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Welcome at Linda, Libra, Loca, and thank you for stopping by.

Below you will find some information you will need if you want to work with me.
Please address all further questions or inquiries to:


1. Stats:

Linda, Libra, Loca went online on August 24th 2014.
In the last three months there were 5927 Unique Visitors and 12518 page views at a Droprate of 69%.
The majority of my readers are from the United States, Germany, the UK, Russia and Canada.

The blog has 615 followers on Bloglovin, 508 on Twitter, 552 on Instagram, 34 on Facebook and 353 on Google+ (September 2017).

The corresponding You Tube channel (created 12/2015) has 308 followers.


2. Work Ethics:

I do gladly work with different companies looking for someone to review their products, as well as offering sponsored posts or ad space. For detailed information kindly contact me to receive my media kit.
Of course, these products must fit into my blogs topic and I will always share my honest opinion.


3. Language

I write in English, but my blog is based in Germany. As seen above, my readers are international, so feel free to contact me for reviews in German, English or even French.

Have a nice day,

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