Body image after giving birth

Now that you are reading this, Peanut will most likely have arrived and I will be completely caught up in the wants and needs of this tiny human being.

And while the first weeks (months?) after welcoming a new member of the family are usually spend in a fog caused by hormones, sleep deprivation and utter exhaustion, I know that I will someday emerge, look into a mirror and try my very best not to hate what I see.


Both are nursing bras... but they do have quite a different vibe to them, don't you think?
Both are nursing bras… but they do have quite a different vibe to them, don’t you think?


This post, of course, needs a disclaimer. I am fully aware of the wonder that growing a human being is, of the amazing things my body has done and that being healthy both myself and my child is the only thing that really matters.

But even if I tell myself that 100 times, and yes, I know it is superficial: I wished I´d look different than I do now anyway.


When your body starts changing throughout pregnancy, you have time to watch and adjust. With every bit of weight gain and every new spider vein appearing you will see the belly growing, and it will somehow feel worth it.

But when the baby is born and the belly should be gone, it actually isn’t. It is smaller, yes, but I at least looked like I was five months pregnant still. Only that everything was soft and saggy, not perky and round anymore. That is, of course, perfectly normal. What grew nine months needs about the same time to shrink again, I know that.

Nevertheless, I struggle.

The weight put on to butt and hips somehow seems a lot more obvious when the gigantic belly is gone, rolls appear that weren’t there before when everything was tightly pulled around the growing womb and you still have to rely on stretchy pants and flowing tops, maybe more than ever.

The breathlessness and lack of endurance you could blame on the  gigantic belly somehow persist, because your muscles are mostly gone and a 15 minute walk pushing the pram feels like an intense workout.

That paired with dull skin, hormonal breakouts and various changes your lady parts have been through don’t exactly add up to a positive body image.

At least for me, and for many other women I have talked to over time. And with social media bombarding us with #whatsyourexcuse pictures and celebrity moms showing off their bikini body with an eight week old in their arms it gets even harder to have patience and persistence.

Having been there before, I know that hating myself will not get me anywhere. It will just make me even more miserable and impatient, and patience with my body and myself are the only thing that will really help.

No supportive and caring husband, no friends nor family will be able to help you with this one. You need to accept and love yourself first.

How to achieve that?

To be honest, I don’t know. It took me ages to get to that point after my last pregnancy, and I wasted months loathing my body and pushing it way harder than I should have. I hope that this time, knowing that these things need time and patience more than willpower and pain, I will be gentler with myself.

Some women swear by positive affirmations, others use relaxation and meditation, some will not even know what I am talking about, because they were fine all along.

But for everyone going through that the first time: Many others feel that way too. They just don’t talk about it.

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  • I hope your little newborn is behaving good! 🙂 Sending all the best wishes your way, Anne. And for the body part, it is very important to love yourself and accept that it will take time. I can’t say that I know what you are going through as I am yet to experience pregnancy someday. But I’m sure there are lots of other women who go through the same thing. Stay positive 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • He is behaving, as far as newborns ever do, thank you Leta.
      And I know that I need to give it time, patience just isn´t my strongest feature. But as it is the second time already I hope I have learned…

  • Im still avoiding mirrors at all costs, looking at myself makes me depressed. I still have a pudgy tummy, im soft everywhere and my back hurts from the epidural. Nowhere near i thought ill be 2 months post partum. Like you said our bodys went trough a lot, but this is just bothering me. Hope you and peanut are feeling good x

    • We are, thank you. Tired, but still good.
      It is important to remember that eight weeks is considered the time you need to recover from just giving birth, so the „rebuild“ can only ever start then. But I know it can be depressing to look into the mirror and realize you will probably never look exactly like you did before. Just hang in there and take one step at a time, it will all get better soon.

  • What an important topic to talk about!
    Personally, the way I started feeling good after giving birth was eating foods that agreed with me. I have a lot of food sensitivities so when I ate right, I felt good and therefore was happier. It had and still has less to do with how I look then how I feel.
    Enjoy your tiny little newborn, that’s my favorite stage for sure 🙂


    • Eating healthy really helps me feeling good as well, even though I don’t have any allergies. But comfort food is so quick and easy to grab…
      I think I prefer the stage where they sleep through the night, but those newborn cuddles are great as well!

