Lacura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv Serum – Beauty on a budget

If you have been around for some time now, you know that I focus on ingredients when reviewing skincare more than I do on how something feels on my skin. That isn’t because I don’t care about the experience of applying stuff, I love a silky smooth texture as much as anyone else.

It is because I believe that if you have to rely on the claims a brand makes, you are just as likely to get great skin as you are to win the lottery. It may happen, but the odds are against you.


Laura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv serum
Lacura face Hydro Multi-Intensiv serum


On top of that, if you know what ingredients you need, you will be able to discover gems where you usually stock up on groceries. For a bargain.

Like the Lacura face Hydro Mulit-Intensiv serum. Found at Aldi.

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