Is this what summer smells like? – Lancaster Sole Di Capri Éau d´été

When I think back to the endless and always sunny summers of my youth, there are a few things that instantly come to mind:
The smell of frying fat and chlorine at the public swimming pool.
The taste of maracuja ice cream.
And the heavily vanilla scented perfume Jil Sunder „Sun“.

Every one and their grandma was wearing this perfume, and even though I didn’t own it, I used to spritz myself liberally whenever I was at my friends house.
The two of us were probably recognizable from two miles away just by sniffing the air, but you know how you think during your teenage years:
More is always better!

Lancaster „Sole di Capri“ and some sunglasses! 

And even though my taste in perfume (and everything else) has changed a lot since then, I still like the idea of a special summer fragrance, one that transports me to the poolside after just one spritz, even if it is grey and rainy outside.
So I was excited when the perfume outlet EasyCosmetic contacted me and offered to send me Lancasters Sole di Capri Eau d´été to review.

What Lancaster claims:
Inspired by summer holidays, enjoyment and leisure in the sun.
Sole di Capri is a fruity-floral cocktail that opens with a mixture of Italian citrus and ripe Mediterranean fig. Sunny notes of white flowers, tiare and yang-ylang form the heart of the perfume. Warm accords of benzoin, vetiver and cedar finish the composition.
Created specifically that it can be worn at the beach under direct sunlight.

Lancaster Sole di Capri

The perfume is housed in a glass bottle with an orange lid and a sixties inspired drawing of a fabulous beach girl on the outside. While the bottle is see-through, the liquid itself is orange tinted, making it easy to track how much is still left.
One bottle contains 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) and retails for 39,99€ regular price or 34,95€ at EasyCosmetic.

Even though it is labelled as Eau de Toilette, the scent stays on very well. When I apply it in the morning around 6 am, I can still smell it at around 5 pm, so it is safe to say it lasts all day.
The scent is quite strong, too, so one spritz at your wrists should be enough.

Isn’t this beach girl adorable?

Citrus and fig in the overtone smell fresh and warm, but disappear on my skin very quickly.
The heart, dominated by the sweet smell of tiare, last much longer. Sadly, they are too heavy and sweet for my liking, so I don’t get on with the perfume to well.
After maybe two hours, the base made of warm and woody scents takes over. I notice the benzoin and vetiver much more than I do the cedar, so the smell still stays sweet, without being „grounded“ by the wooden scents.

I rarely wear perfume to the beach, but if I do I always make sure the formula is sun approved, as some perfumes can lead to dark spots on the skin when worn in direkt sunlight. Not to pretty on the décolletage!

Does it live up to its claims?
I haven’t had the opportunity to put this one to test on a sunny day at the beach, due to the lack of beaches and sun around here, so I can’t vouch for this one, but everything else is covered for sure.

Will I rebuy?
I don’t like my perfume to be that sweet, so I don’t wear it too much. But this is a matter of personal preference.

Who do I recommend it to?

Anyone who likes easy, sweet scents that stay put throughout the day.

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  • I like heavy and sweet perfumes so I'd probably like this one. I am not sure about wearing perfume to the beach though (not that I go to the beach, ever!).

  • Moa

    This sounds really good!! :)<3

  • Nina

    Thanks for sharing. xx

  • What a cute bottle. And I personally do like sweet, so I might like this one.

  • Kate

    This sounds really intriguing. I've always liked Lancaster as a sun cream brand and the idea of this perfume appeals to me. Thanks for sharing as I had no idea this product existed! x
    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Me neither until they reached out to me. But I like the idea of a designated perfume to wear in the sun.
    Do you double check if your perfume is sun-proof in the summer?

  • If you are into sweet scents, check this out. My sister likes Coco Mademoiselle and this one, too.
    Which perfume do you wear at the moment?

  • The design is lovely, I am absolutely into these 60ies designs. Do you chang your perfume often?

  • You are welcome. Do you like sweet scents?

  • Glad you liked it. Have you ever tried a designated sun-proof perfume?

  • Why don't you? I love spending time at the beach, although I stay in the shade most of the time, but the smell and the sounds are so relaxing.

  • Being at the beach is absolutely lovely. But for one- I don't have a beach in any close proximity. Two-me in a swimming suite- that's a sight nobody needs to see!

  • Cute bottle. Sounds interesting

    Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

  • This does sound lovely and I love the idea of summer perfumes but rarely buy them. One of my favourite ones, however, is Decleor's Arome Tonic – a gorgeous floral scent. Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance! x
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • I m not with you on the swimming suite topic, I think people in swimming clothes look lovely no matter the size, because it gives that holiday feeling and there are pretty cover-ups.
    But as someone without a beach in driving distance I feel you. Strictly on vacation for me…

  • Fig? OK then this one is pretty much a no-go for me. For some reason, all fig fragrances smell really, REALLY bad on me. Be it the fruit or the leaf, I just can't have any fig! It's also funny because the less you like a note, the more prominent it seems. This one will probably smell like fig through and through to me.

  • Great review!

  • I love the design, this perfume sure looks pretty in the bathroom, very summery.
    What kind of perfumes do you usually wear?

  • I have been very careful with perfume in the sun, because I witnessed a friend getting brown spots on the décolletage after liberally spritzing herself and then baking in the sun.
    I will put the Decleor one on my "to-smell"-list if you are such a firm fan.

