I´ve got this fever again – MAC Hot/Cold Tinted Lipglass

Do you know it?
The feeling when you see something and suddenly turn hot and cold, because you know you just have to have it?

That hasn’t happened to me for the longest time, but when I stumbled upon the pictures of MACs „Wash and Dry“-Collection, it got me.
The Limited Edition Fever!

MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

And I am not ashamed to admit, it wasn’t a particular product that infected me with this bad case of LE-Fever.
It was the packaging.
The gorgeous, rainbow colored pattern gracing all the products with exception of the eye khols.

So I was left to decide which product I actually wanted to buy, and after clicking through many swatches, settled for Morange lipstick.
But when I went to the store (Mr. Loca rolling his eyes) and had it applied, it just didn’t work with my skin tone.
For a second I contemplated getting it anyway (it was the fever speaking!), but quickly scanned the products again and, no surprise here, settled for a red lipglass called „Hot/Cold“.

MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

Now lets admire the packaging in all it´s beauty for a second!
Do you see the rainbow colors?
The sparkle?
Can you smell the vanilla goodness that is MAC lip products?
I don’t think I have fully recovered yet…

But allow me to get a grip and talk you through the facts:
One tube contains 4.8 ml and retails for 19€ here.
The lipgloss is opaque in one swipe, feels sticky on the lips and graces you with it´s presence for around four hours if all you do is drink.
If you eat, you will have to reapply to get the opaque glossiness again, but even after a light meal, you are still left with a pretty stain.
Obviously, it won’t survive the Sunday roast, but it is a lipgloss after all.

MAC Tinted Lipglass Hot/Cold, one swipe

On me, it is a pretty cool toned red with maybe a hint of berry.
The one downside I have to mention can be seen in the picture below: After wearing it throughout the day and reapplying it about four times, it started to settle into my lip lines.

MAC Tinted Lipglass Hot/Cold, lip swatch

Would I rebuy?
Well, it is Limited edition, but even after cooling off I don’t regret buying what must be my 12th red lipgloss and can see me getting a lot of wear out of it.

Who do I recommend it to?
Anyone who likes the color and still needs a red lipgloss.
I mean, come on, the PACKAGING!

Full face wearing MAC Tinted Lipglass in Hot/Cold

Did you end up getting anything from that collection?
And have you caught the LE-fever recently?

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  • The packaging is amazing!

    Kirsty | http://www.kirsty.ws

  • Oh yay! This one looks cute on you! I got Domestic Diva myself. I agree, the packaging here is to die for.

  • I want Domestic Diva too!

  • It looks very pretty on you. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait till this collection launches in the US. Isn't it weird that US seems to be the last place to get this collection? It's usually the opposite! Too bad Morange didn't work for you…Probably it will look terrible on me but I will get Domestic Diva lipglass for sure!


  • The color looks absolutely stunning on you! I haven't picked anything up from this collection yet but if I have some time left today I'll hope over to MAC!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  • The Beauty Highlights

    Packaging is beautiful and the colour looks so good on you.

  • Very pretty! It looks great on you. I've not tried anything from this collection. I only have a cremesheen glass,which I like! I have to say that I don't really care for the packaging. It doesn't do much for me.. but it might be fun to try out the shades.. cos why not? 😀

  • The packaging is either Love or Hate for most people, not many are indecisive when you read the reviews.
    Which shades do you want to try in particular? I guess Morange would look good on you.

  • Thank you.
    Do you want to get anything from that collection?

  • It was sold out pretty quickly online, but I was lucky to find most of the things in store. The eyeshadow trios get much love online, too, but I don't like palettes.
    Anything you are eyeing in particular?

  • Yes, usually we have to wait and watch you flaunt your new picks in front of us, so I think you can grant me my early pick up 😉
    Domestic Diva look good, too, but you know how I feel about my reds.

  • I saw you posting a picture on Instagram this morning. Will you post a FOTD, too?

