Upper Fixer – Old house renovation

The term „upper fixer“ was something I first heard about on You Tube. In Germany, we call houses like that „renovierungsbedürftig“ and for my whole adult life I was determined to NEVER buy one.

Well, I did.


Home renovation
Working hard


Maybe not in the exact meaning of the term, which is, just in case you are as clueless as I was: „A place that needs a lot of work and/or a lot of money to become habitable.“ But still close enough.

You might know already that we bought a house in December 2015. It is the house I grew up in, which is why we bought it in the first place.

The whole decision was, in fact, not very reasonable. I mean, we bought the house and then started looking for jobs nearby. It should have been the other way round. And then there is that:

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It takes 30 days to create a habit, they say.

Whenever you try to incorporate something new into your life (usually the healthy stuff like working out, meditation or snacking on celery instead of crisps), people will tell you that it takes 30 days to create a new habit.


Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof
Heidelberg Central Station


30 days of sticking to something apparently tricks your mind into accepting it as the new normal, so it gets easier to see it through.

I am not convinced though.

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Ticks and trolls – my week in a nutshell

Almost everyone that shares part of his life on the internet has been subject to hateful comments. They may be targeting your content („Your sound is awful, buy a new mic!“ – Nope), your appearance („You are an ugly old hag and I cringe just looking at you“ – Then don´t), sometimes even the things you said („That was useless information and a waste of my time. Why do you think anyone cares?“ – Probably because people take the time to leave comments)


Shaving my face?
Shaving my face?


I usually don´t bother giving them any attention, quickly reply in my head and move on. One of the perks of being older is that I don´t rely on external validation as much as I did when I was younger.

Every once in a while one stays with me though, the last time earlier this week. It all started with a comment I made on someone elses Instagram post. It was a post about Darphin skincare, rich in essential oils, the scent designed to be relaxing and comforting. You´ll know by now that relaxing is a recurring theme here on the blog, and I wrote something like: „The scent of a product is so important when it comes to unwind.“

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Gardening – a new trend?

Gardening - a good way to destress?

I admit, I am stressed. No surprises here, I bet most people in my situation would be, yoga teachers being a possible exception.


Gardening - a good way to destress?
Gardening – a good way to destress?


And I know that being stressed isn´t healthy, and I KNOW that I am a stress eater (gimme all the carbs!), which isn´t healthy either. So I should probably do something about it.

Given that I can´t change the circumstances, and, quite honestly, don´t want to change them (seriously, giving up the kids is not an option, but giving up the job isn´t one either), I think I have read about every stress release technique there is.

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Boycotting brands – What is your take?

About a week ago, I published my first blog post on The Ordinary products (read here). Quite a few of the commenters told me they had either loved the product, but wouldn´t repurchase or that they had sent back all The Ordinary products they owned because they didn´t want to support the brand, or, more precisely the CEO Brandon Truaxe.


New In Beauty March 2018
Boycotting brands like The Ordinary


Now for full disclosure, I made my order at the end of January, so before the „drama“ started, but only get around to publishing the reviews now. Testing skincare takes time. But even if I hadn´t, would I have refrained from ordering The Ordinary if I had known?

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LLL Vlogs 42 – Street Food Festival

I will let you in on a secret: I don´t like to cook. Some people might find it therapeutic, or creative, or even create whole blogs dedicated to that topic – to me it is just annoying. (I like eating though, I don´t disapprove of the whole concept)


Street Food Festival


But as I have kids and feel obliged to see that their nutrition is on point, and, though to a much lesser degree, because I know that my skin reacts horribly to junk food, that is a problem.

Because if you want home cooked meals full of fresh ingredients, you, well, need to cook them fresh at home.

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LLL Vlogs 41 – Spring cleaning (with false lashes)

There is an increased amount of cleaning videos showing up in my You Tube suggestions, and I have no clue why.

It can’t be based on my watch history. It can’t be based on Mr. Locas watch history either. He is really bad at remembering to switch profiles on our AppleTV, which is the reason that my feed shows as many „SUV tested in the dunes of Namibia“ videos as it contains ASOS hauls, but cleaning videos surely aren’t his thing.


Spring cleaning
New kicks for spring


To be honest, I really have no clue why anyone would watch such videos anyway. Cleaning is a necessary pain, but watch others clean? What kind of masochistic behavior is that?

Or maybe it is sadistic, sitting there, cup of tea in hand, smiling at the screen: Hey gurrl, ya missed a spot there! Just sayin‘!

Apparently a trend that I, once again, don’t understand and probably absolutely to my loss.

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Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger

There are age categories for everything, and usually I don’t pay them much attention.

My skincare for example ranges from products aimed at teenage skin to an ampoule targeted at skin 60+ (here is the latest routine).


Thoughts on being a 30+ blogger
Flora Mare Deauville Lumiere Eau de Parfum


Age is a number and a privilege and doesn’t define us. Or does it?

A few days ago my fellow „mature“ blogger Toni from Sheer Gloss and I chatted on Twitter about blogging after you reach a certain age.

Which sounds awful. Mature, certain age… I am still the one giggling at immature jokes and dancing in the kitchen at 2 am to my favorite song, I don’t spend my days knitting in a rocking chair quite yet.

But maybe I look like I do, as opposed to someone that just hit their early 20s. Which is why people in their early 20s tend to relate more to someone their age.

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LLL Vlogs 39 – Las Fallas

From the snowy mountains right to Las Fallas, the spring festival of Valencia and the Valencia area.

Sounds glamorous? Oh yes!

If only I hadn’t caught my sons stomach bug and spend one of the two days we had in the beautiful city hugging the hotel room toilet. TMI? Sorry!


Las Fallas
This was my favorite statue


Oh well, kids stay with you even if you leave them at home with the grandparents, I guess.

It was a blast nonetheless, and I managed to capture quite a bit of the festivities on camera. Some of the footage is there thanks to Mr. Loca though, who, in best You Tube husband tradition, ventured out when I couldn’t to capture some images.

And probably to escape the sounds that were emerging from the bathroom, trust me, it wasn’t pretty!

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LLL Vlogs 38 – Galtür

I spend the last six days wearing barely any makeup and here is what happened:


I mean, what was supposed to happen?


Ballunspitze, Galtür
Ballunspitze, Galtür


This is one of those annoying clickbait titles that repeatedly grace my blog lovin recommendations feed and that make me usually doubt humanity in general and beauty lovers in particular.

But there, I wrote it, and it is true. I did barely wear any makeup.

Not because I didn’t bring any. I did.

Or because I purposefully decided to let my skin „breathe“. I didn’t.

And I usually don´t wear plastic wrap underneath my foundation, so even if I wear a full face, my skin can breathe. At the amount that skin does the „breathing“ thing. But that only as a side note.

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