Lag før du forbruker

Podcasts – a few months ago, I barely ever listened to them, but fast forward to now and you will find me listening to them whenever I have a minute to spare.

Ingenting livsstil relatert skjønt: Jeg har falt for gründerversjonen!


Lag før du forbruker
Create before you consume – no matter if it is on paper or digital


De med Blogging og You Tube råd, de som gjør at du vil sette deg ned og jobbe på kanalene dine umiddelbart, fullt av ideer og motivasjon.

Selvfølgelig tilbyr ikke alle episodene noe verdifullt for min nåværende situasjon, men for hver av dem jeg lytter til og umiddelbart glemmer, er det en som gir meg noe som har stor innvirkning.

“Create before you consume” er en av nuggets som virkelig forandret meg mye.

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Why I don’t run – at least not at the moment

This was supposed to be a blogpost about running. I had it all planned out: How to get motivated, how to build your stamina, which gadgets or apps to use…

Se, alt startet tidligere i år. Jeg hadde jobbet ganske konsekvent de siste månedene og så virkelig resultatene. Jeg var faktisk fornøyd med kroppen min, ble tonet og passet. Alt jeg ønsket var å være litt tynnere, bare en liten bit, mens du fortsetter å spise all maten åpenbart. Og for å oppnå det ønsket jeg å komme tilbake til løp.


Grunnen til at jeg ikke har lov til å løpe akkurat nå


Før barna gikk jeg en løp to til tre ganger i uken, men i og etter svangerskapene skjedde det aldri igjen.

So, with determination, I made a plan. And the plan worked fine!  Once a week became a thing, with me getting faster and less resembling a beetroot after finishing. Les mer

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Monthly Recap – Blog post topics September 2018

Another Monthly Recap post so soon? Well, the last one (read her) was two weeks late and I don´t like not sticking to my self-inflicted schedule

Ja, jeg vet at jeg bare kunne ha tilpasset tidsplanen, men det er ikke slik jeg gjør ting.


Månedlig oppskrift september 2018
Månedlig oppskrift september 2018


Anyway, September saw me back to work and, I am not going to lie,  struggling. The problem with being on holiday is that you are away.

Som er helt poenget, får jeg det, men etterlater så mange ting som venter på deg når du kommer tilbake, det kan være overveldende.

On top of that being away always gives me time to think, and thinking very often leads to ideas. Ideas are great, but must be followed by actions if you don´t want utter frustration, and that means – more work.

Så hvis du legger til jobbarbeid til blog-arbeid og deretter rører litt ekstra idearbeid, er det 24 timer faktisk ganske kort.

But enough complaints, let´s get into my blog post topics of the month of September!

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Anti-aging – More than just a word?

For litt over et år siden besluttet Allure Magazine å dunkle begrepet anti-aging.


Anti-aging – is it more than just a word?


I september 2017-problemet (med den nydelige Helen Mirren på forsiden) sa de:

This issue is the long-awaited, utterly necessary celebration of growing into your own skin — wrinkles and all. No one is suggesting giving up retinol. But changing the way we think about aging starts with changing the way we talk about aging.

With that in mind, and starting with this issue, we are making a resolution to stop using the term “anti-aging.” Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle — think antianxiety meds, antivirus software, or antifungal spray.”

Aldring er et privilegium, jeg tror vi alle kan være enige om det, men bruker ikke begrepet anti-aging faktisk å forandre noe?

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Monthly Recap: August 2018

Times are busy, and I feel like they get busier every day. Catching up with my favorite blogs daily is something I haven´t been able to do in a long while, and as I figured you are probably in the same boat, I decided to introduce the Monthly Recap series.

It is meant to be an overview of all the blog posts I have written, all the videos I have uploaded and a few extra informations thrown in for good measure. To make it easier to find what you are interested in I split it in three categories: Skincare, Makeup and Lifestyle.


Monthly Recap August 2018
Cap de Creus – Spain


Looking back at August for me means looking back at my annual holiday in France, two weeks filled with sun, sea and (probably too many) croissants. I decided against vlogging (it would just have been me eating all the time), but put up a France 2018 Highlight on my Instagram Profile should you be in the mood for some snaps.

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Things you probably never thought about in your beauty products

This blogpost contains affiliate links. Please read disclaimer.

A few days ago, when I was driving to dance class and put on a podcast (The Beauty Brains, sadly discontinued) to keep me entertained, I learned that in case of radioactive fallout you should NOT condition your hair.



HASK Repairing Conditioner
HASK Repairing Conditioner


I admit that I don´t often think about what to do in case of a nuclear attack (actually kind of funny given that I love dystopean movies), but if I do, my beauty regimen does not have priority.

So why on earth would a government make this statement part of their official advice when even a Beauty Blogger hadn´t thought about it?

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Why you don´t have to be a morning person to be successful

Just to get things straight: I AM a morning person.

With a brief exception, a period of time when I had to be woken at 10 am to attend the family breakfast (I believe it is a crucial part of adolescense we all go through), I have always been an early riser.


Morning person
I love watching the sun rise


I am most productive before noon, I prefer to work out in the mornings and if I get lost in procrastination before 10 am chances are that I am not going to get anything done for the whole day.

Which, as a quick browse through my social media feed tells me, should ultimately set me up for success.

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Norway Travel Vlog 2018 – Come along

Back in July we rented a camper van, packed the kids and started driving.

Up north was the goal, to visit my brother in law that lives in Norway, Helgeland (in Mo i Rana, to be precise, but barely anyone has heard of it). We had no reservations, no fixed itinerary, just a vague idea of the route we were going to take.


Norway Travel Vlog 2018
Norway Travel Vlog 2018


Finally back to the way we travelled before the kids, without obligations, just following the road.

Well, not exactly back to the way we travelled before the kids. Morning lay-ins, hours of quiet time spend reading a book? No, the kids had a mind of their own when it came to how they wanted to spend their days, and, just like they are at home, they were early risers.

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Love Island – Is it all just fun and games?

Disclaimer first: I have actually never watched a full episode of Love Island in my whole life.

Until a few weeks ago I would even have sworn that this kind of show exists UK exclusive, but doing research for this blog post prooved me wrong. There is a German version on RTL 2.

Now how come I want to talk about a show I never watched?


Love Island
Love Island got me thinking…


First of all, if you are active on social media, there is no escape. Everyone is constantly commenting on who kissed whom and who betrayed XY behind their back.

And yes, I do know there is a mute button for certain topics. I wasn´t bothered.

I just wasn´t interested.

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Why I think you should still play video games

“Still?” is the question I get asked most when I mention it.

“You still play video games?”


Yes I do.


benefits of playing video games
Meet my main character, Asharra, a warlock


I started at the tender age of 11, on my C 64 with 5,25“ floppy disks and classics like “Bubble Bobble”, briefly touched on the whole “Age of Empire” series in LAN-parties with friends and then discovered the world of MMORPG, namely World of Warcraft.

Which just released it´s latest addon, “Battle for Azeroth”, on August 14th.

Now my raiding days are behind me, I just can´t keep up equipmentwise with work, kids and the blog, but that doesn´t mean I won´t immerse myself into the new content as much as possible in the upcoming weeks.

To mask this period of less blog activity I did of course prepare several blog posts, one of them on why I think you, as a beauty lover, should consider playing too!

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