Winter skincare tips – How to get glowing skin in winter

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After what seems to have been the shortest fall in history, the cold and harsh winds are upon us.

Cold and harsh are of course widely exaggerated if I compare my comfortable home in Heidelberg, Germany to where my brother in law lives, up North in Norway, but it is still cold enough for my skin to need special treatment.


Winter skincare tips
Baby its cold outside … Winter skincare tips


So while I take care of body and soul with cozy knits and hot chocolate (a cup a day keeps the doctor away), I have worked out how to best take care of my skin in winter. And other than my hot chocolate I am willing to share these tips!

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Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?

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I love it when I get questions from you guys. Not only do they help me create content I know you’ll be interested in, but they open my eyes to topics I would probably not even have thought about.

Of course I had heard about blue light affecting our sleep patterns and straining our eyes, but to be honest I never gave it much thought.


Blue light damage skin
Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?


At least not until a question kept popping up here on the blog and on social media: “Do you recommend wearing SPF even if I am indoors to protect me from blue light from my screen?”

As soon as that happened I noticed more and more companies marketing skincare items as “blue light protection”, and if anything can get me into research mood, it is a company claiming skincare benefits and charging extra for them.

So, lets talk about the question “Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?” and, if it does, how can we protect ourselves?

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My favorite face masks – for the moment

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A beauty lovers heart is fickle, and what is deeply loved one month might be gathering dust just a few weeks later. Believe me, I have been there!


My favorite face masks
My favorite face masks


But there are a few items that stay with us for longer, products we reach for over and over again, and now that fall is around the corner and I get the urge to pamper myself, I figured it would be a great time to share my favorite face masks. All of which have been in rotation for at least a year!

I divided them into four categories: Exfoliating, hydrating, purifying/oil control and brightening.

If you are wondering why there is no “antiaging” category, it is because I feel like serums are much better suited to deliver results there, simply because you use them every day.

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Travel skincare tips – How to travel light as a skincare junkie

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I do love traveling. Always have, always will. With my growing obsession with skincare though came a problem:

How do I narrow down what I need to take with me? Honestly, it feels like choosing your favorite child. (I exaggerate. A little at least.)


Travel skincare tips
Travel skincare tips


My routine has grown so much these last years, I constantly have around 15 products open. Specials like ampoules, face masks and such not included. And by open I mean, I use them. Don’t ask about the ones that are just open *hangs head in shame*

Chances are, given you are visiting m blog, that you have faced a similar problem in the past, so I thought I´d share with you my travel skincare tips.

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Summer skincare tips – How to create the perfect routine

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The heatwave.

Dominating my timeline for weeks now and, at least in Germany, still in full force.


Summer Skincare
Summer Skincare – How to build the perfect routine


Not that I am complaining, I thrive in the heat, but I figured it was about time we talked about the most important thing to consider: My summer skincare tips or, to put it in a more SEO friendly way How to adapt your skincare routine in the summer.

Why is it that “How to´s” always get more clicks?

And, in best skincare science manner, we are going to analyze why it is we need to change our routine in the first place when we learned that skin type is genetic (aka doesn´t change much through the year. Or… ever)

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Peptides – Everything you need to know

“And it contains peptides!” – “Aaaahhh… What?”

Have you ever felt that way when someone tried to sell you a skincare product? I know I have. Peptides have been around for a few years, they are the “thing to have” in your routine, yet there is a lot of insecurity about what they actually do.


Peptides in skin care
Peptides in skin care – Everything you need to know


Or if they even do anything.

And that is okay, because the jury is still out on that. And the fact that there are over 100 peptides doing different things doesn´t really help either.

So I put on my glasses and filmed a video for you on that topic.

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Silicones in skincare – the facts

Is there an ingredient in skincare that receives more hate than silicones? Probably. SLS, just to name one. Or fragrance, like I recently discovered (here).

But for the sake of style, let´s just asssume that the answer is: No!


Silicones in skincare - The facts
Silicones in skincare – The facts


And then focus on the fact whether or not the hate that seems to run so deep in the beauty community is actually scientifically backed up.

I mean, you are probably already guessing it by reading this introduction, but let´s approach the discussion with an open mind and see what I have found.

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