Avon Advance Techniques Instant Restore – Salon experience

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If something promises to bring the salon experience to my home, all I can do is laugh. Seriously, no matter how excellent the product itself might be, it will never offer a salon experience.

I mean, the salon experience isn´t about the products anyway, is it? At least not for me! I don´t care what they use to wash my hair, as long as I get to sit there, read a magazine, sip on a cup of tea and don´t have to get up and look after tiny little humans.


Avon Advance Techniques Instant Restore
Avon Advance Techniques Instant Restore


Oh, and then the head massage! Use olive oil, I wouldn´t care, as long as you give me a proper head massage!

It is at home where the actual product counts – without the tea, without the massage, without having five minutes to myself!

So lets see how the Avon Advance Techniques Instant Restore haircare line performed.

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ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo – Comfort scents

Way before my love affair with scented candles began, I loved the beeswax kind you could buy around Christmas.

The warm color they had, the beautiful light and of course the smell of honey once you burned them, everything made me feel cozy and relaxed.

Now that scented candles have taken over, I rarely buy one of them anymore, but I stumbled upon the scent in another product recently, way unexpected.


ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo
ahuhu Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo


Ahuhu organic hair cares Amino Intensive Repair Shampoo, promising to deep repair damaged hair, has a beautiful golden color and smells like honey, which means I am in for relaxing showers.

But that shouldn’t be the only benefit from a shampoo, so let´s see if it does anything else.

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Deep Conditioning – My recipe of choice

As I told you on Tuesday in my last blogpost, my hair lacks moisture. My ends are dry, I get a lot of frizz and the cold wind and heating don’t really help in improving that.

Deep Conditioning has been my method of choice, and while it looks absolutely ridiculous to walk around the flat having your head covered in oil (and other stuff), wearing a shower cap and probably even a woolen hat, it really helped me throughout the last months.


Picture source Instagram
Picture source Instagram

The things we do for beauty, hm?

Now my husband has become accustomed to me looking all kinds of crazy in the name of blogging and beauty, but if your special someone is a sensitive soul, you should probably save that and the sheet masks for evenings home alone.

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Long, healthy hair – Discover what you really need

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed that I am pinning a lot of tips for so-called “natural hair”. Yes, that is right, tips most likely catered to afro-american locks.

A quick glance at my profile picture in the sidebar will reveal what you already knew: That is by no means my hair.

Fine, ash blonde and damaged from years of bleach, why on earth would I care what works for a hair type completely opposite to mine?

Long, healthy hair - but how?
Long, healthy hair – but how?


I will tell you: I haven’t found anyone around the blogosphere that knows more about the treatment of hair damage then these people, going from processed, straightened and bleached to all healthy and natural.

Curious to see what I have learned?

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In for a surprise – Garnier Fructis 3 minute hair mask for curly hair

Sometimes you really think you are getting it right, just to find out a little later that you were totally wrong.

The thing is: I don’t speak Spanish.
I learned Latin at school, I speak French and usually I get around quite well whenever I try to order tapas, but I recently learned that I am in for surprises if I rely too much on that.

Garnier Fructis Hidra Rizos 3 Minute Hair Mask

Whenever we are in France, we do a little shop-over in Spain. It is just about one hours drive from where we stay, and handbags, cheese and alcohol are way cheaper there than they are at home.
Now I don’t care about handbags and alcohol, but I do like to browse the stores there for a beauty bargain.

That was when I spotted the Garnier Fructis 3 minute hair mask in “Hidra Rizos”.
In my mind, hydra had to come from hydration and rizos would most likely be the hair, so I scanned the ingredient list and purchased.
Back home I found out what all my Spanish speaking beauties out there already know.
I had bought a hair mask for curly hair. Read more

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Mermaid hair featuring The Body Shop Radiant Oil

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I always wondered how Arielle did it.

Spending her life beneath the surface, her gorgeous long hair flowing in the current as she frolicked around with her sisters and fish-friends, casually combing through it with some kind of wide-toothed comb, her hair would look soft, shiny and absolutely fizz-free when she decided to emerge to have her heart broken.


