.
    Your mummy gets to dress you however she wants, for example…

  • Same here. When we drop her off at my parents and go out for dinner, we re always home by 10 pm, all yawning. But speaking of my parents: They show me that this is going to change again. Now that they are retired, they life the party life, I can tell you!

  • Yes, I am very happy we managed to keep this up. Staying true to yourself is so important when you have kids.

  • Naomi

    That's just the problem, there is not much to see around where I live so if I want to hike I'd have to drive somewhere in order to get started. I loved hiking when I was in California, because the sights were just so stunning!

  • Agoprime
  • Dominica

    Hey babe, how are you?

    Lovely post though,

    adding you to my favorites..

    Anyway have a good day!

    Visit me whenever you have time;


    Kisses xXx..

  • valeriesdays
  • Yes, if you have to drive to get started, it takes some of the spontaneity out.

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    That looks like a great carrier!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • Anshul Bhargava

    As I've mentioned before babe, I soooo wish I was a kid again!! Hahaha! :p And it's so good that you've finally found a way to hike with your baby 🙂


  • Yes, we are very happy about that.

  • It is. You barely notice the weight.
    Are you into hiking?

  • Thank you.
    Do you go hiking? I was once hiking in the Pyrenees, and it was lovely. Have to do that again soon.

  • Thank you.

  • Great way to spend time outdoors with your kids! My parents had one of these, too 🙂

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Oh boy, now I feel old…
    Are you still into hiking?

  • Haha no don't feel old, you have a beautiful family. These kind of packs have been around for awhile 😉 Yes! Love hiking, whenever I get the chance.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Das ändert sich offenbar wirklich 🙂 Und obwohl unsere Kinder jetzt dann bald beide eine 2 als erste Zahl im Alter haben, merke ich von der Wanderbegeisterung maximal etwas bei unserer Tochter, die gerne mit ihrem Freund spazieren geht. L

  • Naja,es muss ja auch nicht jeder wandern gehen. So bleiben die Strecken schön leer.

  • I am very happy we found a way to keep it up.
    Why did you stop in the first place?