Inspired by … Chanel Mediterranée Collection Summer 2015

If you are not familiar with the „Inspired by…“ series, click here for an explanation.
But short story even shorter, each month I choose a seasonal ad and try to recreate the models look with colors I already own.
Dressing up and awkward posing included!

And as this months installment marks the last summer look of this year and the weather had been exceptionally lovely, I decided to go with Chanels „Mediterranée“ Collection for Summer 2015.
Admit it, you would love to lie outside on a deck chair, looking all glamorous right now, too!

Chanel Méditerranée Collection Summer 2015 (Picture Source)

Now I didn’t have a deck chair to lounge in and it was raining non-stop when I shot the look, but we will work with what we have.

Here it is: My take on the look

Trying to look totally relaxed and in holiday mode.

Main focus were the eyes, featuring a gorgeous brown-golden smokey eye, very subtle, with a vibrant purple liner on the lower lash line.
I quickly realized I had no purple liner that would be vibrant enough, so I ended up adding a pigment on my purple liner to get it to pop. That didn’t work to well with my eyes, even though I decided not to put it on my waterline (I wear contacts).
Please excuse the redness…

Close up of the eyes

1. How I did the base:
The face looks radiant and natural, but way too flawless to actually be natural.
To mimic this, I decided to go with a very light base and use a ton of concealer to cover spots, hyper pigmentation and redness. For setting everything a slight shimmery powder was needed, to give this „lit-from within“ sheen to the skin I usually avoid. And finally no blush, but bronzer for a sun kissed appearance.

Left to right: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in „Light“, TBS Honey Bronze in „02“, MAC Beauty Powder in „Shell Pearl“, MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“

– Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector in „Light“ (Review here)
– The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in „02“ (Review here)
– MAC Beauty Powder in „Shell Pearl“
– MAC Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in „Light“ (Review here)

2. How I did the eyes and lips
Recreating the eye makeup was challenging.
A subtle brown smokey eye with some gold eyeshadow on top was easy, but all the purples I owned were far too toned down to match the vibrant line the model wore.
I ended up applying a sparkly pigment on top of my purple gel liner, but the color didn’t quite match and I wasn’t able to wear it on my waterline.
The lips on the other hand proved to be challenging for a whole different reason:
I knew I would have the perfect match in my collection, but ended up confused by the amount of orange-reds there were to choose from.
Did I mention red is my weakness when it comes to lip products?

Starting with the quad, going clockwise: MAC Eyeshadow Quad „Flip“ used, Max Factor Masterpiece Liquid Eyeshadow in „Coffee“,  Revlon 3D Volume Mascara in „Black“, Revlon Lipgloss in „Sizzle“, MAC Pigment Stack 4, MAC Fluidline in „Midnight Violet“

– MAX Factor Masterpiece Liquid eyeshadow in „Coffee“ all over the lid
– MAC eyeshadow Quad, top right shade in „Flip“, put on top of the Max Factor „Coffee“
– MAC Fluidline in „Midnight Violet“ on the lower lash line
– MAC Pigment Stack 4 on top of the Fluidline
– Revlon 3 D Volume Mascara in „Black“, multiple coats on my lashes
– Revlon Lipgloss in „Sizzle“

Now that I know that I am missing a vibrant pure liner suitable to wear on the waterline, I turn to you for recommendations.
Which one do you prefer?
Have you ever paired your brown eye with purple liner?



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  • I think you did a great job once again, and you know I love that promo picture. My favorite purple eyeliner is Marc Jacobs Highliner in (Luna)Tic, it has a little bit of shimmer to it but I like wearing it on my lower lashline for a pop of color. I don't know if you have Urban Decay cosmetics in Germany but they have a lot of choices for bright purple eyeliners (like Psychadelic Sister). Or you could just go with Chanel 😉

  • Love the glitter<3 thanks for sharing you look stunning

    follow for follow?:)


  • I love this series! You're so good at recreating looks.
    Rubi | Instagram | The Den |

  • You look gorgeous! Great job 🙂

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

  • Love the purple liner.. something I definitely would have trouble pulling off! All you need now is the sun 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • Ah, yes, just go with Chanel! Simple as that. If only it weren't that expensive.
    But now that you mention it, we do have Urban Decay in Germany, and I have heard great things about their eyeliners, so this will be my excuse to raid their counter.
    I bet that look would suit you very well, too. You are definitely the more glamorous between us two!