      • I got into the habit of prepping my meals for the week years and years ago, especially because I would get so hungry when nursing 🙂

        • I have to start that as well. At the moment the husband is at home, feeding me, but he will be back to work after Easter, so prepping might come in handy.

  • thank you for sharing this!! all is hear is that you have to lose the weight asap! there needs to be more support and realness, like this post. i loved this.

    • Society is way too focused on dress sizes and cares way too little about true healing. The body changes are way more than putting on pounds, and as this is my second pregnancy I can say that you will never be the same person you were before, both physically and mentally. But in a good way.

  • Very honest post. I would imagine that it must take months for your body to return to „normal“ after spending 9 months growing a baby. Hope you & the baby are doing well xx


    • Some things never truly get back to how they were before, to be honest. Your hips bone structure expands, and sometimes, in my case for example, your feet grow from the weight and stay bigger (half a size). Any excuse to buy new shoes…
      And thank you, we are doing very well.

  • We’re all bombarded with pictures of celebrities ‚having their figure back‘ after month of giving birth. Is that the normal thing? I don’t think so!
    Depending on the person’s circumstances can take up to a year to look similar to the way before pregnancy. But, honestly, in those first precious weeks, months, loosing weight and getting fit should be woman’s last priority. Overcoming tiredness, anxiety and adjusting to the new role is the most important thing.
    Don’t think negatively about your body now, it’s done an incredible job and it needs time to recover!
    Hope you and the baby are doing well! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Thank you, Dagmara, we are doing great. I know it shouldnt be priority, but still I feel the pressure, and I know I am not the only one, so I wanted to share my struggles.
      But I hope I have learned from the first time.

  • Toyas Tales

    One of the trade offs of natural child birth is you get a wonderful gift but your body will never be the same even if you are extremely fit. I know how hard it is to tune out all of the images but you have to try and put it in perspective. they represent a very small percentage of the world. They are a very small minority they do not represent the average woman.

    • It is strange that such few people have such a big impact on how our society thinks.

  • Thank you for such an honest post, Anne and I completely agree that being bombarded with pictures of celebrities having the figure back within a few months are not helping us with our body image issues. Every time I read a headline about so and so looks amazing after 3 months of giving birth, I want to roll my eyes to the back of my head. We all have different types of body, some regained back their body faster than others and some just don’t. And those celebrities also probably have an army of nutritionists, personal chefs, personal trainers and nannies so they can fully concentrate on themselves which most of us can’t afford.

    I know how tough is it to see yourself in the mirror and noticing all the changes your body has gone through, it’s not easy but I hope you’ll learn to embrace it. Your body has been a superhero bringing two beautiful children into your life, it will definitely recover but it will takes some time. Hugs, I hope you and both your little ones are doing good, Anne. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you, Shireen, we are tired, but all doing great.
      I wrote this post partly to remind myself to be more gentle on myself this time around, and because I know many women struggle the same way. I felt very alone in my worries the first time, but I know now that it will be fine in the end.

  • Missy May

    Oh Linda,..I gave birth 6-years ago, but I’ve still not gotten used to the changes it did to my body. Not forgetting the weight I’m still battling to loose. It isn’t easy, but we will get there eventually.
    Congratulations and all the best, beautiful. 🙂

    • I struggled a lot after my first pregnancy, and tried so hard to get back in shape immediately, the only result being that I pushed myself way too hard and hurt a lot. I wrote this post as a reminder to try and be more gentle on myself this time around.

  • You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I know it’s extremely difficult, especially when we live in a world that is so body conscious. Every body is different and changes differently…heck, I’ve never had kids and gosh darn I wish I looked like a few celebrities every now and then.

    I hope you and your babies are doing well!

    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    • We are, Lily, thank you.
      All these pictures put so much pressure on us, whether we had kids or not, and it is so important to be patient and forgiving with ourselves. Strange that this is so hard.

  • Being less hard on yourself is something I have yet to master. I hope you can!

    • I hope I will do better than I did last time around. And I hope you will get there eventually as well.

  • I don’t think I can offer anything but support here. Perhaps knowing that you’ve been through this before and overcame it can help you view things in perspective. Hope you’re doing great! 🙂

    Advaita | Blush Canvas

    • I hope so too. I wrote this blogpost to remind me to e more gentle on myself this time around. And because I felt so alone with all these fears and feelings the first time.