  • Do you like smelling the actual fruit? Or eating it?
    And I totally agree, the scents we dislike smell the strongest to us. I remember when I was little a perfume was absolutely on trend, but to me it smelled like the medicine our dog got when she had to be dewormed, so I got sick whenever someone wore it.

  • Thank you for stopping by.

  • Do put it on your 'to smell' list! I love Decleor x

  • I'm fine with the smell and the taste of the actual fruit. There are things that I like a lot in real life that I just can't seem to fall for in fragrances tho. Most spices are another good example!

  • Not daily. I usually wear the same perfume throughout the week and then something different and more special for the weekend or for special occasions.

  • Ting

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • i don't like sweet perfumes, probably not for me 🙂

  • I am the same: An everyday/work fragrance, one the husband loves and one for going out, changing through the seasons.

  • Yes, same here.

  • Emma Waller (Emmajane01)

    i loe sweet scents, so i might give this a go

  • Jessie

    This sounds like a lovely perfume, I really like the bottle and it's sixtys feel.

    Jessie | Taylor Mayed

  • I didnt even know that lancaster did fragrances! If you are getting nearly 12 hours of scent from it, then it is an amazing EDT – better than some of the EDP's I own! I do like quite sweet perfumes so this sounds like one I would like 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

  • Summer to me smells like home, we had really hot weather throughout the year, so I have been coming to terms with seasonal variations only in the last couple of years. I stay away from any perfume that is citrus-y – it just doesn't smell good on me 🙁 I didn't know about perfumes being sun approved :-o!

  • Never tried their perfumes. I'm no fan of too sweet scents, but it definitely looks like summer (:
    Nati xx

  • Yes, the packaging is just too cute, I would gladly join the lady in sunbathing.

  • You are welcome.

  • No, the sweetness is pretty much all I smell. What kind of fragrance do you prefer?

  • If you are into sweet scents, this might be just for you.

  • Yes, me too. And the lasting power is great. Are you into sweet scents?

  • I was very impressed by the lasting power, I wouldn't have expected to be noticeable so long.

  • Some of the ingredients can react with UV-Rays and lead to dark spots, looking like hyper pigmentation.

    Do you prefer the seasonal changing or would you rather go back somewhere hot all year round?

  • I'd love to just be back at home where most of my family is – and then crib about how hot it always is 😀

  • 😉

  • Does that mean most perfumes aren't meant to be worn under direct sunlight? I'm a total sucker for buying things just because they bring back memories even if I don't like it/will never use it again! haha

  • Kate

    No, this has never occurred to me before! X

  • Such an honest review! Thank you for sharing.

    <3 <3 Mahshid مهشید

  • No, some of them can react with the UV-Rays., leading to hyper pigmentation.

  • You are very welcome.

  • I have had a fried with hyper pigmentation on the décolletage from wearing the wrong perfume, so I have been quite mindful about it.

  • Oh, this doesn't sounds like something that I would enjoy. I love dark, musty or refreshing scents and anything sweet usually make my head spin in not a good way. :-/

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Tailored and true

    What a great idea to have a summer scent! Love your story at the beginning especially 🙂

  • Cosmetic_Confections

    this sounds lovely! I love sweet scents

  • Omg als Teenager habe ich schrecklich Parfüms getragen. Davon wird mir heute schlecht. Jill Sander hatte ich auch damals nicht. Ich mag auch keine süßlichen Düfte (früher schon). Also ist das auch nicht der richtige Duft für mich. Tolle Review!

  • Nequéren Reis
  • I prefer musky and floral notes but not sweet 🙂

  • Oh I see! Thanks 🙂

  • Zahra Suleman

    Oo I may give this a try! I'm a fan of sweet smells 🙂

  • valeriesdays

    I love this idea : "the smell of summer" ! Nice post ! xox

  • You are welcome.

  • So this one isn't for you. Do you have a designated summer scent in your collection?

  • Swati Sharma
  • Thank you. Do you like sweet scents?

  • Do you have a special summer scent?

  • If you are into sweet smells, this one is for you.

  • Ja, auch der Geruchssinn entwickelt sich offenbar weiter.

  • Then this might be just the one for you.

  • Thank you. Don't you have a smell that instantly triggers memories?

  • I am into refreshing or fruity scents, not too much into the musky ones. If they are too sweet, I feel little uneasy in my stomach whenever I smell myself. Not a good thing.

  • valeriesdays

    Not really but I like to use an aftersun cream and an oil for my hair. Their perfume smell like summer and holidays !

  • Ah, yes, sun cream. As I am a child of the eighties, sunscreen will always smell like Coconut to me.

  • Dressed With Soul

    Oh, "Sun" habe ich auch sehr lange Jahre getragen, den Duft habe ich heute noch in der Nase 🙂 Von dem her finde ich die Idee eines Sommerparfüms sehr anziehend, aber nach Deinem ehrlichen Review wird dieser Duft von Lancaster wohl nicht mein Sommerduft werden … Danke für Deinen Test!

  • "Sun" war wohl damals der Duft, den alle getragen haben, zumindest kommt es mir so vor.

  • I love citrusy scents and also fig, so it sounds like it could be a good choice for me! I haven't really seen or heard of anything from Lancaster for a while, but I used to use this brand a lot in my late teens/early 20s. I'm not sure why but they're really not making the "buzz" these days.

  • that bottle is so summery
    I actually love sweet scents 🙂
    but this brand i dont think so we get it here in India

  • I remember their sunscreen, but apart from that I haven't heard from them in a while.

  • Lancaster is widely available, maybe you are lucky.

  • yr welcome