  • It really is.
    Are you planning on getting something from this collection?

  • The packaging is so fun!!!! You wouldn't be the first to buy something simply because it looks beautiful lol


  • That was the Permanent Press eyeshadow from the collection but the lipglass was from a while ago, it's one of the Mineralize Lipglasses. I'll post a full look later 🙂

  • Was gonna buy this, but went for the highlighter instead. Again, it was mainly the packaging that drew me in. I can't tell you what it's like because I haven't swatched it yet, am still to take pictures. Got a free laundry bag when I bought it too!

  • Whoa this lipglass is stunning on you!!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • The packaging is beooootiful! Definitely eye-catching 🙂 That shade of lipglass looks lovely on you xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  • LMAO at your hubby rolling his eyes, mine does that A LOT too. Haha! The packaging is seriously pretty, I'll have to agree with you on that but gosh, that shade looks like it's made for you. It seriously look amazing on you.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • He just doesn't understand why I would a lipgloss in the first place, so explaining why I really need another red one is beyond me.
    Do you plan on getting anything from that collection?

  • I couldn't look away when I saw the first pictures. Do you buy for the packaging only sometimes?

  • Cant have enough laundry bags.
    Not using things until you have watched them is the hardest part about blogging!

  • And certainly not the last, I know. We are all so easily lured in…
    Do you plan on buying something from that collection?

  • I only recognized the eyeshadows, the rest was wild assuming.
    Saw your picture you look gorgeous as always!

  • Such a pretty colour!


  • The packaging is the epitome of summer. I love it. The shade looks really lovely on you too!

    Emma & The Beauty Blog

  • If it's up to me then hell yes alas, there's not Mac counter in the town I live (yay, small town living!) and in order for me to buy something from Mac, we have to drive to the next city which is more than an hour away. I could buy it from online but I'm a little anal about purchasing makeup online. Sometimes it's hard to judge the real shade and texture from online, I rather swatch it in store.

  • I am the same. You never know how the shades are going to look on you, so it is always a gamble.

  • That looks gorgeous on you! I didn't pick up anything from this collection, but I might check out the Huggable lipsticks and the Extra Dimension eyeshadows once they hit the stores here!

  • I completely understand your fever! Honestly, no product from the collection really attracts me, but I've been tempted to buy something just for the LE packaging. I've resisted so far, but I might in fact regret it (like I regret not buying anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection and it's awesome fake water droplets)!

  • This colour is beautiful, it looks amazing on you. I need try and get a hold of it.

    Zeynab x

    The Beauty Load

  • Helen

    Beautiful colour!! <3

    I have a new post up on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  • Hihihi so beautiful! First to see this collection at Karen's. The packaging is so summery and I thought it was a Brazillian-ish collection. lol Btw, is it already summer in Germany?

  • Aw, thank you! I decided to go with the Enchanted One lipstick on my lips after all instead of the lipglass. Michele approved and said he loved my make-up, made my day, toootally made my day.

  • Ja die Verpackung von der LE hat mich auch angemacht (ich kann schwer widerstehen bei LE's). Ich fand den Lidschatten sehr hübsch, aber habe eine schlechte Review gelesen und werde ihn mir nicht zulegen. Die Farbe gefällt mir auch super, auch wenn ich kein großer Lipgloss Fan bin, aber meine Schwester kauft sich andauernd Lipglosse. Mir sind sie zu klebrig. Wünsch dir eine schönes Wochenende!


  • idu

    Hehe, I know the feeling Linda. It looks great on you. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

  • Shows that he has taste. And you have skills.

  • You have t check when the collection will be launched at your place. Where do you live?

  • Yes, I missed out on the Alluring Aquatic Collection, too, and am regretting it every day. Absurd to get so obsessed about packaging, but that is the way we roll.

  • The Huggable lipsticks had some awesome colors, too. Which one caught your interest?

  • Thank you.
    And you are absolutely right: The packaging just screams summer! Will you pick up anything from the collection?

