New in – The parcel edition

Every three months I gather what I have been purchasing, shake my head in disbelief on the amount of brown eyeshadows and red lipsticks I have accumulated and start taking pictures.
Because the one reason behind every purchase is reviewing the things I bought here on Linda, Libra, Loca.
At least that is what I tell my husband.

Don’t you just love it when the postman rings?

This time I thought I´d change things up a little and show you the parcels I received, one being a must-buy from Cult Beauty, one being giveaway prizes I won and one being part of a makeup swap I did with Dawn from Brilliant Orchid.

Let´s start with the giveaway stuff.
Funny enough, it included Sheet Masks, just like the one I did a few weeks back, so I am sorted for the time to come.

Isn’t the packaging too cute?

Other than that it contained:
– a Belle Madame Girl Love Beautyblender
– a ParaDo Lasting Eyebrow Pen
– a set of three Dolly Wink Lashes in „1 Dolly Sweet“
– a MBR Eyeliner Pencil in „Metallic“ (Cheetah print, yay!)
– one Etude House Moonlight in Spoon Blending Sleep Cream (a spoon full of a night time eye treatment)
For a self-proclaimed skincare addict getting my hands on Korean products is beyond exciting!

Cant wait to try making these Banana Donuts!

When I opened Dawns parcel, I immediately knew I was going to love it, no matter what makeup she would have included. She send me sweets!
– Audrey Hepburn Blueberry Candies
– Sweetstacks Guam Banana Donut Mix

My very first Chanel nail polish!

Apart from that she included nail polishes from Wet n Wild („Through the grapevine“), Milani („Club Lights“), four OPI minis and a Chanel one („Cinema“).
We had agreed on drugstore and samples, so Chanel was definitely unexpected.
Now I am pretty loyal to Essie and don’t wear nail polish too often (work reasons), but there is no woman out there who wouldn’t be over the moon when gifted a Chanel polish, am I right?

A Lancome Définicils High Definition Mascara sample completed the makeup stuff. I love Lancome mascaras and haven’t tried this one yet, so again: Great choice!

Will I really try the Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Cream? I´ll keep you posted!

Kindly enough she added some skincare:
– An original chapstick
– A soothing lip balm by Magic (isn’t the packaging the cutest?)
– A Coconut Organic soap in the shape of a teddy bear
– Some Royal Jelly Skin Oil capsules
– Etude House Oh My Goodness! Dry Shampoo
– A sample of Chamos Snail Repair Anti-Wrinkle Cream

I have read tons about the benefits of snail slime but would never, ever have spend money on it. Now I am stuck with a sample, and disgust and curiosity keep fighting in my head.
Should I try it?
Would you?
Let me know in the comments!

And while I am debating this, let´s move on to the last and most obvious purchase.
If you have been a reader for quite some time, you know I am addicted to skincare and I religiously read the skincare blog by Caroline Hirons.
Ladys (and gentleman? I don’t think so) meet the Cult Beauty box designed by Caroline Hirons!

Cult Beauty Box designed by Caroline Hirons

Inside is skincare greatness (or at least I hope so) in form of:
– Alpha-H Liquid Gold: Love it, read my review here
– Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm
– MV Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic
– Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex
– Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask
– Bio-Essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask
– Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil
– David Kirsch Vitamin Mineral Powder Superjuice

Pretty much my skincare wish list Pinterest board all in one box. How could I have resisted?

As much as I am tempted to rip everything open and lock myself into the bathroom for two days straight, I will patiently finish what I am using now and then try and test everything thoroughly before providing you with my thoughts.
Bare with me, it is hard for me too!



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  • Oh my god, so many new things. And yes, there's no better feeling than the door ringing, knowing you've ordered something. Too good!

    XO Naomi in Wonderland

  • Oh wow, you got some serious testing to do, girl! I love that she sent you sweets! The perfect bribe, instant love for whatever follows, lol. That teddy bear-shaped soap is really cute, almost too cute to actually use.

  • That's a awesome package ! You have a lot of product to test now =)

  • Packages are so much fun! The shipping in Canada is usually very expensive so I rarely buy things online.