  • I understand and support you a lot! I agree with every word you said in this post, nothing is more important that being calm and accepting yourself.

    • It seems so obvious, but somehow is so hard. But I wrote this post to remind me to take it easy this time, and I hope I will.

  • Carina Vardie

    I really hope you’ll feel better this time, that you’ll be more gentle with yourself and not so harsh. I think you’re a wonderful person and don’t forget that a lot of the media pictures are photoshopped. Not to mention these women have personal trainers and nutritionists who help them loose all the weight fast. Good luck!


    • Thank you, Carina. Even though we know that social media rarely shows the truth of peoples life, it somehow affects us as if it did.

  • I don’t think you had to justify anything you said in this post. I don’t think it’s superficial at all. We are in the 21st century, when women actually have a purpose in life, other than giving birth. That is why I think it’s absolutely fine being concerned with your body image. However, you just have to come to terms that that’s the way things are at the moment, but in time, with work (not too hard work), it will all be better. Your body will be back, and you will have your bundle of joy next to you 🙂 Give it time 🙂 I’ve not been pregnant yet, but I think that’s the best advice anyone can give on this subject matter, really 🙂 Don’t ever hate yourself, you are beautiful <3

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I wrote this post to remind me to be more gentle, and to remind me that despite feeling that way the first time, I was very happy with my body before the second pregnancy. So with time and patience everything will be fine in the end.

      • That’s true.. Don’t let the mirror determine who you are 😉 As I started working out more regularly, even though I didn’t like parts of me, I really became more confident, because I knew I was healthier and working on myself and my body… Let the time do what it has to do, and don’t give up 🙂

        • I have always been pretty consistent with working out, I just need to wait for my clearance and then slowly and steadily build up my stamina again.

  • Don’t feel sad about the way you look now. Your body will go back to how it used to be in time. So don’t be so hard on yourself.

  • I haven’t gone through this myself but from everything I understand from friends and family who have, pregnancy and birth really take a toll on the body and it can take a good deal of time to fully recover. Thanks for your honesty on this matter. All those celebrities with $$$ would have people believe that you just snap back in no time after giving birth and that is far from the truth.

    • Yes, but even though I know about photoshop and all the help they have that regular woman don’t, I cant help but compare myself to them.

  • Great post, I think we need more people talking about this subject. I don’t have kids so I haven’t been in your shoes, but I know enough about body image myself… I’ve also seen many of my friends having a very hard time accepting their body after childbirth. Many of them didn’t realize before that most of the belly would actually still be there for a while. Good luck to you going through that time again, I’m sure you’ll do great because you’ve already taken time to think about it!

    • I wrote this post to remind me about how I felt the first time around and to actually be more gentle. I was pretty satisfied before I got pregnant again, even though some changes are permanent.

  • I understand you of course I do! I gave birth last year and 10 months later, although I’ve lost most of the baby weight, my body doesn’t look or feel at all like it used to. I don’t hate it, but I do hide it a lot. It has become totally secondary in my present life, even in my own mind. Not precisely a good thing. I am over-optimistic, thinking that as soon as I will have time to workout and swim (I don’t really enjoy working out, so I would never do that at home) my body will recover. But let’s face it, I’m 36 and cells are not as resilient as they were, so I don’t really expect to get my 20-year-old body back.
    My life does not allow me for much free time or me time, it is mostly chores and children care. I perceive workout as a chore, hence, I wouldn’t waste my free time working out. I need to do something I truly enjoy whenever I have the time, and that is the blog 😉 !!

    • And the great thing is you can blog while the children are napping and easily interrupt whenever they wake, something you cant really do when working out. Plus you are already exhausted from a full day of chores and children duties, so blogging is much more relaxing.

      • reading you this just came to my mind „my life begins when you get asleep“ LOL
        We could write a mum’s autobiography and titled it „While you were napping“ hahaha… (if you leave out the hahas and the LOLs it’s actually pretty sad :P)

        • I started blogging after I had my daughter, because I really felt <I needed to do something with all the time I was forced to stay at home and wanted something that was more "me" and not only centered around the child. It all felt better when I was back at work finally, but this first year was really hard.

