Different shades of neutral – my eyeshadow collection

First and foremost:
Yes, I do love MAC.
And yes, there were times when I would wait outside my Douglas in the middle of the night to get my hands on the newest releases first.
Actually it was 9 am, but you get the picture.

My collection, mostly MAC (well, only two exceptions…)

I am not that obsessed anymore, but as you will be able to tell from the picture above, I really have a thing for their eyeshadows.
And for neutrals.
Just for the record (and Mr. Loca, should he bother to read this): Yes, they all look different!

Prepare for pictures:
My 28 pan palette:
I got it from „Kosmetik Kosmo“ two years ago and depotted most of the shadows myself (as you can see it didn’t work every time).

First and second row, first four

Upper row, the first four:
Tissue Weight (Frost), Nanogold (Lustre), Naked Lunch (Frost), Straw Harvest (Veluxe Pearl)

Tissue Weight, Nanogold, Naked Lunch, Straw Harvest

Second row, the first four:
All Races (Matte), Crosscultural (Matte), Showstopper (Matte), Mythical (Veluxe Pearl)

All Races, Crosscultural, Showstopper, Mythical

Third row, the first three:
Bamboo (Matte), Sand´n´Sun (Matte), Saffron (Satin)

Third Row, first three

Bamboo, Sand´n´Sun, Saffron

Upper row, the last three:
Random Silver Shade (I really don’t know), Birds´n´Berries (Veluxe Pearl), Moonflower (Frost)

Second row, the last three:
Club (Satin), Swimming (Frost), Shimmer Moss (Frost)

Third row, the last three:
Pink Puff (Satin), Dames Desire (Frost), Sweet´n´Punchy (Veluxe Pearl)

Upper, second and third row, last three
Random Silver Shade, Birds´n´Berries, Moonflower
Club, Swimming, Shimmer Moss
Pink Puff, Dames Desire, Sweet´n´Punchy

MAC Quad, starting upper left, going clockwise:
Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl), Flip (Frost), Creole Beauty (Frost), Aztec Brick (Veluxe Pearl)

MAC Quad
Manila Paper, Flip, Creole Beauty, Aztec Brick

The MAC singles, from left to right:
Snow Season (Mineralize), Quarry (Mineralize), Semi-Precious (Satin), Dark Indulgence (Mineralize), Smoked Ruby (Mineralize)

MAC Singles

The others:
Catrice „Carrots of the Caribbean“, KIKO 219

Catrice „Carrots of the Caribbean“, KIKO 219
Snow Season, Quarry, Semi-Precious
Dark Indulgence, Dark Ruby, „Carrots of the Caribbean“, 219

Missing is „Satin Taupe“, which I love, but the Little Bean dropped it, so I have to rebuy.

Any further MAC addicts?
Can you name the LEs my shadows consist mostly of? Then praise to you!
Which one is your favorite?

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  • I love Nanogold & Bamboo! Mac eyeshadows & lipsticks are there best products I think, they have great pigments and are both long lasting!


    • I don't get along with every lipstick finish they have, but yes, they have amazing products!
      Which finish do you prefer?

  • *raises hand* Yep, MAC eyeshadow lover here! The palettes sometimes disappoint but the monos? NEVER!

    • I almost never buy palettes, so I can't vote for or against them. But the monos are a dream!
      Do you customize your own quads for travel or the likes?

  • You have a beautiful collection! I love mac eyeshadows but I have more LE ones than the ones from the permanent line. I have been trying to change that but I always get sucked into buying new collections. I have never waited in line waiting for the release though. Tomorrow the Cinderella collection is launching online here and I really want the eyeshadow quad!

    • Thank you, Agata!
      Most of the shades you see here are from a LE or were repromoted during a LE. The "limited " feeling gets me everytime.
      I have been eyeing the Cinderella collection, too, Mostly for the packaging, but I am not convinced yet.
      Keep me posted If you actually get it.

    • I got it. I have been refreshing Mac's page like crazy to make sure I don't miss it. And the palette is mine! Should arrive on Monday. So excited!

  • so many beautiful shades….its difficult to pick out one of these…but i loved the KIKO shadow 🙂

    • I love it in the pan, but it isnt easy to wear with my complexion. I guess it would look awesome in a deeper skintone.
      Have you ever tried KIKO before?