  • Woah that's a lot of products!
    Have a lovely day 🙂

    Miss Eleigh Neux | Bloglovin

  • Dressed With Soul

    Oh, da hast Du ja wirklich viel zum Testen 🙂 Über einen roten Chanel-Lack würde ich mich auch sehr freuen, auch wenn ich normalerweise auch sehr Essie-Loyal bin.
    Schönes Wochenende!

  • I love getting packages – opening them is half the fun! Looks like you got some great bits in your swap – I would definitely give the snail slime a go! As disgusting as it sounds, I think curiosity would get the better of me 🙂 xx

    Brenda BusyBee

  • The Cult Beauty box looks seriously amazing! Can't wait to hear your reviews! And so does the Korean skincare, wow! Fun things 🙂

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • I saw that Cult Beauty box but the time I realized its existence, it was sold out! Arghhh! And about the snail slime…err…try it and let us know? I have read about it being really good but the thought of hang it on my face made me squeamish! LOL! And I wish I can lock myself in the bathroom with you and try all those products, you have some really amazing stuff there, Linda!

    ps: So much respect that you have strong will power from testing everything at one go, I would have dove head first. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • That Cult Beauty box is such a good buy, really great mix of products!
    Cinema is such a perfect colour for your first Chanel polish. 🙂

  • The Beauty Highlights

    Cult Beauty box really looks amazing. Waiting for your reviews.

  • Csenge Orban

    The products look so exciting, curious how they end being. Let me know!

    Lovely post, kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge's Point

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Happy Friday, love! Amazing products!
    Happy Weekend!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  • Swati Sharma

    wow… many nice products…loved the nail polishes….

  • Me too. Have you tried Chanel polishes? I have heard the colors are gorgeous, but they are prone to chipping.

  • Happy weekend to you.

  • I am still debating whether or not to try the cream. What would you do?

  • It is like Christmas and my birthday in one. What are you interested in most?

  • I would have ordered it anyway (I guess), but when I saw what was to be included I immediately joined the waiting list.

    Great to hear from you again! How´s traveling going?

  • It isn't willpower, it was learned the hard way. If I change my routine too much, my skin will explode with breakouts, so I´ll have to stop using everything and some things will go off in the process.
    If only I could be so sensible when it comes to red lipsticks… *sigh*

    Should you ever come to Germany, you have to stop by here and we will have a home-spa-marathon while the husbands babysit and talk about barbecue.

  • Yes, especially the Snail Slime. Would you try it?

  • Yes, I know deep down in my heart I will of course try it. I will let you know how it goes. Maybe I´ll look 25 by tomorrow?

  • Noch ein Essie-Fan wie schön. Was ist denn Deine liebste Farbe?

  • It is, but in my defense, I collected it for more than three months.

  • That´s a shame. Shipping to Germany isn't too expensive, and most websites offer free international shipping anyways so I take full advantage of that.

  • I do. I will be busy for the months to come.
    What´s your verdict, should I try the snail slime?

  • I think it will end up being unused, I wouldn't want to ruin it.
    And yes, sweets are the way to my heart, always.

  • Yes. But there is disappointment more often than not, because my husband is a great online shopper, too. I get all excited, accept the parcel and then it is some tech stuff…

  • That little lip balm is the CUTEST!!!! and the Japanese beauty products from the first parcel all look so pretty! I've been dying to get my hands on a dolly wink eyeliner since forever ;-; Ahhh I love it when the mailman comes!! Even the waiting is exciting for me :3

  • Glamoury armory

    wow! I love that cult beauty box by caroline irons!! OMG I love her too!!! I need this box in my life like right now!!
    Have an amazing weekend.

    Glamoury Armory Blog

  • Lenya

    Looks like you have gotten amazing stuff.

  • I'm with you on snail slime! Heard so much about it but just the thought of putting it on my face makes me very squeamish!

    I rather like Wet N Wild polishes, I think they're great for the price 🙂

  • The Magic lip balm and teddy bear soap are just too cute! Not too sure about the snail slime, but it would be a review I'd love to read that's for sure lol. Also, those donuts…

  • those lashes are so pretty!