  • Loved this honest post. I think body image is something that everyone struggles with at some point. Pregnancy is so hard on the body but it will recover. I know it’s easier said than done but embrace the beautiful body you have and know that it will be back in time.

    Doused In Pink

    • Being through this once before, I know that I will get back to a body I embrace with time, so I hope I can be more gentle on myself this time around.

  • thefashionsalt

    I’ve have not experienced this yet, but I’m sure I will feel the same. My husband already told me I need to hire someone to have a baby because I won’t be able to deal with these changes. He’s probably right, but I also won’t be able to trust anyone having my baby either. I’ll just have to face it when I get there. I think if all women can do this, I should be able to as well…I hope. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I hope you are enjoying your new little one 🙂

    • As someone that has been through the whole process once I can assure you that you will feel better about yourself and your body will recover, but it will take longer than expected. Almost 12 month, in my case, and a lot of hard work. Keeping up the shape you have is a lot easier than rebuilding it from scratch, and this is what it is. But if I can get back to loving my body, you can as well.

  • Elfriede Hersch

    it takes ages to understand, pregnancy is so hard on the body but it will recover.

    • Yes, it looks so easy from the outside, just growing a belly and then pushing out a child…

  • Trang Do

    Such a great post! Love it!


    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • I am almost embarrassed to admit this, but I didn’t realize until just recently that the belly doesn’t just disappear right away after giving birth… I assumed there would be loose flesh of course, but I didn’t realize that the belly actually stayed round for a while.

    • It takes pretty long for the womb to shrink again, and your abs separate, so they don’t hold anything back. I guess one of the reasons we don’t see that in the media anymore is that many celebs get a c-section with accompanied tummy tuck, so everything is back in place and looking much flatter.

  • Not having any children, I don’t really have any great advice or experiences to share. I’m sure it has to be tough, though. Yet another thing that doesn’t exactly make me look forward to giving birth…

    • Well, having children is pretty awesome, so I guess it is worth it. I just wished my husband would have taken half the changes, as they are his children as well. Would be fair, don’t you think?

  • Rosanna Briguglio

    Thanks for sharing, hope you are doing okay!
    Have a lovely day 🙂
    Rosanna x

  • What a beautiful post!
    I can’t understand everything because I’ve never been pregnant, but as a woman I can understand feeling bad in our own body. We always feel bad for imperfections and I can only imagine how pregnancy can make a woman feel about her body. You wrote everything so well and your thoughts are really deep.
    You are always so beautiful, anyway. No matter of those Photoshop(ped) celebrities! 🙂
    xx Elisa

  • I gave birth to two children 9 years ago, and I still struggle with the belly part. I understand what you mean.

  • Ich glaube man kann sich gar nicht mit den ganzen Models, Fitnessmodels, Celebrietes etc vergleichen. Es ist ihr job gut auszusehen und ihr kapital, und wenn man den ganzen Tag zeit hat zu trainieren und vermutlich auch den Mann zuhause hat der sich mit ums Kind kümmert, wenn man nicht gerade eh eine Nanny oder ähnliches hat, dann kann man das gar nicht mit jemanden der selbst arbeitet oder hausfrau ist oder gerade elternzeit macht vergleichen. Auch wenn es deprimierend ist und solche hashtags und sprüche gerade nicht viel gutes beitragen… Obwohl ich noch nicht schwanger war, kann ich dich total verstehen und ich glaube gerade frauen geht es in diesem punkt immer noch schlechter als männer, zumal bei frauen das „abnehmen“ an den richtigen stellen auch wieder viel langsamer geht….Es ist ein schwieriges Thema, aber mehr als versuchen in form zu kommen kann man leider nicht :)Und auch wenn ich momentan auch versuche wieder in Form von letztes jahr zu kommen (was einfach das Büro essen und Stress naschen verursacht hat, und ich keinen guten und „echten“ Grund habe wie du). Vielleicht solltest du dir einfach mehr zeit geben:D auch wenn das wieder einfacher gesagt als getan ist..

    • Ich werde versuchen, das diesmal zu machen und mich nicht ständig zu vergleichen. Zum Glück bin ich kein Fashion Blogger 😉

    • Ich werde versuchen, das diesmal zu machen und mich nicht ständig zu vergleichen. Zum Glück bin ich kein Fashion Blogger 😉

  • Erica White

    Great post! I definitely have had these thoughts without being pregnant yet, as I already have a bad body image. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • I feel like these things can aggravate an already bad body image, so it is good to be prepared.