  • The yellow Sweet´n´Punchy and teal Dark Indulgence shades, though! Instant LOVE! I bet you can create so many fun looks with these two. 😀 The little once chose to drop one of the most gorgeous shades (Satin Taupe) huh?!! Good things MAC single shadows are affordable! My favorite MAC shade is Hocus Pocus (LE). 🙂

    • Hocus Pocus is one I don't know, I will have to search Temptalia for swatches.
      If you use Satin Taupe all over your lid and pop Sweet'n'Punchy just in the centre, it makes green eyes pop!
      The Little Bean has exquisite taste. The other day she took a bite out of a red lipstick and ended up getting it all over her clothes and the floor…

    • Omg! LOL! That's funny but at the same time has to be frustrating to clean up! Kids! Haha

  • Wow! You've got plenty of MAC eyeshadows indeed! I am loving all the blue-toned ones and Sweet´n´Punchy.. and also Carrots of the Caribbean 😀 perfect for spring.. which is almost here!

    • Sweet'n'Punchy on top of Satin Taupe is a great combination. The Blue toned ones are mostly used on the lower lashline, I don't dare to go that bold all over the lid usually.
      Maybe next summer…

  • Anhand der Produkte, die du hast, gehe ich einfach mal davon aus, dass du aus Deutschland kommst 😀
    Da sind wirklich gaanz viele super schöne Farben dabei! Man kann finde ich schon an den Swatches sehen, dass MAC für den stolzen Preis tatsächlich auch sehr gute Qualität liefert. Ich habe selbst auch Lidschatten von catrice, aber die konnten mich irgendwie nie so ganz überzeugen ^_^


    • Ganz richtig angenommen. Schön, eine deutsche Bloggerin hier zu sehen!
      Es ist der einzige Catrice Lidschatten, der mich bislang überzeugen konnte, alle anderen habe ich wieder verschenkt. Auch die Nagellacke, auf die ich mal geschworen habe, benutze ich kaum noch.
      MAC dagegen war meine erste Liebe und in meinen Augen sein Geld wert. So ein Lidschatten hält ja auch ewig, da lohnt sich der Preis meiner Meinung nach.

  • Dark Indulgence really stands out for me, it's so pretty! I haven't tried any of the Mineralize eyeshadows! I think overall I use Urban Decay and Lorac a lot more but I'll always have a softspot for Mac eyeshadows. Expensive Pink (similar to Mythical) is my all time favourite.

    • Dark Indulgence creates a great smokey eye. Minimal effort, looking like you tried really hard.

  • Oooo all the shadows look soo lovely! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ http://www.allyouneedisredlipstick.com

  • H.

    A wonderful post, I need to experiment a little more with eyeshadows!

    With love from London,

    Hayley ♥


  • Wow….u have an amazing collection dear…. 🙂


  • Amazing collection ! 😉 http://valeriesdays.blogspot.fr/

  • Whoaa so sorry to hear about your Satin Taupe! I'd be sad if mine broke! You really have A LOT of MAC eyeshadows! I only have a few. It wasn't until very recently that MAC stores started mushrooming in this country. In the past, I'd have to go to Brussels/Antwerp for that. Since they launched LE collection literally every week, it became too much and I just gave up! Now there is a store in my town, so I check it out when I walk past by 🙂

  • you have a great collection 🙂 Nice post .!


  • lovely post, if u wanna follow each other let me know on my blog

  • phoebe davies

    I am a neutrals girl! I love the MAC quad, those four eyeshadows are stunning x


  • Sadly it was limited edition. It is almost perfect, the one thing it is missing is a matte shade, all four are very glittery.
    What are your favorite neutrals at the moment?

  • Roxie Ferguson

    I don't own a single MAC eyeshadow but I'm hoping to rectify this situation very soon! Dames Desire looks like so much fun but the quad looks even more lovely. What are your thoughts on their new Cinderella collection? Think they look worth the hype?

    Roxie x

  • No MAC lipsticks, no MAC eyeshadows, you have some serious shopping need!

    The quad is great for every day. if it had one matte shade, it would be all you need for traveling, at least if you are into warm smokey eyes as I am. And Dames Desire is much fun, but as per usual with the more colorful shades: It doesn't get the love it deserves.

    The Cinderella Collection? I like the packaging, but the only thing I considered getting was the eyeshadow palette. It contains a lot of their cult-classic nudes, so is definitely worth the money, but as I own a lot of nudes already, I passed.
    The rest wasn't to special, pretty shades, but I either had the feeling I had seen them before or they were easily dupable from my collection.
    Do you plan on getting anything?

  • The shade mythical looks so pretty! depotting mac shadows scares the crap out of me i tried to depot one before and broke it haven’t attempted again since lol

    Missy xo