  • If only it hadn't hurt my eyes so bad, I was constantly crying purple tears. Do you wear purple liner?

  • Thanks for your kind words.

  • Thank you, it is a great way to try looks out of your comfort zone. Where do you get your inspiration makeup wise?

  • Thank you! Do you wear purple on your eyes?

  • Dressed With Soul

    Ich bin hin und weg! Auch dieser Look ist Dir wieder wunderbar gelungen inklusive dem perfekten Posing! Was Deine Fragen anbelangt, habe ich leider als Nicht-Make-Up-Profi leider keine Antworten … Euch eine tolle neue Woche!
    International Giveaway: Bags are
    More Than Fun for Me

  • But I would have liked lounging in a deck chair in the sun!
    Although I wouldn't wear so much makeup probably.
    Is it deck chair weather at your place?

  • Sun was shining today, but I was stuck at work, so I couldn't enjoy it. How is the weather at your place?

  • Shining too! But I was also stuck in work. Boo!!

  • Vielen Dank, liebe Rena.
    Ich hoffe ihr hattet ein schönes und vor allem sonniges Wochenende.

  • Boo for working at the weekends. But then again, someone has to do it!

  • Loving these series and I think you did well with this look 🙂 I don't think I even own a purple eyeliner! 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

  • True!

  • I have purple, navy, teal and dark forest green eye liner but they are all sitting pretty because I use them maybe once or twice in a year. LOL! I honestly am a fan of this series of yours, Linda and you did another great job at recreating the look!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Carly

    Such a cool idea for a series! You re-created that ad very well!
    Dresses & Denim

  • Jaa

    So it's Revlon Sizzle on your lips! I adore this color on you, Anne! I think you did a pretty god job! For vibrant purple eyeliner my favorite is MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Designer Purple but it contains quite a bit of shimmer so it's probably not good on the waterline (although I've worn it on my waterlines multiple times without problems and I also wear contacts). Or what about Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister topped with Ransom? I think you'd get the effect pretty close to the model!

  • Maireem Maneje

    I like there purple pigment you used 🙂 So pretty like always <3

  • Good job again! Whenever I try to copy a pose from a beauty campaign I just fail miserably, lol…

  • Jamie RS

    i love your makeup look! you look gorgeous 🙂

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  • So pretty!

    I love the color of your underye makeup


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Happy Monday, lovely! YOU look incredible! Seriously love
    stopping by your blog!

    Sending you much love!!! <3

    xoxo, Vanessa

  • That purple really does make your eyes pop even more!
    Love that! I wish you a lovely week ahead

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    Really good! Sometimes I wear a make up that is almost the same – only with a lipstick that is lighter, good for everyday sometimes, but adding red lipstick is good for ''special'' days:)

  • Funny enough, I own three, but none of them fits the color!

  • It is so much fun shooting these and looking completely different than you normally do. Wouldn't want to be a model for a single day in my life! Imagine being paid for doing these awkward poses, sitting there with your mouth half open for hours until the lighting was right?

  • Thank you, it was so much fun.

  • I don't usually have issues with shimmer, it is just the chunky glitter in the pigment I struggled with.
    You are the second person recommending the UD liner (Agata did, too), so I will check it out.

  • Thanks Maireem and glad to have you back.

  • Me, too. I take a million pictures and usually end up using the first one. The secret is uploading it anyway, even though you can barely look at it yourself. People are way to nice to tell you how ridiculous you look.

  • Thank you.

  • I will have to try and find a similar shade soon, one that i can actually wear without crying purple tears.

