Double Cleansing – Is it good for you?

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Talking about skincare online is tricky. On the one hand it is amazing to find likeminded people that share your passion, on the other hand things can leave the “passionate” level pretty quickly and turn into an online war if specific topics are brought to the table. And one of the topics is Double Cleansing.


So is Double Cleansing actually a good idea?
So is Double Cleansing actually a good idea?


Something like a simple Skincare Routine post on your Instagram feed, bottles carefully decorated in a way that is aesthetically pleasing (and at least in my case bears no resemblance with how they actually look on my sink) suddenly turns into a battleground where you are forced to pick a side.

Are you for Double Cleansing or against it? Pick your weapons and ride to battle!

You could of course replace Double Cleansing with “fragrance in skincare”, “daily sunscreen” or “alcohol/silicones/parabens” and get a similar effect, which underlines my case: We fight for a truth here that, in most cases, doesn´t even exist.

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pixi Rose Oil Blend Review – Face oils for every occasion

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Are you sick of me talking about the pixi Rose-Infused Collection already? I would totally understand. It has been nothing but roses on here lately, and that despite the fact that Valentines Day is long gone.

Just once more, I promise, and then I will turn to other skin care. Or maybe some makeup? Well, beauty stuff.

But today we will talk about roses again. Or, more precisely: I will review the pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend.


pixi Rose Oil Blend Review
pixi Rose Oil Blend


Its is no secret that I love my oils. I have been using them for years now (although I feel they benefit me more now that my skin is more mature) and over time learned to distinguish the properties of the different blends.

Much like my mother does in the kitchen, I have an oil for every occasion: One for summer and one for winter, one for that time of month and one if my face is peeling from my retinol – each and every face oil I own is different.

The ones I use the most so far? Rosehip Oil (this one at the moment) and Jojoba Oil (this one is great, but admittedly very expensive). Both are very lightweight and beneficial for more oily skin.

And while Rose Oil is also present in the pixi Rose Oil Blend, it´s main oil is Sweet Almond Oil.

Surprised? Don´t be. Sweet Almond Oil is one of the most common oils used in skincare, and much more beneficial for the skin than rose oil itself.

But let´s make the pixi Rose Oil Blend review a little more extensive.

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Pixi skincare review – The pixi Rose-Infused Skintreats Collection

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I admit then when the package with the pixi rose collection arrived at my door step, I was the most excited about the bag it came in.

Yes, you heard that right: Nine pixi beauty items to talk about, and yours truly is gushing about the bag. In my defense though, the limited edition Rose Travel Bag (sadly no longer available) is a beauty and, more important, super handy for someone that likes to travel.


pixi skincare review
The complete pixi skintreats Rose-Infused Collection


Because while Mr. Loca is pretty content keeping up with is minimalistic skincare routine (read: shower gel head to toe) wherever we go, my more elaborate multi-step routines can prove challenging when going off the beaten track in a camper van. Seven different bottles and no place to put them in the community showers on the camp ground? I´ve been there!

Of course travel bags aren´t that new to the market (I have had my current one for five years now), but the rose and mint design offers a welcome break from the usual black or camouflage offerings.

Enough about the bag however (although I admit I am STILL pretty chuffed about receiving it), let´s focus on the pixi skincare goodies that were inside.

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Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Review – on mature skin

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The pixi skintreats Rose Ceramide Cream is the one I almost missed.

And yes, “The one I almost missed” is a long standing skincare term, same as “The one that got away.” Only less life-changing, less heartbreaking and, usually, less romantic.

Although you could probably argue with the latter, at least in this case: Pink packaging, roses, it ticks all the romance boxes.


pixi Rose Ceramide Cream Review
pixi Rose Ceramide Cream


Still, I was not interested. “Ultra-rich cream suitable for normal to dry skin”, these are words that I do definitely NOT look for in my products.

What can I say, winter had come, my skin was feeling rough and I thought: “Why not! Just use it, what could possibly go wrong?”

A ton of things, obviously, this is the kind of skincare approach that usually gets me into trouble, but what can I say? I can´t help it.

In this case though, things worked out fine, so let´s review the pixi Rose Ceramide Cream.

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pixi Rose Tonic Review – Comparison

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I get that it might be quite confusing scrolling through my reviews right now: pixi Rose Tonic Review, pixi Rose Glow Mist Review, pixi Glow Tonic, pixi Glow Mist, pixi Rose Oil… There is a lot of pixi going on, and even more pixi Rose.


pixi Rose Tonic Review
Pixi Rose Tonic


But what can I say, I have been bathing my skin in rose (scented) products for a while now and I have no intention to stop. And that means something, coming from a woman that used to dislike rose scented beauty products.

What has changed? Nothing really. I still dislike the classic rose scent often associated with beauty, but I do appreciate the more gentle, refined version in the pixi Rose Collection.

To make it easier to keep up with all the similar sounding stuff though I introduced a new review category: How does it compare to… Where I compare (ha!) the product reviewed to similar ones.

So without further ado, let´s dive into the pixi Rose Tonic Review.

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Bakuchiol vs Retinol – Which one is best for you?

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Have you heard about the latest, greatest skincare ingredient? Bio-Retinol, the natural alternative to retinol, the vegan retinol, the plant based retinol, the natural retinol – all different names for one thing: Bakuchiol.


Bakuchiol vs Retinol - Which one is best for you?
Bakuchiol vs Retinol – Which one is best for you?


It isn’t actually as new as people will make you believe (isn’t that always how the story goes? The Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil has been using it for a long time), but a recent study on the effects and side effects made it the new ingredient to talk about in terms of anti aging.

So this is what we will do today: Talk about Bakuchiol, how it performs compared to retinoids and if it actually is the better alternative to using your standard retinol product, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid – Basics

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It is the basics that count. If you don´t have a solid foundation, you´ll never be able to build a lasting house.

Not that I know even the tiniest bit about building a house – I am hard pressed to even draw one that my kids recognize – but it is a subject that I have thought a lot about over the last few weeks.

Ahm, skincare basics, that is. Not building a house.


THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid
THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid


Ever since I posted this video, I pay much more attention to the ingredients I slather on my face, and while writing a review it suddenly dawned me that there was one that didn´t get the love it deserved.

And that is not only true for this blog here, it doesn´t get much love at all. We just assume that it is there, we take it´s appearance in a formula for granted, we just shrug when we see it on a label.

I am talking about Hyaluronic Acid, humectant and thus the key to plump and youthful looking skin. Yes, it is everywhere, yes, it can be sticky and hard to love sometimes, but in the right formula it is just OH SO GOOD.

So without further ado: THE INKEY LIST Hyaluronic Acid.

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