Lesley Fightmasters 30 Days of Yoga Challenge – The second week

If you are wondering what this series is about click here for the introduction. But short story even shorter: Inma from „Sunshine&Glow“ (a seasoned yoga lover) and I (a complete beginner) share our experiences with the 30 Days of Yoga Beginners Challenge of Lesley Fightmaster Yoga.


Yoga essentials


So the struggle continues…


Day 8


When exercising today I suddenly realize that the pain in my left lower back is gone. It has been accompanying me pretty much every day these past weeks, most likely a result of weak muscles and lugging around a heavy baby boy with my left arm. All the stretching does pay off! And the exercises get more challenging. I can feel my legs and arms in the evening. Not completely sore, but  a welcome feeling of tiredness.


Today is Wednesday and it is when I go to my yoga class after work, so I decide to skip today. I feel a bit guilty but this is not a case of ticking boxes and if I have practiced for an hour and a half, then that is a good thing!


Day 9


Oh well, now my upper left back is tight. I realize it with the bending we are doing more and more of. It is the arm I carry the baby with, and pretty much all the muscles around my shoulder blade are hurting. Let´s see if that is being fixed with this challenge as well.


I really loved today. As days have gone by we have been building up and it feels more like a flow now. I usually struggle with my upper body strength and really want to improve it so today I did a couple of extra push ups when in plank. Olivia, my yoga teacher would smile if she read this, because I always pull a face in class when we do it.




Day 10


Today is a horrible day. I keep running around all day and am exhausted when I pick my daughter up from day care. The attempt to do Yoga with both kids around is doomed. Either my son is crying or my daughter insists on joining in. I start over five times, but don’t get more than three minutes. When Mr. Loca finally comes home I pick a fight with him instead of trying a sixth time.  So much for the loving communication and intentions…


Today was a sweaty one! I don’t know if it is because it’s the end of the week and I am a bit tired. However, today we did one of my favourite poses, supported bridge. I LOVE this and sometimes I do it for 5 minutes. The feeling you have when you remove the block and lie on the floor is AMAZING.


Day 11


Saturday, and my husband at home. Unusual, but very welcome. I do both Day 10 and Day 11 and feel very much at peace afterwards.


I’ve woken up feeling a bit stressed out today. I didn’t sleep great and had nightmares, so that’s put me in a bit of a funny mood. After spending some time with friends I head back home and I am up for a double bill today. I do Day 11, which is picking up pace! I struggle a bit through the three bridge poses at the end because I always have a lot of tightness around my shoulders. Now I am just about to hit play on Lesley’s Yoga Nidra, which is a favourite of mine when I have a bit of time at the weekend. I’m going to draw the curtains so there is a good chance that I will fall asleep…


Day 12


Early morning Yoga before we head to my parents to have a look at all the construction work that has been done the past two weeks. I am usually not one to work out in the mornings, but it leaves me refreshed and energized. Maybe I should do that more often.


See Day 13


Day 13


I just realized I have been talking about my personal life all week. That should be about Yoga! The workout has changed quite a bit, from all the stretching and breathing to planks and upward dogs that make my muscles sore and challenge my balance. I do find it hard to keep up with the pace some times, but as it is a YouTube video I can always pause and catch up in my own speed.


I have a double one today because I’ve had friends staying at the weekend and it has been a bit difficult to find time to practice. It is late at night now and I’m just about to go to bed, so all these standing poses are probably going to wake me up but I really don’t want to be two days behind… When I started yoga I didn’t like sun salutations because I found them really frantic and kept having to pay attention to what came next. As years have gone by I am much more used to the flow of them and really enjoy it. I can stop thinking and my mind gets very still.


Day 14


When I picked up my son this morning, my arms did actually hurt! Just a little, but noticeable. My first exercise related muscle ache in months. It felt so good. Lesley is offering two version of the exercise at the moment, one more relaxed and one where you do some plank, up dog and other stuff in between. Of course I am taking the challenging road. Most of the time.


Today we start setting an intention, which is something I really like. Yoga is more than physical exercise for me, and it has help me to have an attitude towards life that is more curious, more open and calm.

As week 2 ends I realize it has been a real challenge to find time for it this week. Having visitors and all the socializing it entails has been lots of fun, but it has made me feel like this was something I had to do rather than something I look forward to doing, which is how I normally feel. I know it sounds a bit negative, but I wanted to be completely honest with it! Week 3 is going to throw some new challenges as I will be in Spain and not have wifi for a couple of days, so I am going to have to miss those 2 days.