    • I feel like these things can aggravate an already bad body image, so it is good to be prepared.

  • What a beautiful and honest post, Linda. I don’t have kids yet but as a woman I understand the feelings we all have when we see our bodies changing.

  • I can’t exactly know how you must be feeling, because I’ve never been there, however I can only imagine how hard things might be for you and for anyone that’s going through the same. It is easy for people to show celebrities and make all other women jealous, because celebrities can do it then why others can’t. Of course they have everything served in gold plates for them, they don’t need to move their fingers for the babies and get everything done by others.
    Going through a change is not easy, especially having a new born and body change and all others. It might be easy to say it, but I’m sure if you don’t think about it and just focus on what you want to achieve, then it might be easier. I wish you all the best, I am sure you can do it.
    I hope the peanut is doing good and doesn’t give bad time to mummy.

    Ela BellaWorld

    • He is, and he is as well behaved as a newborn can ever be, thank you, Ela.
      I hope I will be gentler on myself this time around, I wrote this post as a reminder to not put so much pressure on myself.

      • You should know that putting too much pressure on yourself will make things harder for you, at least it does for me. So just focus on the things that makes you happy and then a little exercise will do the job. Since Summer is reaching, it gets easier to lose weight.

    • He is, and he is as well behaved as a newborn can ever be, thank you, Ela.
      I hope I will be gentler on myself this time around, I wrote this post as a reminder to not put so much pressure on myself.

  • Diana Horsfall

    what a great and honest post! Thank you for share!


  • I can assure you, a flat stomach is entirely possible after having children. My belly looked pretty much the same as it did before I had my first child when I got pregnant again. No abs, but quite flat.
    And don’t let that put you off having children, they honestly are my greatest blessing and I wouldn’t want to miss a second with them.

  • I can assure you, a flat stomach is entirely possible after having children. My belly looked pretty much the same as it did before I had my first child when I got pregnant again. No abs, but quite flat.
    And don’t let that put you off having children, they honestly are my greatest blessing and I wouldn’t want to miss a second with them.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Liebe Anne, meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche, ich hoffe, Ihr beide seid wohlauf! Ich freue mich so für Euch und weiß jetzt schon, Du wirst auch für Dein zweites Kind eine wunderbare Mutter sein. Von ganzem Herzen nur das Beste für Euch <3 Und ich finde es sehr schade, wie die Medien junge Mütter unter Druck setzen. Ich finde Dich schön, was ich von manchen Hungerhaken nicht sagen kann. Deine ehrlichen Worte beeindrucken mich sehr und ich sende Dir gute Gedanken, damit Du nicht weiter mit Deinem Körper haderst.

    • Danke, liebe Rena. Einer der Gründe für diesen Post war, mich selbst daran zu erinnern, diesmal nachsichtiger mit mir zu sein und nicht alles sofort zu wollen. Bis jetzt funktioniert das auch ganz gut.
      Es geht uns beiden sehr gut und ich geniesse die vielen Kuschelstunden, die dieses Alter bereithält.

  • Lovely post Anne, it’s a great reminder that everything takes time to ‚bounce‘ back. I remember after I had my first babe how much I hated the way I looked (although I did put on a crap tonne of weight first time round) and it took a long time to get to a place where I was happy with it again. This time around I didn’t put on anywhere near that level of weight (not really conciously just happened that way) and along with breastfeeding I’m hoping to get down to pre-pregnancy weight a bit quicker. But there’s nothing that can be done to make me feel good about the stretchy and flappy tummy skin lols! That always seems to take the longest time to snap back. Celebrity pictures post partum are so unrealistic, i mean there are some lucky people out there who walk out of hospital in the pre preg jeans, but I am sure the majority of celebs have masses of help, nannies, private chefs, trainers to get them back to shape asap. I don’t know that I’d even want to be bothered with all that. It’s such a beautiful time to spend time cuddling your newborn I wouldn’t want to be passing him off to a nanny just so I could go and do a two hour training session. However I wouldn’t knock back a live in chef lols.
    I hope peanut is playing nice for you! Enjoy this special time with him xx

    • I put on around the same amount this time, probably due to the amount of time I wasn’t allowed to exercise, but I am planning to take it easy this time.
      Exercising instead of cuddles wouldn’t be my choice either, but a chef? Yes please!