  • Happy Monday to you, too.

  • Thanks Cat. Do you wear colored eyeliner?

  • I could wear red lipsticks 24/7 if it was work appropriate. So you wear nudes during day time?

  • Lovely ♥ 🙂

    Love from Slovakia ~

    Orange Triangle Bikini just for 5,99$

  • I love this series of yours. I remember the one you and Agata did together. It's so creative and a lot of fun I bet. I think you recreated the look perfectly!

    I don't wear a lot of eyeliner on my lower lash line. I find that most make my eyes tear up (except for UD's liners). Instead I use some of my ColourPop shadows for a nice pop of color.

  • Lovely post, you have such a great eye colour!

  • I actually love the purple! The shadow still does the trick, definitely gives a cool effect 🙂

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • Haha, I can relate… 🙂

  • You always manage to get the look so right! Love it! 🙂 I wish you had taken it out in the sun! 😉

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    Yes, or light pink lipsticks!

  • Beautiful make up!!

  • oh my, you replicated the look so well! you look beautiful 🙂

  • What a fun concept – I love your interpretation of the look. The under-eye glitter is a nice touch 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  • If only it was better to wear. I kept crying purple tears…

  • Thank you. I could have done with some deck chair lounging though.

  • Thank you.

  • Me too, as this would implicate that there actually was sun!

  • Yes, i love the combination, but I think it looks best with brown eyes like the model.

  • Thank you. What color are your eyes?

  • Usually I don't have any issues, but this glitter— Ouch. I rarely line my lower lash line because I feel it makes my eyes look smaller.

  • Thanks.

  • I love them, but they just don't look good on me.

  • Amazing! I like how you managed to replicate the exact same facial expression as the model, lol! The glitter really does make you eye color pop, too bad your eyes didn't agree with it.


  • , well I did in the past but never found one with great pigmentation

  • OOO again, you did well!!! Sorry to hear about your eyes getting irritated. That has happened to me before as well. Usually I tread carefully around anything too sparkling (that's not in a cream base)! Annnd I love that coral lip: OF COURSE 🙂

  • All you need are some red nails and some trees in the background 🙂 You nailed it, I love this series!


  • Yes, that can be quite a struggle.

  • I am on the hunt for a similar purple liner. Urban Decay has been recommended as great place to start looking Do you have any suggestions?

  • Yes, I would never wear it on my waterline. Usually I can get away wearing glitter on my lash line, but these pigments are too chunky.

  • Yes, and some time to lay by the pool watching the sun go by. I would really love to right now…

  • Good job again! Uhm purple eyeliner? This is the next color I am gonna try! I think I am starting to become a daring person because of the beauty bloggers around me! lol.

    I usually skip my waterline because they've become irritable and they swell! I still need to investigate more what ingredient is causing it! Gahh

  • Sounds like you are very sensitive on your eyes. Do you have issues with other products, too?

  • I needed to visit my eye doctor because of the swelling. I had a big hunch last year that the culprit was the Painterly. I haven't touched that in a long time now. I thought it was my blacktrack. I also thought my eyeshadows. haha.

  • Oh wow, that sounds like serious trouble!

  • This makeup is right up my alley. So pretty! I love the purple as a pop of colour. Looks lovely on you. xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Thank you.

  • Nice recreation! You have such beautiful eyes!


  • Thank you. Purple really makes green eyes pop, but this time they were a little red and irritated. What is your eye color?

  • You're very welcome; I have brown eyes!


  • Do you wear green a lot? I love the color, but I think it looks best on green eyes.

  • I actually don't but I love green smokey eyes.

  • Why don't you then? Are you a neutral girl?

  • Yea, They are my comfort colors haha.

  • I look like I dies when i wear nude lips…

  • That happens to me too sometimes! I tend towards more pinky or peach..that way I don't get washed out xo

  • Maybe that is the secret…

  • Yeah try them, Makeup is trail and error in my opinion 🙂

  • Couldn't agree more.