Home base restored

Becoming a mother means changes. Changes in the way you spend your time, changes in your relationship, changes to your body and changes to your living area.
Living in a rented flat, there is only so much space, and in order to fit in crib, changing table and the myriad of toys you receive when announcing you are pregnant, something else had to leave.

That something was my vanity.

It all sounded very reasonable then. I would do my makeup in the bathroom, if I ever found the time, the overflowing stash would find a home in other drawers after a long overdue clear out and after moving the clothes to the bedroom we would be left with a spare room for the nursery.

But sometimes reason has to surrender to every day live. After spending ten months without my vanity, knocking my products of the bathroom shelf and seeing them shatter on the floor, running around looking for the one eyeshadow I desperately needed or cluttering the dining room table for days with products I wanted to take pictures of, another change was urgently required.

Luckily, Mr. Loca agreed, presumably annoyed by the blushes in his sock drawer, and after rearranging the furniture in our bedroom, there was space.

A quick trip to IKEA later, I am proud owner of MALM and ALEX, waiting to be filled with lipgloss and powder and to witness my attempts to recreate fall makeup.

This time, I promise, I will have the clear out that somehow never happened and will use the opportunity to reorganize and show you my makeup collection.

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