Inspired by Guerlain Les Tendres Collection Spring 2015

If you are unfamiliar with the Inspired by… series, you can click here for more information. Short story even shorter, I try to recreate the makeup a model wears in the ad of a seasonal collection with the makeup I already own.

And even though I know January is technically still winter, I went for a spring collection this month, to get us in the mood for warmer weather.

Guerlain Les Tendres Collection Spring 2015

I just loved the soft smokey grey eye with the peach cheeks and lips. So fresh and dewy!

To be completely honest, this comes very close to my everyday makeup look in spring. I love peachy cheeks on my pale skin, as well as a soft lip with a smokey eye.
So the makeup wasn’t the biggest challenge here.
The facial expression was.

That look though…

I know that „The Sparrow“ (round eyes, lips parted) is the legit heir of „The Duckface“ in taking selfies, but to me it looks incredibly naive and (sorry) dumb. At least in myself.

I have seen lots of women rocking it, but I cringe looking at me that way. My father would have told me I looked like „Eine Kuh, wenn es donnert.“ (may translate to: „A cow facing thunder“).

But enough of that, on to the makeup.

Close up of the eyes

After trying to give my brows the straighter, fuller appearance the model rocked with my Alverde Eyebrow Set in Blonde (and noticing my powder is far off my natural brow color), I started by applying MAC All Races all over my lid, blending it out with MAC Bamboo in the crease for some warmth.
For my lower lash line I had to mix two shades: MAC Showstopper, a dark brown, and MAC „Random Silver Shade“, a silver I can’t remember the name of, as I owned no shadow similar to the one in the picture.
My inner corner highlight was MAC loose pigment in „Universal“ (LE), applied with a wet brush.
After smoking everything out, I applied a thin line of L´Oréal Intense Liner in Black to my upper lash line and loads of Artdeco Ultra Effect Mascara in Black (review coming soon) on top and bottom.

Products used on my eyes

On my face I used MAC Prep and Prime BB Cream in Light as base (review coming soon), covering my undereye shadows and blemishes with MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Palette in Light (review coming soon).
After powdering with Maybelline Matte Maker (review coming soon) I applied The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 02 at the outer part of my face and highlighted the center with Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15.
MACs Mineralize Blush in „Peach“ went on my cheeks.

Products used on my face

As my lips are quite pigmented, I had to color them in with a nude MAC Lip Pencil („Naked Liner“) before applying MAC Prolongwear Lipglass in „Persistent Peach“ on top.

Products used on my lips and eyebrows

And no, I am not sponsored by MAC, I just genuinely love (and buy) a lot of their stuff.

How about you?
Are you ready for spring yet?
And is this a look you would wear?


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  • You recreated it so well.>..Loved the eye makeup..This is what I prefer for everyday look too

    • Yes, it is a great look for spring, and I am all for peach anyway. Which colors would you use?

  • Cow facing thunder is the cutest most hilarious description! 😀 Love the look btw, you did a fab job!

    • I showed him the pictures yesterday and he instantly said the same 😉
      Thank you, Divya. Are you all for soft colors come spring?

  • Oh well done! You're good at copying and interpreting looks! And nooooo, you look fine, there's nothing weird about your expression at all!

    • This is one reason I could never work as a model. It was so hard not to laugh!
      I really like copying the looks, as I am not that creative to come up with something totally new on my own, but they help me get inspiration outside my usual routine.

  • You always do such an amazing job recreating those looks! You do look like this model and I love everything about this look!

    And I am looking forward to that ArtDeco mascara review 🙂

    • Thank you, Agata. I like leaving my comfort zone and trying something new, and these looks give me a lot of inspiration.
      Where do you get your inspiration from?

      The review will be up on January, 28th.

    • I usually get inspired by seasonal colors and, in general, I just like trying new looks. I have never really attempted to recreate any of the makeup release shoot looks but it's such a great idea!

    • Try it, it is great to experiment with completely different looks.

    • I might try it but I think I am lacking the attention to details that you have! It's hard to tell exact shades from the promo picture and you somehow do such an outstanding job recreating the look so closely!

    • Now I am blushing. Thank you, Agata. The secret is to look at the releases. You get the idea of the colors a lot better from the pan than from the picture 😉

  • A lovely re-creation! Very nice work here.


    • Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by and your kind words.
      Is this something you would wear?

  • Lia

    You look so fresh in this subtle yet amazing look………….

    • Thank you, Lia. As I said, it is quite easy to recreate. Will you give it a go?

    • Lia

      As I have read this post, will give it a try for sure 🙂

  • Great effort, you are looking beautiful 🙂

  • Love your eye inspiration. 🙂
    You have made the make up very well. ♥

    from SellysSecrets

    • Danke, Nelly. Das würde Dir bestimmt auch gut stehen. Oder trägst Du ausschliesslich rot auf den Lippen?

  • Love it! Thanks for the idea!! It looks so sweet and perfect for any occasion!

    • Thank you, Brenda. It is great for everyday. What is your everyday makeup?

  • Lovely!

  • Hey, you nailed the look girl!

    • Thank you, Eesha, and thanks again for stopping by. I guess Nymphette would work well with this look, too.

  • He, he, he "Kuh wenn es donnert" habe ich noch nie gehört, werde ich jetzt auch öfter einbauen 🙂

    Das Make Up steht dir ausgezeichnet! Probiere ich am Wochenende auch mal aus.

    • Sag Bescheid, wie es Dir gefallen hat, ich kann mir das mit Deinen dunklen langen Haaren toll vorstellen.

  • Love that look, by the way your eyes are gorgeous, such a beautiful colour. Very jealous 🙂

    Hayley x
    Tea Party Beauty

    • Thank you, Hayley. I wish I had your hair, so it´s even, I guess 😉

  • Cow facing thunder, hilarious! You did a fab job. I love the colors.

    • Thank you, Idu. Are you sometimes going all natural? Your makeup on the blog is always so colorful!

  • This is such a good idea and a great exercise for your posing and makeup skills as well!
    You did not only copy the makeup, but also the styling and the pose. Love the result! Well done, dear 🙂

    Lu |

    • Thank you, Lu. Although I don't know when I would ever need posing skills…

  • Oh this is brilliant, from the makeup to the clothes to the expression haha I don't think I can pull that look off either, but you look A OK!

    So. Spring. I think I'll like a lot of pieces from this collection, but this is not a look I can wear as well as you can! I am no longer used to seeing myself (especially in photos) with a pale lip color. I just feel that most of those don't do anything for my complexion at all!

    • It is funny how much we get used to the look we wear, isn't it? I think I look undone whenever I don't wear liner.
      Bold lips really suit you so well. You have the perfect lips to rock them.

  • Beautiful makeup look! Lovely products. I love MAC!

    Made in Mauve

  • Love how you've recreated it! Soft colours are a really good look on you! 🙂
    Also, which shade of lip pencil is it?

    • Thank you. I like them when I am paler than usual.
      The lip liner is "Naked Liner", I´ll edit it in.

  • Great post! Love your blog (:

    • Thank you, Nicole.
      I really enjoyed reading your "Ways to fight the winter blues" over at your blog. Let us know if they helped you when winter is finally over!

  • you have recreated the look so wel..i also keep my eyemakeup like this mostly 🙂 and for peach i'm all in too 🙂

    • Thank you, Anubhuti. Peach is a great pick me up regardless the season.
      I enjoyed your purple look, too, suits you very well.