  • Beautiful post Anne, your blog posts can just be so inspiring and I love what you post 🙂

  • Itzel Najar
  • Beautiful post, and so true! Often it’s just not talked about.

    I know I am immensely grateful and in awe of everything my body did in pregnancy, but it’s still hard when you compare your ‚before‘ and ‚after‘ and notice such a difference to accept the new normal. This time around it’s going to be even more of a difference, I’m hoping I can continue to embrace and be grateful for it. But the truth if you really don’t know how you will react and feel until you’re in the midst of it!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • And you have to take the hormones into consideration again. If the make you cry about a muffin, they will make you cry about a muffin top as well.

      • haha yes! Like when you pass over baby for daddy cuddles and go have that first post-birth shower, and the flabby belly without the baby is shocking, but also not as flabby as the first time around and already looking harder to lose…ha!

  • There’s no quick fix to getting your body back unfortunately but I found great support underwear helped! Have you tried It’ll help keep that tum under control. Hope you and the family are well x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

    • I haven’t, but my tummy did get back quite easily last time, as I had no big abdominal separation. I hope it will be the same this time around.

  • Ahhh Anne, I can’t believe Peanut might be here already! I haven’t caught up on your twitter yet but I’ll do that right now. Anyway even though I’m not a mum, it’s obvious to see the flaws in todays society regarding pregnancy and body image. The only thing new parents need to be worried about body wise is staying healthy so they can look after their baby to the best of their ability. I hope you and your family are doing well! X

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • We are, Sally, thank you. And you are absolutely right. Being healthy should be number one priority.
      Peanut arrived on March 7th, so he has been around for a little while and of course I am madly in love with my baby boy.

  • That is only party true. Some women loose weight with breastfeeding, some don’t, due to the hormones that are released. I do breastfeed, like I did last time, but it didn´t help me loose weight back then.
    But I am a lot more relaxed so far, so I hope it will stay that way.

  • Thankyou so much for being so vulnerable with us. <3 I don't have any advice to offer you myself, but I have no doubt that this small self reminder you've written here will also serve as a comfort and encouragement to many others.

    • I hope it will, I would have loved to read something like this the first time around. You just feel like you are the only person ever feeling that way.

  • Really encouraging post!

    Nazlıgül | on my own way

  • Liebe Linda, nochmals herzlichen Glückwunsch! Deine Einstellung hört sich doch sehr gesund und realistisch an. Wie die Promi-Mütter das in acht Wochen schaffen no idea, aber ob das gesund ist, bezweifle ich. Ich denke du wirst den für dich richtigen Weg wählen und auch einen gesunden. Hauptsache ihr seid alle wohl auf. xoxo

    • Danke, ich hoffe, ich halte mich an meine guten Vorsätze. Vermutlich wäre es für mich mit Nanny, Personal Trainer und Koch auch einfacher…

  • Caliope Couture

    Ein wunderschöner Beitrag! Finde es sehr gut und wichtig, dass du darüber sprichst. Ich glaube, wenn man selbst in die Situation kommt, tut es ungemein gut, zu wissen, dass es den meisten Frauen so geht. Die besten Glückwünsche nachträglich!
    Christina |

    • Danke schön, Christina. Ich habe mir beim ersten Mal gewünscht, solche Beiträge zu finden an Stelle der ganzen „How I got my body back in just seven weeks“ posts, man fühlt sich sonst nämlich ganz schön allein.

  • Aww. I understand how you feel completely. With two kids, and constant self deprecation, I am right there with you. If you want to talk to rant, cry, grieve or ask any advice for anything, you can contact me no matter what. -biggest hug to the new mommy-

    Angie | Chocolate & Lipstick | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • We can and we should, chichis why I wrote this post and I assume you wrote yours. These days we aren’t really confronted with these things anymore. I mean who has seen a woman giving birth and the weeks afterwards with all the struggle before having children themselves? Barely anyone, unless maybe your sister is living close by or something like that. All we have are the movies, and surprisingly they don’t picture the real deal.
    So it is important to share and to show, so new moms out there know that they are not alone.