  • Thank you, I have a weak spot when it comes to reds.

  • <3

  • I just saw the highlighter. It looks amazing!

  • This is SO pigmented and SO beautiful on you! 🙂

  • It really is. I have been wearing it non-stop since I bought it, just patted it in with my fingers for a more toned down work look.

  • Thank you, Idu. Great to see that I am not the only one that crazy around here.

  • Ich mag ja keine Paletten, da waren die Lidschatten raus, die Lippenstifte waren alle nichts und Bronzer und Highlighter benutze ich so selten, also blieb nur ein Gloss. Ist aber wirklich ein klebriges, also eher nichts für Dich.
    Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende.

  • I really love it.
    See you over at your blog.

  • Oh man. I have a serious love/hate with lip glosses. But this one….this one….the darn packaging!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Also die Farbe ist wirklich genial und steht Dir einfach perfekt! Jetzt bin ich direkt ein bisschen traurig, dass ich gar kein Lipgloss-Fan bin, denn sonst müßte ich das auch auf der Stelle haben 🙂

  • Nina

    This color looks beautiful on you. xx


  • I'm Game & Play it Soft – hope the colors show up on pigmented lips though.

  • Oh goodness I have to agree, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, and the colour looks amazing on you! Limited edition fever damn right! NEED ONE IN MY LIFE!

    I'm so glad that I found your blog. Would you like to check out mine, and perhaps follow each other on GFC and/or other social media?

    Have an amazing weekend!

    XOXO, HaeMin


  • Yes, that is always worth checking out first. I dislike lip colors that are too sheer, I always feel like they are a waste of money.

  • What a gorgeous colour! And the packaging is amazing too!

    Vanessa | http://www.vanlamar.com

  • Yes, I absolutely love it. Are you drawn in by packaging as easily as I am?

  • Thank you.
    Did you get anything from that collection?

  • I have a lot of similar shades, but I really enjoy wearing it.

  • Thank you for understanding me, it feels great to find so many people having the same issue.

  • Thank you. Which one is your signature shade?

  • Manchmal sind solche Abneigungen ungemein budget-freundlich. Bist Du denn eher ein Lippenstift-Fan oder am liebsten wenig auf den Lippen?

  • There are lipsticks and highlighters in he same pretty packaging. Come on, you know you want something!

  • yes i am too !!! 🙂

  • nope but I might do 🙂

  • very pretty color…you are rocking it so well 🙂 the packaging is great ..

  • What do you have your eye on?

  • Yes, sometimes I do! The packaging for Hourglass & Charlotte Tilbury had me hook line & sinker and luckily the quality of the products I got were superb 🙂 x

  • Ah, yes, the hourglass packaging too is divine.

  • Thank you. You like your lips vibrant as well, don't you?

  • It looks great. And, yes, I agree, the packaging is just fantastic!

  • Oh yeah..I like vibrant lips 🙂

  • Thank you. Will you get anything from that collection?

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon! http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/anna-alina-3947784

  • Dressed With Soul

    Ein ganz klarer Lippenstift-Fan, ohne Lippenstift fühle ich mich direkt nicht vollständig angezogen 🙂

  • We'll see. I'd love to go to their shop and see the colours in person. I'm not sure in Barcelona, Spain, we have everything they offer.

  • Hi again! Some of my posts are written in English, too, for example, the posts about Barcelona. Thanks for your comment!

  • Thank you for stopping by.

  • Ah, thank you for telling me that. My Spanish is non-existant.

  • Yes, that can be tricky.

  • I love the packaging in this collection. Although I wasn't particularly tempted by anything, I think the lip gloss you picked up is really pretty and looks lovely on you. 🙂 x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  • Susan Dollparts

    ahh, I really love mac! and how cool is that packaging, I can´t help buying products because they look cute 😉 really cool post! followed you on bloglovin xx

    dresses-and-travels //@Susan Dollparts