  • I haven't tried them yet, but they look very flattering.
    Do you wear fake lashes often?

  • Well, everyone seems to want me to try it, so I guess I´ll jump in and put it on my face. All in the name of beauty of course!

  • I have heard great things about them, too, so I am excited to give them a go. Do you own any? If so, what are your experiences?

  • Almost to pretty to open, don't you think?

  • Yes, I got lovely things. Have you ever done a beauty swap?

  • It was LE with a waiting list, i was excited when I got one. They sold out pretty fast.

  • Yes, I stalk the tracking numbers and imagine where my products are right now, so exciting!
    So Dolly Wink liners are something special? I have to admit, I haven't heard of them ever before.

  • wow so many nice products in one single post 🙂

  • Wow, you got such great products. I am truly jealous!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Yes, quite overwhelming. I am settled wit skincare for the next year, I guess…

  • Анна-Алина Гевелюк

    Omg all of it l looks so good and cute!!! I think that banana donuts are very tasty!!!

  • Oooh! You got Caroline's Cult Box! I'm jealous. Will you be doing a review on all the products? I'd love to hear more about them!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

  • I definitely would! That doesn't bother me 🙂

  • wow what nice, I like the dolly wink eye lashes and sheet masks are so great. I don't know this brand, Let us know what you think of them. And the Osika Micro exfoliating balm looks like a must have product )

  • OMG THE SWEETS! They look good!!!

    That box looks like a winner! You'll most probably love the Omorovicza mask. I repurchase every year during the Black Friday sales 🙂

  • Jamie RS

    great stuff! all of the products looks great and sounds amazing! 🙂

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  • Wow!
    That's a lot.

    I love the OPI nail polish. ANd that Audery Hepburn sweets is so cute


    Check my new post.

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  • Ohhh no. The worst! Totally get it 🙁

  • OMG I would be going crazy and excited at the that Chanel Nailpolish I actually like everythinggg about this post! I´m excited and the products aren´t even mine. Keep us posted! Me likeeyyy

  • Wow Caroline Hirons Cult Beauty box looks awesome!! Want! Can't wait to hear how you get on with the snail anti-wrinkle cream.. 🙂
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  • I am really looking forward to testing them.

  • Haven't tried them yet, but come on, banana and donuts! Cant get much better.

  • I love the Alpha-H, it is a staple in my routine for more than 2 years now.

  • I will review them and keep you posted.

  • I have heard great things about it.

  • I have heard everyone and their grandma rave about it, so I am excited to try it.
    And to try the banana donuts of course.
    Sweets are the one thing that gets me nearly as excited as skincare. Hm, that sounds sadder than i thought it would…

  • They do, i can't wait to test them.

  • I love the minis, they are so convenient to try new shades.

  • Thanks for your enthusiasm. New goodies are so much fun to play with.

  • Haha, yes, i guess curiosity will get the better of me in the end.

  • Oh no it doesn't! Besides cats, sugar is another of my lifelong obsession LOL

  • Jaa

    Snail slime is all the rage here. The thought of using it on my face is errm… nah, let's not talk about it haha. I have a sample of the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask somewhere. I need to test it soon! Looking forward to your review on it!

  • Sunny loves it, so I guess it has to be great.

  • I have wanted to try something for the longest time, too, this is why I got so excited when I saw what was included in the box!

  • Dressed With Soul

    Zur Zeit Aperitif 🙂

  • Dawn really picked out such nice things for you! I really like all of the nail polishes she included ☺

  • So you are a nail polish lover?
    And yes, I really received some great things.

  • Die kenne ich gar nicht, aber Google zeigt mir schöne Bilder. Ich trage viel Turqois and Caicos im Moment. Wenn ich denn Nagellack trage.

  • For sure, I'm an absolute nail polish enthusiast! Maybe you remember my "Nail Polish Storage" post from quite a while ago which kind of says it all … ^.^''

  • Ah, yes. I don't wear to much nailpolish, but I collect it anyway.
    I remember seeing some beautiful nail designs you did a while ago.