How to build a basic skincare routine

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It is no secret that I love testing new skincare, and while I am not invested in the famous 10 step Korean regimen, I admit that there are nights that I am not far from using that amount of products.

It is no secret either that I am not a fan of clutter and wastage, and you don´t have to be a genius to see that this combination can easily lead to trouble. I mean, I do only have that one face, and if I keep purchasing new stuff I will eventually drown in a pile of half empty bottles.


How to build a basic skincare routine
How to build a basic skincare routine – The 4 steps everyone needs


Even worse: When doing my 2018 Beauty favorites (see here) I realized that even if I really fall for a product, I usually don’t repurchase.

Why? Because there are always three others lined up that need to be finished first, and by the time I have gone through all of them, I most likely forgot about the one that rocked my world.

So with 2019 still fresh and new, I set myself a goal: I would build a basic skin care routine out of my favorite products, one that consist of as little steps as possible, but still has everything my aging, acne prone skin needs.

So today, dear friend, we will talk basics. The four steps that your skincare routine should include no matter your age or skin type. The basis on which we will build your best routine ever!


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Winter skincare tips – How to get glowing skin in winter

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After what seems to have been the shortest fall in history, the cold and harsh winds are upon us.

Cold and harsh are of course widely exaggerated if I compare my comfortable home in Heidelberg, Germany to where my brother in law lives, up North in Norway, but it is still cold enough for my skin to need special treatment.


Winter skincare tips
Baby its cold outside … Winter skincare tips


So while I take care of body and soul with cozy knits and hot chocolate (a cup a day keeps the doctor away), I have worked out how to best take care of my skin in winter. And other than my hot chocolate I am willing to share these tips!

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Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?

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I love it when I get questions from you guys. Not only do they help me create content I know you’ll be interested in, but they open my eyes to topics I would probably not even have thought about.

Of course I had heard about blue light affecting our sleep patterns and straining our eyes, but to be honest I never gave it much thought.


Blue light damage skin
Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?


At least not until a question kept popping up here on the blog and on social media: “Do you recommend wearing SPF even if I am indoors to protect me from blue light from my screen?”

As soon as that happened I noticed more and more companies marketing skincare items as “blue light protection”, and if anything can get me into research mood, it is a company claiming skincare benefits and charging extra for them.

So, lets talk about the question “Does blue light from our screens damage our skin?” and, if it does, how can we protect ourselves?

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Jade Roller – What is it and what does it do?

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Jade roller, facial roller, jade facial massage tool – no matter how you call it, you have heard about it.

To be honest, I never really bothered with this trend until I recieved not only one, but two different devices as a GWP and curiosity got the better of me. Of course I had to dig deep, and by dig deep I mean that I didn´t only look at the science behind them, but ventured into topics like crystal healing that I admit I had no clue about before.


Jade roller and rose quartz roller
Jade roller and rose quartz roller


Now as a long time follower you will know that I am, by heart, a scientist.

I did my best to present my findings in a neutral way, but feel the need to do this disclaimer: I am sure there are many things out there that science can not (yet) explain. Absence of proof is not proof of absence, but at the same time claiming that the ancient Egypts did XY doesn´t make a practice right.

6500 years ago a cavity was filled with honey and beeswax, but I still think our current way of dental care is superior.

What I am trying to say is basically: let´s talk about jade roller and lets do it with respect for each others opinion.

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How to update your skincare routine for fall

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The weather in Germany took the transition to fall very seriously. Within 24 hours we went from 32 °C and sun to heavy rain, wind and mornings with 6 °C.

Needless to say I was busy changing summer bedding to thick duvets, frantically searching for the kids rain boots and getting my skincare routine in order.


How to update your skincare for fall
All the things I will start using now!


Yes, I updated my skincare routine before I even updated my wardrobe (I still have my boots stored away), because #priorities.

So if you need help with the update (the skincare one, I am no help when it comes to fashion) – if you need help to update your skincare routine for fall, keep on reading.

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5 hacks for oily skin (that are not skincare)

Oily skin – my biggest issue ever since I was 13 years old.

Well, that and acne. And the question why my thighs looked thick in pencil skirts. And why I always seem to fall for the bad guy. But not todays topic, Anne, get back on track!

Over the years I have tried countless things to keep my skin balanced, from the “harsh foaming cleanser followed by alcohol toner” routine to several kitchen hacks the friend of a friend (of a friend) had amazing results with.


5 hacks for oily skin
Glow? Yes, please. But not the oil!


You Tube wasn´t a thing back then, which was probably a blessing. I bet I would have been the one to try the toothpaste/baking soda face mask at some point!

The key to balanced skin is obvioulsy the right skincare (and there are plenty recommendations on the blog here), but today I decided to focus on things you can do without buying a new cream.

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Peptides – Everything you need to know

“And it contains peptides!” – “Aaaahhh… What?”

Have you ever felt that way when someone tried to sell you a skincare product? I know I have. Peptides have been around for a few years, they are the “thing to have” in your routine, yet there is a lot of insecurity about what they actually do.


Peptides in skin care
Peptides in skin care – Everything you need to know


Or if they even do anything.

And that is okay, because the jury is still out on that. And the fact that there are over 100 peptides doing different things doesn´t really help either.

So I put on my glasses and filmed a video for you on that topic.

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