The Body Shop Radiant Oil
The Body Shop Radiant Oil


If I were to spent my days with my hair immersed in salt water, it would probably look like dried out sea weed.
Much as it looks now, to be honest.

Postpartum hair-loss and the careless use of bleach to remain a “natural blonde” have definitely taken their toll, and as I am fighting the urge to chop it off at ears length, I am constantly on the hunt for products that will help fight the damage that has been done.
As stated here, my hopes were high that The Body Shop Radiant Oil from the Wild Argan Oil Collection would be one of those miracle products.

o really put it to the test, I took it with me on my holiday in France, which consisted mainly of glorious food, a daily swim in the ocean and, thanks to my parents who took care of the Little Bean, the long-awaited opportunity to go scuba diving with Mr. Loca.
We are avid divers, but with me being pregnant it had been a while since we were able to, and I was really looking forward to jumping back in.

My hair, on the other hand, isn’t as keen on diving as I am. Salt water, the rubber band of the diving mask and the neoprene hood of the bodysuit usually leads to a giant pile of knotted hair, not to mention the dryness due to the combined strength of sun, sea and wind.
A heavy task for aforementioned oil, but I have to say, it really lived up to my expectations.


Facts first

Contrary to many other Argan or Moroccon Oil hair products, The Radiant Oil doesn’t contain silicones.
It contains argan (shocking, I know), marula, olive, sweet almond and soy bean oil, all known for beneficial effects on skin and hair, along with emollients and fragrance.
If you ever smelled pure argan oil before, you will agree that the fragrance is needed if you are to put it all over your body.

It is easy to use too much product if you have fine hair, so proceed with caution:

Whenever I need my hair to look presentable (aka in the morning), I will use one pump, rub it into my palms and finger comb through my lengths, below the ears.

For nourishment (aka in the evening), I will use two pumps, distribute it again below my ear and put my hair up in a top knot.

Before diving, I would drench every single hair and wear it braided with either a French or a Dutch braid to keep those annoying baby hairs out of my face.


Has it lived up to its claims?

Well, to be honest, it was my expectations more than claims made on the homepage I compared it with, and I have to say I am utterly satisfied.
My hair still is in desperate need of a cut, as my brittle ends are beyond saving, I suppose, but as long as I go on denying, this oil keeps things looking better than they really are.
There was no further damage due to sun, wind and salt, which is very impressive.
The smell is neutral and doesn’t linger and you really just need a tiny amount, so it will last you for ages. Great value for money.


Will I repurchase?

If I ever get through my bottle, I probably will. But as you can see in the picture above, I haven’t used much product despite the fact that I really used it every single day for five weeks straight. If you were to use it on your body, you would probably go through it quicker, but I haven’t tried that yet. My trusty Shea Body Butter takes care of that part and I am not planning on cheating anytime soon.

If I have spiked your interest, The Body Shop are having a 50% sale at the moment… Just click here.



The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Collection – Silky hair, here I come!

Argan Oil most likely is on of the oils most raved about in recent years.
Gained from the fruits of the argan tree, endemic in Morocco, it is traditionally used to heal burns, against rheumatism and to nourish and moisturize skin and hair.
As it is suitable on acne-prone skin, it has become increasingly popular. Since 2007 the amount of cosmetic products claiming to use argan oil has risen rapidly.
However, not all of them live up to their claim.


The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil
The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil

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Cleanse your hair – DIY

I know the use of silicones in hair care is controversial. I went through a phase of strictly using none, but am back on the silicone train quite some time now, just because they leave my hair feeling soft and de-frizzed and looking a whole lot better. I know that silicones don´t actually do anything beneficial for your hair, they just prevent you from seeing all the damage that is there.
But in my case it was hide the damage or chop it all off, so I went for the silicone veil.
If you stick to high end products, you get the water-soluble silicones, which will, as the name suggests, go down the drain with your next wash. They give you the look and feel without weighing your hair down to much.
At least, this is what my hairdresser tells me. And what world would we live in if a girl could no longer trust her hairdresser?
To really remove those silicones and the build-up other styling products tend to leave in your hair, regular use of a cleansing shampoo is recommended.
Today I will introduce you to the DIY spray version.

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