Have you been working out last week?

And have you ever committed to a daily challenge?

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  • Fab post, I love fitness challenges and keeping updated on how they’re going, I’ve been meaning to start a yoga one for ages, I’ll defo have a look into this one, Have a mindful and positive next 7 days of yoga!

    • Thank you! I can really recommend this challenge if you are new to Yoga. If you are already more experienced, you could do the 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne. I did this before my pregnancy and really enjoyed it as well.

  • Ah, I love exercise-related muscle aches 🙂 For whatever reason they feel good, rather than being an irritation. Reading this has definitely made me want to kick myself in the butt and actually do some exercise. I’ve been pretty sentient since I’ve been back home. So thanks for that 😉


    • What exercise do you usually do?

      • I like yoga and doing abdominal/core exercises, and I like going for walks (though I wish there were more places or directions to choose from!).

  • Ich habe tatsächlich noch nie Yoga ausprobiert. Euren Erzählungen nach, ist es doch sehr effektiv und einen Versuch wert! xoxo


    • Einen Versuch wert ist es auf jeden Fall. Mir macht es Spaß, wohingegen zum Beispiel Pilates gar nichts für mich ist.

  • What a great challenge. I never tried yoga but after reading a lot about its benefits, I think I’ll give it a go.


  • Yulia

    That’a a great challenge!:) I am working out at the gym about 4-5 times a week, and I feel so amazing afterwards, it’s unbelievable. I just can’t imagine my life without physically challenging myself, lol. I never tried yoga for some reason, but I would love to one day. Thanks so much a for sharing and have a great week:)


    • I used to be a gym bunny as well, lifting weights and classes are still my favorite way of exercise. But with the kids it is so hard to find the time to go to the gym, so I rely on doing stuff from home right now.

  • Hanna

    I need to try doing this! –Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Outfit: 2-D Cartoon Bag after Finals

  • Wow, daily for three years? That is dedication. Do you do classes only or do you do You Tube videos as well?

  • I’m really enjoying reading these posts & when I’m at the point where I can introduce some gentle exercise, I will try this xx


    • It picks up in intensity in week three, to be honest at the end of week two already. Said someone with no stamina and muscles at the moment. But if this challenge gets to intense too quickly, there are multiple other options to choose from at the homepage.

  • I still havent made it to the gym and quite depressed that im not losing any weight. Which is resulting in more chocolate eating. Urgh! Ill be wearing bin bags for summer.


    • I am struggling with loosing weight as well, but it was the same after my first pregnancy. That is just how my body works. I can´t really diet, as that would lower my already pretty low milk supply, so I am trying to build up muscle mass and do walking to slowly get myself back in shape. But the scales are deceiving in the beginning anyway, I´d recommend taking measurements to record your progress. I have barely lost 1 kg in the last month, but 3 cm from my hips. Muscles are heavier than fat.

      • I did measure myself and nothing changed :). Think i really thought the weight will just fall out. Delusional!

        • Don’t blame you for that, it is what people make you believe. And it may be true for some, but not for the majority of us.

        • Don’t blame you for that, it is what people make you believe. And it may be true for some, but not for the majority of us.

      • I did measure myself and nothing changed :). Think i really thought the weight will just fall out. Delusional!

  • I’m horrible at exercising! I always quit after two weeks. Maybe I should start doing it more since I’m getting quite out of shape.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • It takes 30 days to introduce a new habit, and it is most common to quit after 10 to 14 days. This si why these 30 days challenges are great. If you commit to 30 days, it is easier to stick to as opposed to committing to „from now on and forever“. And after they are done, you have created a habit.

  • I’d really love to try yoga, but it seems so advanced for someone like me. I usually just walk (a lot!), but I’ve been wanting to add to my routine. I really can’t keep up with the circuit training these days. Old age… lol.

    • This one starts really at the beginning, even someone with no experience can do it, and it builds up. It builds up quickly, and I have to stop and watch sometimes before I do it myself, but it is manageable for someone with zero experience. No headstand (so far at least).

  • again, in awe of your commitment. i enjoy seeing your snaps on it!

    • There isn’t much more exciting stuff for me to snap, so I keep posting those. My life isn’t that exciting…

  • thefashionsalt

    I like how this is a diary of not just yoga but daily experiences as well. It’s nice to learn what you both go through and how you feel. And it sounds like you are really getting a nice workout now with the muscle aches 🙂

    • I just finished writing week 3, and it picks up in intensity even more. Foolish me thought it would be easy going, but I do struggle.